how do you exist

@voidbat did you ever see a cat sleeping in utmost comfort and bliss and feel like “I have to eat this cat’s head right now immediately”

this selfie is also for your birthday and was 100% not an excuse to mess with my cat

and yes it is a very comfy sweater, I don’t do any other kind (I get why non-comfy versions of other things exist but sweaters?! how do you even do that)


On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil ! 

White filmmakers/whiteness in Hollywood is so funnyyyy. They love inserting themselves into stories that have absolutely nothing to do with them and I bet that’s why whitewashing of all these roles happen. And why are they so intent on whitewashing Asian roles?? Like why did we need an American version of Death Note starring white people??? Who asked for Scarlett Eyebrow Raise Johansson to be the Major in Ghost in the Shell? Why are they so selfish??????

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Do you ever ust think, "Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even.." cuz like I do. All. The. Damn. Time. Or I randomly think about the perfection that is olicity and openly (and maybe weirdly) grin, smile, or laugh in public. A lot.

My brain totally fried after “Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even..”. Fangirl down!

You mean like when he does this thing with his face?

Or when he does things with his forearms? Like seriously who the fuck has sexy forearms?

Or when he does things with the suits he wears? And did I mention that face? The mention of the face and the neck and the veins and the eyes is default from now on.

Or the suspenders?

Or are you talking about the way he keeps tugs those drawstrings up?

Nah! You must be talking about this cruelty.

Or maybe this?

Or was it this?

Words fail me, I tell you. When it comes to this man,

It’s only because he can be doing something like this

or this (which is just heavy breathing for goodness’ sake)

And it would result in this. 

Every single time.  God was sipping the best wine when he created this man and unleashed him on us mere mortals. And the moment I decide I need to stop for a second, he’ll decide to look like this.

And this is a torture scene, for heaven’s sake! 

How is a girl supposed to live?

Explaining a man that you don’t have to give them your time, that you don’t have to let things slide, that you’re under no obligation to let their awful comments pass… makes you a rude and intolerant radical, apparently. 

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iceland seems pretty cool from the like three things about it, which are: 1) it runs on geothermal energy, 2) people sometimes go out of their way to build around big rocks so that they don't disturb the huldufólk elves that live there, and 3) the show lazytown is based off an icelandic play whose main character is called Íþróttaálfurinn (which apparently means something like sports elf?) who goes around like breaking into people's homes telling them to be more active and stuff lol

1) yes but also we have more cars per person than even America I think so unfortunately it’s not all green and also I have no idea how non-geothermal energy works so I rarely think about how WE’RE different, 2) that doesn’t happen as often as you’d think, 3) yes actually that’s 100% true. In the play, Lazytown turned into Playtown after the Sports Elf got everyone’s shit together and they had an intense Sport’s festival with dangerously blinking lights. Featuring such characters as Eyrún Spends-a-lot and Skinny Maggi. 
It was, essentially, a play complaining about kids in those days.


I can’t wait for more of these. 


→ Trust Jack

→ Trust Fiona