how do you exist!!!!

Every time I go through a period of time where I obsess just a tiny bit more over one SHINee member I always have the thought “I can see why people stan him and chose him as their ultimate bias.” It’s always fleeting for me though. I could never hold one member over another. I just love them all so much. 

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Just look at them 😭

Do you ever wonder how much you exist in other people’s lives? I’m always curious if people think of me when a certain song comes on, or when they pass through a certain town. I wonder if I still exist in the minds of people that I don’t speak to anymore.
I wonder how many times a day I pass through someone’s head.




On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil ! 

Do you ever wonder how much you exist in other people’s lives? I’m always curious if people think of me when a certain song comes on, or when they pass through a certain town. I wonder how many stories I’ve been a part of that I may have forgotten. I wonder if I still I exist in the minds of people that I don’t speak to anymore. I wonder how many times a day I pass through someone’s head.

Someone go slap YG and make him wake up for all the shit he’s causing and for all the future shit he’s going to cause

- Big Bang’s enlisting (and taking 1+ year to release MADE AND the fact that they only have currently 2 studio albums in the 10 years since they debuted)
- 2NE1 disbanding
- Taehyun leaving WINNER
- Lee Hi and AKMU literally in the dungeons
- iKON’s Korean promotions (???)
- Blackpink’s non-existent promotions 

How do you have such amazing groups 
But you fuck up so badly YG
I don’t understand

CalExit reminds me that despite every complaint I’ve made about post-election analyses, I really do actually hate liberal costal elites. 

Do you really think succession would protect you from Trump or protect people of color in your state from white supremacy? Come on, this is about your ego and sense of moral superiority over Those Ignorant Poor People in other states because you do not want to admit this is not a regional-specific problem. 

I wonder how you do not see that you alone exist, living equally in everything, living completely in everything always burning but never declining.

Remember, you alone in-dwell all things always.

You were never born, you were never dead; body was never you.

You are the good in every place, at all times in and out. Why then do you run hither and thither as does a deluded spirit?
—  The Avadhuta Gita

Someone please take me to the alternate universe where the character of Anakin Skywalker is actually valued and not just viewed as ‘that part people fast-forward through to get to Darth Vader’. 

  • [Thor learning to perform CPR on a human dummy.]
  • Maria: Are they breathing?
  • Thor: No, Maria, they are not breathing. And they have no arms or legs.
  • Maria: No, that's not part of it—
  • Thor: Where are they? You know what, if we come across somebody with no arms or legs, do we bother resuscitating them? I mean what kind of quality of life do we have there?
  • Clint: I would wanna live with no legs.
  • Thor: How about no arms? No arms is basically how you exist right now, Clinton, you don't do anything.


I’m putting effort into not being overtly negative here, but remember in the previous post tags I mentioned that Pretty Hair Detective knows just how to steal a moment? This is another of those times. Now the race is his idea and not Tomoyo’s, as was the natural assumption, and now I’m side-eyeing him all over again. 



I can just imagine this conversation unfolding and it’s beautiful. 

“But how do we know they’ll want to win the race that badly?” Piffle Tomoyo asks. 

And Nihon Tomoyo just starts to laugh. 

WHICH, on a side note, brings us back to a very important piece of character development in that Kurogane’s incessant need to be the best was part of the Piffle plan from the start AND YET HE THREW IT ALL AWAY TO SAVE SAKURA IN AN INSTANT. 

I am so proud of him.

Do you ever just think about how Cassian is just existing at the beginning of Rogue One (he’s literally on autopilot) but once he meets Jyn, his whole character begins to change? She’s become his reason to continue the fight against the Empire. Look at him at the end of the movie - he’s pretty much dying from Krennic’s gunshot wound, yet he still manages to go after Jyn because she’s literally all he has left.

Jyn’s become his hope and he won’t leave her behind.

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Do you ever ust think, "Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even.." cuz like I do. All. The. Damn. Time. Or I randomly think about the perfection that is olicity and openly (and maybe weirdly) grin, smile, or laugh in public. A lot.

My brain totally fried after “Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even..”. Fangirl down!

You mean like when he does this thing with his face?

Or when he does things with his forearms? Like seriously who the fuck has sexy forearms?

Or when he does things with the suits he wears? And did I mention that face? The mention of the face and the neck and the veins and the eyes is default from now on.

Or the suspenders?

Or are you talking about the way he keeps tugs those drawstrings up?

Nah! You must be talking about this cruelty.

Or maybe this?

Or was it this?

Words fail me, I tell you. When it comes to this man,

It’s only because he can be doing something like this

or this (which is just heavy breathing for goodness’ sake)

And it would result in this. 

Every single time.  God was sipping the best wine when he created this man and unleashed him on us mere mortals. And the moment I decide I need to stop for a second, he’ll decide to look like this.

And this is a torture scene, for heaven’s sake! 

How is a girl supposed to live?

The stupidest thing I’ve probably ever heard during class was “YOU CANNOT BE BISEXUAL!!!! YOU CAN ONLY BE GAY OR STRAIGHT!!!!” Like??? How uneducated do you have to be?? Bisexuals exist? I’m pansexual? You’re telling me I don’t exist?? You’re telling me the millions of bisexuals don’t exist??? The millions of LGBT+ members that aren’t just “gay” don’t exist?? Their reasoning? “You can only like boys or only like girls. If a girl dates a girl, she’s gay. If she dates a guy, she’s straight.” No?? I have a boyfriend and I still think girls are hella fine creatures?? Just because someone is with the same or opposite gender DOES NOT mean they can only be straight or only be gay. No. Big no. There are so many sexualities that are considered “fake” because of this reasoning.
We exist. We will always exist. And we will never be “just gay” or “just straight.” Be proud of your sexuality, regardless of if people think it’s “fake” or not.
You exist babydoll, and you always will.