how do you even

How to tell that it's getting bad again:

- I sleep to much or not at all
-I eat too much or too little
-I sound disinterested in everything
-Be spaced out a lot
- I will ramble a lot or not talk at all
-I lose track of time
- I make cynical comments, usually about myself
-I push people away
-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot
-I avoid eye contact
-I am always shakey
-I will avoid certain conversations


Sooooooooo much better than the official video!!!

You somehow found a way to touch me without ever using your hands – it was then that I knew I loved you
—  when I knew I loved you
  • Me: *Buying hair product*
  • Clerk: You know that's for men, right?
  • Me: ...
  • Clerk: It says Redken For Men on the label.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: You caught me. I am trying to covertly be less feminine and slowly transform into a man via hair product. No one has ever called me out on it, but you've discovered my secret of androgynous power. Man hair product on a woman. How will I go on, knowing that my secret isn't safe anymore?
  • Clerk: ...Cash or card today?
Caleb who?

I’m unable to process the fact that some of you are willing to throw away the “We’re taking care of him”, “He’s staying with me”, “He’s fucking family”, “I’m worried about you. I love you”, “His partner. Lover? Family”, “Get the fuck off of him”, “Thick and thin, good times, bad, sickness, health, all that shit”, the coming out, the protection, the fighting, the shit they’ve been through just to be with each other, the care, concern, love, devotion, sacrifice, forgiveness, will, the love, the love, the love… for a person who is 3 episodes in and is already Ian’s new love interest and supposedly so much ‘better’ for him but doesn’t even know he’s bipolar? Just tell me, how?

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Can you believe me that I wait all day for your fic!? Everytime I get a notification I hope it's the story. Again well done! You do a great job with all those cliffhangers! Can't wait for more)(just like Jean ;))

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Sounds fake but I’ll believe you, anon! And as always, more is on the way … just you wait for that notification tomorrow!