how do you even write it...

Cars Fanfic Author Problems:
  • “Wait a minute can they even do this they’re freaking cars”
  • You start to write something about ears or hands and then you remember like “…oh wait-”
  • getting anxious about putting human food in a scene so you just say oil to make it less conflicting
  • C A R  H U G S …
  • unsure about how to make a scene more dynamic cause the characters can really only just sit there talking to each other
  • “wait do they even have windshield wipers”
  • “how far can they stretch their axles out like arms omg this must read so awkward”
  • when you have to write Mater’s dialogue and you start  to say it out loud in the Larry the Cable Guy voice cause good God how do you write that voice properly (i.e. occasional horrid grammar and/or catchphrases)
  • *incoherent screaming about car anatomy*
  • “Okay would McQueen really cry here no he’d hold it in- but wait a second wouldn’t it be more powerful if he broke down here- alright listen up here-”

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Yeah sorry, the point of the ask changed halfway through and I thought the flow was better. I just wish you'd stop defending yourself with the "you don't know me" argument. Because we kinda do. We know your crushes and your family and your dreams and how you fit into your life. People reveal a lot about themselves when they write, even when it isn't personal. And like half of your writing has been. (Condolences for grandma btw). Anyway. We'd have an inkling. And we don't. Fuck right off, tbh.

So you’re… you’re saying it’s impossible for me to be LGBTQIA+ in any way, shape, or form because I blog about other things with a great deal of openness and personal reflection? And because I haven’t sent your “queerdar” pinging like a Geiger counter in the asscrack of Chernobyl, I’m a big scary dirty rotten cishet?

I get a lot of ridiculous anons, but you, kiddo… you just might take the cake. You should be deeply embarrassed and ashamed of yourself .

That Ti moment...

Instructor: You will now get 30 minutes to write an essay over which is more important: Adhering to societal norms or doing what is right.

Me: *writes about how in most cases, societal norms and doing what you think is right could be the same thing due to growing up in that certain environment and how different environments affect each person’s moral compass. Also who even gets to dictate what’s right? The ‘right thing’ is merely what YOU view as correct. Another person could think that completely wrong. So wouldn’t it be better if you phrased it: “doing what you think is right”? The question also assumes that societal norms are always wrong, when that is not necessarily the case–*

Instructor: Time’s up! Hand in your paper!

Me: Shit, I didn’t even answer the question asked…

When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1510

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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Do all mental health hospitals have those paper scrubs they give you, and those socks with the rubbery squiggles on the top and bottom?

I was just thinking about how this person writing this fic probably has never even seen a mental health hospital until they mentioned what the character was wearing and I was like THIS PERSON KNOWS!!!!

Hey guys! This is my first time doing anything like this, so bear with me. Prices can be changed if you guys think they’re too high/aren’t enough.

So, as listed above, prices are:

  • $10 for 1k
  • $15 for 2k
  • $20 for 3k
  • $25 for 4k
  • The price for 5k and above will likely be based on how long it takes me to write it, but these prices will never go above $30!

I’ll write legitimately anything. I can do reader inserts, write for OCs, write for ships, and even write a fic starring yourself! For these, we’ll just have to chat and work out the basis of the story, and then characters, locale, etc and then give me details about your OC/yourself.

I’m going to do FOUR per month, and I’m going to start these on March 1st.


Email me at about your commission so we can work it out and do all of the PayPal stuff. Also, feel free to ask to see examples of my work outside of what I have posted on this blog! I have some private projects that I’ve done that aren’t fandom related.


This was actually really fun to write, I really like this! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! (Just saying but since Busted is my most liked imagines, I’m currently writting a cheeky little part 2)

Y/N knew how much her boyfriend was worried about her but he had accepted that she was doing what she loved, even if he was terrified. Gymnastic weren’t that dangerous to her but Joe was always tensed whenever he watched her doing something a bit uneasy. And Y/N sent him a reassuring smile as her eyes fell on him in the crowd, next to his best mate Caspar.

“Stop stressing out, she’ll do amazing!” Caspar said, nudging his shoulder with Joe’s to get his attention back on him. “I just hope everything is safe.” Joe said, before sitting down next to his friend, taking in a deep breath. “It is, don’t worry.” Caspar said, giving a smile which Joe returned but his worry couldn’t help but grew and soon enough, it had started. Joe watched as Y/N was in the lead so far. She had done every move correctly and was moving like an angel on the carpet when Joe’ worst nightmare became a reality.

Y/N was now standing up on the beam and was just about to do her tricks when her foot slipped and instead of falling onto the mattress, she fell on the hard wood floor. And within seconds, Joe was up and moving through the different people. Y/N lifted herself up, not feeling any pain so far. Her head was fine, her legs were luckily alright and she quickly realized that she couldn’t feel her left arm. “Fuck.” She exclaimed as she put her hand on her arm, wincing slightly at the pain. As she looked up, she watched Joe and Caspar ran up to her. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? How many fingers am I holding?” Joe rambled, hands nudging her head from side to side, checking is she was okay before holding his fingers in front of her. “Stop being silly, I’m fine.” Y/N simply shrugged him off, wincing again at the pain that was only growing in her arm. 

“How the fuck am I gonna win now!” Y/N exclaimed, looking around to her coach who was also kneeling down next to her. “Who cares about winning, you idiot! You’re hurt!” Joe exclaimed, his glare serious as his eyes fell on her arm. “I’m calling an ambulance.” Caspar stated before getting up and taking his phone out of his pocket, quickly dialing the number. “I’m fine, it’s nothing I swear.” Y/N stated before getting up, Joe’s hands ready to catch her is she was to fall, heading towards a bench on the opposite side of the crowd. Caspar following them after telling them that they would be here in 10 minutes. Joe had his arm around her waist and Y/N appreciated the attention but she was fine. “I still have legs, Joe. I can walk.” Y/N stated, shrugging him off once as they sat down. “I knew something would go wrong.” Joe admitted, the worry and panic evident in his voice. Y/N was staring blankly at the ground, hearing the announcing the next contestant. “I worked so hard for this.” Y/N said, letting out a breath of frustration. Joe could feel her disappointment and his hand was now rubbing her back gently. “Maybe you’ve worked too hard.” Joe stated, his tone still serious. “What do you mean?” Y/N frowned, looking up to meet his blue eyes. Joe sighed, knowing where the conversation would lead them to. “You always push yourself too hard, you need to chill out.” Joe admitted, a slight tone of annoyance in his voice and Y/N shrugged him off again. “We’re not having this conversation now.” She said, the anger slightly growing inside of her. “They’re here.” Caspar said, pointing towards the guys from the ambulance walking over to them, the couple exchanged a look before they started examining her arm.

“Thanks for driving us home, mate.” Joe said, smiling at his friend before hugging him briefly. “No worries, just call me if you need anything.” Caspar said, looking between the two lovers, the tension from the small argument still floating in the air. He carefully pulled Y/N in a hug, making sure to not smash her arm held by a splint, before walking out of the building as the couple entered their shared apartment. “Did you really have to say this?” Y/N snapped at her boyfriend as soon as the door was closed. “It’s true, Y/N! You work too hard, you’re always practicing!” Joe snapped back, before putting the keys on the counter. “I don’t!” Y/N protested, her voice softening slightly. “What if it happens again? What if you hurt yourself and this time it can’t be healed? I don’t want to see you in a hospital bed, alright!” Joe snapped, letting out a sigh before passing a hand through his hair. Joe’s anger waved off as his eyes met hers and he sat down on the border of the couch. Y/N stepped closer, taking hold of his hand with her free arm. 

“I can’t even imagine you not coming back home to me, you know.” Joe admitted, locking their fingers together, binging her closer as he got lost in her eyes. “Hey, I love you and you won’t lose me.” Y/N stated, before wrapping her arm around his neck as he buried his face into her shoulder, his hands gripping on her waist. “I love you too but please, just be careful.” He mumbled against her skin, inhaling her scent. “I will, I promise.” She said, pulling away to press their lips together. 

And she did love him a lot but he was an annoying one and wouldn’t let her do anything until her arm was fully healed.

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Hello!! How about RFA and Saeran oh!oh! and Vanderwood with Mc who have no sense of direction!! Like they always getting lost

You asked so adorably, awww. But, I’m so sorry, I don’t write Vanderwood because I really don’t understand their character at all. Very sorry!

-Yoosung was having a hardcore cram session one day.
-This poor thing keeps stressing himself out because he has an extremely important test tomorrow and he cannot fail it. Even though he’s a genius, and you tell him that many times, he’s stressed as hell.
-You thought you’d do something nice and offer to go buy him some comfort food to cheer him up.
-He says you don’t have to, but you do it anyway. So you hop in your car and head to the grocery store.
-You actually get there just fine and enter the store only to find that it is rather crowded.
-You’re only there to pick up some snacks for your stressed boyfriend so you try to get in and out as fast as possible.
-So you quickly make your way to the side of the store that has what you’re looking for, but you have to take detours to avoid crowds and next thing you know you’re lost in the canned food aisle.
-You tell yourself to just retrace your steps and follow the signs hanging from the ceiling but you still can’t find where you were trying to go.
-It takes you an hour and a half to get the snacks and get back to Yoosung.
-He’s passed out, dead asleep on top of his text book.
-You wanted to let him sleep. He deserves it. But you set the bags down and he stirs awake.
-“___, what took you so long?” he mumbled, still half asleep.
-You tell him about the grocery store incident and he laughs at you.
-He laughs at you. fuckin rude
-He apologizes and just says you’re cute for being so bad with directions. But he also says you need to be more careful not to get lost in more serious situations.
-Whatever you say my dude

-You wanted to bring Zen food while he was at rehearsal since he forgot to bring some with him today.
-You told him you’d bring him something so he can eat something healthy, plus it would be nice to see him.
-Zen tells you you don’t have to go out of your way to bring him food because he could just go buy something, but you insist.
-It’s not like you’ve never been to the theater. Your boyfriend practically lives there. You’ve been there hundreds of times, so you’re confident that you can get there in time for his break.
-But suddenly you’re on a street you’ve never heard of.
-That’s okay, you’ll just turn right and end up on the main road again.
-Wait since when did this place exist?
-Where the fuck am I??
-You pull over and decide to text Zen that you might not make it in time for his lunch break. He’s really sweet and tells you not to worry and all that cute stuff.
-You use the GPS on your phone in defeat and find that you’ve somehow ended up on the other side of town.
-You rush to the theater and get there just as Zen’s break time is up.
-But, you still give him his food, and the director kindly gives him an extra few minutes to eat it.
-While he ate, you explained why it took you so long to get here.
-“Darling, thank you for the food. But, uh… maybe you should use a GPS more often.”

-You two had planned a date night tonight and you were both supposed to meet up at a restaurant at 5:00pm
-She had arrived five minutes early and was waiting patiently on a bench for your arrival.
-But ten minutes pass, twenty minutes pass, thirty minutes pass…
-Okay she’s very worried.
-She texts you after the first ten minutes she notices you’re running late, and you reply with “Sorry! Traffic!”
-She understands but then after thirty minutes? She’s getting concerned.
-The restaurant wasn’t far from your house. Why is it taking you this long? Even if there is traffic, how could it be so backed up you’re thirty, going on forty minutes late?
-Are you… standing her up?
-Wait no that can’t be right
-You’re not that kind of person.
-After forty five minutes of sitting on a bench waiting, you run up to her
-“Ah, oh my god, Jaehee! I’m so sorry I’m so late..!”
-“What kept you? There couldn’t have possibly been that much traffic from here to your house. It’s fairly close.”
-“…It is?”
-“It’s close to my house..?”
-You had apparently taken the long way here. Not just that, you had missed three turns twice along the way.
-You had to explain that to your poor unamused girlfriend. That’s how she found out how horrible you are with directions.
-But, even though you’re very late, you continue with the date plans as usual.
-She offers to drive you from now on when you two go out anywhere. If she can’t, she suggests a cab because it’s much cheaper than the gas you’ll waste taking wrong turns.

-Driver Kim takes care of transportation so you never had to worry about driving.
-Which is good because you don’t know left from right.
-But one day he invites you to come visit his office because you had been curious as to what it was like.
-When you got there, an employee at the door gave you directions to Jumin’s office.
-You were highly confident that you would be able to find it without issue.
-You find yourself standing in a hallway.
-“…Did they say to turn left or right…?”
-Now you’re lost in a very important and busy office building.
-You wander around trying to find some landmark to determine where the heck you are while also trying not to look like a lost commoner from off the streets to the important and professional looking people walking past you.
-A guard that happened to be passing by stopped you and ask you to identify yourself which was intimidating
-You tell him your name and that you’re trying to get to Jumin’s office.
-He gives you a confused face.
-“But his office is three floors down from here.”
-So the guard escorts you to Jumin’s office.
-You got there safely to a worried looking Jumin.
-“____, you’re finally here. I was worried; you were taking so long to get here I thought something happened.”
-You tell him you got lost and embarrassed yourself in front of his coworkers. He will now always make sure you have an escort when you visit to avoid you wandering somewhere you’re not supposed to be.
-Also when you go out together he holds your hand and is reluctant to let you go off on your own so you don’t get lost.

-You had both taken a trip to the grocery store to pick up some more food.
-You were just about done gathering everything on the list you collectively created when Saeyoung noticed you had skipped an item on the list.
-He groaned. It was all the way on the other side of the store.
-Noticing how he really didn’t want to walk that far, you offered to go get it yourself.
-He let you, of course.
-He didn’t think much of it until you were gone for about fifteen minutes.
-This store isn’t that huge; how could it take you fifteen minutes to walk to the other side and back?
-He decides to text you and check up on you. He asks where you are.
-“Sorry, looking for the right aisle.”
-“Don’t tell me you’re lost.”
-“…Well you see…”
-You’re lost. And you’re on the other side of the building, earning another groan of Saeyoung.
-“Okay, well where exactly are you”
-I don’t know there’s only soup
-You tell him what aisle number you’re in.
-He stops.
-“…That’s not even close to where that last item is.”
-“You’re literally three aisles down from me.”
-You had apparently done a full circle on your journey to get to the other side of the store.
-You walk out of the aisle and start walking to find him when you hear him call your name from behind you.
-You even went the wrong way to find him three aisles over. oh my god how have you lived this long
-Saeyoung walks with you to get the last item on your list. He also makes a mental note never to let you go off on your own without knowing where you are, and to never put you in charge of directions.

-Well aren’t you both just a disaster together.
-V can barely see, and you don’t know what you’re doing.
-You were on a date at a local fair and having a great time.
-V enjoyed being able to spend time with you while also being outdoors. He was indifferent to the rides, but he was outside with you, so he was the happiest man ever.
-You were both getting a little peckish so you decided you should go get some snacks.
-You knew exactly which stands had the best food and he trusted your judgment, so you held his hand tightly and guided him through the crowds of other fair-goers.
-In your excitement to get your hands on some junk food you managed to get completely lost. You stop abruptly, causing V to almost bump into you.
-“What is it?” he asked.
-“Nothing,” you told him before marching into motion again with V in tow.
-You were determined to find the food stands if it was the last thing you did. You were using landmarks to find your way around like the Ferris wheel and the various roller coasters but you still could not find the stands.
-You find a map yet you still can’t seem to get to point B.
-“Love? The food stands are over that way,” he said quietly and pointed behind him with his thumb. “Should I lead you there?”
-Great job. You have to have an almost blind man guide you places because you’re that poor of a guide.
-He’s not annoyed in any way because he’s such a patient person. V helps you to the food stands that you had walked past multiple times in your frenzied search and you purchase the food you wanted.
-V can’t really see, so you will guide him, but he will help give you directions so you don’t get overwhelmed or lost.
-You’re actually a good team.

-He gets so annoyed when you run off and get lost.
-Can you not just say in his line of sight? That way you won’t get lost and he won’t have to go find you?
-But alas, you tend to get distracted and run off, leaving him to figure out where you had gone.
-He panics on the inside whenever you get lost on your own. He doesn’t want you getting hurt, which is more likely when you’re all alone.
-You wanted to take him out to a new shop opening up across town that you had been dying to check out.
-You assured him that you knew where it was, so he reluctantly allowed you to drive.
-He rolled his eyes and slouched in the passenger’s seat. “You better not get us lost.”
-No promises, Saeran wrap
-The bad thing about this situation is that he doesn’t know where the shop is, so he can’t correct you when you go the wrong way.
-You thought you knew, you really did. But, you’ve been driving for ten minutes with no sign of the store.
-“Oh no…” you mutter under your breath.
-Saeran glared over at you. “What do you mean ‘oh no’?”
-You swallowed hard. “I may be heading the wrong way.”
-Saeran groaned in annoyance. “I told you you should follow a GPS! Ugh, just pull one up on your phone.”
-So you did, and you followed that instead. Even then, one time, when the GPS said to turn right, you accidentally turned left, Saeran grumbled and glared in your direction again.
-He’s so grumpy and irritable because 1. this is taking too long and 2. he doesn’t like not knowing what’s going on, but he’ll get over it.
-He forgives you when you buy him ice cream from a shop next to the one you were visiting.

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(Part 1) I NEED YOUR HELP. I've been studying law for a semester now, but I know NOTHING. I barely did any studying, out of the two (voluntary) exams I had to take so far I failed one and passed the other just barely and now I have six weeks to write two term papers - and after that I have a pretty tight schedule of exams and term paper deadlines. I don't know where to start. I don't know how to solve a case and I don't know how to actually study because even in high school, I did well w/out

Hi babe! I think that a lot of people in the community relate to your struggle of growing up without having to study to get good grades, and then struggling when the material gets tough because you do not know how to efficiently study. 

It sounds like on top of this you’re overwhelmed with all your work. Sit down with some paper, your planner, and all your assignments. Break them up. Instead of saying you need to study tomorrow, say you need to learn the terms on pages 112-113 of your textbook; instead of saying you need to write a paper, say you need to craft a thesis. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think of all that’s due soon, but knowing that today all you need to do is read a few pages and make an outline will help. Scheduling is so important when it comes to college!

As for not knowing how to solve a case. That’s okay. That’s precisely why you’re in school studying law. If people were born with the ability to solve cases, law schools would be in big trouble. Find out what type of learner you are and how to study based on that. Seek help from classmates, tutors, or TAs if you feel like you need it. You’re not in this alone, nor do you have to know everything right now. You’ll learn how to learn and study, and then you’ll learn how to be a killer lawyer. It will all come together, I promise! 

For now, focus on learning how you study best and breaking assignments into manageable bits, and things will start to feel better soon. Best of luck, dear!

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i wanna write more poetry but idk how to write poetry thats not trauma-related

i have that problem too–a lot of the time it feels like its the only thing i can write about because its always on mind. and while its definitely healthy to write about your trauma (because it helps you process and understand it), its not… super healthy to only write about your trauma.

so heres how i write softer things even when all i want to write about is my trauma: 

  • go somewhere safe (preferably somewhere completely unconnected to your trauma)
  • do things that help you calm down (preferably also unrelated to your trauma) such as, smoke a cigarette, drink some coffee or tea, burn incense, etc.
  • listen to some music. something you’ve never heard before, and that doesnt have any words. classical is really good for this, here is a 2 hour loop of my favourite compositions by erik satie (my personal favourite) or a 10 minute piece by arvo pärt (might be a little calmer actually)
  • get a piece of paper and a pen or something
  • draw little flowers or suns or hearts around the page. little things that are cute and make you feel a little happier. stars and solar systems work best for me
  • focus on the happy things in your life. that’s the hard part, but you can do it. if nothing happy in your life comes to mind, think of fictional happy things. like i might think about bucky barnes cuddling with his bf. completely unconnected to me (except for how i really relate to bucky but still). something calm and nice.
  • take deep breaths. try to come up with a solid image, a tangible thing, that feels calm. your cigarette smoke rising like knots in wood. the dust caught in the light. the train going by. the frost on the grass outside. real things that are constant. that you could touch.
  • write down everything that comes to mind. it wont make a poem, thats ok though. write down as many images as you can. write down the way your fingers ache a little in the cold. how warm you are in your favourite sweater. the way your tea smells.
  • when you have amassed as many images and sensory details as you can, read through them and use the ones that were worded well, or that caught your eye, as starting lines for poems. here’s one i just wrote:

it’s pretty still and a little aimless (and completely unedited), but that’s okay. it’s a poem. and it’s not about trauma, or anything bad. they get better with practice.

Calling All Writers!

Are you a stydia fanfiction writer? Are you running low on prompts? Maybe your work isn’t getting the recognition it deserves or you’re simply just starting out?

Come write a fic through stydia-fanfiction!

We have a collection of 300+ prompts and can easily cater to your tastes! All you need to do is read through the FAQs on the blog and then shoot us a message with your genre preference! It’s that easy!

Plus if you write 3 or more fics for us you are welcome to join our ‘Stydia Writing Army’ which puts your blog up on a page for everyone to see just how awesome you are. You might even meet new friends!

All we ask is that you have the time to hit deadlines and that you reach an 1000 word minimum.

Smut writers welcome!

Sound like fun? Good! I look forward to seeing your messages!

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❤️ well now i gotta !!!!

MY LOVE, MY LIFE!!! you are my fuckening gf,,,

no but really aside from being such an inspiration for art and writing which you dont even KNOW how talented you are at both?? you’ve changed my life so so so much since the first message you sent ages ago :’) you’re the most important person in my life and honestly every single day i just have to sit back n wonder how i got so lucky to get a gal like you? honestly before You i  didn’t see a reason to do anything, go anywhere or get out of bed. Didn’t really picture myself in the future. But with you everything is so much different??? i’m so sad i can’t kiss you right this instant so writing this gay ass paragraph will have to do for now :( and i don’t know if it was putting The Boys together and living vicariously through them but im just so in love with you?? its crazy??

i just want you to know how much i love you!! i feel like i gotta say it every 12 seconds!! and listen no offence but im calling shotgun on the ‘i love you more’ front this time!!! you’re such an incredible person i can’t even begin to explain how much i love you. You’re hands down one of the funniest people that i’ve ever met, even in normal conversations you always find a way to make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. I can’t thank you enough for being part of my life and i just love you so so so much. I can’t wait to hear your voice!! you’re so beautiful and every day i look at your selfies and i have to lay down and take a 6 hour nap because you just kill me every time?? the most beautiful gal i’ve ever seen in my life!!

you’re such an incredibly talented, beautiful, loving gal and i am just constantly in awe of ur existence (thats gay)


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1, 6, 32 :))))

1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.

Nothing much actually happens except for sex involving the kink I’m particularly into exploring at time of writing. Occasionally it’s possible another human may make a very brief appearance or be referenced in a throw-away line, to suggest that other people do exist in the universe. Reminiscing, navel-gazing, and otherwise general poking over various memories will occur before the sex, between sex scenes, after sex, and basically throughout. There’s a high probability of jizz leaking out of someone’s used, stretched, clearly freshly fucked ass, and an even higher probability of someone (most likely Kylo) eating said jizz.

6. Share one of your weaknesses.

Aside from dialogue, probably like… real actual action. And I don’t mean like combat, I mean just plot. Most of my plots are just people plodding along. Though writing combat’s also a weakness.

 32. How do you feel about smut?

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fic writing questions

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Hi! I was wondering if you could help me. I can't seem to focus on anything and I'm so forgetful it's embarrassing. I usually have 2 or 3 things in front of me to do because I can't seem to focus on just one thing so it helps that I can switch from one thing to another and back again. I even did it while writing this... Idk what's wrong with me, I can't focus in class and homework/assignments that hours longer than they should. Idk what to do or where to look for help. Anything helps thank!

Hello! Thank you for sending this in, and I’m sorry for the delay in response. I completely understand how you may be feeling, and it is very frustrating when we cannot concentrate or remember things. I really hope I can help with sharing some of my techniques.

Our concentration can often jump to places for a number of reasons, and it causes us to leave things unfinished or have to spend a lot more time on something than we should. I personally take hours on assignments, when it should take no more than one. I end up sitting down, determined to complete it but instead finding myself distracted and letting my mind focus on something else, instead of the task I am currently doing. I am still working on this, and I have gotten better with some techniques I have been carrying out;

The first thing I did was to create a weekly planner. I made it on my whiteboard, and separated it into 8 columns (one for every day of the week, and an extra one for notes). I was able to then plan when I was going to do what, even if it was something small like post a letter or work an hour on some work. I found it really rewarding when I could rub a task off after completing it, and finding the day blank where I had finished my tasks and had time to relax. This doesn’t necessarily have to be used if you worry about forgetting things, and I believe you can use it to help focus your time into one task and focus on finishing it. Do you feel this could help, or you could give it a try? Is there anything about this you would change?

The second thing I have begun to do is create reminders on my phone for important things. I am able to give it a date it must be done by and, using this with the weekly calendar, I can work out when I need to work on it to get it done in time. This contributes to focusing on one task at a time and not forgetting it, however the environment you are in also takes part in how we work and focus. Here are some tips I have learnt:

  • Sitting in a room you perhaps don’t usually sit in
  • Make sure your chair is comfortable
  • Make sure it is not too hot, or too cold
  • Sit next to a plant, or have a plant on your desk
  • Leave your phone in another room, along with any other device you do not need
  • Divide the task up until little pieces; eg. 5 minutes working, 5 minutes break and so on
  • Reward yourself when you complete a task!
  • Have a glass of water by your side

I believe all of these contribute to our focus, especially the room we are in and the distractions we have. Sometimes, people work best with music. I personally don’t work well with music, as I often find myself singing along or listening to the lyrics and ending up losing track of what I am doing.

If you are struggling with school work, there should always be someone at your school who will be available to talk to regarding this. There may be an after school or lunch club where you can go along specifically to work on your assignments, all while a teacher is present for help. Do you feel this may be something to consider?

The final tip I would encourage you to do is dedicate some time, perhaps each day or week, to relax and breathe. Whether we are busy or not, it is always healthy and okay to take a few hours out of an evening to perhaps have a hot bath or have a nice meal. Allowing ourselves this time can help a lot when coming to times where we need to focus, as our stress levels can be reduced.

I really hope these tips might help you, and that you are able to mix it up a little to find what environment you work best in. You are more than welcome however to come back to us with anymore questions, or simply another opinion on this via ask or live chat. You can do this, I believe in you! One day at a time.

All the best,


Dear Nayden, 

I honestly don’t know how much more rejection I can take before my soul shatters and my heart explodes. I keep replaying our last conversation over and over again in my mind and I wish I knew what I said or did that was wrong so that I could undo it. Even if you did end up leaving me still, I could have had more time with you. I can’t believe I am sitting here writing this letter to you, sending it off into the abyss, instead of speaking to you directly.

But see, you’ve gone and vanished. Disappeared. Left without a trace. I keep wondering how somebody could do that to another person.

Doesn’t it pain you to think about the massive confusion and hurt that you’ve left me to sort out? And then I think about how you showed up out of nowhere with your beautiful words. So eloquent and well-spoken. You told me my name was sweet and that I was adorable. I don’t think you realize how long it has been since anybody looked at me, like really looked at me and saw me. You made me feel so special. 

And then you made me feel like nothing. Nothing. Not even a person worthy of an explanation or a goodbye. I don’t know when this is supposed to get easier. I’m 31 years old and I feel just as naive and stupid as I was when I was 18. Falling into the same traps, eating up the same sugarcoated nonsense. And I’ve become so cynical and uncertain as my life has fallen spectacularly to pieces, but I believed in you for me. I allowed myself to ease into your warmth. Your features had a familiar softness and everything you said stimulated my intellect, my desire, my curiosity. Kindred spirits. Isn’t that how you described us? 

You called yourself an anomaly. I smiled and said I liked anomalies. You were my anomaly. My short-lived anomaly. A man who appeared when I least expected it and disappeared in the same fashion. 

I would have loved every bit of you, every bone, every cell, every bonded molecule. I would have loved all of you with all of me. And now that potential has slowly deflated, suspended in the air that makes up the space between your body and mine and fallen to the ground, too broken to repair. 

Take care and in the future, say goodbye. 


anonymous asked:

hi! can you please talk more on how we create our reality? or maybe recommend any books about it? thanks & stay strong we're rooting for you!

hi sweet one! maybe i’ll do a video about it when i feel more comfortable with filming hehe :) it’s just so much easier to talk & speak, instead of writing it all down, sometimes it’s a bit tiring even if i do love to answer to all messages & give my insight & any help that i may. i have never really read any specific books about it… & thank you sweet angel, it means the world! i am so happy i have finished my work and now am ready for adventures yay!!!!! love love love & warm cuddles <3

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Hey I don't want you to take this in a rude way I'm genuinely confused, why do you turn away some underrated character asks (like adding to preferences or imagines) but do all the mainstream characters? I thought the point of the blog was that you wrote underrated characters? Doesn't make sense to me aha could you explain what I'm missing?

For preferences…the thing is is that i have so many characters now that it’s longer to write and even longer to post…(like lately I post at like 1AM-2AM and have been missing sleep) so when people request for another underrated character, I think to myself, in how many episodes and how much do we see of that character for it to be worth it to write. That’s why Patrick and Mikey haven’t been added as there is really nothing much to come up with as they appear in like one ep…So that’s why now i say that i’ll only add the character to the list if the preference suits them that way it can be somewhat short enough for me to not end up posting at 4am. While for imagines, they have been closed for a few months now so it’s normal for me to refuse them.

doe eyed, angelic

you found an angel
took her feathers
one by one
tore apart her flesh
devoured it
all that’s left of her are bones
oh, and how they ache
the angel weeps for you,
the angel wants for you
she cries out,
she screams
but you never seem to hear her

she’s fallen
and you
are her wound
ripped her apart
without a second thought
you blindfolded her
and cut off her wings
didn’t even have the courage
to look her in the eye
would it have blinded you?
do you have to take other’s hearts
to use once and destroy
because you don’t have one of your own?

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Ahh, hiya! Sorry but really random question; how was your first fic like? (idk how to phrase that please bear with me ;-;) I'm planning to write an AU!RandL/Rhink fic (the AU is not so popular too, scarily) and it's gonna be my first one on Tumblr (or ever) but i'm scared that people won't enjoy it? Or even notice it? And I hope you don't mind me asking other talented ficwriters the same; i'm just looking for a couple of opinions v.v Thank you, and BYMB! <3 -G

Oh my goodness, anon! “Other talented fic writers”! You have paid me the highest compliment! I do not count myself as that, but I appreciate your words so much. Thank you. 

I was inspired by @totallyrhettro fic Time after Time and the story that was in my head just needed to come out. I was anxious (for sure) and edited for days to try and make it perfect. I posted on Tumblr. It barely got noticed. I submitted to @mythical-rhink and it got a few more views. I created an AO3 account and it got a couple more views. 

My advice is to write for the love of writing. And to post early and often. You may not get the views right away. But with more posts comes more practice, better writing and more potential for people to take a chance and click on your story. Also, comment on other people’s stories. They will become curious and click on your stuff. This is how I made some of the friends that I have on Tumblr. 

Lastly, AU’s may not be popular, but there is always someone out there who likes what someone writes. Write for them and write for yourself. People will recognize that love and flock to you! Good luck in your endeavors, lovely anon! <3

emberstudies  asked:

I'm a man seriously the worst note taker ever. I can figure out what to write down, and if my teacher has notes up on the board, I pretty much copy those. My notes are so so so sloppy though, and I have no organization system what so ever. I have 3 notebooks. One for English, one for Religion, and one for everything else. I'm so disorganized. Even though I get all As now, I know in college this will be a problem. How do I get more organized and take pretty notes? Help!

hey, i’m really sorry for such a late reply!! ;;

I honestly write down what I think is important from what the teacher says during a class - not full sentences bc that takes too much time and you gotta stay focused, but keywords work well for me, and if the teacher has the notes up on the board and I’m not sure if the powerpoint will be available later on so I can go back to it, I try my best to get everything down and eventually rewrite it more neatly later on. You could also look what’s written in the book about the said subjects - read the chapter through and if you see something that wasn’t mentioned in class, mark it with a pencil and add it to your eventual notes (if you want to rewrite the notes, read the book first, write down additional information and then rewrite the notes if you don’t want them to be too messy)

I usually have separate notebooks for all subjects - if you feel like this is too much of a chore to carry 4932 notebooks with you every day, I would consider buying one of these 5in1 notebooks, which are usually really thick - I dont know if they are available where you live, but such an option is available at least here in Sweden. And honestly, when I take my notes, they aren’t neat at all, I usually rewrite them at home (also bc i memorize information better this way). However, this is not a necessity bc I can imagine there won’t be time to rewrite your notes and make them all pretty and such in college, and we will have to stick with highlighting stuff! For organization tips, I recommend trying a bullet journal or setting up some kind of reminders e.g. in your phone if you don’t feel like having a bullet journal and planning each week doesn’t feel like the right thing for you!