how do you even use tumblr on a computer

as a quick PSA, my pearlidot comics are scheduled to come out every Monday at 5:00 PM eastern standard time. Sometimes, for whatever reason, tumblr decides my posts are spam or something and they don’t show up in the tag, so if you’re interested in seeing them you can check my blog at that time.

Also, I post almost exclusively from tumblr mobile. I do have a computer but I only use it for school. I don’t know how to add “next” or “previous” links under the image on mobile, even though that would be really nice and convenient :^( I am currently in the process of coming up with a good tag for it though so that until I’m able to do something links-wise they’ll at least all be in the same place.

Finally, I’m happy to say that now that I am back in school it means I’m actively studying art again! I drew over the summer but not enough to keep my drawing hand effectively warmed up throughout the break. The particular class I have currently is more to develop technique and creativity, not so much technical ability so I’m still going to have to practice my anatomy a LOT but hopefully as I get back into the swing of drawing regularly my pages will be more aesthetically pleasing!