how do you even use tumblr on a computer


I wonder how many of you when I was passing these concepts around thought I was being what? a little melodramatic?  

Telling me before we have even won against patriarchy; Aren’t you being a little too feminazi? Men have feelings too?  Weakening my power before I have even achieved victory.


are “truly” seeing this mammoth of power it will take to over throw patriarchy’s control.   That dog didn’t want to die, this is his last stand. 

I’m not going to allow decent; I’m just going to block.

I’m not going to let you repost my materials right into a MRA, who wants to take me down. It puts a target on me for computer hackers that can wipe us out. 

We only thrive because no one thinks tumblr is the place to be.  

DO NOT FORWARD MY MATERIALS if your follower list is not safe. Make a new lavender account. 

GIRL it’s WAR TIME and I don’t have time for anything but learning, growing and solidarity. 


So I got sick of having to use a real computer every time I wanted to add a picture to a post, so I checked how to add pictures in html. It’s ◀️img src=“image-url.png"▶️ But it gets even better than that! You’re thinking, "What if I want to add a screenshot to a post instead of a picture with an established url?” well you can!!! What you have to do is use the tumblr mobile app to draft a photo post of your screenshot, immediately save that photo post to drafts. Never post it, it just stays there. THEN, go to Safari or whatever (it probably works with mobile Chrome but I only know 100% it works with mobile Safari) and log on to tumblr. Go to your own drafts and

hold like you want to Save the image but instead of that tap Copy. If you did that from your web browser and not from the mobile app, you copied the image’s url!! And then, bam! Your very own screenshot posted from your phone!

I don’t really know right now whether you need to keep the screenshot inside your Drafts for the posted image not to be broken, so I just leave the drafts there to be safe. Also, you do need to put your post in Html format instead of Rich Text for this to work at all, but that just makes sense


So I read this:

and it got me thinking.

Do you have any idea how adorably demonic Sans and Toriel’s lovechild would be?!

I don’t have a tablet or any program on my computer other than ms paint, so I had to try to sketch it out by hand. I did it in like five minutes, so bare with me.

(Why the fuck are you sideways?)

(Giant homemade scarf because Toriel wouldn’t want them to freeze~)

I really just love the idea of this little skele-goat/cow/dog thingy. They would be so fucking cute, and then they’d grow up to a scary pun loving motherfucker.

If someone else would want to draw them, or maybe even suggest a name, that would be AWESOME.