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How did you learn to use photoshop? :)

i’m actually self taught in all things photoshop! i took media studies in high school thinking we’d do stuff like graphic design and computer stuff (i even took information technology to make sure i did something with ps) and not once did we ever crack out ps :( 

i learnt a lot of what i know from just playing around with different junk on there. youtube tutorials are also your friend! there are also a lot of really helpful tutorials on tumblr too! if you wanna learn about making gifs then type in the search ‘gif tutorial’. the same goes for graphics, icons and lots of other stuff. 

don’t be afraid to mess around with it! photoshop is actually really tricky but once you master the basics then the rest is pretty straightforward.

here’s some links to help you get started! <3

BTS Reaction to Seeing You Reading Smut About Them

This would be so embarrassing if it happened in real life. All the stories mentioned in this are stories from us, except the Suga one. I didn’t have anything that fit that. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs.

-Admin Kat


Jin: He saw the way your eyes were glued to the computer screen. He knew that you loved to read stories online, but he never saw you blushing so much while reading. “Um, jagi, do you think you could go grab the meat out of the freezer?” Jin asked as he continued to stir the pot on the stove. You slowly got up, placing the phone screen down on the table. You started searching the freezer, having a bit of a hard time finding the exact cut that Jin wanted. While you searched, he snuck up to the spot where you had been sitting and carefully picked up your phone. His eyes widened and he stared at the screen in shock. He was even more shocked when he read his name on the page. “A Hot Mess?” He read the title out loud and heard you scream out in annoyance.

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Suga: “Jagi! What the hell is this?” Yoongi yelled from the other room. Your eyes widened when you remember that you left your computer open to Tumblr. You ran to the room and lunged towards the laptop, but he pulled it away from you. He gave you a disgusted look. “Why are you reading something like this about me? Do you really think I would act like that in bed? You know how I act and you know I’m too lazy to have sex in a gym. Why would I even be there? Go message this person on Tumblr and correct them. This is just disgusting. Working out.” He said as he handed you the computer in annoyance. You stared at him in confusion, but he just continued to look at you in disgust, muttering about how gross working out is.

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J-Hope: The maknaes had grabbed the laptop you had been using while you were in the bathroom. Hoseok was busy practicing Cypher pt. 4 with the rest of rap line when he heard the other boys snickering. “Hoseok bite your sensitive spot on your neck and smirked when you yelped. You felt his hands still massaging your breasts, a bit harder now. “I know, jagi. This is just to let you know what you are in for tonight.” He said in a mocking voice before crashing his lips back into yours.” They read out loud as they tried to contain their laughter. You were just coming out of the bathroom in time to hear this. Hoseok looked up at you in a mixture of disgust and confusion. “Wh-when did I do that?”

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Rapmon: “Hmm, so you like reading smut about me?” Namjoon asked out of nowhere. You were lying down on the couch watching a new episode of Problematic Man. He leaned over the edge of the couch and smirked at you. “Ah, Namjoon! Why were you looking at my computer? Listen, I didn’t think Musically Frustrated was a smut. I thought it was about like… music.” You lied. His eyes widened and his smile grew. “There are more! I found Caught Red-Handed open on your laptop. How much smut do you read?” He asked as he laughed. “Hey, you aren’t that perfect either. Do I have to go through the porn files you downloaded on your laptop?” You threw back at him.

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Jimin: Your phone was buzzing almost nonstop while you were at work. It was finally time for your break and you answered the phone. “Jimin, you know that I can’t have my phone out when I am at work.” You scolded him. You heard his high pitched giggle from the other end of the line. “Oh, hey honey. Long time no talk. I wanted to ask if you preferred calling me daddy or if you preferred when I’m pure.” He said on the other end. You were silent in confusion. You didn’t really know what to say. “Um, I guess when you are pure… Chim Chim, what are you talking about?” There was another snicker. “So then you would prefer if ‘you pulled away from this kiss to look at me for a moment. Everything about me seemed too pure, like a work of art that you were almost too scared to touch. I stared down at you for a second before mumbling something about you taking off your dress. My bashfulness made you smile slightly. You slipped out of your dress quickly and slipped off your bra and panties as I took off my shorts and boxers.’?” He asked in a taunting voice. You groaned as you realized he was reading a part from one of the smuts you reblogged on your Tumblr.

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V: “Tae, please give me my phone back!” You screamed as you pounced over the couch towards him. He had grabbed your phone out of your hand since you were ignoring him. He hated being ignored and wanted to grab your attention. But you didn’t want him to see what you had been reading. Just your luck, he glanced down at the screen and saw Anime Marathon opened on the phone. You groaned as his face shifted from surprise, to shock, to disturbed, to teasing. “Jagi, you know if you like to read this stuff so much, we can try to turn it into a reality.” He said in a husky voice that he knew would turn you on.

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Jungkook: You didn’t know that he had come home early from rehearsal. You were sitting on the couch with your laptop opened on your lap. You were so engulfed in the new smut story, Midnight Movies, that you didn’t hear the front door open. Jungkook snuck up behind you; planning on scaring you. Just as he came up behind you, he noticed his picture on the screen. He leaned in closer behind you so that he could read what exactly you were reading. His eyes widened and he leaned in even closer, almost smacking his chin against your shoulder as he read the words on the screen. He had no idea if he should feel creeped out or turned on.

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They teach us “Don’t stare at the sun” before they teach us the inconceivable notion that this three letter word is referring to a big ball of fire that’s chemically composed to most closely resemble a hot air balloon, that it’s suspended in an endless expanse of Hollywood conspiracy theories and dreams. That the next Oregon trail better lead us to space. They tell us to put on sun screen before they explain that an invisible force responsible for all life on the planet eats at our skin like maybe were not supposed to be here and the only defense mechanism we’ve created is cream.
  They teach us how to pull weeds out of the ground before explaining the rate at which they flourish in an environment that presents them with no challenges is detrimental to flowers. They don’t show us that unhindered success makes the world bland and that we must pull weeds in order to right our own wrongs. If we learned about capitalism and greed alongside photosynthesis then maybe we’d grow less weeds for children and third world countries wouldn’t be attempting to rip American roots out of their soil.
  They teach us not to run with scissors before they teach us that the human skin can withstand deadly diseases, powerful UV radiation, racism and ridicule. If we learned that our skin is reparable but there are parts of us that aren’t. That we can find hope in geckos that grow back tails and starfish that grow back limbs. Hope that we’re all made of the same things so someday maybe, we’ll grow back something we’re missing too.
   They teach us a lot of things but never how to wonder, they look at us and say “the sky is blue” as if thats all there is to it. So that’s how we learn it. We don’t learn that we see only a fraction of what really is, so little that color fits neatly on a spectrum and that the sky may not even be blue.
  Instead they insist on teaching us how not to die before they teach us how to live, they teach us answers before we’ve even begun to ask questions. Too often we think of our brains as computers, we don’t need to store mindless information. We need to do what computers can’t: the passionate, the curious, the philosophically creative. So I’m here today to teach you something new.

Did you know the sky may not even be blue?

do you ever realize how vast the Internet is… like its not just Tumblr and Facebook and Reddit and YouTube it’s like….so much more?? it’s like an entirely different world. and like it’s so big that sometimes you forget that people in other countries that speak different languages use it. and different countries have different memes. and it’s just so…huge?? there are infinite websites out there. infinite images. everything that goes on the Internet stays somewhere on some huge server forever. it’s like its own self contained computer universe. that is so goddamn wild to me?? like it’s 2017 and you can just carry around this portal to another universe in your back pocket????? that is insane. the Internet is insane. no I’m not high


You! You are just too much for me!  you are, one of, the All-Star fan when it comes to supporting all of my stuff consistently! You even come by to ask about my mental health and physical health, yet very few people even ask me that! You even encourage me to take my time and rest between my work when i sometimes just go HAM. I even get postive comments and feedback from you. I’m not even use to any of this at all - so it is a whole new change for me really. Whenever I check my Tumblr via phone,  and the computer you are always there…..and the whole time I’m just confused at how did I earn such an amazing follower like you? Did i do something wonderful and outstanding to deserve such kindness? You even write amazing literature and fantastic fanfictions of one of my favourite pairs. Yet you still do such brilliant work!  

You are one of most kindest souls on tumblr, which is a rare thing to find on such a cold yet lukewarm place as this. It is always wonderful to see you online and even better to help you with your roleplay with as much as you support me with my work. Never change , my friend.

  • mom: *sits down next to me while i'm on tumblr*
  • me: *angles laptop screen away from her*
  • mom: why are you doing that are you hiding something what don't you want me to know are you watching porn we can search your history we know how to do that what are you doing show me right now why are you hiding your life from us we're concerned for your overall safety do you have latent trust issues are you talking to strangers you're always on that computer you never even go outside anymore i think you need to cut back on your internet usage are you okay do you feel safe are you depressed you can trust me your father and i think you're out of control it's my fault isn't it i can never trust you it's like you don't trust us you never respect us you think we don't respect your privacy i know how dangerous all this social media is i read this article one time show me your fucking screen right now
  • me: i just didn't want you to see me laughing at a gif of a duck going huehuehuehue
5sos Preference 67: He Finds Your Old 5sos Tumblr


You awoke with a frown on your face, a pillow cuddled into your chest instead of Ashton who’d stayed over the night before. You’d been dating for awhile now but neither of you had made the decision to move in with the other, so sleepovers were frequent between you two. “Ash?” You called, sitting up in bed only to be greeted by his boisterous laughter.

Crawling out of your bed, you tiptoed into the living room to find him sprawled across your couch with your laptop on his belly, shaking violently as he laughed very hard. “Ashton, what are you doing?” You asked, already nervous at the fact that he was on your laptop. His eyes snapped up to meet yours, a smirk spreading across his face and you instantly broke out in a cold sweat. 

“Babe, you never told me you had a tumblr.” He stated simply, gripping your computer tightly when you sprinted at him and tried to rip it out of his grip. Your face was on fire, catching a glimpse of the screen to see he’d been scrolling through one of your old preferences. “Stop, stop! This is gold, you really had a fetish for my daddy kink!” He shrieked, howling with laughter as you dropped your head into your hands.


You rested your head in Calum’s lap, watching a movie that was playing on your television though you really had no interest in it whatsoever. “Babe, can I borrow your phone? Mine died.” Calum asked, giving you his famous pout that you just couldn’t object to.

Of course, the moment you handed him your phone a million embarrassing items on it suddenly popped into your memory and you were drenched with a panicky sweat. You did your best to hide the fact that your heart was racing with fear and your hands were clamming up faster than you could process it, turning your eyes onto the television once again although you were focusing solely on Calum. 

After a few moments, you grew more nervous. When Calum started snickering to himself, you were in full on panic mode. The moment Calum burst into hysterical laughter, you snatched your phone from his grip and all color fled from your face when you realized he’d been on your tumblr app. An old piece of smut you’d written about Calum was displayed on your phone, nearly half way through and you were practically in tears as you realized he’d probably read all of the disgustingly creepy things you’d said about him before you’d met.

“Damn, babe, I never knew you were such a descriptive author.” He teased you, laughing loudly when you smacked him on the arm and exited your tumblr app. You didn’t even want to know how many pieces of smut he’d managed to read before you’d taken your phone from him.


“Do you mind if I look something up on your laptop?” Luke asked, looking at you questioningly as he waits for your reply. You simply nodded, continuing to do the dishes and humming to yourself. He retreated from the kitchen to fetch your computer, leaving you to your thoughts.

It took a few minutes but finally one thought came to mind, why couldn’t Luke use his own laptop? You stilled, dropping the plate from your hands and drying your hands before sprinting up to your room. You didn’t necessarily have anything bad on your laptop, but you definitely had embarrassing things on there. Stumbling into your room, you found Luke sitting on your bed and scrolling on your laptop with a dazed look on his face.

Clearing your throat, you stepped towards the bed with shaking hands. “Whatcha doin?” You asked him, rocking back on your heels as you struggled to keep from looking suspicious. He only rolled his eyes, laughing quietly before turning your laptop around to reveal he’d been scrolling through your old tumblr. Specifically all the edits you’d made of their photos and even some photos you’d taken yourself from when you’d met them originally. “Oh,” You flushed, thanking the lord he hadn’t found your writing.

“I never knew you were so into photography,” Luke mumbled, scrolling further through your blog. “Can I use some of these pictures on the 5sos-official blog?”


“Hey Michael, can I borrow your phone?” You asked Michael, dropping your dead phone in your lap with a frown. You needed to look something up online but your phone hadn’t been cooperating and suddenly the battery died, leaving you phone-less. Michael nodded, tugging his phone from his pocket and unlocking it for you before handing it to you.

You were going to safari when you noticed something you didn’t expect him to have on his phone, the tumblr app staring you in the eyes as you grew curious. Shifting on the couch so that Michael couldn’t watch you, you opened the app and nearly choked when you realized he had been creeping on your blog. 

Leaving your blog, you opened his blog and expected to find the 5sos-official tumblr but instead you were greeted with what looked like the average fan account. “Michael, why do you have a fan account on tumblr? And why were you creeping on my blog?” You asked him, looking at him with narrowed eyes. He flushed, breathing a small sigh.

“I’ve had that account for awhile, it’s nice talking to our fans without them freaking out. And I found your blog by accident, but once I realized it was yours I couldn’t stop creeping.” He explained, stammering a little. “By the way, I liked that smut you wrote about me. Would you really let me bend you over-”

You quickly cut him off, laughing falsely and loudly. “Okay then, that’s enough!” You chuckled nervously, your eyes wide as you locked his phone and handed it back to him, avoiding eye contact.

I’m always a slut for inukag

Tumblr ExecutiveSuite 2016; All You Need To Know

If you logged onto your tumblr today, you’ll be greeted with that big banner that says tumblr ExecutiveSuite: Productivity Edition 2016 that screams click me like a cereal killer in a horror movie. So what will happen if you click that banner?

Once clicked you’ll be redirected to a page with  a video player that seems to be an advertisement about the suite that tumblr is releasing. The video clip reminds me of those 90′s advertisement. It’s all over the place and sloppy but yes funny! Bad advertisement tumblr.

But then strange things will happen once you go back to your dashboard. The post icons will change, a reminiscent of those tacky windows icons of the past. Your tumblr name will also change.

New post type will also be added to your list of icons; the data post type. It’s like a spreadsheet within your dashboard. 

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  • Me : *drowns herself into books for her exam*
  • Grandma : Do you know it would be so much easier with ... internet...!
  • Me : *sighs*
  • Grandma : What?
  • Me : *wispers*...Tumblr.
  • Grandma : Sorry?
  • Me : Tumblr ! How I am suppose to study when you can see a dog in a watermelon or the perfect face of Benedict Cumberbatch or some skeletons dancing on graves or things like '' Jesus sounds like sausage in reverse '' !!!!!!!!
  • Grandma : Keep calm and have some homemade pie.