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I like to play this game I call “Love Never Dies as the sequel to other things”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Because you could swap out The Phantom/Christine/Raoul/Meg for almost anybody else and the character motivations would make just as much sense.

For example:

Les Mis: In 1832, Eponine faked her death at the barricade and subsequently fled to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Marius and Cosette come to Coney Island. Eponine has a son who is just Ten Years Old. Cosette is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Marius and Eponine totally banged the night before his wedding to Cosette. In the end, Marius is shot and killed by a jealous (and also not dead) Enjolras, who has fallen in love with Eponine.

Frozen: In 1845, after failing to acquire a crown of his own, Hans moved to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Anna and Kristoff come to Coney Island. They have a son, who is just Ten Years Old. Kristoff is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Anna and Hans totally banged the night before her wedding to Kristoff. In the end, Anna is shot and killed by a jealous Elsa, who has fallen in love with Hans.

The Odyssey: In the 12th century BC, Penelope’s suitor Antinous was secretly saved from death by some minor deity who owed him a favor and brought him to what would one day be known as Coney Island, where he opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907 AD, Odysseus and Penelope come to Coney Island. They have a second son, who is just Ten Years Old. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition in dactylic hexameter informs us that Penelope and Antinous totally banged the night before Odysseus’s return. In the end, Penelope is shot and killed by a jealous Euryclea, who has fallen in love with Antinous.

Gotham: In 2015, Barbara Kean leaves Gotham City, moves to Coney Island, and opens an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins come to Coney Island. Barbara has a daughter, whom she has named after herself, and who is just Ten Years Old. Leslie Thompkins is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Jim and Barbara totally banged the night before she left. In the end, Jim is shot and killed by a jealous Oswald Cobblepot, who has fallen in love with Barbara.


FINALLY The Last part of the Bitty comic, (Im so Sorry it took so Long T.T) yeah I went for the Pibbidy ending cause swap!Palette needs more love❤ ALSO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READ THIS UP TILL NOW!! I’m REALLY REALLY Happy to be able to make this and for you guys to read it(even though its a mess😅) I was Inspired to draw more and to do art in general because of all the Nice comments and just knowing some actually like the things I do O-O(Like WOAH) BUT Anyway THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT! And SPECIAL THANKS TO Nekophy, Angexci & thegreatrouge you guys inspired me very much and knowing that you’ve liked my stuff is huu no words to describe how happy I am. Also @Nekophy so much thanks like so much for all the reblogs, tags & comments without all that i’m not sure if I would have finished this. SO THANK YOU ALL❤
Credits and Disclaimers:
Palette & fell!Palette(Icing) @angexci
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Comic art & Eve by Me @butterflypea

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“When did you start to *fancy* me, Swan?”

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I wonder, do Emma and Killian ever talk about their first few months after meeting? pillow talk style? like how months into a friendship or relationship you might confess that “actually I thought you hated me at first”, but a la storybrooke life? “remember that time you cuffed me in the giant’s lair? honestly, I was a little turned on” or “you totally had a thing for cora, don’t even try it” or “’that kiss in neverland…….. top 5 hottest moments of my life’ ‘only top 5?! wtf killian’ ‘hey, you did somewhat kill the mood by assuring me I wouldn’t get a repeat performance!’” or “‘that time you turned up at my apartment in NY and tried to kiss me when I had no memory of you, omg you dumbass’ ‘ah yes, the week I discovered my being cuffed to things was just par for the course with emma swan’ ‘I don’t see you complaining now wise guy’” etc

aka acknowledging what has happened before while simultaneously accepting development and the fact that they love each other but hey, they didn’t always. I’d love to see some of that. <3 

Like, y’all know I support trigger warnings. I use them here on my own blog. But like…….. do some of y’all not consider how the trigger warnings you’re using THEMSELVES might be triggering?

Like, when you tag a regular, non-thinspo related selfie of a thin woman as #eating disorder tw

Or when you tag nonfetishy pictures of a girl- sometimes even an underaged one- holding a doll as #ageplay tw

Or when you tag a photo of an amputee as #body horror tw 

Those are all examples of things I’ve seen recently and its fucking gross.

Does it not occur to you how the people in those photos might feel about seeing themselves tagged in that way? 


That slap was a “fuck you and your unnecessary opinions about my relationship” and I like that she said it.

There are people out there who do not like Renee for numerous reasons and that’s fine. But to be salty of her relationship and for the sake of being salty is pathetic. From what she wears to how she talks to posting a picture of Jon on Instagram saying Happy Birthday, people do not miss the opportunity to go out of their way to be an asshole. And for what? Who cares? No matter how many insulting comments you say to her on Instagram, on twitter, or in her tag here on Tumblr, it won’t change the fact that they’re together and happy.

People truly brainwash themselves into believing they’re not together. They analyze every picture, every conversation, every interview to find one little thing (like he’s not even smiling in this picture) and add that to their spider web on the wall that they’ve created to make themselves feel better about Jon being in a relationship.

The hate is so unnecessary and pathetic. Get over yourself.

Like… in the grand scheme of things I honestly don’t even really get shipping the way most fans do it, but I’m still so tired of dude-dominated segments of fandom (see: the critical role subreddit today) circlejerking over how curatorial aspects of fandom are so much nobler and less awful than transformative aspects, like give it a rest my dude. ‘It’s just my personal opinion that shipping is an embarrassment’ sure Jan but you’re not exactly being subtle about who you want in your community when the fic writers are disproportionately likely to be non-straight and non-male. More to the point: a lot of fic is just meta in creative-writing form, but the moment that meta talks about interpersonal relationships is the moment it becomes devalued and frivolous. Fic isn’t always valuable or even halfway decent, but neither are goofy meta theories or imperfect summaries of d&d rules. Chill.

It’s that old thing where if someone tries to quiz you in an accusatory way about the minutiae of canon, you quiz them right back about the emotional or interpersonal elements of the canon.

There’s a shitload of harmful stuff to unpack about all elements of fandom, but this is literally just 'it’s icky 'cause girls like it’. You don’t gotta love something, but you don’t gotta take time out of your day to loudly remind everyone how much you hate it and want to use it to gatekeep, either.


Characters:  Dean, Sam, Demon, Reader

Summary:  Guys, I’m so sorry.  I don’t even know how to explain this one.  It’s for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night Challenge.  My movie was SE7EN.  If you’ve seen the movie, I’m sorry.  If you haven’t, I’m sorry.

Word Count:  1244

Warnings:  VERY VERY DARK AND ANGSTY. I can’t emphasise this enough. Also, language. Death.

Tags at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 

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Everything is wound tighter than a spring. We are out in the middle of nowhere, desert, flatland, nothing but open spaces and big blue sky but the tension is pressing in around me, hard. Like I‘m being pushed down against the earth, gravity has gone sideways. I feel like I can’t breathe. That fucking demon, he’s on his knees in the devil’s trap while Sammy paces back and forth. It’s just the three of us. Well, the three of us and that box.

God, I don’t want to see what’s in that box. Even more, I don’t want Sammy to see what’s in it. I’ve never felt this afraid for my brother. Afraid of what he might do after he opens that fucking box. Even after everything he’s been through, I don’t think he’s coming back from this one. Hell, being soulless would look like a cakewalk compared to this.

I’m afraid to move, afraid to speak, afraid, afraid, afraid. It’s not something I like to admit, but this shit has got me fucked, deep in my gut. Truth is, there’ something Sammy doesn’t know. Something worse than what we might find in that box.  

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I Love What I Write - Arie’s Favs

I was tagged by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and @torn-and-frayed (Even though Steph didn’t do it)  to post my top 9 favorite fics that I wrote in 2016.

So, here you go, peeps. End 2016 with a bang. 

Dean x Reader

Just Friends Series - How long can Dean handle his feelings for the reader?

The Girl In Plaid - Dean comes home to find the reader in nothing but one of his plaid button ups. It’s the sexiest thing he has ever seen in his life, so naturally he can’t keep his hands off of her.

Not Like This (set in season 12) - The reader comforts Dean after Mary leaves the boys early in season 12. 

Life Unexpected Series (Ongoing) -After experiencing the “Heat of the Moment” as Dean and the Reader like to call it, life has taken some pretty unexpected turns. It isn’t what they expected at all, but neither of them would trade it for the world. 

Jensen x Reader

Best Friends - Being best friends with Jensen Ackles sure made a girl feel special, but the reader’s time with Supernatural has come to an end and her best friend has something to say about it. 

Baby It’s Cold Outside - The reader is Briana Buckmaster’s little sister. She lands a role on Supernatural and quickly becomes best friends with Jensen, but she has rules, so she never lets herself fall for him. It’s the cast Christmas party and after a night of sneaky planning from friends (Jared, Briana, Misha, Rob, and Rich), the reader and Jensen end up onstage singing together. The rest, as they say, is history.

Oh Dean, I Mean Jensen - The reader accidentally says Dean’s name will having sex with Jensen, but Jensen finds it incredibly sexy and encourages the reader’s fantasy. 

YouTube Sensation Series (Ongoing(singer! reader) - The reader is a Youtube Star touring and makes a stop in Canada. She attends VanCon and everything changes the minute Jensen Ackles spots her at the Saturday Night Special.

On Location Series (Two parts remaining(teacher! reader) - The reader is a teacher who runs into Jensen while he is filming on location at her school. He wants to escape his responsibilities for a while, so he runs off to explore with the reader. The reader never expected to run into someone like Jensen Ackles, let alone have him pursue her. Everything that follows that day at the school will change the reader’s life forever. 

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how to balance your hobbies and studying

so ya’ll probably know that i’m a bookaholic and fangirl. So dedicating my time to things I love doing and studying has been quite a challenge for me. But for this past year i’ve managed to develop a few ways for me to balance my time and thought it’d be nice to share them with you guys! (even though I still procrastinate let’s be real).  

1. Pomodoro technique 

I’m sure most of you have heard about this. But basically, all you need to do is set a timer for 25-30 minutes and completely focus on a task during that time. Try avoiding distractions such as checking your notifications and such. Once the timer sets off take a 5-10 minute break and continue again. Usually, I'll do this continuously for at least two times. After that, I just spend my time doing the things I love for maybe half an hour or so then get back to work if I have an important quiz or assignment. 

2. If you don’t feel like doing it,don’t do it

We all know school can be tough and exhausting sometimes. And there will always be days when you just want to go home and relax. Most of the time, you feel so exhausted that you don’t have the heart to do anything. At all. So if you don’t feel like reading the book you’re currently reading or playing undertale don’t do it. There is no need to force yourself and i’m saying this because I have done this a lot before and I just found myself getting frustrated easily for some reason. As for studying try to cool down a bit and slightly putt off your schedule. Or if you’re not feeling it get lots of rest and wake up early the next day to start working (especially if you have a test the next day)

3.Use a planner or a bullet journal 

Many people consider this as the ultimate time management tool ever. It’s just something to manage your time easier with. But if you decide to use a bullet journal it may take a lot of time compared to a planner but hey, your choice. 

soo yeah that’s all I could give you. Sorry if it was too short I just thought that if it was super long you guys would get bored easily. Hope this was helpful!

things dwarves from orzammar would find strange or scary about the surface:

  • rain
  • snow
  • most of the weather would be just fucking terrifying
  • the concept of a sunburn. the sun can literally burn and blister your skin. 
  • birds. what are birds. how the fUCK do they stay up there in the sky and then come BACK. how are they not floating away forever.
  • how loud it is at night. so many things would chirp and hoot and just plain scream how do you people sleep at all.
  • the fact that there’s so much space from one human city to another, or that people are so spread out in general
  • the fact that humans and elves won’t quit talking down to them like just because you’re taller does not mean you have to crouch that is so rUDE
  • bees
A Thanks to ASOIAF Analysts on Tumblr

Right, year-end post… well, not a year-end post. I mean, it is a year-end post, but it’s the only year-end post I’m making, and I’m going to dedicate it to one thing only.

So, 2016 has sucked. Like, for everyone. Even if you look at the various political events of the year as good things, I’m sure some famous person you liked died. A few hundred of them. Not a good year. Especially not for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire. Another year and still no release date for The Winds of Winter, let alone the book itself. I mean, we got The Forsaken, but still. 

Still, this was the year I started really reading analysis and theories of the series, and by analysis, I mean good analysis, not “Why Tywin Lannister is a better father than Ned Stark” analysis, and good theories, not “Cotter Pyke is a Secret Targaryen” theories. So…

Thanks to @poorquentyn for getting me properly interested in all these things. And turning me into a believer of the EA. The Eldritch Apocalypse, not Electronic Arts. One brings you despair, disbelief, and makes you wonder how the fuck any of this makes sense. The other involves demons, magical shenanigans, and general end of the world stuff. Also, reminder that Jaime is not on a redemption arc. Turned me into a believer of that as well. 

Thanks to @racefortheironthrone for his essays on the politics of each of the Seven Kingdoms and most especially, his chapter-by-chapter analyses. Very enlightening essays on various POV arcs both within the book and the series overall. I have newfound appreciation for Dany’s arc for one thing. Hopefully Winds will be out by the time you get to the FeastDance.

And thanks to @goodqueenaly, @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly, @warsofasoiaf, @joannalannister, @pretenderoftheeast, and… I think that’s it, actually. I probably forgot people, I’m sorry! Right, thanks for your own analysis of ASOIAF.

So thanks for both making the wait for TWOW more bearable and more excruciating. Which I’m quite sure is a contradiction, but hey, what can you do? Someday, perhaps, I’ll start doing my own analysis of the series, and eventually do a series on Bran Stark so I can become the Ultimate Bran Stark Trash. But first, I must obtain the most magical of ASOIAF powers, as it seems you all have obtained, more powerful than building a giant wall of ice, hatching dragons, birthing shadowbabies, and… whatever the fuck Euron is up to.

That power?

Memorize every single chapter in the series.

ONE DAY! *shakes fist*

OOC. guess who’s doing ANOTHER follow forever finally?! 

yes!! it us :’) back with another MILESTONE, and left feeling v grateful and all happy inside~ 

I know it’s been a WHILE since I’ve done one, but I decided to do one only every 250 new followers I get – because as WEIRD as it is to say, we reach new milestones so fast that the moment I post one of these, within the next month or so we reach another. so, to make it more SPECIAL and less EXCESSIVE tbh. 

I always do this thing where I ramble before I actually get to the point of these things, which is tagging everyone! but I just want to say THANK YOU! as always, we have such a loving family here on tumblr and have always felt so welcomed, regardless of the rude people that typically come and go. you guys always give so much support, and I can’t even describe how AMAZED I am that we’ve reached such a big number like this. I never anticipated getting this far and having such a wonderful family here, but I honestly can’t say I don’t know where I’d be today without Ari. she is a huge part of my life and will always be! 

SPECIAL THANKS: @delincuenta for this BEAUTIFUL banner! love u bab :’) also the drawing done by an old friendo who is no longer on tumblr anymore – just wanted a quick disclaimer so ya’ll know I didn’t draw that lmao. 

alright, onto the tags! ( the most important part !! ) 

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so I strayed onto an anti blog to see what all the hot and spicy discourse was about and came across this. 

it’s on the same fucking blog guys 

How the fuck can antis thing that they’re possibility making a difference to the world of mirco-blogging when they’re posting hilirious stuff like this? Like how fucking far do you have to be from reality to take yourself seriously after posting this 

like oh man they even tagged it so it would be in the KS tag 

it’s just so perfectly terrible 

  • Shin: How do you think about things!? How does thinking even WORK? It's like... Wizardry. Straight up magic is what thinking is.

So this screenshot post came up on my dash yesterday and I just kefhkdswhak IT LOOKS LIKE THE COVER OF A CHEAP HARLEQUIN NOVEL and so I did a thing again. I couldn’t figure out how to reply with a picture in the original post, so I’ll just tag u guys: @thejohnlockhell and @spoko