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could you pls do a hc of tsukishima having a crush on the shy chubby and cute girl from his class, who's also kinda clumsy and insecure so she's doesn't even notice that he has a crush on her?

Like this is SO cute I’m dead - Admin Hope

Tsukishima Kei

  • Kei would totally make fun of her to Yamaguchi at first, saying stuff like because she is so clumsy he automatically lumped her in with being dumb and is always like ‘how is she even in college prep class??’ 
  • Yamaguchi always responding with ‘Tsukki that isn’t very nice you know.’ but never saying anything more than that
  • Tsukishima would respond with, ‘Well just look at her!’ and point dramatically over to her but all she was doing was taking notes from someone else notebook and concentrating very hard on her work
  • Kei’s eyes would kind of widen and just be like ‘shit she’s actually pretty cute.’
  • Literally from that day onward he like hasn’t stopped thinking about her, even outside of school and he hates it so much, he hates having a crush
  • Only Yamaguchi and Suga knowing because well Yamaguchi was there when he whispered it under his breath and I can actually see Kei going to Suga for help
  • Not popular but a lot of people love her, because although she is shy she is super super kind and friendly
  • She trips a lot and forgets her books at home sooo many times even she’s lost count
  • She very well knows that Kei is in her class, but all she ever sees him do is listen to music and tell Hinata and Kageyama to go away
  • She also knows that he rejects a lot of confessions from girls and she probably secretly thinks he is a dick or something
  • She knows and loves Yamaguchi though so when Kei found out that he had a crush on her Yamaguchi makes sure to spend even more time with her
  • Yamaguchi knows that she can be very insecure at times and doesn’t know how Kei’s insults will affect her if he does ever confess
  • Yama doesn’t want her to get upset with Kei because he knows that Kei never really means them in a hurtful manner
  • She stays in the classroom for lunch even though her friends always ask if she want to eat with them but she stays in the class anyway
  • Tsukishima sometimes wishes she would leave because then he wouldn’t have the urge to look back and steal glances at her while she is eating and reading some kind of shoujo manga
  • A lot of Kei looking really pissed with his hands pressed together and covering his mouth but all he is thinking of is ‘Fuck she is so cute why is she so cute? What is she doing to me?’
  • Hinata somehow finding out, it would happen don’t lie to me, and them somehow knowing each other from way back in like elementary school and middle school
  • Hinata being all ‘Tsukishima you like (Y/N)-chan I can go and talk to her for you, no worries!’ and Tsukishima having a panic attack because Hinata was already calling out her name
  • The girl being very confused and Kei overhears her call Hinata Sho-chan and he realizes how bad he wants a nickname from her and that he’s in too deep
  • Hinata flat out telling her that Tsukishima likes her alot but is too nervous to talk to her and her being beyond shocked at Hinata’s words and Hinata ending it with ‘Just think about it yeah?’ and walking away leaving her super confused and slightly flustered about the whole thing
  • Kei having the same reaction because after class she slams a paper on his desk that has her number on it and she mutters a ‘text me sometime.’ and leaves the classroom

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I am aro ace and I really wish I had a queer platonic partner. I would love to have someone to cuddle with, and hug and stuff like that but I fear it will never happen because I have never gotten that comfortable around someone before and probably never will. Plus, even if I did, how do you establish that sort of relationship? Sorry for the rant. I hope this is ok... Thank you. If this is too serious or something you don't need to respond.

Of course this is okay!! I think a lot of people have that same wish and the same fears. And I know this next bit will sound cliche, but I promise there is someone out there— possibly another ace— who would love to be that person to you.

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What about for prose? Do you have any tips on how to make that funny? Also, everybody stinks at poetry for a while. It takes a while even to stop cringing at your own writing. I’m at the stage where I usually don’t cringe but some others do and some don’t. ✍🏽✍🏽 And thanks. I love that book too :)

Hey! I saw your response reblog, but didn’t have a chance to respond at the time. 

Honestly, I’m not super sure how to answer your question. When I write funny prose it just happens, and then later when people read it I find out it was only funny to me (or they genuinely laugh at a joke I meant to be stupid, idk). Mostly I take my cues from comedic television or record ridiculous things my friends and family say.

So, no, I still don’t have great advice for you. But I have links which are basically like the candy I give to children when I don’t know how else to interact with them (lol, I’ll take a rimshot when I can get it).

Resources for Writing Comedy/Humor

Cracking the Sitcom Code

The Secrets of Writing Humour

The Hilarious 2-Step Plan for Writing Humor in Fiction

Your Disappointment When you Realize This is the Whole List

I love you, goodnight, my brain stopped working an hour ago and I’m typing like a zombie on crack.

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Castiel mother henning the hell out of you to the point where you decide to just soak it all up, even throwing in a fake sneeze to send him into a cuddling frenzy. Just gonna let you decide how to respond to this little tidbit. ~Frosting


how to vague blog 101


people read your post and self-contextualize no matter what. you place blame for your personal negative feelings on your entire community of readers by not being specific about the problem. many people in the rp community have anxiety and will irrationally assume the guilt or blame for your sadness/anger. many of us feel directly responsible for making you feel better, and in turn become even more upset if our attempts to reach out go ignored because you do not have the energy to respond to an outpouring of support. you have 500 followers and vague blog about a problem? you’ve probably just upset at least a hundred people. congratulations


1. talk to someone in a private chat to isolate your feelings, receive direct validation, and avoid spreading the issue to people who are not directly involved in the problem.

2. be ( even a little bit ) specific about the issue: if it is about an irl event concerning work or family, make a brief mention of that from the outset. if you’re feeling overwhelmed because of your anxiety, depression, or physical illness, make a mention of the disability to let people know that the problem is your own, and not anyone’s fault. if it is about something rp-related, mention that you’re upset about a failure to tag something, or a specific way or scene that someone has misinterpreted your character. this nudges the post a little more towards being a call-out post without naming names or muses, but will hurt way fewer people, as readers can then eliminate themselves as a potential source of upset based on the provided details. being specific is also more productive because it can help your readers reflect on things that you don’t like about rp interaction. ( but it’s still pretty catty, so #3 is my favourite thing to do instead of vague blogging… )

3. talk to the person you have a problem with directly and privately. yes, this is terrifying, yes, the other person might blow a gasket at you, but also? they might not blow a gasket at you!!! they might not realized they did anything wrong to piss you off. they might be accommodating and talk it out with you like!!! an adult!!! and even if it that conversation does go to shit? you’ve kept it between the two of you rather than dragging a lot of worried rp partners and readers into the fray. this also cuts out a lot of unnecessary stress for yourself, as you don’t have the vague blog in question sitting on your dash glaring at you and everyone else.

one last reminder: people read your blog. they really, really do. even people who have never spoken to you before, and people are invested. this is your personal space, but you are broadcasting and with that comes a basic accountability to be respectful. vague blogging is disrespectful. 

“I was taking a law school admissions test in a big classroom at Harvard. My friend and I were some of the only women in the room. I was feeling nervous. I was a senior in college. I wasn’t sure how well I’d do. And while we’re waiting for the exam to start, a group of men began to yell things like: ‘You don’t need to be here.’ And ‘There’s plenty else you can do.’ It turned into a real ‘pile on.’ One of them even said: ‘If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I’ll die.’ And they weren’t kidding around. It was intense. It got very personal. But I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t afford to get distracted because I didn’t want to mess up the test. So I just kept looking down, hoping that the proctor would walk in the room. I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions. And that’s a hard path to walk. Because you need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you don’t want to seem ‘walled off.’ And sometimes I think I come across more in the ‘walled off’ arena. And if I create that perception, then I take responsibility. I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. And neither do my friends. And neither does my family. But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”

VIPs trend #How_can_spring_come_to_a_stolen_field

1. So, how is this problematic?

The phrase “How can spring come to a stolen field” is a parody of a line from the movie “The Last Princess”, where princess Deokhye stands in front of the Koreans to give a speech to give them a sense of hope despite the Japanese soldiers surrounding them. The original line is “Spring comes even to a stolen field.” 

This line in interpreted as:

A stolen field = Colonized Korea

Spring: Liberation.

2. How do you know VIPs started this?

This is the twitter user who is a VIP, and who has started/created the hashtag. In the following tweet, they say that they were inspired by the movie “The Last princess” and the tweet in response to it asks that if they knew what “Spring comes even to a stolen field” means, and they responded with yes, they do, and that they’re using “spring” as the metaphor for the costumes/stages/MV concepts/melodies that BTS apparently plagiarised. 

And as you can see it was mostly the VIPs who used this hashtag.

Even the EXO-Ls have agreed to trend the hashtag. 

3. Can’t generalise a whole fandom just because of this? We can. 

Look at the number of tweets. Over 22 thousand tweets were posted. 

TL;DR Not only VIPs have compared BTS to Imperial Japan, but have acted incredibly insensitive towards Korean history. This was also terribly timed as it is near the March 1st Movement Anniversary which refers to one of Korea’s earliest resistance against the Japanese colonization. This has not only angered ARMYs but non-fans and Koreans in general. 

I say this as a Korean instead of an Army. Please take off your rose tinted glasses and look at this situation objectively. 

sana and isak are Savage together and i love it;

  • someone says something islamphobic in class and will IMMEDIATELY get shut down first by isak, who is the quicker one to react, aggressive and sarcastic with #classic lines such as, “yeah, muslims are terrorists, just like christians are all homophobic pieces of shit who kill people for being gay, right?”
    • followed by sana whose more calm but just as Savage, expertly telling them how much of an idiot they are 
    • also, any homophobic shit is immediately dissected and shut down by Sana whether or not isak is there 
    • when he is there, she responds before he even gets a chance to open his mouth 
    • “you didnt have to do that" 
    • "of course i did, you wouldn’t insult them right." 
  • they argue a lot but the instant someone offers a solution or a third option neither of them have thought of, they both stare that person down 
    • its better not to get involved 
  • sana and isak’s friendship help recover isak and eva’s friendship, and improve the relations between those two groups in general
    • i.e.,  isak goes up to sana and asks if vilde is into magnus. she asks if he’s asking because magnus is into vilde. neither of them give anything away or say too much but somehow manage to set them up by working together. 
  • they’re competitive little fucks, and trying to outdo sana helps isak actually do better in biology and motivates him to do his homework and come to class and all that. 
  • sana only feels like admitting she’s wrong when she’s around isak because she knows that he won’t tease her about it or make it weird. he’ll just accept it and they’ll move onto arguing about the next thing. 
  • sana l o v e s it when isak challenges her. he doesn’t do it the way other boys do it (as in try to pressure her into doing things she doesn’t want to do), and most of the girls are too intimidated and say things like "yeah, you’re probably right” after arguing for ten minutes. 
    • isak fights her and makes her question herself even when he’s wrong and sana loves it.
  • sana never makes isak talk about things he isn’t comfortable with, but She Knows, and she’ll prod him every now and then until he opens up about what’s bothering him. 
  • they’re not FRIENDS, and they don’t talk about everything, but somehow they’ve reached this silent agreement of trusting each other, and sometimes its nice to have someone that isn’t in your immediate circle of friends who you know has your back. 
  • people in school who don’t Know about isak and even ship him and sana and they both think its disgusting.

Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

is this the first time isak has called even his boyfriend? or did he use that when he responded to the flurry of texts from the gc after his insta post, just fire off a quick “yah we’re boyfriends, i’m happy, he’s still here, leave me alone until monday”? did he and even talk about it? which of them asked the “so does this mean we’re boyfriends now” question? which of them caught his breath and said, “do you want to be?” which of them smiled and laughed, a lot exhilarated, a little shy, and said, “yeah. i’d like that”? how many times since have they called each other “boyfriend” or “man in my life” just casually, playfully, just bc they can?

  • [Amami and Ouma are playing a game of chess]
  • Amami: So Ouma, what are you going to do now?
  • Ouma: [in his head] Chess sure is fun.
  • Ouma: [In his head] You know what is even more fun? Killing your best friend.
  • Ouma: [In his head] That doesn’t sound like fun at all Ouma.
  • Ouma: [In his head] Well how do you know? All you know is how to be a perfect surpreme leader.
  • Ouma: [In his head] I think Ouma is right.We should branch out our hobbies more Ouma.
  • Ouma: [In his head] Oh snap! Amami has stopped talking! He wants you to respond! Say something stupid!
  • Ouma: I wasn’t thinking about killing you.
  • Amami: Aww! Thank you!
  • Ouma: [In his head] Nailed it.
Tidal Waves

Summary: Bucky broke your heart and then disappeared from your life without a trace. It was like he never even existed. When he suddenly comes back, you’re not sure how to respond. 

Word Count: 1,634

Warnings: swearing, angst, a lot of angst

A/N: Full disclosure - this is based on my experience with my ex. The messages are word-for-word our conversations. The last part of this story happened literally earlier today. There were a lot of emotions swirling around on my head and I needed closure. I guess this is that, or rather, it’s trying to be. This gets a bit dark, but I promise you guys I’m doing better now so please don’t worry too much about me. Today was long and emotionally draining, but I’m trying to be okay. I needed to get things onto paper, and I figured why not do it in story form? After all, writing always helps me sort things out. 

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Bucky: We can’t be together anymore. This isn’t what I wanted. I’m sorry. Please don’t contact me again.

You remember the exact moment you got Bucky’s text. It had been just weeks before your two-year anniversary. Part of you knew it was coming. You sensed it as he grew more and more distant, withdrawing into himself.

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Headcanon #7

Imagine people asking Remus how he got his scars. Of course, being the precious cinnamon roll of a person he is he would be to nervous/insecure to answer them himself so the Marauders would answer for him everytime. Let’s just say their responses became increasingly more fucking insane over time. 

For instance in first year if you asked Remus how he got his scars Sirius would say “well we do a lot of pranks and so we get hurt sometimes, dangerous stuff ya know?”

But by their seventh year Sirius would hear someone ask Remus this and Sirius just responds with,” FUCK ITS A FUCKING WILD STORY. LIKE YOU ARENT EVEN GONNA BELIEVE THIS. Okay okay so get this we’re walking down the street just chilling, right? Then suddenly out of fucking nowhere the QUEEN SHOWS UP? And I’m like hOLY FUCK MOONY ITS THE QUEEN. Moony just looks at her with resentment in his eyes. Moony looks her in the eyes and says “So we meet again”. And at this point I’m like whAT THE FUCK. So the Queen chuckles and says “So it seems”. Then she’s like “you just never learn your lesson”. Then she just starts beating Moony’s ass. Like she’s whoopin the ever-loving-fuck out of Remus at this point. So Remus starts fighting back like I’m not gonna take this shit from you. He knocks Queen Lizzie back a couple feet and she’s bleeding. She wipes blood from her face and chuckles again and says,”you fool, this isn’t even my final form”. And that’s when shit got crazy. Wait where are you going? You can’t leave yet. I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. Next is the part where John Lennon comes in. Wait!”

~feel free to add~

Peter Parker Helping You With Your Insecurities Would Include...

Request// @adrenalizinq How would (insert character) respond to your insecurities? (I would give you a name but I’m 80% sure you’ve done both Peters and that’s who I wanted so you pick)

A/N: Sorry for this unrelated gif Xx :)

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-Peter ordering in your favorite food so the two of you could spend the night together

-Peter marveling at you, even though your just wearing sweatpants and a simple tshirt

-”Parker, I’m just in sweats, not a ball gown”

-”Yeah, but no one makes sweatpants look as hot as you do,” he says with a stupid grin

-You punching him in the arm, jokingly, for this comment, but still feeling so thankful to have him

-Netflix marathons which Peter constantly interrupts with comments

-Peter leaving his arm around you the whole night

-Him occasionally whispering how cute or beautiful you are, or how lucky he is to have you

-You blushing furiously at ever single compliment

-Peter making fun of his own quirks to help you laugh and feel better about your own insecurities 

-”I mean at least you don’t have to stand up to bad guys in a onesie”

-”Very true” you laugh

Oh Look, Another McHanzo Headcanon

Hanzo doesn’t do very well in crowded areas, and has panic attacks when people cluster around him. People ask why Jesse wears his serape out in public when he’s with Hanzo, even in the summer. He responds with “Because I just like wearin’ it.” The real reason is because when he’s with Hanzo, if you look closely, Hanzo always has a hand tightly gripping the edge of it. Jesse will occasionally ask how hes doing. One tug means hes okay. Two tugs means it’s too crowded and it piggyback time.

It’s Okay to be a Disney Princess

I think Auli’i Cravalho seems like a great person based on what we’ve seen of her since she was announced as Moana’s voice actress. So, I’m not trying to antagonize her with this post. But I just want to say, “Why can’t Moana be both?” Disney Princesses have shown plenty of heroism in the different films that feature them. A heroine can be a Disney Princess and a Disney Princess can be a heroine.

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Snow White escaped the Queen after the huntsman spared her and the princess’ kindness helped her enlist the help of woodland creatures who helped her find the cottage of the dwarves. When she got there, she convinced them to let her stay by earning her keep. And, even though she was cooking and cleaning for them, she still had those men wrapped around her finger. When she first met them and said “How do you do?” and they didn’t respond, she enunciated, “I said, how do you do?” Yeah, Snow White could be a little sassy. And she was assertive with the dwarves and only let them eat dinner after they all cleaned up and even got Grumpy to do it. So, yes, she fell for the witch’s trick (but she was only 14 and very sheltered in the castle as a scullery maid) and then fell asleep for the last part of the film, so the dwarves and animals had to confront the queen and she could only be woken up the kiss of the prince she liked. But people always seem to forget some of the cool stuff that she did.

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Cinderella spent most of her childhood abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. She retained her kindness and never stooped to the mean and petty levels of her family. But that does not mean she just gleefully put up with their crap. She had a little bit sass and had a few sarcastic quips about her stepfamily and their cat Lucifer under her belt. Take this quote, for instance,

“Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. Come on, get up, you say, Time to start another day. Even he orders me around. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Also, the primary lesson Cinderella teaches us is to never give up on our dreams. That as long we believe in them, they can come true. That is a beautiful moral that not just little girls, but everyone can take something away from. 

And I’ve explained in another post how there is more to Cinderella than just marrying the prince.

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Aurora may have spent most of her film asleep, but she was a little sassy, like with her fairy guardians (she was raised by three women, that’s pretty cool, right?) And she at least had some knowledge about stranger danger when first meeting the prince. It didn’t take long for him to charm her, but she did turn away and dismiss him at first. Also, she left Phillip when she needed to and set the terms for their next meeting. I think she deserves a little credit. 

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And let’s not forget Princess Eilonwy. She maneuvered through the Horned King’s castle and allowed Taran to team up with her so that they could escape. Also, when Taran made a sexist comment about girls, “what does a girl know about swords, anyway”, oh, boy Eilonwy set him straight.

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I also talked about Ariel in that other post which I actually do recommend. But I’ll add a few points here, too. She went all kinds of adventures, including exploring sunken ships and escaping sharks. Many of these exploits of hers are shown in her prequel movie and in the 90′s TV show (and this was long before she met Eric, proving that he as her love interest, does not exclude her from being a capable heroine). Also, she is the one who saved Eric from drowning. And though she made a not entirely wise decision to run away from home and be on land, you at least have to give Ariel props for going after what she wanted, which is something the film makers made a full intent on making apparent (there was an interview from when the movie came out where this was mentioned, but I’m not quite sure where, but I’m sure the peeps that read this could find it if you’re interested :D). 

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Belle enjoys reading, even though that’s not what women usually did in her time period. She rejects the sexist, egotistical Gaston when he tries to flirt with her, insults her father (then later tries to incarcerate him if she doesn’t marry him) and tries to make her his “little wife”. She dreams of bigger and better things. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her father and later goes out to save him when he becomes ill. Belle does not take the Beast’s crap and even tries to leave when he explodes on her. When she gets attacked by wolves, she does defend herself and when the Beast saves her, she helps him back to the castle after he falls unconscious. She treats his wounds and sets him straight about his anger issues. Her patience and open-minded personality helps Beast slowly regain his humanity. And her love for him helps break the curse over him, his servants and the castle.

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Jasmine also took charge. She refused to be forced into an arranged marriage and preferred to marry who she wanted and when she wanted. She did not like being stuck in the castle, and though, like Ariel, she wasn’t that wise in running away, she still took it upon herself to get somewhere. She did not put up with the men in the story deciding her future and called Aladdin out on his lies. Also, she has a pet tiger! That’s pretty freaking cool. Sure, she had to dress up for Jafar and kissed him as a distraction. But she used her beauty against the piggish (actually he’s rather horse-like) Jafar. And Jasmine has also displayed her resolve in the extended Aladdin media, too.

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Pocahontas was just as adventurous as the last Disney princesses. She wanted more than to marry the stoic Kocoum. And, though wary, she managed to befriend John Smith and help open his mind to the beauty of the world and accepting people who aren’t the same as you. Colors of the Wind is a perfect summary of what Pocahontas teaches. Her wise, humanitarian ways stopped a conflict between her people and the Europeans. And although she cared very much about John, Pocahontas chose to stay and look after her family, friends and other peers. 

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Mulan knew that her father was too weak from a previous war injury to be drafted, so she took his place and became a soldier in the Chinese army. Yes, she had to pretend to be a man, but that’s just how it was in her time. Mulan trained and became a skilled fighter. With some help from her friends, she saved her country from invading Huns. ‘Nuff said.

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Kida kicked some serious butt in her film (including punching Mole when he said some… things… in her ear) and she took responsibility for the sake of her people, like Pocahontas did.

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Tiana worked very hard for what she dreamed of. She did not put up with Naveen’s selfish, narcissistic ways and taught him of what it meant to strive for something truly important in life (while he showed her that there is more to life than work, work, work). Though she could get down on herself, Tiana tried her hardest to obtain her dreams and in the end, refused to let people stop her (like those realtor guys). She become the owner of her own restaurant, just like she always wanted, and helped her late father’s dream become realized as well. 

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Rapunzel was trapped in a tower for her entire childhood. The reason why she didn’t try to escape is because Gothel pretended to be her mother and insisted that staying in there was for her own good. And being as sheltered as she was, Rapunzel believed her. But when she got her chance, Rapunzel made the decision to leave. She knocked Flynn out and tied him up and didn’t let him go until he agreed to help her see the floating lights like she always wanted to. On their journey, she faced pub thugs and a very intense horse and helped them reveal their better sides. She also did this with Flynn, bringing out Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel used her extremely long hair as a valuable asset on her adventure with Eugene. She stood up to Gothel and was willing to sacrifice her freedom so that he would not have to die. And a tear, her care for him and sorrow over his death combined, brought Eugene back. And it appears that Rapunzel will go on many more adventures in Tangled: Before Ever After in 2017!

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Merida loves archery, sword-wielding and horseback riding. She also is very good at those things. She’s very active and goes out to explore, even climbing a tall rock structure at the beginning of the film. Merida is a very capable Disney princess. She also, like Jasmine, does not like her future being chosen for, especially when it comes to marriage. She does make unwise decisions, like trying to give her mother a spell that will make her see things Merida’s way. And it takes her a while to take responsibility for her actions. But she learns to understand her mother better (and so does her mother with her), the two bond, and she does her best to break the curse she set and make everything right again. She learns to be diplomatic and maturely express her thoughts to the men at her castle. She defends her mother and bests her father in a sword match. All the while, Merida still retains her adventurous spirit. 

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Sofia is a wonderful role model for young girls and older audiences, as well. She helps those in need, even those who have done her wrong (though she doesn’t always forgive people that easily, like when Amber took her amulet and brought a curse on their home- though that was an accident, and Amber, too, is a testament to a character learning to be more responsible and open-minded). She changes the status quo and becomes the first female member of her school’s flying derby team. Sofia makes mistakes, but she learns from them. She goes on many adventures where she and her friends learn important lessons. She’s saved her family and friends numerous times, as well. Also, the film princesses appear every now and again to help bring the moral of the episode home. 

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Anna is just as adventurous as many of the others I’ve mentioned. And she certainly has good reason, spending her entire childhood behind castle walls, similar to Rapunzel in the tower. She is very brave, going after her sister in harsh winter weather, despite their estranged status. She enlists the help of Kristoff and Sven, treks up the mountain and also confronts the giant snow creature, Marshmallow. And she gave her life to save Elsa. Sure, she took things too far, too fast with Hans, but she was desperate for affection after all those years alone and like some of the other princesses, grew up sheltered from the world. Anna’s parents were dead and she believed that the only other family she had abandoned her. She learned her lesson with Hans, though. And, well, he got what he deserved. 

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Elsa isn’t a princess, she becomes a queen early on in her film, but Pocahontas and Mulan aren’t technical princesses, either (but they are in the official lineup). So, yeah, I’m going to include her, too. I can’t just have Anna and not Elsa. Elsa dealt with many problems after growing up thinking that her powers were a curse. But after she had some time to herself, she realized that her abilities were actually capable of wonderful feats. She bested Weselton’s goons and almost killed them before Hans intervened. And with Anna’s help, she overcame her fears and brought happiness to her kingdom. And she has been a great ruler ever since. 

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Elena is a princess learning to rule her kingdom as queen. She defended her family from a wicked sorceress and was stuck in Sofia’s amulet for a few decades. Once she was freed, she defeated the villain and now is becoming a capable monarch while also going on several daring adventures with her family and friends.

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So, there is nothing wrong with considering Moana as a Disney princess (I also think it makes sense because she is a chief’s daughter like Pocahontas). She will display brave, empowering traits just like the other royalty before her. A princess can be a heroine just as much as a heroine can be princess. Those two things do not have to or need to be mutually exclusive. Disney has been proving that for decades and with the arrival of Moana this fall, I think we can see that it will continue on for many more years to come.