how do you even know that was your appendix

With All My Heart - Part 9

Word Count: 2562

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some mentions of depression/anxiety, medical situations

A/N: Tags for this series are closed. Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. 

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The week leading up to your surgery you felt mostly numb. You weren’t scared or anxious. Just numb. Your parents had come to Texas and were staying in your house while you still stayed with Jensen. Jensen had noticed your change in demeanor and while he was trying to change it by staying upbeat, he wasn’t pushing the issue. He didn’t want to come on too strong.

Now that the IV was out of your arm you could go in the pool and that was where you could be found most of the time, floating on a raft or just on your back in the water, eyes closed, lost in thought. “Hey.” Jensen approached, sitting on the side of the pool and dangling his legs into the water. “Everyone’s gonna be here soon for dinner. Unless you wanna cancel.”

“We can’t cancel now.” You sighed and dragged yourself out of the pool. “Besides, your parents are coming and I’ve never met them. I don’t want them to hate me for canceling.”

“They wouldn’t hate you.” Jensen grabbed your towel and wrapped it around your body. “You’ve talked to ‘em on the phone. They love you just as much as I do. We’ll make dinner quick and kick everyone out and then it’ll just be me and you.”

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Coffee-Stained Hearts

A/N: the ‘someone just spilled coffee all over me and my computer which had the only copy of my paper due in 15 minutes, and it seems like that someone might be the lead actor in my favourite show’ au that no one asked for

Her last assignment was due in 15 minutes. Lily could practically taste the freedom, could feel the summer months ahead. She sipped her coffee, hovering her mouse over the ‘send’ button. She took a deep breath, about to hit the button, when she heard the high-pitched sound of shoes sliding against the tile floor and all of the sudden her skin was burning - 

“What the hell!” Lily exclaimed, jumping up from her seat in the coffee shop, glaring at the person who had just spilled incredibly hot coffee all over her, her new dress and her computer. She did a double take, because it seemed to be that the asshole who had just ruined her day was the lead actor in her favourite show, The Marauders. But that didn’t matter now. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” he said, immediately grabbing some napkins from the table and handing them to her. “I’m so so sorry.”

Under any other circumstances, it would be a dream to meet James Potter. Devilishly handsome, a phenomenal actor, relatively famous, and just generally a cute person, he was every girls dream. But not Lily’s, at least not at this moment.

Lily scowled, her eyes burning into him. And if looks could kill, well, let’s just say that there would be a lot of crying teenage girls all over the world.

“Say that to my computer. That was the only copy I had of my final English Lit  paper, that just happens to be due in 15 minutes.”

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Imagine Namjoon Taking Care of You After Surgery

Here you go, guys!! I hope you enjoy have a wonderful day!

-Admi Lex

Let’s get one thing clear, you hated surgeries. You hated basically entrusting your life to people who were virtually strangers. So it’s fair to say that you weren’t in the happiest of moods when after Namjoon drove you to the hospital with stomach pains or when your doctors had told you needed surgery to remove your appendix. Namjoon was currently trying to be your voice of reason.

“These are trained professionals. They know what they’re doing and they won’t let you die.”

“Says the man not going in the operating room tomorrow morning.” You replied pettily, you even threw in a pout, just to show how annoyed you were with the situation.

You were the type of person that hated to have any weakness or perceived weaknesses. So, it took a lot of you to be able to wake up Namjoon clutching your waist and told him that you were in a lot of pain. You two both got to the hospital really late and you had through a series of tests.

Finally, you were hopped up on pain meds and in a private room. Just when you were about to doze off from your exhaustion and the pain meds, you saw Namjoon get up and walked towards you.

“Hey, sleepy. Before you’re completely out, I want to let you know that I’m gonna head back to the house real quick and grab clothes, and any other things we might need.”  He was voice was gentle as not to really wake you up.

“Hmm, okay.” You really must have been tired because he hadn’t even stood up before you were out like a light again.

Your surgery was scheduled for the next morning and your belly was filled with the fluttering wings of butterflies, but not the good kind. Your only solace was the fact the Namjoon was there when you woke up in slight pain.

“Hey, glad you woke up. Your surgery is in two hours and the doctor should be here in any moment.” Namjoon kissed your forehead as you pouted.

Next thing you know, the doctor was briefing you on what was going to happen during and after your surgery.  Suddenly, nurses come in and prep you to go to the OR and during this whole process Namjoon is being sweet as can be. You couldn’t even be annoyed at all the nurses and doctors telling you what to do. Before you got carted away, Namjoon came over from his seat in the corner of the room and delicately kissed you on the forehead. For only your ears to hear, “I’ll be here, when you get back. Okay?”



“JOOonie, doooon’t kidnap me. It’s illegal! You’ll go to jail!!!” Namjoon was desperately trying to set you in the passenger seat without pulling on your stitches.

“C’mon, please work with me here… Easy… Okay, now sit back. There we go.”

Finally, after a solid 20 minutes of Namjoon trying to convince that he wasn’t kidnapping you, but actually trying to take you home. He quickly ran to the driver’s side before you could figure out how to unbuckle yourself.

Luckily for Namjoon, you had knocked out the second he started up the car. You were still so under the effects of the drugs that Namjoon had to carry you in. Waking up, you felt the urge to pee very badly. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you were about sit up when two hands landed on your shoulder preventing from you moving.

“Nuh uh, you are staying in the bed until I  can be sure your stitches are healed enough. I’ll be damned if you end up getting an infection. ”  He scolded as he pulled closer to him.

“But I have to pee and you have to go to work,” I said trying to pry his large hands off of me.

“I’ll help you to the bathroom, but I’m not going in until this afternoon, so you are stuck with me all day.

“Let me get that.”


“Shh, don’t worry about it. If you need anything, just ask me.”

You were going insane. He wasn’t letting you do anything for yourself. It was sweet at first, now it is just kind of annoyance. It would be one thing if it was doctor’s orders for me not to move, but it’s not. I can do literally anything that I could before the surgery, I just have to be a little more careful. Luckily he was going to work now, where you would have time to breathe a little.

He hadn’t even been gone for two hours when you heard a ringing from another room. Your cellphone. Just the caller id, you saw Namjoon. You sighed and answered.

“Hey, sweetie.”

“Hey, how are you feeling? You don’t need anything, do you? Do you need me to pick up anything on my way ho-”

“Namjoon, I am okay. I know you are taking care of me and I love you so much for it. And don’t take this the wrong way, but stop babying me.” You let your frustration seep through your voice.

“… You’re right. It’s just I don’t like you in pain. I don’t like you recovering like this. I like you completely healthy.”

“…I do want you to pick up a pizza on the way home though.” You smiled and sat back down on the couch.

You heard him chuckle before he spoke, “Sure thing, baby. Love you.”

“Love you.”

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