how do you even draw sad story

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Sad to see you go, your pones are REALLY adorable and I love how you draw them. But I wish you luck in your future endeavors :D. I think I am going to stick around, if even for just a little while, just to see what cool things you cook up. Thank you for all the nice posts and stories and good luck :D.

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Thank you so much! I really do appreciate that, and I hope my other works don’t disappoint! XD


Seven years ago I lost my brother to an accident. Living in Iran has never been easy and makes one depressed by default, but after my family and I suffered that deep scar and I almost lost my other family members to suicide, through the sadness I stopped drawing, even though I loved drawing and storytelling ever since I was little, I even used to draw my stories before I went to school and learned how to write.

A couple of years later I began drawing again, because I really wanted to do some art for my stories. I kept it going through hardship and depression. I’m glad I didn’t stop this time.

Yes, things still get tough and I have a long journey ahead, but I guess when you’re going through something bad it feels like it’s never going to end–you feel like you’ll never be happy ever again. But once you fight through it, you’ll realize how strong you’ve become. How the same bad things sometimes lead to good ones.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should never stop doing what you love. Cling to it, hold on to it, never let go. That’s what I did with art, and what I will do with writing.

Thank you for all the support. I love you all.

I hope 2015 turns out to be the best year of your lives… so far.