how do you even draw pit

Miscellaneous Batman headcanons as relate to my little fic universe, that may or may not ever come up because who knows:

  • In general when it comes to Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne people go in one of two directions. Either he is the mysterious eccentric always galavanting around and seeing him at a party is like a Bigfoot sighting, or he is obnoxious and spoiled but people let him get away with it because he has money. But then it’s always a plot point that he is surrounded by vapid gold diggers?? I call bullshit, maybe Bruce Wayne is actually a really nice guy and he’s charming and charismatic and people think he is kind of naive, and maybe his smiles don’t always reach his eyes but maybe he just seems kind of lonely and people appreciate that he makes the effort. Maybe the women of Gotham are not all money-grubbing and shallow and actually recognize a good guy when they see one.
  • That actually will definitely come up but it’s still on the list because it relates to the next bullet point.
  • Models! In general models start working at 16 and are done when they’re 23. Modeling is an industry full of very young girls getting chewed up and spit out and sorry but you will never convince me that Batman would take advantage of that even under the guise of Billionaire Bruce Wayne. If you are a model and you meet Bruce Wayne he will be nice and he will be respectful and honestly he will act like a protective older brother and it’s just??? Such a change of pace???? He’s so nice????? And if they aren’t happy with their agency maybe he will direct them to some Wayne Enterprises subsidiary, and maybe when some photographer is being a skeeve they let him know and he never works in that town again, and maybe if they end up needing to go to rehab he pays for it because he can afford it and actually he owns the rehab center and also he is the sweetest man alive. So maybe when they need a plus one to a fashion event, they invite Bruce Wayne because they know he won’t take advantage, and maybe Bruce has a list of women and their interests so if he needs a plus one and he knows Anita loves the ballet he will call her up and they will go and they will mostly talk about her new cat because his name is Chairman Meow and she loves him the most. And when people ask later if she totally banged Bruce Wayne she says yes, it was awesome, his dick was huge, because idk man sometimes when a guy is nice you just tell people that as a courtesy. Then at parties Bruce Wayne is just surrounded by models and everyone shakes their heads and tsks about it while they ask him how he’s been and show him pictures of their cats.
  • Which is not to suggest that maybe when they are older and in a more stable place in their lives they do not actually bang Bruce Wayne because they probably do. Who wouldn’t???
  • One day some little girl is worried that Batman might skip her neighborhood and she decides the best way to make sure he shows is to leave some cookies on the roof of her building because if it’s good enough for Santa then why not Batman? But she’s like six so of course they are basically inedible and they’re supposed to look like bats but they kind of just look like poorly drawn distant seagulls and she leaves them out with a note like “For Batman only do not touch!!” and in the morning they are gone and she is satisfied that Batman has been patrolling to keep her safe. And eventually all the kids are doing this in Gotham and it’s just a whole buffet of confusingly-shaped poorly-made attempts at cookies (you have to make them yourself the children decide because when you are a kid it is important to have Rituals). Eventually Batman can tell which neighborhoods are having the most trouble based on density of cookies per block. He doesn’t actually eat them because he does not want to get food poisoning and at least once he’s pretty sure those were made of Play-Doh but he takes them anyway because he knows it helps kids feel safe.
  • A criminal tries to leave out poison cookies once but not only does he not eat them, it is immediately obvious what’s going on because these actually look like food.
  • If the cookies are still there in the morning the children all have a crisis because something is wrong with Batman and the religious kids pray and the nonreligious kids do weird superstitious shit that they have convinced themselves is helpful.
  • Kids love Batman okay especially little girls, as a little girl who loved Batman I can confirm.
  • Some of them probably leave out drawings and he keeps them in the Batcave sorry these are just Facts.
  • Bruce Wayne’s doctor is paid a fortune to make housecalls and she is well aware by now that he is Batman, but she lets him claim he was bungee jumping or whatever the fuck it is he thinks is plausible because she knew his father and she remembers when he was a cute kid and honestly who even cares.
  • Bruce Wayne’s dentist has also figured out that he is Batman because jesus fucking christ we just replaced those crowns what are you even DOING to your TEETH half of these are just implants now you are going to need dentures by forty please god just wear a fucking mouthguard draw some scary fangs on it if you have to like he appreciates how much money he is making replacing this man’s teeth but even he has limits
  • Bruce Wayne’s personal accountant has also figured him out because his money just falls into a goddamn non-deductible pit and he kept trying to lie about it and then changing the lie around when he realized the answer he was giving impacted his return and I’m sorry Bruce I might not be rich but even I know that you probably did not spend several million dollars this year on cheesecakes covered in gold leaf and you accidentally filed a project cost analysis for a stealth jet in with your receipts but lucky for you I am NICE and I shredded it for you and also those projections were poorly done so hit me up if you want someone who actually knows how regression works buddy
  • Catwoman never tries to rob Bruce Wayne because cats know that he is a cool guy. Actually it’s Batman that is always nice to cats but they smell the same so the cats don’t know the difference. They’re just like naw girl, that territory belongs to a friend of cats, don’t trespass unless it is for scritches because that guy gives some good scritches.
  • Robin eats one of the batcookies once and regrets it for the rest of the night. Don’t eat cookies left outside by small children. Just don’t.
  • Bruce Wayne got a JD/MBA and graduated at the top of his class, I know people like the idea of dropout Bruce Wayne backpacking around and learning to punch people but he also does not want to tank his father’s company or let criminals escape justice through Bat-shaped loopholes?? He probably went to Yale and took max credits every semester and spent all his time studying and working out and then went off in summers to learn new and exciting ways to punch a dude. He had no social life he slept like six hours max every night and he ruined the curve for everyone, what a dick.
Bad Metaphors

Warnings: constant mentions of self-harm, depression, etc.

A/n: the title pretty much summarises the fic v well ngl 

Sometimes Dan wakes up and there are marks on his arms that he doesn’t remember putting there.

Sometimes there are words, little poems, even. They often don’t make any sense, just mad, usually drunk ramblings of a mad man falling in and out of depression faster than he can change clothes.

Other times there are drawings. Usually they’re just little pictures, drawn shakily with his left hand onto his right arm, depicting people and shapes and objects and sometimes just scribbles. Occasionally they’re more intricate, their details spanning the whole length of his arm and covering every patch of his skin with marker that he and Phil will spend hours scrubbing off in the morning.

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Holy crap…it’s finally done and posted. You guys have no idea how long it took me to do this. It was so tedious. Sometimes I still wonder to myself why I even do these things since I’m not an artist myself, although I’ve really wanted to draw. But I just…gave up on it.

Anyway, enough with the sap. I’ve wanted to make this edit cause I’ve been so much in love with Cinderella Phenomenon since the minute I started playing it. The characters were great, the story was so well-written, and I love the idea of the Fairytales used as curses. Not to mention, I’m a complete sucker for any game or great story set in the medieval times or at least in a fantasy land involving a kingdom with royalty.

As you can see, in the slots where the characters would normally be (after you’ve completed their routes, of course), I inputted my favorite fictional baes from different games and franchises.

From left to right: Zen (from Mystic Messenger), Shadow the Hedgehog, Ash Ketchum (from Pokémon), Pit (from Kid Icarus) and Sonic the Hedgehog. And on the bottom, is who I consider as me if I was in the game. In my opinion, the bottom part was the hardest to replicate. It may not be perfect or exact to the original, not to mention it took a lot of trial and error, but I think it looks good enough from my skills.

Here’s the reason(s) I involved these baes with the corresponding curses by the original characters:

•Mostly by appearance, Zen works really well with the Beauty’s Curse because of how handsome he is and a lot of girls already fall in love with him (in the game he’s from). Although I don’t really think he would look as good as a lady like how Karma did. Another fact, he does love to call himself “Zen the Knight.” Aaaaand he does try his best not to release his “beast” in front of the one he loves. 0.0

•Shadow would already look as fierce as a wolf in some way with his Red Riding Hood’s Curse, but I actually think if Shadow were involved in this, at night, he would be one hell of a big, bad wolf in his own Werehog form. I kinda thought the multi-personality concept corresponding with the original curse was odd, so I figured that Shadow would just be under order by Mythros to try to kill my friends, but not me. Oh and don’t forget Shadow’s medieval counterpart, Sir Lancelot. :3

•Ash is my #1 favorite of the baes so I thought he’d be the best for last, but that’s not the only reason. Since Ash is like “forever 10” in the Pokémon anime, the child form during the Neverland Curse works for him, then when his curse breaks, he’d be much older. Now about the witch powers…how about the fact that Ash can wield the power of aura? :3

•Pit’s was a bit hard to come up with, but I think there’s one good reason why I chose him under the Rumplestiltskin Curse. Because Pit is incredibly selfless.

•To be honest, there are two reasons why I chose Sonic for this part. One: the promotional art from the art book shows Rod drowning, and since Sonic can’t swim…well, it’s self-explanatory from there. The second reason is cause of the “forbidden love”, as I call it. Not really as family, but as human and hedgehog.

Oh and BTW, both Fritz and Walter got onto my list of baes because of this game. :3

@dicesuki please don’t hurt me for making this. ;-;

Oh and in case you’re wondering about the crappy quality, it was like that when I finished. Trust me, I really wish I could do something about it. :|

Can we just have a moment of silence for all the video’s, art, and fan-fiction out there representing Jonsa. Like holy shit. I found a motherfucking jackpot in this ship- and it’s hell. I am dying and I don’t see myself leaving this pit anytime soon. Not with how much greatness this beautiful ship hosts. 

I Love all of you and thank you all for taking time out of your days to create such wonderful things! Truly, a fandom’s ship would be nothing without any of you! Keep it up with the greatness! 

And I would like to add, those who don’t do much, like draw or write or create video’s, you are just as important. Don’t ever forget that! You guys are the reasons (And the ship, of course) That a lot of us even do this. So thank you all! 

Seriously, though, hit the jackpot. 

Full Honey Moon, Friday the 13th & MIR

Today has a lot going on here, for starters: a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury in Retrograde, Venus is dueling Saturn, Neptune went “hipster”, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s Friday the 13th.

With all that stirring into the planetary stew, some may feel very emotional, experience intense anxiety, or choose to stay in their caves album having an OITNB marathon. Conversely, those of a rebellious nature will feel an urge to harness the energies of the Full Moon to instigate change.

Those in relationships may feel as if they are being challenged in a game of tug-of-war, skeletons from the past we have placed in closets will start rattling, dreams will provide answers we have tried to suppress, our inner spirituality may be screaming for acknowledgement, and an urge for change will be strong.

Not to fear! Whether you are feeling the effects of all or some, there are things you can do to protect the energy around you and make this a day of magick versus dread.

Hold off making important life decisions until after July 1st. Look over every detail with the intensity of Rust Cohle. Hold off on negative comments you’ll later regret. Look at a current relationship and ask yourself if you’re happy, don’t settle for the lesser choice in anything today. Visualize how you want your future and invoke the energies to change your “NOW”.

Do an energy shield check. Visualize the auric energy around you and patch any holes you may see.

Sage your sacred space and and get rid of any clutter.

As the evening draws closer, complete a list of things you feel are toxic in your life, this could include people. Make another list addressing what you feel needs to change.

Sit under the Full “Honey” Moon, glass of wine in hand, and reflect. Toss the list into a cauldron or fire pit and watch the smoke release.

As you drift off to sleep, ask that answers be revealed in dreams.

This day has been getting a bad rap, but truth-be-told it’s a rather magickal day for the eccentric. Harness your inner Liillith and take control!

Peace. Love. Magick!


>Wants to do something artsy.
>Decides to choose from drawing or editing a thing.
>Chooses editing although drawing is faster.

But yeah, it’s supposed to be @winteldoesfanart‘s half-Leprachaun Jack from a ‘lil Monster AU. :V

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anonymous asked:

I recently started masturbating/watching porn and I want to stop. Any tips? I don't want to become addicted. Thanks

Hey lovely!
So, here’s the thing about porn: it’s an infection. It’s best fought off when caught early, so I would encourage you to absolutely cut yourself off from any pathways to it when you feel the urge. It may seem silly but find what triggers that urge, for me it was nearly always loneliness. Avoid highly graphic sexual content, (no matter how your friends think of you for doing it, you’ll be glad for it in the long run), when you feel that urge avoid the Internet, avoid the TV; read your Bible, take a walk, draw, write out your frustrations. Work through that emotion with a tool that won’t damage your mind or your heart.

However what I struggled with most (and what no one warned me about) is how even small portions affected my thinking. Those images, those sounds, that feeling in the pit of your stomach has a way of burning into your brain.
I could go sober for a few weeks but I would still be tormented by late night thoughts or misguided day dreams. I want you to know, you’re probably going to experience them and it’s okay. You’re not ruined or broken; you are recovering, and sometimes recovering is more painful than the relapse.

We’re always open here at 31 Women to speak to you, or you can even speak to us personally on our own blogs about these things but another word of advice I’d give you as someone who knows this struggle all too well is this: talk to somebody you trust. Your parent, your friend, your teacher, your uncle, your aunt; someone you know you can speak to without judgement. Honestly telling my mentor and my parent was the greatest thing I could have done because I had someone to help me be accountable and to pray for me when I was having a hard time. Someone who will always be there to help you, no matter what you’ve done is God. Talk to Him, speak out-loud to Him for forgiveness, healing, and peace; especially talk to Him if you relapse or if those thoughts start to creep in. God wants to hear from you in those moments where you are truly hurting because of your actions, and He will bring release. Trust Him. Remember you are not ruined, you are not too filthy, you are beloved.

I’ll be praying for you, lovely. You are so loved.

- Nan