how do you even draw his hair though

Accidentally Confessing // Min Yoongi

“Are you home! ?” You heard a voice that at the moment you wanted to strangle .

“Did you enjoy your date ? “ you shouted from your room as soon as you heard your door by yoongi.

“It wasn’t a date!” He shouted as he tried to guess what room you were in.

“You took her home though afterwards , you didn’t even say when you were leaving dude” you sneered the last part as he found you in your room on your bed replying some last minute e-mails.

“I took Jungkook and Jhope too, not just her “ he exclaimed as he rolled his at your childish behavior.

“We’ll i had no ride home by the way “ You sneered back as he groaned out by your attitude.

“Don’t be dumb , i know your friend took you home! “ he shouted in outrage on how you guys are fighting over this.

“ Ya! So what!” You screamed back sitting up so you sat right in-front of him. “Your the one that invited me to go !” You screamed in anger at him as you pointed at his chest.

“What’s the big deal !?” He questioned you as he threw his hands up in exaggerated

“I wanted to go home with you! Douchebag, I’m jealous ” you told him as you pushed him off your face and walked to the restroom.

Your eyes widened in shock when you just remember what the fuck you said. You heard footsteps come to the restroom. You quickly chose to pretend you never said anything and started to take off your jewelry.

“You were jealous” he laughed as he stood behind you with his arms crossed around his chest.

You threw your jewelry at the sink and got even more angry as he stood there looking smug. You turned around and with a red face your started screaming fighting the tears that wanted to come out.

“You think someone’s feelings is funny, leave then this is fuckin-“ you were suddenly picked up and sat down on the bathroom counter.

Yoongi looked at you and smiled trying to find your eyes. You squirmed as you tried getting off but his hands stayed firm on your waist.

“You know you look fucking hot when your jealous.” He whispered as he leaned into you face.

You pushed your head back against his as you waited for him to do something , anything.

Soon enough his hands pushed your body against his and he leaned in kissing in your lips. He quickly looked at you on more time to see if he could continue.

His eyes looking for permission, you answered put your hands around him and wrapped your legs around his waist.

“Now your confident as ever, weren’t you mad just five min ago” he laughed as he watched over you waiting for him to do something.

He was even taller than you even though your sitting on top of the counter.

He pushed you hair out of your face as he watched your face get angry again from him just staring how cute you were sitting on the counter. You face flushed from the anger and now from the situation it turned out.

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You rolled your eyes “Shut up and kiss me” you whispered as his lips became closer again, closing your eyes once again.

He kept his hands on your waist hugging you as he kept kissing you drawing butterflies in your stomach every-time he would hug you tight.

Moans were suddenly heard around the house and suddenly the night became even longer.

Frosting and Sprinkles || Wonwoo || Oneshot

Originally posted by xsvt17x

Word Count: 978

Genre: fluff, birthday gift

Summary: It’s @17rxn birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

You were expecting to wake up to something like the smell of breakfast or the touch of your boyfriend’s lips to your forehead or your cheek or even to your own lips. What you weren’t expecting was waking up to the sound of Wonwoo yelping loudly in your kitchen and letting out a string of curses you hadn’t even realized he knew.

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WIP *✧

how do you stop yourself from drawing A.A characters from Tower of God?

recently i bought a pack of washi tapes from MT and they’re all cute ! I couldn’t help to try one. And I was in the mood for tropical thematic arts, even though the colors aren’t tropical lmao.
I will try to finish this and scan it along with my other artwork.

Also i need to make the Bam version too ;v;

Keep You Here

Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: can I request a skinny! Steve or Bucky x reader where they either or both of the guys have crushes on the reader and Steve asks reader if she could model for him for his art class? idk you can go with any direction tbh. I just love skinny! artsy Steve! and 40s Bucky so much!!
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: None?
1,339 words

Notes: I’m so soRRY for the long wait, dear anon. It took a lifetime and I didn’t even like it but I hope you enjoy it! I changed a little bit but in an overall it kinda follows your request yet! <3 Thank you for sending me it! Y’all enjooy! :’)

Steve knew he shouldn’t do that. Pinning over a girl, someone he knew he couldn’t have. 

Someone who seemed to be acquainted with his best friend. 

But it wasn’t like he wanted it. It was just…there. The daydreaming, thoughts and everything that came along when you’re crushing on someone. 

Ever since Bucky had befriended you after a dancing ball, these moments were getting constant and constant. 

The blonde wasn’t exactly the ladies’ first choice when they had Bucky and Steve understood that. It shouldn’t be different with you, given you had befriended Bucky after the man tried to pick up on you just to have a witty comeback. 

Except it was different. 

You were too nice, not like the girls Bucky previously introduced him (that normally ignored his presence), gentle and intelligent. He just couldn’t help but be drawn to you everytime you were at his sight. 

And well…Bucky noticed it. 

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Hiya I liked the Bakugou artist one you just did. Maybe you could do a response like he tries to make a drawing back but either he gets really frustrated or the one he gives kind of sucks but in a funny way and s/o loves it?

Ahaha yessss

you spun around, pretty frightened still clenching your sketchbook in one hand.
What’d you do now?

He was holding a piece of paper?


The angry boy worked his ass off and still didn’t get anything out of this experience. His dorm room was scattered with crumbled paper now, ‘well fuck’.
Who knew this could be so hard?
You just dragged a fucking pencil across paper and added colours with markers or something….. so why was he doing that and still managing to be less skilled than a toddler at drawing? Fucking drawing.
It was dark out and he was done, bit satisfied, but done. He desperately scribbled down something a teeny tiny more advanced than a stick figure. He tried.


You’d been having a shitty enough day! What did Katsuki want now? You were surprised at what you saw next. He noticed how crappy you felt and thought he could a t l e a s t show he put in a lot of effort.
Even though there was embarrassment or fear swimming in his eyes, he still kept a scary exterior, roaring at you to take whatever -that- was.
You scanned the paper and hastily snatched it. It was a drawing that was only slightly better than the level of a toddler at best, but did he do this? You examined the colours that were used in the drawing. Your eyes widened,
Was that your hair colour? Next you say the e/c eyes.

“Is this me?” He seemed taken aback seeing that you could actually make that info out, it was definitely the most embarrassing thing he’s done yet. You looked up, he could see your eyes went playful.

“Y-you were in a shitty mood yesterday and today! I had to d-do something before it drove me c -crazy.” You giggled, quickly covering your mouth, don’t be rude!

“Thanks it’s-”

“IT SUCKS I KNOW ALREADY! I’m not a fucking artist alri-”
you laughed now unable to hold it in any longer.

“I love it.” You sent him a genuine smile and wiped your watery eyes, then proceeded to giggled and chuckle. He was about to retort. ‘At least he tried! Now your laughing at him whatever fuck’
You interrupted his thoughts.

“I r-really needed t-that, thanks a lot, boom boy.”
You wiped your eyes with your sleeve and slid the paper into your bag as you giggled a little more.
He was beyond confused, you weren’t being sarcastic?

Then you did something neither of you though you ever would. You walked up to him, kissed his cheek, and started walking away.
He blinked, realizing what just happened. Blushing, ran up to you, softly grabbing your wrist, then your cheek. He smirked.

“You missed.” He put an arm around your waist and brought you two close enough to touch noses.

I think you know what happens next.


Tadahhhhhh hope you likeddd

coololdsoulpoetlove  asked:

How would the squad react if the reader came home with a new hair do? Say they got it cut or dyed?

ooh, i could write a whole fic about this. until then, here’s some quick hc’s!

herc would be really surprised at first. 

  • he probably wouldn’t know what to say right away. 
    • you: “so? what do you think?” 
    • herc: “uh…it’s um….”
  • it’s not that he doesn’t like it! it’s just he’d never pictured you like this before! 
    • depending on how much you cut off or what color you dyed your hair to, he’d need a little time to adjust to your new look.
  • he grows to like it after a couple of days. it suits you. 

john thinks you look beautiful no matter what you do. 

  • he’d be supportive. 
  • it makes you happy so he’s happy too.
  • when you come home, he’d probably just stare at you. 
  • might even draw you if you let him.
  • you’d been talking about cutting/dying your hair for a long time, so when you finally do it, he’s happy for you!
  • sometimes though, he misses your old hair. 
    • john, hugging you tightly: “i miss how your hair used to be” 
    • you, laughing: “don’t worry. it’ll grow back/i can always dye it back, john”
    • john, frowning: “i know, baby. don’t change anything because of me. you look great. i’ll love you no matter what you do with your hair.”
  • he likes the new look overall. you’re still the love of his life. you just look a little different. 

alex would be more intrigued.

  • you look very different from when he first met you. 
  • yeah,, sometimes he loses you in crowds. 
    • he forgets and gets embarrassed bc he’s your boyfriend!! he’s gotta remember these things! 
    • he’s also kind of tired so cut him some slack when he apologizes for holding hands with a girl he thought was you
  • alex, probably: *tugs at your hair, looking at it curiously*
  • you, teasingly: “can i help you, alex?” 
  • alex, still thinking to himself. finally says, “i like it.” 
  • he might even cut his hair with you.
    • you two have been talking about it for a while. 
    • it’s a big step for both of you, but it’s exciting!
    • you both join herc in the short hair club. 

laf would probably be the most excited about your new look.

  •  he probably helped you find the style/color to dye it to. 
    • “mon cher, this color is in season. what do you think?” 
    • “mm, this would work with your face shape, oui?”
  • if you’re nervous about it, he’ll calm you down. 
  • he’s really supportive of it and nudges you to give it a try. 
    • you: “that’s really short…i dunno laf.” 
    • laf: “you’d look very pretty, cher.”
    • you: “i’m gonna look like an egg.” 
    • laf: “no you won’t~”
  • once you do, he’d love it a lot!
  • he’d help you style it if you need a second opinion.
  • he can’t picture you any other way. he loves the change. 


  • yes,,, the boys will beat up anyone who says anything bad about your hair. 
    • alex fought with your boss when he said your hair was “unprofessional.”
    • alex especially isn’t kidding when he says he’ll fight anyone that messes with you.
  • they give you cute nicknames based on what you did to your hair. 
    • examples! 
    • cut your hair really short? like pixie style?
      • laf calls you ‘fairy’ in french. the hairstyle makes you look more youthful. 
      • it sticks. the boys deem you their little fairy. 
      • there’s the occasional “tink.” it’s pretty cute. 
      • you deem them as your lost boys.
    • dyed it a certain color? like red?
      • the boys occasionally call you “little red.” 
      • laf calls you his rose.
  • they joke that it’s like dating different girls. you change up your look quite a bit when you start to feel more comfortable with your appearance.
  • depending on your hair care routine, the boys are more than willing to help. 
    • do you roll your hair in curlers every night? 
      • herc can help you. he’s really patient. he likes playing with your hair too.
    • do you braid it before you go to bed?
      • laf’s really good at braiding. he’ll do it for you!
    • do you have bangs + need to trim them? 
      • ask alex! he’s really careful and he’ll make sure they’re straight. 
    • do you need someone to curl/straighten your hair for an event?
      • john’s done it before! he has sisters so he’ll help you in the morning if he has time. 

hope you liked these!

F R E S H - bbh ♢5♢

Originally posted by 4bcks

High school AU, romance, comedy, fluff.

pairing: Baekhyun x reader

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Bruises On Your Thighs Like My Fingerprints - Maxmoefoe Imagine

You giggle as Max pins you to the bed, hands holding firm on your wrists. “Someone’s in a mood,” you purr, gasping when Max ducks his head and starts sucking marks on to the soft skin at the base of your throat.

“You’re driving me fucking wild,” Max breathes, teeth scraping over your pulse point. You arch into him at that, but Max just pushes you back into the bed, one arm pressed against your stomach. He doesn’t want you to take any more friction than he’s willing to give tonight, and it’s already driving you crazy. No matter how much you try to wiggle and squirm and grind, he’s always stronger and faster than you- and a bigger tease, too.

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Local Starchild Decides Which Piece of Metal to Eat First

Hey, @anoutrageousamountofowls! Here’s a thank-you gift for writing ‘In His Eyes, A Galaxy’ and chatting with me in the comments! I’m afraid I couldn’t put the cosmos in his eyes like you do in your writing, but I made do with what I had. I hope you like it, even though it’s not colored.

Izuku, honey, please don’t eat that spoon. Those aren’t easy to replace, you know. And you should probably chew those nails a bit before you swallow them. You don’t want to get hurt.

(Also, anyone who tells you hands are easy to draw is a lying liar who lies. I must’ve redrawn his hands and arms at least eight times. And if anyone has tips for how to draw his hair, please.)

Do not repost, please and thank you!

Meant To Be?(Kyungsoo and Yoongi Scenario)

Genre: Slight Angst / Slight Fluff

Pairing: Do Kyungsoo / Yoongi / You

Rating: 12+

Prompt: “I love you Y/N. I don’t ever want to lose you. I want you to know that you mean more to me than you can imagine. Please, be mine?”

Writer: monicaexol (My name is Monica)

Originally posted by elmundodealex

She sat impatiently at their usual cafe. The lingering smell of roasted coffee beans filled her nose as she inhaled in the scent. Outdated pictures and posters hugged the walls, some slightly out of place, others simply handing on for dear life. Her small hands cupped around the mug of hot chocolate that rested on the cold table in front of her. It was a casual Wednesday, everyone was out on their own regular routines. She was here on her break, where was he?

He walked in hastily, cheeks puffing out as he exhaled the cold air that heavily contrasted the heat inside. His pale cheeks began reddening, proving the warmth of the cafe. He was thinking of what he could say, doe eyes searching the brown tiled floor for an answer before quickly shuffling further in allowing others access too. At the front, two particularly good looking baristas could be seen working diligently at their bases, whilst swooning girls traced their every movement. All eyes staring intently, except one pair.

You’d seen him enter, his eyes doing their usual smiley thing. Quietly you giggled to yourself, you couldn’t hold any grudge against him even if you tried. Not to mention that you were a sucker for his pouts. All he had to do was stick out his lower lip slightly and make it tremble for a sulky effect, and there you were, practically on your knees ready to oblige to anything. Though playing hard to get once in a while was easy to do, right?

He watched her eyes from a distance, he knew she’d seen him walk in. Why was she ignoring him? Y/N, he thought. Look at me. Slowly he inhaled a warm breath and glanced at the spotlighted ceiling. She’ll look at me, I know she will. 1, you tapped your painted nails on the rim of your cup. 2, you lifted it up to take a quick sip. His petite mouth parted to chant the final number and your eyes began wondering over the table… 3. Just as he whispered it, your almond eyes flickered up at him, then rushed back down to your cup. Damn it, you scolded yourself. Why couldn’t you pretend he wasn’t there?

He walked up to her booth, sliding on the leather seat so that he was positioned directly in front of her. “Honey, hey?” His tone was both playful and apologetic, a small smile etched onto his heart shaped lips. “I’m sorry, I know I’m late.” He breathed through the words, then leaned in close, so much so that she couldn’t ignore him no matter how hard she was currently trying to.

You’d watched him walk over to you now, you knew you should’ve ignored him, gosh, sometimes you just can’t help yourself. “Love, I’m here now, hmm?” His voice mingled in the air and danced into your ears sending jolts of joy down your body. Why was he so irresistible to you? You tore your eyes away from the cup of coffee that sat on the table and peered at him as he peeled off his leather jacket. Maybe you could still pretend to be angry, you hadn’t smiled yet.

She watched him lean in, his face inches away from hers, the moment she anticipated was seconds away, the feeling of butterflies already swarming strongly in her stomach. Soon she felt a warm pair of plush lips pushing gently onto the apple of her cheek. A muted sigh left her mouth, she should’ve known that he’s a more private person, yet even that small peck left her with a feeling of love filling her heart. His doe eyes looked even bigger now that they were so close, she giggled at the view and backed up a little. “Am I forgiven?” A low chuckle emitted from his chest as she lifted a finger to her chin pretending to debate on the question, he replaced the mug with his own hands so that she was cupping them.

Your eyes were still glued to him, thinking of what his next move could be. “I hope you’re not mad anymore dear.” He flashed you one of his gummy smiles as he slipped the cup of coffee out of your hands, then took a sneaky sip. “Yah, that’s mine!” You whined, a hint a childishness flourished in your voice and you began to pout. With his hand now laced in yours, he watched you intently, then squeezed his fingers and drew closer to you, “But you’re mine.”

“Yes, you’re forgiven.” She muttered as she glanced into the loving eyes that were peering at her, no one could ever make her feel this loved by simply looking. He observed her face, her hands, her voice, her movements, dedicating each and everything about her to memory. She was his future, his way to remove his past.

The words had caused your breath to hitch. “ Yoongi…” You began to speak before you felt heat against the back of your hand. His lips pushed down on the thin skin there, his hot breath warming you. You smiled at how sincere he was. A moment later, his crescent eyes were back on you, flashing emotions of endearment, possession and even… fear?

“I love you Y/N. I don’t ever want to lose you. I want you to know that you mean more to me than you can imagine. Please, be mine?”

The words came storming into his mind, tearing him up from the inside. These were the very words that he had said to her. To that girl. The girl that sat on the other side of the cafe, now accompanied with another man. Their cup of coffee long forgotten and pushed to the other side of the table, her hands now joined with his. Kyungsoo’s eyes widened impossibly at the scene that unfolded in front of him. Fate was cruel. Why did it have to echo his past if front of him? A lump formed in his throat and suddenly he was running out of oxygen.

“Kyungsoo?” The girl had snapped him out of his thoughts, he’d been staring at you without realising. She bore blonde straight hair that brushed her shoulders, a tale blue sweater made her look composed and a white scarf that hugged her neck held a stamp of style. “You were about to say something?” Slowly she drew her hands back in, cupping the mug of hot chocolate. The innocent question left her mouth, unbeknownst of how much pain it would cause him. He winced when the words hit his ears, beating bashfully against his eardrums. A humming silence had engulfed the booth but soon broken when he swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.

Yoongi was watching you now, a small blush crept up your neck and you looked away slightly embarrassed upon the effect that he had on you.

And that’s when you saw him.

Your eyes landed and fixed on his widened doe eyes, he’d already been watching you. He then quickly looked away to meet the face of the girl that sat in front of him. You glanced at her noticing the white scarf that lapped around her neck. The brief glance was over and your eyes were back on him, unable to move no matter how much the voice in your head screamed at you to do so. The air suddenly began to tighten and your eyes became foggy. A small gasp fought its way out of your mouth but you were unable to draw in a breath. Fate was cruel. Why did it have to flash your past in front of you?

“Y/N?” Yoongi’s voice hummed into your ears slowly pulling you back to reality. Had he noticed your strange behaviour? “Are you okay?” He reached forward pulling one of your curled hairs in his finger, twisting it around playfully. Even though you’d heard this question many times throughout the course of your life, this one time, it hurt. A question filled with slight worry and love had just painfully cut into your heart… were you okay? You didn’t even know for yourself.

She stared at him, a look of worry washed onto her face. “Honey, you’re pale. What’s wrong?” Everything, he thought. Kyungsoo should leave, before anything wrong happens. He didn’t want to see you anymore. You both had broken up well over two years ago, the reason why was still unclear. He blamed you for cheating on him and you blamed him for not caring about the relationship. Surely he should be able to ignore you, but why couldn’t he? “Let’s go.” The words broke out of his mouth without thought, she didn’t question him although confusion was written all over her face. Before standing, he pulled out his wallet paying for their purchase.

You couldn’t just sit there anymore. Not after seeing him. And there was no way you’d let him see that his sudden presence had an undeniable effect on you. You drew in a shaky breath before wavering your eyes over to Yoongi’s, they were already watching you. He sat in pure silence, knowing that you’d explain what you were feeling when you felt stable enough to. “Let’s leave.” Wordless, he reaches into his pocket to pull out some money. Without counting he shoved it into the bill card and stands up with your small hand enveloped in his.

They had slipped out of their booth, his hand wrapped around her shoulder pulling her into him, showing her that he loved her, or perhaps reminding himself that he loved her.

You had your arms linked with his as you quickly made a move. You needn’t look around, Yoongi would be your eyes for now.

He watched you as you held your head low, arms interlinked with the man you’d had been sitting with. Were they dating? He caught himself thinking about you again, a strange heat rose in his chest. A feeling he hadn’t felt since the last time he’d seen you, two years ago. This is why he didn’t want to be around you. He quickly ruffled his hair before reaching for the handle of the door, only to feel that someone else’s was already there.

They looked up, eyes meeting each other’s as though they hadn’t for years. It felt as though centuries had passed, no one had made a move, or even a sound. As clear as the skies you could say, reflections could be seen in each of their irises. An awkward yet known silence emitted around them, neither of them aware that they were being watched. Your hand was still trapped beneath his, the grip he had on your hand was unconsciously tightening more and more. A look of fire engulfed his eyes and furry built in yours. Suddenly his eyes flickered up and down the stance of your body. To this, you wriggled your fingers and he lifted his hand waving it in the air before releasing a fake laugh. This was not the same velvety chuckle you remember hearing two years ago. Then again, this wasn’t the same Kyungsoo.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching what I was doing. But anyways, ladies first!” He placed his hand back on to the handle feeling the dark contrast of the coldness of the metal compared to the heat of your soft skin. Then he pressed down and opened the oak door, wide eyes never leaving yours.

How long had you been staring at him? You weren’t sure. You felt a sudden small push ushering you out of the door, your boyfriend Yoongi slightly insisting your exit. The cold breeze welcomed the four of you when you reached outside. Your hair danced in the wind. Now with parted ways, the couples were taking small calculated steps in different directions.

“Yoongi…” The name fell through her pink painted lips without realisation. He turned to meet the gaze of his girlfriend. Her eyes smiling as though a sweet scene had played before her. “You know him?” Kyungsoo felt more than surprised, his lips parted further as to question her why, but then shut tight remembering his own brief encounter. “He was my ex boyfriend.”

Yoongi was quiet, you were quiet. This wasn’t always the case, but when it was, it was usually comforting. Yet this silence was different. You didn’t understand what made you feel it, but you did, so you asked. “Yoongi, what are you thinking about?” At that moment his eyes were on the purple tinted sky, then they formed that cute crescent shape that captured your heart, but only flickered towards you before a name slipped from his tongue, “Lisa.”

Fate really was cruel. Four lives crossed paths at a sudden time, paths similar, but leading to different destinations.

Now you were sat at home, a month had passed since that day, meaning it had been a month since your breakup with Yoongi. He told you how he hadn’t been able to move on from Lisa, and because you cared about his feelings, you let him hurt yours. Letting him go was proving to be harder than you pictured, after all you had spent a year of your life with him. Your legs were curled up against your chest and you were wrapped in your fluffy blanket, cacooned up. A Christmas movie played on the screen of your tv when the opening credits were abruptly interrupted with the ring of your doorbell punctuating the air.

Groggily, you stood up, shoving the blanket on the couch and neatening your pyjamas so you looked somewhat presentable. You twisted the key and opened revealing a tired looking Kyungsoo.

He watched as you opened the door, your long hair ruffled from being underneath the blanket, your polkadot pyjamas creased and the Pokemon sliders on your feet shimmering in the moonlight. A smile played on his lips. He realised how homely you were. He realised how much he missed you. Because without you, he hadn’t been able to call his place home.

“Can we talk please?”

Maybe that’s all you both needed to do. A cup of coffee in your hands and a mug of hot chocolate in his. His heart shaped smile played at your heartstrings and your soothing laugh was music to his ears. You were back to square one, back at that same cafe. Familiar faces walked in, faces that you didn’t hate but didn’t want to see either, this time, they were on the opposite side of the cafe.

Fate wasn’t cruel, fate was teaching you a lesson.

The two baristas were working away, unaware of the attention of young teenage girls. “Hey Baekhyun.” The taller one nudged the man next to him. “I told you they’d be back together.” Baekhyun glanced over at your table, a small smile brushed onto his face, then he let out a sigh of defeat. “Damn it, but it’s been two years! I didn’t think they’d get back together!” His reaction gained laughter from the taller man.

Minutes later he erupted with a question. “But Chanyeol, how did you know?” He asked, wiping down the counter till he could see his own reflection. When done, he checked and smiled victoriously upon seeing his relfection on shiny surface. Then he wriggled his eyebrows in a giddy gesture. “Know what?” Chanyeol sprayed the coffee machine and drifted his attention to his friend. “Know that they’d get back together?” Baekhyun then walked over to the front, arranging the different cups, all labelled with the name of the cafe, ‘Xiumins’.

Moments passed and Chanyeol hadn’t spoken. Baekhyun grunted thinking he wouldn’t receive a reply. A second later he felt a hand on his shoulder, he saw Chanyeol’s finger guide his view to your table,

“Simple, its just fate.”

His warm hands cupped your face and you buried yourself there, pulling in every bit of warmth that you could. Snow had still been falling outside, yet the sight of his heart shaped lips and his velvety voice was all you wanted to see and hear right now. His doe eyes blinked for a brief second, you noticed because you were close enough to practically be sharing the same breath as him.


“Yes Kyungsoo?”

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

Perhaps you really were just meant to be.

What would make the members of NCT protective of their girlfriends? Pt. 2

Kun: He’s super protective of you, but he tries to keep it a secret because he doesn’t like showing his sensitive side. He prefers to protect you in silence, like covering you up with a blanket when you fall asleep on the couch in the middle of a movie. He always puts your gloves in your coat pockets for you in the winter otherwise he knows you’ll forget them in the morning. He scares off all the creepy guys staring at you because you’re to busy paying attention to him to even notice them. Kun picks you up from you place of employment whenever you work late, so you aren’t walking the streets alone or taking the subway with a bunch of strangers late at night. He loves doing little things you, he’ll just never admit to it.

Doyoung: Much like Taeyong, at times he feels like your mother. He’s protectiveness comes off as him babying you pretty much all the time. He’s going to pat you on the head when you do something to be proud of. He cuts up your food for you, even though you’re perfectly capable of using a knife. If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, he’s going to go to the store and buy out all the children’s chopsticks in rainbow colors with cute little smiley faces on them. Doyoung holds your hand every time you cross the street because people in Seoul drive like maniacs. When he finally gets a break from work he’ll make you lunch, and leave a cute little note letting you how much he loves you and telling you to have a good day at work.

Ten: Another member who babies you. He’ll draw you baths and make you tea when he knows you’re having a stressful day. Ten will do your hair for you on mornings when you are feeling particularly lazy. You can’t leave the house without him forcing a jacket on you or a scarf around your neck. Tries his hardest to keep you safe during horror movies, even though he’s the only one who is actually scared of them. Goes on late night snack runs for you because he’d rather have you stay at home where he knows you’ll be safe. Ten will make the biggest deal about even the smallest injures to the point where it gets embarrassing.

Jaehyun: He’s a lot like Yuta. He hates strangers, and he hates them even more if they have the audacity to approach you. When he comes home from work late to find you sleeping on the couch he’ll effortlessly lifts you up and bring you to bed before tucking you in securely. He’ll make you breakfast in bed when it’s your birthday or the holidays because he feels guilty that you have to do most of the cooking since he’s usually out of the house due to his busy schedule. Like Johnny, he offers to be the designated driver whenever you go out with your friends. Jae will get rid of every single spider or insect for you without complaint because he knows how much they scare you.

Winwin: Let’s face it even though he’s the one who needs protecting in your relationship, he does his best to protect you. He double and even triple checks all the doors and windows are locked every night before you go to bed because you can never be too safe. He insists on escorting you to the kitchen at night when you need a glass of water in case someone breaks in or you get scared of the dark. Winwin makes dinner, even though he can’t actually cook, on nights when you’re working late because he knows how tired you must be. He makes it his personal mission to be your very own personal lifeguard every time you go swimming even though you don’t need one.

Part Of The Group ~ BTS Imagine

“Hey, I don’t really know BTS but I listen to their music and know the members. Can you write a short fic where the reader is the only female member of the group? You don’t have to if you don’t want to!”


You hear you phone ring and you run to answer it. You have been training with bighit for a while now and was told that you would be put in a group soon. You quickly answer the phone. “Hello?” You say eagerly.

“(Y/N)? Good news! We have found a spot for you in a new group called Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS for short. There will be seven other members around the same age as you. We will need you to come down to the studio to discuss the group.”

“Okay! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’ll see you soon!” You hang up and quickly get dressed. You head over to the studio and you quickly run inside. You make it up to the manager’s office to find seven boys messing around with each other.

“Welcome, (Y/N)! Meet the other members of your new group! This is Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. Together you will make up the group, Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS for short.” The manager says.

You look around at all of them and they smile at you. “Hi, (Y/N)! How about you tell us a little about yourself!” Jin says as he gets up and offers you his seat.

You thank him and sit down. “Well I’m seventeen. I love singing and dancing, even though I’m not the best at dancing and in my free time I usually draw or write music.”

“If you ever need help with your dancing, I’d love to help you!” Hoseok says excitedly.

You smile and thank him as Jin ruffles your hair. “We’d all do anything for our little maknae! If you’re ever hungry you come and find me and I’ll make you your favorite foods.”

“I’m so happy you’re part of this group now! There’s finally someone younger than me! I’ve always wanted a little sister!” Jungkook says.

You giggle and the boys all “awwww” at you. “Let’s get you settled into the dorm, shall we?” Namjoon suggests and you nod. They quickly run out to the car and Jimin holds your hand on the way out. They drive to your house and quickly pack up all the things you will absolutely need and take you to the dorm. They all help carry your things in and take you to your room. “So who is gonna room with (Y/N)?” Taehyung asks.

“Yoongi will room with her. He will be the one who will distract her the least when she needs some alone time.” Jin tells the boys. The maknae line looks a little upset at first, but they soon forget when you suggest that they should play video games with you.

After a month of living in the dorm, you have settled in and become part of the family. You don’t mind being the baby of the family, in fact, you really enjoy it. The boys are always there for you whenever you have a problem, need help with choreography, or need someone to spend time with.

The boys all adore you, especially Yoongi. Whenever you’re around there’s a huge smile on his face. Yoongi loves having you around to protect and take care of because you’re like his little sister. Whenever you travel with the boys, they always make sure you are protected from the crowding fans before they are.

Sometimes their protection can be a curse. Whenever they see you talking to a guy, they come over and intervene. They can’t stand the idea of you ever being with a boy.

After a long day of practice, you ask to talk to them. “Guys, I love all of you and I’m glad you are like my brothers, but sometimes I need a little space. I understand you all want to protect me and everything, but I want to be able to talk to guys without having one of my brothers scaring them away.”

“You’re too young for a boyfriend.” Yoongi says sternly.

“But Yoongiiiii, I’m seventeen.” You say giving him your cutest puppy dog face. You suddenly see his face fall soft.

“I know. You should be older and more comfortable with our work schedule before you get a boyfriend. And our managers prefer us to be single.”

“At least let me talk to boys, please?”

“Fine, our little heartbreaker.” He ruffles your hair and pulls you into a hug. “Now lets get you home.”


Would you want a part 2? I’ll write one if you enjoy this! Let me know what you think! Thanks!

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azsiar  asked:

You are Kuroo trash and I fuckin love you for it <3 And ur art is wonderful to look at! (i always struggle with Kuroo's hair)

<333 thank you for encouraging me to be even more of a kuroo trash <3333 and aww thank you for liking my art <3333

and here is something to help you with the struggles of kuroo hair, though there is allot of ways to draw his hair but this is how i do it!!!

keksuchek  asked:

почему именно таки пышные прически?

I do not speak/read Russian but I used google translate ;;; This is the translation, not sure how accurate it is though:

“why exactly the same curvy hairstyles?”

I’m assuming you mean Handsome Jack/Timothy Lawrence hair in my fanart? I really like drawing the hair that way tbh xD Also, it’s a funny story. When I first started drawing Handsome Jack after beating BL2 I didn’t have a lot of reference available to me (just poor af low res screenshots). I ended up using the concept art as reference and his hair is even harder to figure out there ironically ;;; I didn’t notice the differences between finalized concept art and the in game model until it was too late and I already had learned how to draw the hair how I do now. I kind of just translated the hair into something I could visually comprehend/that’s fun to draw (hair has always been one of my fav features to draw). It used to be spikier to match the concept art but I added flow as I got used to drawing Jack. I like that it’s unique from other HJ/TL fanart since I usually see a more accurate depiction of the hair (which is amazing, not saying that’s a bad thing. Artists who get him just right make me wish I could as well, it’s so amazing to see these fanarts).

TL;DR: I just grew accustomed to drawing the hair that way lol I kind of embellish but I guess it’s my artistic weakness ;;;; I do the same for Rhys at times because despite the simplicity of his hair visually on screen/paper I can never draw it right so figured out my own way. As long as people recognize the characters I tend to make exaggerations routine.

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The world could always do with more Lucius and Narcissa so ship meme for them?

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Probably Lucius. 

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Narcissa. 

Who starts the tickle fights: Lucius. 

Who starts the pillow fights: Narcissa. Lucius always gets mad because of how messy it makes his hair. 

 Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Lucius. 

 Who mistakes salt for sugar: Lucius. He never really got the hang of serving himself. 

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: Narcissa. 

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Narcissa. She’s related to Sirius Black, what do you expect? 

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Lucius. Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Narcissa. 

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Narcissa. 

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Lucius. 

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Lucius. He would never admit how cool he thinks the muggle creations are. 

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Narcissa. 

I’ve never really thought about Lucius and Narcissa that much, so a lot of these have no explanation. They were just a, “I can see them doing this.” gut feeling. 

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who...

Alrighty @kushexi I said I was going to draw this AU of yours so here it is, even though I really didn’t do him much justice! Perhaps I’ll give him another go, along with your other guardians whenever you post their no doubt hella designs :D I hope you like it! (If you reblog this it would be appreciated if you went and reblogged Melissa’s lovely original which you can find HERE!)

random malec headcanons part iii: 

- alec might be an all-mighty shadowhunter who fights demons and shoots arrows like nobody’s business, he’s tERRIFIED of storms okay so whenever there’s a storm Magnus cuddles up to him and tells him stories of his life to distract him 

- magnus and alec have matching tattoos of aku cinta kamu on the insides of their wrists 

- magnus gets super turned on by alec kissing his neck and/or kissing alec’s neck so to get him in the mood alec will straddle magnus’ hips and start kissing his neck when he works too much

- they always always a l w a y s sleep together doesn’t matter if they’re fighting or if there isn’t really enough space for both of them they always sleep in the same place whether sometimes alec sleeps like on top of magnus chest because being next to each other is the only thing that really fends off nightmares

- jace often complains how dirty he feels when drawing the stamina rune on alec now 

- every chance they get they turn out all the lights in the loft and light some candles and get chocolate and watch movies cuddled on the couch together

- they have superstitions whenever alec goes on a mission or magnus does a job that’s particularly dangerous like they always hug and say i love you no matter what they always do it 

- magnus dyes his hair blue every year on alec’s birthday to match his eyes

-  magnus does the same thing to alec’s bow and arrow as he did to izzy’s whip even though he doesn’t tell him that

- they celebrate each of their anniversaries in a different country until Alec is too old to travel