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dear //the signs//,

dear //aries//: why do you move so fast? you’re so caught up in yourself you’re missing what’s around you, slow down and look around. one day you’re going to be old and on your death bed unable to breathe, not because your lungs are failing, but because you regret taking everything for granted. stop thinking about yourself and being so impatient. things don’t grow under stress, they die. 

dear //taurus//: you cant buy your own happiness. sure, it makes you feel better but it doesn’t fill the emptiness in your chest. stop expecting everything to happen for you, being lazy isn’t going to get you anywhere and sure isn’t going to help the situation. fixing the problem isn’t losing the fight, it’s putting everything else beside and showing you have a heart of gold you didn’t need your money to buy. 

dear //gemini//: using people’s weaknesses against them and using your underhand tactics isn’t winning. you’re so superficial you come off shallow, you need to let people in, just like how they let you in. but doing what you’re doing isn’t going to get you there. you cant expect everything and give nothing in return. telling someone your favourite colour isn’t going to kill you, let them in even in the smallest ways. if you don’t you’re gonna end up alone, and no one is going to care. not everyone is going to hurt you.

dear //cancer//: feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make it better. not everything is intended to hurt you and making it a big deal is going to cause unnecessary problems. you can be oversensitive but that doesn’t mean your feelings are invalid, it’s just that person didn’t mean to insult you, it was only a joke so instead of pouting, laugh along and maybe everything will stop being so hurtful and you can see the world isn’t revolving around you, you can hopefully see how beautiful it all is.

dear //leo//: not everything about you has to be a grand gesture or so goddamn pretentious. we already know how much you’re worth and so many people already want a piece of you. you’re giving it to them so much, you’re changing yourself to be the most known person in the room. you’re better as your true self. if you show too much, people are gonna see the gold in you and try to steal it. being the talk of everyone comes with just as many insults as it does compliments. you don’t need to do all that shit to be noticed.

dear //virgo//: being fussy over what you want and then being cold once it’s been given to you isn’t okay. people try hard to please you and its so hard for them. they’re just trying, why cant you see that? why does everything have to be so perfect for you? people don’t try forever, and i know you’re inflexible from changing your opinion, but you cant keep this going. being so cold. people are going to leave and not even your bed is going to be warm anymore.

dear //libra//: changing your mind at the last minute all the time is going to get you left out of plans and events. you’re unreliable and indecisive. the weight on your back from the foundations you built are going to crack if you cant keep your mind on one thing and you keep going along with different ideas. i know you just wanna follow all the paths your mind makes, but if you do that, your towers are going crumble and you’re going to be sitting on the rocks alone rather than in skyscrapers with your friends. you can’t keep rebuilding forever, make up your mind.

dear //scorpio//: why couldn’t you see they loved you and only you? why did you have to trick them into something they already were doing? they weren’t going anywhere, they didn’t want to. keeping them locked up like a possession is only going to make them want to be further away. you have to start trusting them. they only ever wanted you to do that, why couldn’t you? the saying “if you love them let them go” doesn’t always mean break it off with them, it can mean don’t watch their every move and let them have some freedom. trust. them. before you lose them completely.

dear //sagittarius//: people can’t assume what you’re feeling. being unemotional is only going to make people leave. warmth is physical love and if you’re cold everyone isn’t going to give you the love you need, you need to give it back. it isn’t philosophical to be so unresponsive to emotions. you cant keep this up forever, your walls will break and no one is going to be around to pick up the pieces because you would’ve made them all leave. they just wanted to know how you were doing.

dear //capricorn//:  talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, you’re living in a black and white world with your lacking of imagination. people wanna live in colour, it isn’t the 1970′s anymore. bossing people around isn’t going to get them to listen. don’t be proud of making everyone listen to you. that’s how uprisings happen. listen to what people have to say, let them inspire the ideas i know you have in your mind somewhere. if you don’t change, your empire is going to fall and all your friends are going to be the one’s knocking down the door.

dear //aquarius//:  being so far away from everyone on earth isn’t going to get you any closer to the aliens that might not even be out there. you don’t need to hide your emotions to come off cool and distant, if anything they’re just making you seem unwilling to show affection or establish connections with anybody. i know you like to be alone, but sooner or later you’re just going to be lonely. and when you come back down from the atmosphere, no one’s going to be around for you to call home.

dear //pisces//: feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make everyone else around you do the same. you cant escape all your problems by hiding the truth or playing innocent. you need to face what you’ve done and stop acting like everyone else is in the wrong. people aren’t gonna feel sorry for you anymore if you’re so self-pitying, you already do that enough and people are going to grow tired.

**check your moon as well**

Dates (Fred Weasley x Reader)

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Summary: Yule Ball! Fred doesn’t ask reader and she gets jealous.

Requested: Yes. @rjdedun

She was hopelessly in love with him, anybody who witnessed them together was able to spectate this. Y/N was completely infatuated with Fred Weasley. Their interactions had began in their first year; Fred and George found her alone in her carriage on the train to Hogwarts, so they sat with her and started a strong friendship from the start. It was continued when all three of them were sorted into Gryffindor house. The three of them did all sorts together; their usual antics often included pranking other students of Hogwarts with sweets like puking pastilles. Fred and George acted as her brothers and protected her during everything. In their second year when she joined the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, they saved her from falling off her broom simultaneously. Whenever people from the other houses were horrible to her, they would immediately step in and hex them to make them apologise for the way they treated her.

It was this that made her believe that at least one of them would ask her to the Yule Ball in their sixth year. George was the first to get a date, he took another Gryffindor girl who’s name Y/N was not familiar with. She dwelled on the thought of going with Fred to the Yule Ball, as she was always slightly closer with him than she was George. George often teased her, saying that she had feelings for Fred. Obviously flustered, she would always blush and deny it, claiming to love Fred “as a brother”. Of course, nobody believed this. It didn’t take a genius to realise how different she acted whenever Fred was around. She didn’t fake her personality at all, but she was a lot more happier and her spirits were always a lot lighter than whenever he was around. Fred never seemed to notice; he always threw his arm around her shoulder and called her his sister, which is what made her hush her feelings away and keep them hidden.

There were just two weeks before the ball. Y/N had purchased her dress in preparation for if somebody asked her. Plenty of people had asked her but she had politely declined, for she only wanted one person to ask her; Fred Weasley. George had noticed and had been dropping hints to him, but he wasn’t understanding any of it. She didn’t understand why he didn’t want to go with her. They had always been so close and friendly, surely he would want to go as friends at least. It wasn’t until later on that evening that she had realised. Y/N was in group study with Fred and George. Hermione, Harry and Ron were sat on the other side of the tabl. Whilst she worked, Fred and George were passing notes to Ron. Then it happened. Fred threw a paper ball to Angelina, who looked over. He asked her silently, to which she agreed, and then he flashed a smug, victorius look with Ron. Hermione glanced up to the girl, watching her stop writing and stare down at the parchment in which she was writing on. Her quill fell into the inkpot after she had finished her last sentence. She handed her book to Professor Snape and quickly headed out of the session, hoping that she wouldn’t bump into anybody on the way up to the common room.

Sulking. That’s all she did for a good week. She sulked because of Fred Weasley. She didn’t go out with them as much, and she didn’t walk to lessons with them. She didn’t go to eat with them, she didn’t sit with them in the common room. She was humiliated. Y/N was never one to be embarrassed, but she couldn’t help but be after she thought that Fred would actually ask her. She agreed to go with Cormac McLaggen- a pompous boy whomst she could not stand, but it was better than going with nobody. The news travelled fast about this. Everybody knew that she didn’t like him and so they were confused. Only a few people found the situation humourous; Fred and George.

“So, we’ve heard something,” George chuckled, sitting on the sofa next to Y/N. She stops reading her book and looks up to him, a singular eyebrow raised.

“Cormac McLaggen, really? I don’t think you could have chose a more slimy git,” Fred laughed, sitting the other side of her and ruffling her hair. The girl slammed her book in annoyance, fixing her hair and standing up, causing an uneven weight in the sofa and consequently ending up in the twins bumping into one another. Both had confused looks on their faces as they looked up at the girl.

“Actually, I could have.” she seethed, narrowing her eyes at the two boys in front of her. “I could have went with either of you two. But considering neither of you asked me, making me look like an idiot, I decided to go with Cormac.”

“What’s gotten into you?” Fred frowned, leaning forward and making eye contact with the angry girl in front of him.

“What’s gotten into me? I cannot believe you asked me that, Fred! I- You-!” she ran her hands through her long hair, taking her book and her bag and walking up to the girls dormitories. She sat on her bed for a long time, reminiscing on what just happened and contemplating going back downstairs and apologising to them both. However, she decided upon staying where she was, as she was angry at both of the boys for not taking her. The door to the girls dormitory opened, and there stood Hermione.

“Y/N,” she whispered, looking at the girl on the bed. She rolled over to look at Hermione who had a sympathetic look on her face. “I understand that you’re upset. But it isn’t the boy’s faults. Well- it is. However Fred doesn’t know you like him.”

“How do you know?” Y/N asked, her eyes wide as she stared at Hermione with curiousity and concern.

“It’s obvious that you do. Never mind about that. It’s too late to get Fred to go to the dance with you now, you’re stuck with McLaggen. At the dance, speak to Fred about how you feel. He’s a joker, but he’ll take your feelings into deep consideration. And, who knows? He might even feel the same.”

The Yule Ball. A dance in which all Hogwarts students were required to attend. Cormac greeted Y/N at the bottom of the staircase and kissed her hand, holding it in his own as he showed her off. She looked immaculate; her dress was beautiful and flowy, a slight lemon colour, which fit her complexion beautifully. Her hair was tied back into a messy bun and small ringlets hung loose at the front. She was wearing a touch of makeup, and half of the room couldn’t keep their eyes from her. Cormac smiled with pride; he knew that he was the one who she said yes to. He truly believed that she waited for him to ask so that she could accept his proposal. It was stupid. Fred was another male who was proud. He had watched the girl grow from a small, quiet girl on the Hogwarts Express six years ago, and now she was waiting to dance. She looked beautiful.

“Stop staring Freddie,” George whispered as he nudged his brother’s arm to distract his attention from his beautiful best friend stood just metres away from them.

“How am I supposed to stop? She looks-”

“Beautiful. However, you have a date with Angelina. There can’t be any other girls involved- you’ll ruin Angelina’s night.” George nodded knowingly to him before walking into the Great Hall with his date. Fred took one more final glance before too making his way into the Hall with Angelina.

After a couple of dances, most students sat out for the rest of the night, sharing drinks and chatting with their groups of friends. Cormac kept begging Y/N for a dance, but she politely declined, as she needed to speak to Fred. Cormac, was not understanding this. He tried to emotionally blackmail her into going with him, and she recognised this immediately. She rinsed Cormac with her pumpkin juice and slammed her glass down on the table, making her way over to the twins.

“Fred. A word.” She grabbed Fred’s arm, dragging him outside. He hardly had any time to regain his composure. “I have no idea how to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it. I really like you, Fred. I’ve been so off recently because I was hoping either you or George would ask me to the dance, even as friends, considering we were all so close . However, when neither of you did, I got jealous and I’m sorry. I understand if you don’t want to be friends anymore.”

Fred stood still a second, letting her words sink in. After a moment, he looked at her, a huge beam painted onto his lips.

“You really like me?”

“I have for a while, Fred.”

“Go out with me? I’ll make it amazing. Please, we can go to Hogsmeade or something sweet like that.” Fred was rambling over his words and Y/N nearly died of awe at how cute he was. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and pressed her lips to his softly, smiling as she did so.

“I would love to go out with you, Freddie.”

dave ubercharge’s really good meme baking tutorial

i serve the people.

i usually use paint, photoshop cs6, and paint tool sai, but you can do this on just ps. the reason i also use sai is to speed up the ‘saving as jpeg multiple times’ thing, and i think sai’s low quality jpeg is lower quality than ps’. without further ado:

1. pick the text. this is the most important step, of course. for this tutorial, i will be using the text ‘my nipples are fucking frozen’. i said this in a competitive match once when i was very cold. we still won.

2. pick a relevant image to use as the background. you can also use a solid colour or whatever else you want, but i think images are funnier. i’m gonna use a picture of a blizzard from google images (filtered ‘labelled for reuse with modification’).

3. apply the text to the image. i do this on paint because i’m fucking lazy and the kinda but kinda not anti-aliased text edges are funny to me. you can do this on photoshop. i use large size (large being relative to the image) bolded and italicized arial.

i gave myself a bit more canvas space for the next step.

4. apply the same text on top in a darker/lighter colour. i like putting it to the upper left of the original text. with ps, you can just fiddle around with the 2nd text layer to get it in the right position. with paint, you might have to try wiggling the text box a few times. it’s a waste of time compared to ps but for me, it’s just a part of the process making the end product funnier.

make sure your text is visible on top of the image! if it’s not, no biggie, use the fill bucket or just try different colours.

5. apply an overlay on top if desired. red is funny, but it doesn’t really work with what i want on this specific image, so i’m gonna use blue. it doesn’t really matter because the following steps are gonna ruin the colours anyway.

i used a light blue with linear burn. i saved it as a .jpeg after this.

remember to have lowest quality. even on this small version, you can see the start to the terrible things this image is going to endure!

6. here’s the fun part! you can mix these steps up, but i’ll just show how i more or less usually do it. go to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen. you can fiddle with the sliders and whatever.

save the image as a .jpeg again.

7. go to filter > blur > motion blur OR filter > blur > radial blur. motion blur is the diagonal (or up/down, or left/right) blur, radial blur has both the spinny and zoom blur. you can use more than one, if you want. since my abomination is already kind of annoying to read, i’m going to be light-handed with a spinny radial blur.

wow! that already looks pretty fucking bad, but we can go further:

8. go back to filter > sharpen > smart sharpen and apply that again. you can also do more overlays and blurring.

i decided to do all of that. here it is with another blue overlay, motion blur, and radial (zoom) blur.

i changed the sharpen settings before sharpening it again. do whatever you think looks good (or bad).

here’s the final image:

you can keep going, but i have stuff to do. some better baked images of mine:

i have a thing for 1. cropping the text weirdly and 2. red

other stuff you can do includes:

  1. doing both (or 3+) text layers on paint with a white bg, then stretching it weirdly before pasting it on the image bg (transparent selection, 2ndary colour should be white)
  2. using the fucking impact font for bad memes
  3. using lens flare (funnier if you have eyes in the image)
  4. stretching/distorting the image at any point
  5. using other filters, ps has plenty. experiment!
  6.  repenting

the beauty of this is that if you make mistakes, you can just re-bake the image, apply more effects, and it probably makes the image funnier.

Seventeen Reaction: Finding out their crush has tattoos

||| @au-writer asked:  how would seventeen react to finding out the sweet girl they have a crush on is covered in tattoos that she alwyas covers up. |||

S.Coups/Choi Seungcheol

Originally posted by scoupstv

You fell asleep on his couch and hoping he could tickle you awake he came to you from behind and lifted your shirt revealing the tattoo.

“Woah!!” he screamed waking you up.

“What? What happened?” you jumped wide awake.

“Bad girl, how come you never told me you have a tattoo?”

Yoon Jeonghan

Originally posted by jeonfhan

He was standing behind you in a queue when he noticed something on your neck. He brushed your hair off and saw the tattoo.

“What are you doing?” you asked turning around.

“That’s a lovely tattoo you have there.”

Joshua/Hong Jisoo

Originally posted by performanceunit

You handed him the book he asked for.

“Thanks. Wait what?” he said pulling you closer and pointing at the tattoo on your wrist.

“Was this always here?”

Jun/Wen Junhui

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

You playfully tried to kick him while watching TV when he caught you by the ankle.

“And what do we have here?”

Hoshi/Kwon Soonyoung

Originally posted by minghaon

When you casually told him you had tattoos he was shocked.

“I have been in the friendzone for how many years and you only tell me now?”

“Wait. Could you repeat what you just said?” 

“Nevermind.” he said quickly leaving the room.

Jeon Wonwoo

Originally posted by soonrongs

You were putting your hair in a bun when he noticed the tattoo on your shoulder. He kept silent so he could enjoy the view from behind.

Kim Mingyu

Originally posted by moncheriwonwoo

He found your little tattoo behind your ear really adorable.

“Why is it so small? Were you afraid of the pain to get a bigger one?” he laughed.

Woozi/Lee Jihoon

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He saw your tattoo by accident when he walked in on you changing. He was too embarrassed to ask you about it after that though and just waited for you to tell him yourself.

DK/Lee Seokmin

Originally posted by livinthediamondlife

You were at the pool when he saw the tattoo on your thigh.

“That makes her even sexier.” he thought.

The8/Xu Minghao

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You were playing truth or dare when you told him you have a few tattoos.

“Would you dare show them to me?”

Boo Seungkwan

Originally posted by wonnhao

When he found out about your tattoos he got really interested in them.

“How many do you have? Was it painful? How long did it take? Do you have ones in colour?”

“Seungkwan, one question at a time, please?”

Hansol Vernon

Originally posted by busyprocrastinate

“Were you trying to hide this one?” he asked looking down your back through your shirt.

“I was going to tell you.”

“Were you now? When?” he smirked.

Dino/Lee Chan

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When he noticed your heart shaped tattoo he got all worried.

“Do you perhaps have someone, you know like a boyfriend?”

“No, why?”

“Oh it’s nothing, just wondering.” he said relieved.

A/N: Feel free to request more reactions, scenarios etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😀

In bed with... Yuta


Okay, so I know I’ve been prolonging this for a while but it was because of my short hiatus and then I read it and had to edit it because it was utter crap tbh it still is I just hope you like it and yeah :-) I’m blessing your eyes js  ^_^

In bed with… series:

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i know i use this gif for literally every fucking reaction but i am obsessed with it bc of his thighs. when we get more thigh action, i promise to stop lmao actually not really :-)

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gdi flo i used all the good gifs in my making out with yuta post dbaibd check it out for some cool gifs of yuta ok

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pilgrimme  asked:

Hello! I just discovered your blog and i figurativelly want to bulge my eyes out at how good your works are. Seriously, this is incredible, you pay attention to so much detail in order for the colors to look real and alive i can someone make the skintone look so real and the hair so detailed and the background even! Sorry my fangirl is showing lol. Just wondering, how long have you been doing digital art? Have a nice day :)


Well i started last summer so i would say more and less 1 year *-*
The thing is i started studying colour theory and anatomy before i move to digital cause i wanted to understand what im doing. When i sketch i try to draw more and less  the main muscles and bones of the face specialy, so that i know how to place light and shadow after :D

i start free hand and move to grids after to place and correct mistakes

*these are part of a tiny tutorial i did on instagram but i think it helps explaining XD*
THANK YOU SO MUCH for you support and sweet message <3

title: One-Ply Promises

rating: t

pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

summary: Of all of the stupid shit Lucy has done while drunk, entering a contract with a demon probably takes the cake. The icing on said cake, however, is the fact that neither of the two know what the terms of the contract are. Until they figure it out, Lucy is stuck living with a demon who doesn’t really understand the concept of keeping a low profile.

chapter one: Always Read the Terms and Conditions

ffn link

He has fucking horns.

“Hi.” The horned man is sitting on her desk and moving his legs back and forth as if he’s on a swing and not very cheap, breakable material. “I’m looking for someone.”

Lucy points towards the door. She is beyond hungover right now, and frankly, cosplayers hanging out in her room at - she checks her phone - nine in the fucking morning doesn’t begin to make her list of the top ten weirdest things to have gone down in res. It doesn’t even make her top fifty, really.

“You know who Lucy Heartfilia is?” Horned-man asks.

Should she call the cops? Probably. Is she going to? Probably not. Lucy bobs her head (bad move, bad move, gravity doubles down for a solid ten seconds what the fuck, physics-) and waves at her face listlessly. Horned-man brightens. The blonde feels her stomach roil in response. Ugh. It’s way too early to be that chipper for anyone.

“Hi! I’m E.N.D., but you can call me Natsu! I’m a demon. You made a contract with me last night.” He hops down and fishes around in his pocket as he walks towards her bed, retrieving a neatly folded square of toilet paper which he holds out to her. She squints. She can make out her signature but the rest looks a lot like her lecture notes when she’s doing them half asleep. Definitely her writing and definitely illegible.

“I was directed to this room after you signed it and then you showed up later, but you know how drunk people are; you could have been anyone just looking for an empty room to crash! So I had to wait to confirm,” he explains. “Now, do you remember what the terms of the contract are? Because I can’t read what you’ve written.”

Lucy can’t even remember the word for the colour of her walls at the moment, but she can’t vocalize that quip thanks to the desert that has made its home in her mouth. She settles for a thumbs down. Horned-man (Naruto? She swears it’s Naruto) laughs nervously. “We, uh, might have a problem.”

Besides the fact that I’ve somehow made a contract with a demon? Wait, what? Demon? Whoa, back up. Demon. Like, actual demon ohmygod what-

“I can’t get back to Hell until I fulfill the terms of this contract.”

Oh, hell.

“I’m gonna be stuck here with you,” he says. “So, uh. Hi?”

Lucy opens her mouth and her stomach decides that right then is the perfect time to empty itself all over Naruto-demon-dude’s white pants. Because what better way to greet her new roommate than with nacho-and-martini flavoured upchuck?


I just got a succulent and I don’t know how to take care of it, any tips? 

Succulents (and all plants) need 3 things: sun, water, and nutrients


Most succulents prefer bright sun, and will show their best colours under full sun (at least 8 hours of direct sun a day). However they need to be acclimatized to full sun slowly! And of course, there are others that do okay with less sun and might even burn in harsh direct sun. Generally a few hours of direct sun a day will be enough to keep most succulents alive. 


Most succulents don’t like too much water. You can water them whenever their leaves start to wrinkle, which could take a couple days to a couple months. Some have winter growing cycles and some have summer growing cycles - they need more water when they’re growing.


Most succulents live in nutrient-poor soil with very little organic matter. It’s possible to raise happy plants in pure pumice, or pure water culture. They don’t really need much fertilising and can take care of themselves as long as they have enough sunlight. 

The key is to balance all three so that your plants are happy! Plants use sun, water, and nutrients in proportional amounts. So if your plant gets loads and loads of sun, it may need watering more often, and will be happy in a richer soil. If your plant doesn’t get much sun, then too much water will quickly kill it, while rich soil will cause it to grow a lot, but upwards and with floppy green leaves etiolating). One common issue is plants which get very little light but are planted in very rich soil and overwatered. They etiolate quickly and flop over or fall prey to mealybugs/rot. So it’s important to balance all the conditions according to your climate. 

For me, there’s definitely very hot direct sun for hours a day, but it’s also generally humid and rains everyday. So I pot most succulents in 50%-100% pumice, which helps prevent rot. In a dry sunny climate, they would do better in a richer soil. There isn’t one definite soil mix or watering schedule to suit all plants/gardeners, so do experiment with conditions and see what your plant responds to well :) 

HELP, there are bugs on my plant!!

White fuzz (usually at the joint between leaf and stem, OR on roots): Mealybugs. BAD. Sometimes accompanied/carried over by ants. 

White/yellow/brown/reddish round spots on leafs that can be scraped off: Scale insects. BAD. 

8 Legs, cute face: Spider. GOOD. (Will eat other bugs) 

IF you’ve never changed the soil since you bought it, now might be a good time to do so. Bugs generally have certain preferred conditions (temperature, humidity), so if it suddenly happened, maybe it’s caused by the weather or a sudden change in environment. If it’s scale insects or other insects that attack the plant, definitely get rid of them and change the soil. You can wash them off with water or try white oil (recipe here: ). Good luck!

How do I propagate my succulent? 

My propagation guides are here: 

Essays in Existentialism: Monarchy II

Previously on Monarchy

The wedding was a celebration that didn’t want to end. The halls were decked and the church was set with al manner of ancient allies and long forgotten grudges. For a week, the entire thing was all over the news, all over the world, in fact. It was a party akin to a United Nations summit, and it had the makings of an infamous reception.

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idk how to say this even simpler than it already is but if youre not asian don’t talk over actual asian people especially asian guys on our emasculated and desexualized male culture.

you shouldn’t really do this if it was any other situation either: like allowing men to talk over women’s opinions on women’s topics, or non-black people talking over black people on black topics, or non-natives speaking over actual native americans on native american topics.

it’s really rude, and it’s extremely transparent in showing your true bigoted colours no matter how much you defend it.

We Are One Mess - Stafou

Things are going well for LeFou.

Belle and Maurice appear to have forgiven him and everyone in the village is making sure he knows he isn’t blamed for a thing. LeFou notices there is a lightness in his steps that hasn’t been there for a very long time.

“Bonjour!” LeFou smiles at Agatha, nodding as a way of greeting. He makes his way over to the tavern, the sun setting and painting the sky a combination of beautiful reds and pinks.

As he opens the door the tavern he is immediately greeted by laughter and other noises and he smiles as he hops onto one of the stools at the bar. This isn’t so bad.

A beer is slid in front of him and when he looks up, he sees Stanley grinning at him. “LeFou.” Stanley slides onto the stool next to him, their elbows touching. LeFou takes a big gulp of his beer. “How was your day?” It is such a simple question, but the smile that Stanley sends in his direction causes LeFou’s heart to flutter. “I uh- I went to the castle. Belle had something she wanted to show me.” LeFou shrugs. He wouldn’t tell Stanley about the reading lessons he was getting from Belle. Not yet.

“How was yours?’ He asks instead. “It was – ah, uneventful.” Stanley ducks his head, his cheeks colouring slightly darker than usual. “Want to get out of here?” “We can go back to mine if you want?” LeFou offers as an answer, smiling slightly. Stanley merely nods.

As soon as the pair felt like there was nobody around that could see them, Stanley’s hand found LeFou’s and the two continued to walk to LeFou’s small cottage hand in hand. LeFou allowed Stanley to enter his tiny house before him, taking his jacket, hanging it over one of the squeaky old dining chairs and closing the door. As soon as the door falls shut, Stanley’s arms are around LeFou, embracing him tightly. LeFou lets out a little sound, before relaxing into the embrace and burying his face in the crook of Stanley’s neck. “I missed you today.” Stanley mutters and LeFou hums. “I did too.” The pair breaks apart, smiling softly at one another. Stanley grabs his bag, pulling out a small package carrying the logo of LeFou’s favourite baker. Stanley sits down and slides the package to LeFou.

“What’s this?” LeFou picks up the box, a big smile plastered on his face. “A little something for my favourite person.” LeFou opens the box, taking out a cupcake, a delicate little sugar flower on top of it as decoration. LeFou leans over the table, pressing a small kiss on Stanley’s cheek.

Yes, things are going well for LeFou.


Some days, things are not going so well for LeFou.

On days he doesn’t spend with Stanley, insecurities and doubt fill his mind and heart, suffocating him. Stanley is without a doubt the most important person in LeFou’s life. He’s funny, handsome, kind, caring and just about everything LeFou isn’t.

Stanley can get everyone he desired, especially now that Gaston – Well, let’s just say Gaston isn’t snatching away any of the village’s ladies anymore.  He can be with someone he can show off to the entire village, something he most definitely cannot with LeFou.

LeFou looks at himself in the mirror, hating how his reflection isn’t fully visible, his sides being too wide. (Never mind the fact that if he takes a step backwards, he will be) He lets out a frustrating groan.

“What are you doing mon amour?” LeFou turns around at once, facing Stanley with his tear-stained face. “Oh, LeFou.” Stanley coos, stepping closer to his lover. “I just want to be skinny.” LeFou sniffles. “Why on earth would you want that, LeFou?” LeFou looks down at his feet. “I just want to be good enough for you.” He didn’t mean to say it out loud, he really didn’t. The words just slipped.

“Oh LeFou! Non! Tu es parfait maintenant! Tu es plus parfait! S’il te plaît, écoute moi! You are the most perfect person I know!” Stanley rushes towards LeFou, cradling LeFou’s face between his large hands. “You are caring and loyal. You are kind and ambitious. I love cuddling with you and I love how well you fit in my arms. I don’t care if you’re not skinny, LeFou, I care if you’re happy. Tu es mon rêve, mon amour.” Stanley gently wipes away LeFou’s tears, leaning down and softly kissing LeFou’s lips. “Je t’aime.” He whispers against the other man’s lips, before pressing them together once more.

Some days are not going well for LeFou, but he will always have his Stanley to make them better.


Stanley is happy.

He has the most wonderful lover and he feels like the two of them can’t possible get any happier. This doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t something nagging at Stanley. Something that has been nagging him ever since his first encounter with Madame de Garderobe and her majestic creations.

When Tom, Dick and himself were put into dresses of the most gorgeous, soft fabrics, it had repulsed Tom and Dick, but not Stanley. No, Stanley had loved the way the soft fabrics fell around his body and felt beautiful, especially with de kind and uplifting words coming from the Madame. So ever since then, he has been going to Madame de Garderobe, comparing colours and drawing designs for the most wonderful dresses for the most gorgeous of mesdames. Madame de Garderobe has even told him he’d make for a great apprentice and she would love to take him on, if that is something that he would be interested in.

Truth be told, he wants nothing more, but something is holding him back. After all, he doesn’t want LeFou to regard him as – No, he will not fall into his doubts so deeply again. He must be the strong and masculine one of them, LeFou carrying enough troubles and doubts for them both.

So, he told Madame ‘no’ with his gaze on the floor, before hurrying out of the castle. Yet every Saturday morning, he makes his way back to the castle, surrounding himself with colours and fabrics and the wonderful person that is Madame de Garderobe. And he doesn’t say a single word to his lover.


“Bonjour, Madame!” Stanley greets her brightly when he enters the chambers. “Stanley! Oh, Stanley! I have the most wonderful thing to show you!” Stanley laughs and follows Madame de Garderobe into the other room, where she makes all her wonderful creations. Stanley stops abruptly when he sees the mannequin in the centre of the room, the most beautiful, gorgeous dress he has ever seen hanging from it.

“Well, what do you think?” “Madame, votre création est magnifique! The girl who will get the honour of wearing these otherworldly fabrics will be the luckiest of all!” “C’est me pas pour une fille, my dear lad.” She smiles, her eyes twinkling with mischief. Stanley steps closer to the mannequin, his fingers dancing over the soft peach-coloured fabric, entranced by the beauty and difficult designs. “Pour qui-” Stanley glances up at the Madame. “Pour toi, Stanley.” “For me? But-” “It’s exactly your size. Go! Try it on for me, s’il te plaît.” And how could he say no to those pleading eyes?


LeFou whistles a little tune as he walks out of the library. The reading and writing lesson went especially well today. Maybe sometime soon he will be able to write an actual letter to Stanley. The thought only caused his smile to broaden. “This is – I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life, Madame.” LeFou hears a familiar voice say. Stanley.

He follows the sound of his excited chatter and walks into the chambers of Madame de Garderobe. He wonders what has lead Stanley to be as happy, since it has been a while since he heard the man this excited. He glanced inside the other chamber, de working space of Madame, and sees Madame de Garderobe looking fondly at Stanley who’s twirling in front of a full-sized mirror, dressed in – LeFou’s eyes widen. Stanley is twirling in a detailed, peach-coloured dress, his lips appearing to be slightly darker than usual and a light pink colouring his eyes.

Stanley gasps when he locks eyes with LeFou through the mirror and turns around abruptly. “LeFou! This isn’t – It’s really not-” Tears well up in Stanley’s eyes and he shuffles his feet. “Madame, could I have a moment with Stanley, s’il vous plaît?” He smiles at her. Warily, she takes her leave. Stanley doesn’t dare look LeFou in the eye as the shorter man walks closer to him. “Stanley, you-” LeFou raises his hand. Stanley flinches back. “Oh, Stan. You look-” Stanley sucks in a breath. “Disgusting? Like a freak? You never wish to see me again?” From the other chamber, Madame de Garderobe makes an indignant sound.

“Stanley, you look stunning.” LeFou speaks quietly, not wanting to startle or cause distress any more. Stanley carefully meets LeFou’s eyes, tears starting to fall once he saw the sincerity in them. “How- Why aren’t you-?” Stanley can’t understand. This wonderful, amazing man, accepted him?

“Stanley.” LeFou wipes away Stanley’s tears, careful of the simple, yet fitting, make-up. “I love you.” Stanley lets out a throaty laugh. “I love you, too, mon amour. Thank you for-” LeFou cuts him off. “There is absolutely nothing to thank me for. Tu es parfait, Stanley.”


One night, a fortnight later, LeFou is getting ready for the ball he was personally invited to by Belle. “Are you sure you won’t join me?” He looks at Stanley through the reflection of the mirror. Stanley is looking at his lover with a wide smile, from where he is leaning against the door post. “Yes, I’m sure. Madame de Garderobe had something the wanted to show me.” “Join me after?” “Don’t assume, but maybe I will. I have no idea how long Madame will take. I do know she is expected to sing at the ball this evening. Come here.” LeFou turns around as Stanley walks over to him, gently taking the strands of the ribbon around LeFou’s neck and tying it together in a neat bowtie. “The pink suits you, mon amour.” “All my ribbons are pink, Stanley.” Stanley hums as response, pressing a kiss on LeFou’s forehead. “Je sais, but pink is quite your colour.” LeFou chuckles and walks past him, exiting their shared bedroom. “Have you told Madame de Garderobe that you will take the apprenticeship yet?” Stanley follows suit. “Not yet, but I will tonight.” He hands LeFou his coat. “Enjoy yourself this evening, mon amour.” “It would turn out better if you would join me. At least join me on the ride to the castle?”


The pair separates in the entrance hall of the castle, after both greeting Lumière, who is welcoming the guests.

LeFou makes his way to the ballroom, while Stanley walks towards the chambers of Madame de Garderobe.

“Salut Madame, you had something to show me?” “Stanley! Oui, come!” She smiles one of her trademark mischievous smiles at him and pushes a grey dress in his hands. “Let’s give that man of you a little surprise, shall we?” “But Madame! The people-” “Will be dealt with by me and my Froufrou if they dare speak badly of you! Now get dressed! I didn’t spend all week on sewing for nothing.” She walks off and Stanley starts to get dressed. The grey fabric falls over his shoulders and Stanley eyes himself in the mirror. The grey is decorated with rich patterns of the most vibrant of blues. It is absolutely stunning. Stanley sits down at the table where the Madame holds all her powders and coals and starts to working on his face, a nervous yet exciting feeling settling in his belly.


LeFou can’t say that he isn’t having a good time, because he is. Yet he also knows Stanley’s presence can make it infinitely better. He smiles at the lady he is dancing with and twirls her around. As she steps from him to turn, another person slides in, filling her space.

LeFou looks up and smiles broadly when he sees Stanley in front of him, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, yet his lips are lifted in a nervous smile. 

“You look gorgeous, Stanley.” LeFou tells the taller man as he leads Stanley through the dance. In the background, they hear Madame de Garderobe singing her beautiful tunes, her husband by her side and her beloved Froufrou in her arms.

And in that moment, in the ballroom, surrounded by people who don’t even spare the gentlemen a second glance, they were infinite.

Essays in Existentialism: Monarchy II (Preview)

The wedding was a celebration that didn’t want to end. The halls were decked and the church was set with al manner of ancient allies and long forgotten grudges. For a week, the entire thing was all over the news, all over the world, in fact. It was a party akin to a United Nations summit, and it had the makings of an infamous reception.

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My Word is My Bond

Part Three

Originally posted by bipolar-faerie

Pairings: Jughead x reader, Sabrina x reader (platonic)

Summary: After her confrontation with Jughead, the reader is left heartbroken and confused. Will Jughead ever speak to her again?

Warnings: slight angst

Part One

This is hell. I can’t sleep. I’ve been staring at the ceiling in the dark for hours, hoping I’ll get a call from Jughead. At this point, I’d be grateful if he just sent a text telling me our friendship was over and he didn’t want to see me anymore. At least then I’d know what he’s thinking. My mind keeps replaying the look on his face when I told him, trying to make sense of it. Was it betrayal? Or disgust? It might have been panic. Or a mixture of the three.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

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I Think You’re My Best Friend

Summary: Dan and Phil get matching tattoos.

Genre: fluff, reality

Warnings: mentions of needles (bc tattoos) and pain mention (i guess?)

Word Count: 1.7k

a/n: i started this fic like a month ago but i haven’t had any inspiration to finish it…. until now! yeah i’ve had a week off school due to hurricane harvey and flooding (stay safe fellow texans) so i was like “i’ll finish this fic” and i did! i hope i got the process of getting a tattoo right. i’ve never had one, but i researched it so i hope what i found was right. it took me ages to figure out what i wanted the tattoo to be, so i hope this isn’t too cheesy or cringy ^-^ title taken from the song “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by Fall Out Boy (such a dnp song. go give it a listen). also does this count as a songfic? idk. 


“We should get matching tattoos.”

Phil choked on his drink. Very slowly, he looked up to meet his boyfriend’s eyes. He cleared his throat.

“What?” Phil rasped out. Dan smirked.

“I said we should get matching tattoos.” Dan said smoothly as he leaned back in his chair. Phil shook his head.

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as a baba | jongdae

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before birth:

  • takes care of you so much
  • whines whenever you try to do anything
  • if ur going out he has a a mum bag that has everything for u
  • if u get mad at him he’ll just stand there and do nothing
  • remember when his meat fell on the ground in showtime? yeah that face
  • always asking how ur feeling and if theres anything he can do
  • lives for giving u massages
  • ready to fight anyone who upsets u
  • hand on ur bump whenever he’s around
  • when u cant sleep he plays with ur hair or rubs ur head and sings
  • doesnt sleep
  • is really quiet when u get them contractions cos he WORRIED

when the baby POP out:

  • all u ladies pop ur pussy like this
  • would straight away call them pretty/handsome even tho all newborns look…like…****
  • loves dressing them
  • probably teaches them to fight baekhyun
  • doesn’t like them being with just him and you so he’d always have some of the other members around
  • or he’d take them to practice a lot
  • always teaching them something
  • just like yixing feeds them a lot
  • but isnt doing it so theyre chubby doing it so they grow big and strong and can fight anyone
  • sits them on his shoulders a lot
  • idk why but i think he’d be obsessed with showing them ducks
  • gives them a lot of fun colourful accessories to wear
  • never stops laughing at their jokes even if theyre bad
  • probs shows off to them a lot like look at how gr8 ur dad is he can grill meat
  • look at ur dad he’s so strong
  • look at ur dad he can sing so well
  • i think he’d be strict but not strict as in listen to me all the time dont do this dont do that but within limits lets them do whatever and if they do something he doesnt want them to do he’d be dad™
  • messes with them a lot
  • builds a lot of things for them?!??!? 
  • he’s not a regular dad hes a cool dad
  • but becomes a regular dad real raPID BRRRAAP BRRRAP BRRAP

minseok/xiumin | junmyeon/suho | yixing/lay | baekhyun | chanyeol | kyungsoo/d.o | jongin/kai | sehun

Meeting the Parents

What’s up this is so late but a lotta shit happened around @kiribakuweek2k17 time for me plus I had writing block rip. But I’m back and had something that fits the prompts firsts and family so have a very late entry!


The steady clacking of the train tracks jostled them as they stood together, Kirishima holding onto a pole above his head and wrapping his spare arm around Bakugou’s waist. Today was the first time Bakugou was going to Kirishima’s and meeting his parents, and he was not fucking nervous.

He wasn’t. He just had a stomach ache and somehow it was cold enough in June for his hands to shiver and shake. Kirishima was…reasonably nice. He must have got that from somewhere. Only a weakling would be scared of meeting two nice ladies and a few kids.

However he had never been particularly good with parents. Or anyone, for that matter. And while he didn’t give a shit, Kirishima was different. He was strong and dependable, and all of Bakugou’s aggression and fire bounced off his skin, ricocheting off on the back of hearty laughter. So he might have wanted to impress Kirishima’s parents. Maybe. Desperately. And fuck it was ridiculous because it wouldn’t matter anyway and he was still the same awesome guy and Eijirou would still probably, hopefully, go anywhere with him (do anything for him) even without his parents approval.

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Balloon boys potentially ‘laughing’ at Even’s name mentioned and the skam fandom ‘cancels’ them, tells them to ‘choke’, inserts gifs of hurting them. But y’all forget that Isak did it tens time worse. Isak didn’t want mentally ill people in his life, Isak actually got tired of Even’s moods and asked him to not contact him anymore. Did you forget that?

Oh wait. people change. people grow. CHARACTER GROWTH HAPPENS. Maybe get that through you thick skulls. Maybe realise that people are complex, maybe try and understand that what you are doing right now is demonising the minority whilst y’all didn’t bat an eye after Evak got together as if Isak’s ignorance against mental illness disappeared in one day. Do you think the balloon squad even know about Even’s bipolar? Maybe hold your breath before you charge someone as guilty for something you know nothing off yet.

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Ten
  • okay so
  • anon let me choose between markimoo and this cutie for this masterpost
  • and i choosed this prince bc I MISS HIM SO MUCH
  • hopefully he’s fully recovered from his knee surgery but :(( idk
  • i miss my bby so muchhhhhh
  • but it doesn’t matter now, let’s just start this lol
  • soooooooooooooo,,,, !!!
  • both of you were in your house, okay
  • it was a really nice morning and yes, he stayed over last night
  • y’all had a cute sleepover where y’all ate pizza, played videogames and watched movies until both of you eventually fell sleep
  • and you woke up because of the loving kisses ten was leaving all over your face
  • “what are you doing?”
  • you whispered to him and you could’t help but smile when you saw this angel’s face
  • your eyes were barely open but you still could see that ten was smiling too
  • your voice sounded so soft and sleepy and you just made him melt
  • “good morning princess. i woke you up because i’m bored without you”
  • jfc if he wasn’t so damn perfect i swear i would have slapped him in the face
  • but you just cuddle closer to him and enjoyed his warm
  • and he just keep giggling and smiling at your cuteness, oh my god
  • i high-key want to keep writing about this bc this is basically my dream, ok
  • now i have the scenario of how beautiful would be waking up every morning next to this angel and i’m so sad because i’m so deeply in love with him
  • “you know, y/n, i was thinking about going out for breakfast after we shower and change, what do you think?”
  • “you’re paying”
  • “fine, now take your fat ass out of bed”
  • he went to shower and of course you didn’t leave the bed until he obligated you, lmao
  • so y’all took a shower and changed 
  • and while you wait for your hair to dry you always do your make up, right
  • but this time, when you sat in front of the mirror and took off your makeup bag, ten comes to the room suddenly and is like
  • “can i do your makeup?”
  • and you looked at him in the mirror and raised your eyebrows like ¿??
  • “ten, we’re going out and you want to do my makeup?”
  • “i would make it look good, i swear”
  • and it took it’s time until you finally agreed
  • he basically seduced you
  • “please, princess. i’ll try my best”
  • and obvs you ended up saying yes i mEANNNNN
  • “soooo, first thing is foundation, right?”
  • “i can’t believe i’m trusting you with my make up, chittaphon”
  • but he would be really caring with you
  • like he would touch your face really softly and sweetly and the first times you kinda died a little inside
  • just imagine having him right in front of you, smiling and laughing and be constatly having eye contact with him
  • and you were also low-key nervous too?
  • because he was looking at your whole face with extra attention and you couldn’t stop looking at his lips and just hIMSELF, HIS WHOLE EXISTENCE WITH ALL HIS PERFECTION WAS MAKING YOU SWEAT 
  • i need to chill
  • so far he just did the basics aka you eyebrows were on fleek and your skin was flawless and he almost had no mistakes
  • and you were scared for life w this bc you know how creative this baby is and how he loves expresing himself with lots of colours and weird stuff
  • but surprisingly, he choose really natural colours that matched your skin color pretty well
  • “whAT Ten tThIS iS bEauTFuL”
  • “i’m even more beautiful”
  • “…. your right”
  • lmao
  • “k so, i guess i just have to do the lips and then we’re done baby”
  • “so, can you put your lips like this?”
  • and he puckered his lips to show you
  • is that right? i never heard that word before, i just translated that lolz
  • and when you do the same thing guess what
  • yes, he kisses you, what a surprise right
  • “uhmm, so good but.. where’s that vainilla flavored lipstick that you have?”
  • oH MY GOD
  • both of you smiled and kissed each other again… and again and again
  • nct127 - once again.mp3
  • i just feel like this angel loves kisses and just can’t live without them lol
  • johnny’s so lucky
  • but he finally ended when he putted your lipstick and yeah
  • “i’m so proud of this, let me take a photo of you babe”
  • and believe me that he took like a hundred of pictures of you that day
  • and that’s without counting the thousand of selcas he took with you
  • and idk what else to write so the end <3
  • i enjoyed writing this way too much and i couldn’t make it any more obvious, lmao

<< how to stay motivated (masterpost!) >>

hello! firstly, this is my first masterpost so sorry if it’s a bit messy or just not very good :/

anyway, as you are probably aware, it’s back to school season and the studyblr is THRIVING, especially since a ton of people want to knuckle down this coming school year and we, the genius studyblr admins, are feeling all-powerful and ready to offer our pearls of wisdom. don’t worry, small child, we’ve been in your shoes. 

despite this, everybody struggles from a lack of motivation at some point, more often for some people than others, so i’ve put together some of my most helpful tips to stay motivated!

- write out your goals: by having them in ink on paper (or in a Notes page somewhere on your phone) they feel much more solid and you’ll feel much more inclined to stick to your goals and work towards achieving them. anytime you’re lacking motivation, return to this list and read over it, remembering how motivated you were at the start of the year. 

- start a studyblr: this might not be the option for all of you, but if you don’t have one already, start a studyblr! it doesn’t matter if you have a cute icon or colour theme, or even aesthetically pleasing images at first, just the thought of showing people your notes can motivate you, especially to make sure you put effort into your notes and making sure you understand them!

- watch videos: this is how i get motivated a lot of the time, so all you have to do is go to youtube and type in “how to make notes” or “my study routine”, watch them and maybe have a look at other videos on a study channel that you like! my personal faves are: Jem, studywithinspo and emmastudies (sorry they aren’t linked!) 

 - don’t force it: now THAT is something you didn’t expect me to say, right? well, unless it has to be done by the next day, don’t do it! ignore the fact that you have stuff to do for a while, maybe even for the whole day, and come back to it when you are refreshed and more likely to actually feel motivated.