how do you even colour this show

Reasons you should definitely read Radio Silence by Alice Oseman:

- Uses the words ‘bisexual’, ‘asexual’ and ‘demisexual’ and doesn’t use the ‘slutty bisexual’ stereotype.

- Of five main characters, four are lgbt+

- Of five main characters, three are people of colour.

- Talks about the fact that you don’t need to get good grades to be successful

- Shows other types of abuse and how parents can be abusive without harming their children

- Female and male protag do not end up together

- Female protag does not end up in a relationship at all

- Not a romance book whatsoever but discusses sexuality in a way that’s not preachy

- Shows that, even if you get good grades, you are not selfish or wrong to go follow your less academic passions

- It’s so freaking good and the author draws her characters ( @spacezeros ) and I just love it so darn much 

NDRV3 Valentines Advice

Find yourself a Kaede, who will cheer on you for every little thing you do and hums with you all the songs you love at midnight.

Find yourself a Shuuichi, who will blush at compliments and will be there for you, on the loneliest nights, whenever you feel down.

Find yourself a Kaito, who will boast about how much you mean to them to everyone and will always tell you to follow your dreams.

Find yourself a Maki, who expresses their love in meaningful moments, and keeps doing it even if they go unnoticed.

Find yourself a Tenko, who will fight anyone who belittles you and will show you how to stand up for the things you love.

Find yourself an Ouma, who teases you a lot but actually cares so much of your well-being.

Find yourself an Angie, who will be the brightest light in your life and will teach you how to paint everyday in vivid colours.

Find yourself a Shirogane, whom you’ll watch shows together and will love your atypical quirkiness.

Find yourself a Gonta, who will treat you like royalty and will forever take care of you as a gentleman.

Find yourself an Iruma, who will put you as the most beautiful thing that has ever been created (after them, obviously :P)

Find yourself a Ryouma, who will always be watching over you, protecting you from any harm.

Find yourself a Toujou, who will serve you and will take on making you happy as their duty.

Find yourself a Himiko, who will sleep next to you and will teach you magic tricks when you are sad.

Find yourself a Shinguuji, who will tell you that you are living proof of humanity’s beauty and will recite you bedtime stories.

Find yourself a Kiibo, whom you will try to find the human part living inside you with, but will remain hopeful until the day both of you find it.

Find yourself. Find love. It can be romantic, it can be platonic. It will appear in the little things people do. 

It’s in the goodbye kiss your mother gives you before you leave.
It’s in the cake your friend bought you that one day.
It’s in the hug your brother asked for yesterday.

Realize that Valentines is supposed to be about every type of love out there, and that these little traits are everywhere.
Love yourself first, then go and find your match.

Good luck, and don’t despair. Remember: the truth will always hold some kind of hope.

  • Dad: How can you tell the difference? They all look exactly the same.
  • Me: No they don't ! Their totally different !
  • Me: *Shows him an all matsu picture*
  • Dad: Stil exactly the same!
  • Me: Huh? But their even colour coded!
  • Dad: ..
  • Me: ..
  • Dad: ..
  • Dad: You actually spent the time learning colours to names?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Me: ..
  • Me: Why did i do this to myself.
long rant about whitewashing in SWR and fan art

bullshitty whitewashing excuses:
“Oh I don’t have enough time to find the right colours”
“I’m doing a comic and don’t blame me if it’s too light”
“People are too fussy about this”
“What’s the big deal? Do you have a stuck up your butt about it? It doesn’t matter that much!”

you know what? Instead of giving up and getting hurt, fix the problem. I am an artist, and a brown one at that, and I find it no trouble at all to get the right colours - even for comics. In fact, I find it hard to get the right shade for Caucasian skin!

But I do it. Because I know just how important it is that all skin colours are represented and shown as beautiful.

And that is why when the three main characters of my favourite show are clearly brown individuals, I make sure to give them their exact colour skin.

How would you feel if you saw your favourite character’s skin, whom you see yourself in, getting drawn/painted lighter than it is? It doesn’t just feel like the character’s identity is being stripped and faded away like it’s not important. It feels like my identity, my skin, is being erased. Like I don’t exist. Like I’m not there.

Well, we are there. We’re here. We exist. We are proud of our culture and the colour skin. And if we can take the time to draw other people’s colours and ethnicities, so can you. It doesn’t take that long, if you choose to learn. If I can do it, why can’t you? What’s your excuse? (Hint: it’s called privilege)

And I know people say shit about the whole “colourblind” thing. That’s about treating people right, my dude. It’s about treating people the same - NOT about erasing our skin colour. It’s who we are. Some people may try to deny it - that’s their choice. But I am proud of mine, and I would like to see more people like me on both the small screen and the big screen. And we got that with rebels!

It’s not just ‘some people’s fav character’s’ - all three main human heroes in rebels are people of colour and BROWN! Heck, Sabine Wren is voiced by an Indian, brown skinned actress, Tiya Sircar. If you want the whole colourblind thing, treat us the same as you would any other race. So when you find the right colour skin for a white character, find the right skin colour for a brown or black or Asian character. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. If it’s new to you, learn it. If you can find the right shade of green for Hera and the right shade of purple for Zeb - both of whom are ALIENS - why can’t you do it for Kanan, Ezra and Sabine?

So here’s my schtick today: instead of whining and being hurt that people called you out on your colourism, intended or no (you still did it buddy) change yourself and the way you colour.

Be that change. Show us you care and that you recognise that we exist. I know and understand that sometimes we just want to get art over with, but that does not mean it’s okay to make a brown person’s skin lighter. We get enough of that in India thanks to the ghastly Fair and Lovely brand.

Show that you recognise that people with dark skin AND light skin and all those shades in between do exist. We’re everywhere. Open your eyes and get used to us. Put it in your art.

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how often do you think Bella has to dye her hair for her roots not to show??

Probably every 5-6 weeks. She might only do root touch ups though, to save it. She might even wait longer than that, her hair isn’t as light as you may think. It was already a dirty blonde/light brown in a lot of the younger photos of her, I think her hair would’ve turned dark on its own like Anwars did (since they seem to have a lot of the same genes).

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Why do you love Father Brown so much as a show?

I have so much to say about this :’)

Firstly, it’s such a happy series, despite being about crime and murder. It is so light and colourful and filmed in such a beautiful location. Secondly let’s just appreciate the cast. The squad all have their own little trademarks and their own little backstories and they all work together so well. The FASHION throughout is so wonderful and I love how everything is drawn together at the end of each episode, even if you know who did it you are usually still surprised. I have watched series 1-4 (soon 5) so many times now and I am never bored, despite knowing exactly what happens, because I just love all the characters and Kembleford and the cars and the weather

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45 DEGREES?!?!? Honestly good luck surviving that anonnie, I'm here praying that you'll get out of that alive (and in the same time I'm wondering how I could even think that 38 degrees was a lot but it can get hotter wow) - Vera

Yup that’s Australia for you, right now in NSW, Queensland and SA we’re facing a heatwave of over 40 degrees in all three of those states. Ya know how weather maps show the temperature by colour, right now there’s a freaking purple splotch over half the country, and it’s horrifying. Seriously to all my fellow Aussies, STAY INSIDE THIS WEEKEND AND IF YOU DO NEED TO GO OUTSIDE, STAY IN THE SHADE AND ALWAYS HAVE WATER AVAILABLE. Seriously guys it’s gonna be really dangerous, please stay safe. 


How Your OC describes mine after meeting:

“He looked cool, his skin was a weird colour but otherwise I could really relate to him. He showed me his taste in music and we bonded even more.”

What Are They Like Asleep?:

“I think Finn is adorable asleep…his freckles remind me of the galaxy…so calming since he hardly snores…”- Kai

“When he falls asleep his back burst with the galaxy, shooting stars and the milky way…they form like wings and he just…floats…he’s so cool…” -Finn

Do You….Like Them?:

“As a friend? Yea he’s pretty chill…anything other than that I don’t really know…” -Kai

“Depends on what you mean.” -Finn

What would the signs be, a summary

Aries- Your sign has nothing to do with your personality. 

Taurus- Your sign has nothing to do with your music choice. 

Gemini- The position of stars at your birth says nothing about your life 

Cancer- Your sign has nothing to do with your favourite colour. 

Leo- Your sign has nothing to do with loads of things. 

Virgo- Your sign has nothing to do with which fandom you belong to. 

Libra- Your sign just shows what date you were born around,


Sagittarius- Once. again, your. sign. has. nothing. to. do. with. your. life. decisions. 

Capricorn-I think you might have observed a pattern here.

Aquarius-Did you know, the stars in constellations are not even close to each other?

Pisces- The signs don’t even exist, which just shows how nothing-y they are.

 Thank you.


“There’s a scene at the very end of episode four between you and I. And I remember when I read that scene it gave me goosebumps. […] There’s a little moment where you’re in the garage and just before the lights go out and you say ‘You wanna know his name? Ask him yourself.’ And I just remember thinking ‘That’s the kind of show I wanna be in!’ That’s one of the coolest moments. It’s so badass. - Charlie Cox [x]

scgt1717 replied to your photoset “You do it all the time. Yeah, not for you.”

I have never even watched this show yet but from everything I have seen they have a head of costumes that really GETS Martin’s appeal and is just playing it up in every frame. This shirt and how it interacts with his eyes…Jesus. I caN’T eVEn

I can’t comment much as I am still making my way through the episodes but what you said is true, so far. 👌👌👌

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