how do you draw water

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,,,how do you draw crying eyes,,, like,,, this isnt an anatomy question im just,, how do YOU draw them personally

Draw some normal eyes with some water (Jk but also not really ha ha). For me I think it depends less on the eyes and more on the overall emotion/expression, but maybe that’s because I put things heavily on the brow? I like neutral eyes with tears to express an empty sadness of sorts but I guess I’d just play with pulling & scrunching the top & bottom lid to get angry tears, frightened tears, etc. 

Looking at life would be much more useful than my very neutral faces.

How about instead of MikaYuu angst we have cute civilian MikaYuu on a date by the ocean?

This isn’t my best work (Mika looks fine but Yuu looks a little derpy) but I worked really hard on this to try and fix it up and the background looks pretty nice compared to most of my backgrounds so I’m going to upload it anyway.

Where Natalie tries to do a sexy hair flip and whips herself in the face with her own hair. Bonus judgemental satan. Characters belong to @orange-plum and the comic can be found at @thisiskindagross

And here we see a sea otter and a strange triangular sea otter baby cuddle and nap together in their smaller than average lake

Again for @forsaken-skies because she needs more lapidot. Who doesn’t I guess lmao. Was gonna be a doodle but then I got carried away :P How the fuck do you draw water ugh.

Upon closer inspection of the photo Rin had sent him, above the suitcase was a bulletin board coated in pictures and training regimens. One particular picture stood out to Haru the most, one of him and Rin on the beach that they had taken the day before they left Sydney.

“Hey Haru,” Rin had said to him, “How about a commemorative photo?

“Why would you want that?” came the uninterested reply. Haru glanced over at him, only to find Rin had already pulled out his cellphone and was pointing it at himself to find the best angle.

“To hang up in my dorm to remind myself of who I’ll be swimming for.”

The answer was much more honest than the raven-haired boy had expected. He stood up from the sand, brushing off his pants as he did so. “One picture,” he mumbled before making his way over. 

A second before the camera went off, Haru threw an arm around Rin, his expression deadpan. The distinct -click- of the shutter was heard and Haru lowered his arm, looking away.

“W-What was that for?” Rin stammered as he clicked through his photos, the most recent one making his face heat up. Haru peaked over to see Rin’s expression in the photo which was, he assumed, a mixture of surprise and confusion.

“…So everyone else knows who you’re swimming for.” 

happy mook day!! (*´▽`*) this is actually an excerpt from a fanfiction I’ve been working on with these two, and I decided to take a break from writing and draw this, which will be featured in the story! i haven’t drawn and colored anything in approx. 1 year… so sorry for the rustiness!