how do you draw water

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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate

How about instead of MikaYuu angst we have cute civilian MikaYuu on a date by the ocean?

This isn’t my best work (Mika looks fine but Yuu looks a little derpy) but I worked really hard on this to try and fix it up and the background looks pretty nice compared to most of my backgrounds so I’m going to upload it anyway.

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,,,how do you draw crying eyes,,, like,,, this isnt an anatomy question im just,, how do YOU draw them personally

Draw some normal eyes with some water (Jk but also not really ha ha). For me I think it depends less on the eyes and more on the overall emotion/expression, but maybe that’s because I put things heavily on the brow? I like neutral eyes with tears to express an empty sadness of sorts but I guess I’d just play with pulling & scrunching the top & bottom lid to get angry tears, frightened tears, etc. 

Looking at life would be much more useful than my very neutral faces.

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The Mantine spots Butterfree flying over the shore, so they join in. "Wow! Your wings are so different mine!"

:O!!! Your wings are so nice!! And good for swimming! (Butterfree isn’t very good at swimming…)


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WOW!!! That one pic. of Lapis you did was AMAZING!!! I really want to know how you drew her wings, do you have any tutorials about drawing water? Or are those not really your thing?

Thank you so much! 
It was my first time really drawing water, so I was kinda experimenting with it…so here’s a quick tutorial on how I think I did it…hahaha…

(sorry for poor hand-writing :P)

Where Natalie tries to do a sexy hair flip and whips herself in the face with her own hair. Bonus judgemental satan. Characters belong to @orange-plum and the comic can be found at @thisiskindagross

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I love how you draw water! Do you have any tutorials? I'm on mobile so I can't read ur faq

i actually dont have an faq atm haha

honestly i usually just overlay a water texture bc the program i use is really limited when it comes to paint brushes, i see a lot of people with digital painting styles use low density brushes to blend and mimic traditional paint but you just cant really do that with firealpaca ;_; typically i have to mess with it a bit (especially since i do all my coloring on one layer and it messes with clipping textures) BUT its still pretty straight forward

tada! i usually mess with it a bit more to get the colors looking how i want them, bc as you can see clipping only changes the shape of the overlay and not the colors (so you pretty much have to depend entirely on opacity to get it the exact color you want ;_;). i sometimes rely on just low opacity blue w some light blue highlights, but for the most part i just use overlays. 

(overlay water texture)

(no overlay, low opacity blue w highlights)

i hope this helps!