how do you draw tails


So I was listening to the Assassin’s Creed 2 soundtrack and suddenly an idea hit me. An Assassin’s Creed AU!! 
For this drawing, I was thinking that one day, Natsu is just climbing buildings, practicing his free running when he climbs up to a window ledge and tadah! A beautiful Lucy Heartfilia is right in front of the window!.
I imagined Lucy as a trainee Opera singer who dreams of being part of the Assassin’s Guild in Venice (Or Magnolia!) and then one day a handsome Assassin pops up and scares the crap out of her. I also pictured Natsu as a carefree Assassin that causes a lot of trouble (as he usually does)
It was hard coming up with an outfit for Natsu
I’m not very sure about the colours. I need to practice more! (it’s really bad I know) also how do you draw arms.
Click for bigger ver!

arsenic-catnip  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to ask if you know how to draw Mobian squirrel tails. And if you do, could you show how to? I want to create a squirrel fursona for one of my friends. (I chose a squirrel because she's really energetic)

Oh man, I can’t say I’ve ever drawn one before, but I just did a simple tail. Maybe this’ll help?

anonymous asked:

So, that merman of yours... Did he have a name? How do you draw his tentacles/multiple fish tails (or whatever they are)? I... want to draw fanart ;;;w;;; is it ok if it's nsfw?

YES PLS i will love every kind of fanart of my creations :D :D (although; i try to keep this blog as clean as i can so i probably won’t be able to reblog nsfw art here, i’ll definitely reblog it with my super secret blog though !! ;D)

about mermando’s cousin, the merman - he has A LOT of names and i still haven’t decided so you can name him whatever you want, but the most popular ones have been: mermarcos, marcus, domingo, merman, fishbert (i just made up that one)

about his anatomy; i always imagined him as half human/half giant jellyfish:

:D :D