how do you draw faces

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Would you ever doing a tutorial on how you draw faces? Bc I would love to learn how to draw faces like you do bc they're so good

I promise I will do some tutorials someday. I’m just very lazy and procrastinate a lot. 

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recently wanted to try my hand at drawing a bit more realistically, so naturally i had to practice on this beautiful man 🙏 ohm face reveal confirmed u guys

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I also draw and i was wondering, how do you draw to pores on your faces? They look so real!! i love you art btw <3

hello!! since a lot of people have asked me this same question, i figured i might as well make a post about it. enjoy & hope this helps~

NOTE: this is only the way THAT I DO IT. every artist has their own style so feel free to use this one but also try and explore your own! you might find a way much better than this!

you can refer to a realistic piece of mine HERE for example

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I've always wondered this but how do you draw the bodies and the faces they're always so crisp and perfect, do you think yo can give us a little tutorial on how you draw? :3

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh not sure how much this will help but here’s a gif of my process!

I often merge the first two steps, or just clean up the second step and use it as lineart lmao  

to get cleaner lines i just zoom in rly close and use the ink pen tool on sai. Then play around with overlay or multiply depending on the assthetic I’m going for

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Decided to draw some of my favorite Gravity Falls AUs today.

First up: Reverse Portal AU, where Stan gets sucked into the portal while Ford is like “should I…? But the world…but Stan…world???” for 30 years.

Also one armed Stan.

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do you have a tutorial on how to draw a person facing to the right? i'm always drawing them left lol;;;;

not… really? the only reason why i draw people facing to the right a lot is because i’m left handed - i struggle a lot drawing facing left

i generally use the flip/invert tool -> flip -> drawing facing right -> flip again -> edit it accordingly lol

but i do think it’s important to practice on traditional because you can’t edit as freely so you’re p much forced to try and improve on your own(?) 


So I saw this post, which swapped a bunch of character’s faces with flowey’s, and I found them so funny that I had to draw some of them!!