how do you draw arms and hands

List of Non-sexual forms of intimacy

Watching tv/movies together

going to events together like carnivals, festivals etc.

going on dates like to the movies or shopping

Sharing secrets


sharing drinks

phone calls


touching noses


philosophical discussions

Hand holding

Sharing jokes

sharing smiles

laying your head on someone’s shoulder

linking arms



playing with hair

scratching backs

tracing designs on arms

talking about the future

a hand written note

moving your head to their chest and listening to their heartbeat.

singing together or playing instruments together


feeding each other

drawing/writing on one another

Brushing your partners hair

sharing food

sitting knee to knee across from each other

 Doing beauty treatments like facials or manicures, hair dying or face masks

reading books together

take care of your partner when sick

talking about the relationship (how I feel with you, How I feel w/ this relationship)

cooking together



discussions about yourselves (like flaws, shortcomings, passions, stuff)

being physically/emotionally vulnerable

just sleeping together,

an actual open honest conversation

bathing and taking care of hygiene together

butterfly kisses


telling on-the-fly stories

meditating or sharing spirituality


sharing hobbies


sharing personal stories


seeing each other without make-up or all dressed up

moral support for major events

crying, sharing emotions, comforting each other

listening to someones heartbeat or breathing



being with animals together

going on trips together

sharing clothes/jewelry/personal items

Sharing online social media

cleaning someone else’s living space

going with them to a doctor/therapist

doing art together

kissing different body parts

making out

volunteer together

work together

talking about wants and desires

experience new things together

do an extracurricular together

play games together

play sports together

walking together

being respectful and kind to one another (helping them do things, open doors for them etc.)

Sharing responsibilities (chores, babysitting etc.)

giving each other presents, special things from the heart

talking about and respecting each others boundaries

public displays of affection

grooming in front of each other

wrestling or play fighting

texting/talking online

looking in each other’s eyes

complimenting each other

falling asleep over skype or chat

making faces at each other

sky watching

write poetry

inside jokes

respect each other

tell them how you feel about them

kiss and touch different parts of the body

get to know each other better (playing 20 questions)

go for a ride together

close your eyes and memorise each others faces with your fingers

walk arm in arm

make a playlist together

make up your own words or slang

go out to eat

list each other’s best features

bring your faces close without touching and feel each other breath

Go shopping together

throw a party or other event together

leave love notes

exercise together

exchange something meaningful

try to have a whole conversation with only eye contact and facial expressions

sit back to back and feel each other’s heart breat

learn their favorite food and make it

run errands together

look at photos together

take photos together

go people watch

have a staring contest

learn something new together

take turns leading each other on a nature walk blindfolded

get to know each others family and friends

draw or sculpt each other

paint each other’s bodies

play with kids together

practicing a skill together

sharing food

being in comfortable clothes together

waving goodbye

being comfortable with each other’s bodily functions

partner touching affectionately without asking

touching a partner affectionately without asking

partner touching affectionately in public

touching a partner affectionately in public

being partially undressed with parnter

being completely naked with a partner

direct eye contact

looking at genitals

talking about your or your partner’s body

any others you can think of?

It’s that time of year where I remind everyone to fuckin…take breaks and stretch every hour.  Artists especially. RSI is real, and I’m missing out on updates and can’t draw outside of work for a while because of it. ((I really shouldn’t be drawing AT work, but I’ve got responsibilities. I’m taking breaks every 30 minutes and minimizing how much drawing work I do here in order to give my arm time to heal however, but I’m missing comic updates and doing other art I WANT TO DO because of fucking up my arm)). 

Here’s a video for wrist/hand/finger stretches that are good for you to do every hour/2 hours.

Here are nerve glides which help with nerve tension (also important, I do these several times a day)

And recommend investing in some grip strengthener. Either one of these trainers with handles (here) or a stress ball will even suffice (here). Doing a few squeezy reps on breaks doesn’t take that long and you can do it while thinking or something. Important Important Important. 

Don’t be like me. Take care yoself.  Don’t be falling apart at age 26. 

fourtygay formula for drawing space marens: 

draw a buff guy. make him as swole as you want. just have at it and go crazy. make him fat too if you want. 

overexaggerate his traps, chest, arms, thighs, lats. especially his thighs. really go wild with the thighs. think thick… thicker… thicker.

draw a tiny head. leave his hands and feet too big. 10 heads high is fine. it’s okay. no one will care.

make his neck as thick as his head. Just do it. 

make his face blocky as fuck. i mean, maximum blocky. overdo it. just go hog wild and see just how chisely you can get. 

voila, ya done.

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How would Shawn propose to his S/O?

Okay this is inspired by Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare but this really stuck with me WARNING FLUFFINESS IS MAXED OUT HERE

When you first started going out Shawn kept drawing circles on your arm and at some point he decided to see if you could guess what letters he was drawing. It became a habit, you would wake up in his arms and he would drawn “hi love” on your arm and you would draw it back onto his hand. It becomes a ritual. You do it all the time, while watching a movie, while cuddling, when he takes you to meetings, when you are waiting for the muffins to bake. 

One evening he cooked a really nice dinner, set the table up all nice and lit some candles. He is waiting for you to come home from work and he looks so fucking happy. A healthy, excited blush on his cheeks as he pulls out your chair and sits down next to you. The dinner he literally spent 3 hours on is remarkably tasty and the evening is just going really well. He takes your hand in his and just draws circles into your skin. You realise he is drawing letters on the back of your hand. 



Well I am allllways getting told about how “cute” my drawings are when I’m trying not to be so I doodled this I used human gear and span from the crappy comics I do gear is totally snapped and well I am gonna let you guess what he’s done hehehehehe

Gear and span - @underloadhell


Cherry - @ask-the-candy-skull ( in spans arms
Indie - @mimi-undertale-blog ( by spans foot
Chief - @stop-resetting ( on the other side of span
Remix - @radicalremix ( laying on chief )
Lavender and thistle - @lavender-sans ( lav on the floor thistle in gears hand )
Sylphy @underfaerie ( beside lav )
Fallout - @fallouttale-peeps ( beside sylphy)
Hybrid tale sans @hybridtaleau ( on the coat rack behind gear)
Thunder sans - @ask-thunder-sans ( on the table )
Q @questiontale-au (pinned to the table )
Ethos @artist-rayne ( on the floor in front of Q
Sen - @under-post ( on the floor in front of span)

Hope you all enjoy this creepy whatever I don’t know if I wanna color it or not but here it is

Wooohoo! My life is amaazing~!

I was thinking how Gray would take his vest off accidentally when in action.. his shirt is already half way off. It can be really dangerous, Gray.Tsk.

What do you think of this? I think there should be a fic definitely 8)

And this became possible thanks to Mslead’s sketch and pictures of detectives Ryan and Esposito.

This is it for now I guess.

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Hey Mun, every time I draw foe long periods of time my hand gets really sore. Any tips for how to reduce this?

((Take breaks! And make sure to stretch and do little exercises for your hands. It’s very important to take care of your hands/wrists when you draw, or you’ll end up with stuff like carpal tunnel or tendonitis (The latter mun currently has from drawing too much!)

Under the cut i’ve included a few good stretches for your hands/arms: ))

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Love is Like a Butterfly

The oft seen
Cabbage White
bridal purity,
hearts sweet desire
The vibrant
Red Admiral
colour splashes
fuel to passions blazing fire

But how can we
catch love’s
fluttering creation?
Desire for her drives
our lives in
besotted obsession
Some chase her
with open arms,
hands to embrace
Others with large nets
her delicate wings
to encase
But even if you chase her
catch her
finally entrap her
How do you keep her
She can never be
A prisoner

Released from
cupped hands she
will just take flight
Yet fingers damage
delicate wings if
held too tight
Inside glass walls
the insane might
place her beauty on show
Transparency maybe but
still the cage
of her jailer though
The dark, truly
self-centred will
draw out her very last breath
Before drying & pinning
to boards in morbid
collections of loves death

The truth is,
though we might
chase those delicate wings
She flourishes best
fluttering free,
pulling on heart strings
The only true way
to attract the
hearts Lepidoptera
Is to lay bare your soul,
that being simply
irresistible to her
So focus on your
personality’s disposition
hour aft hour
Mirror natures lure
to become
your own beautiful flower
Build petals of desire
from a heart
made of gold
Emanate promises
that stem from
commitment to uphold
Make rivals invisible
your kindness
her blinding
As she, after all,
looks for places where
comfort’s residing
Become vibrant colours
radiating your passion’s
multiple hues
Do all this
And loves butterfly
will float
willingly to you

Once you’ve attracted
this butterfly
in perfection
Then comes the
challenge of keeping
her attention
Do not try to trap
nor contain, no
forceful retention
But feed her with
nectar of your own
sweet creation
Provide her with
everything this
delicate being desires
And you’ll see loves
natural growth
blissfully transpires

Maybe then you become
scared that once more
she’ll take flight
Loves wings whisked
away on winds of a
dark stormy night
But if you’ve wisely
invested then for you only
her heart burns
Just keep your
flower blooming
and she,
loves butterfly,
always returns

Love is like a butterfly
Treat her delicately


Scorpio & Pisces
  • Scorpio, playing w/ Pisces' hands: Why are your hands so soft
  • Pisces, writing something down with the other: Because I was born this way?
  • Scorpio, starts trailing their fingers up Pisces' arm, drawing hearts:
  • Pisces, pouting a little, still focusing on the class work: Stop, your making my arm feel funny
  • Scorpio, smiles: Such a cutie...
  • Pisces, pulls a face: Who the hell are you calling a douqie??! Bitch, do I look like a pile of shit to you? Are you looking to start a fight?
  • Scorpio:
You don’t know how much I love you. The things I would do for you. If I could show you what my heart looked like, it would be filled with our memories. Like the first day I met you in homeroom, we were doing a poster and by some miracle I was partnered with you. I remember the first thing you’ve ever said to me. You were drawing and you asked me, ‘do you write nice?’ You would feel my heart slow and my body fill with heat as your words melted the walls guarding my heart. You would see our first kiss in front of the principal who was complaining about us holding hands. So I pulled in my arms and kissed you. I still can’t believe you let me kiss you, I know how you hate PDA. When we first had sex. It was filled with laughter and clumsiness but it was incredible. You don’t know how much it meant to me that you shared your body with me. The first time we made love… It was on halloween, we were at Matt’s house for his costume party. He had a spare room and we stayed in there with a box of pizza, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of tequila and an eigth of weed. We started kissing and we started having sex but it was different. Our bodies were in sync, our eyes were locked and we were attentive to each other. We literally fucked around and ended up making love. I love you and if ever you’re questioning us, I will happily remind you of why we got together. You’re my angel and I’m your devil. I corrupt you and you keep my ass in check. There is nothing that I would do to hurt you, I wouldn’t even know how to if the instructions were tattooed on my skin.
—  Oko Ninjah

Wow so my first tablet drawing! It only took 13hrs, my hand spazzing, and panic attack but yay…. art! 

I didn’t expect it to be so hard?? like i knew it was going to be bad but just not in the way i was expecting. Like yay if i messed up an arm there’s a a tool to move and re-size it but drawing a straight line… was so hard?? idk but im really sleep deprived (3 days now) so im going to just leave this here.. 

(Also a huge shout out to @eggmcmuffinboy for inspiring me and really anyone else that sees their art! So go check them out its worth it!!)

anonymous asked:

How do you draw hands like in front of you. Like side and in front??? Perspective changes? How to arms in general *including hands??* this is dead Anon that can explain for shit

i cant draw hands for shit so ur asking th wrong person

anonymous asked:

hello aru! the other day I catched one of your streams and i wanted to ask how do you make your lines so smooth? mines are always shaky and i'm struggling a lot with that... do you move your wrist o your whole arm? do you have any other tips? thank you so much for answering! i love all you create <3

actually my lines are really shaky too! Partially bc my tablet is old and it jitters around if I’m too zoomed out, but also because my wrists are weak and my hands tremble naturally! 

But for the most part, my lines turn out smoother when I try and draw it in one stroke! Like this:

It doesn’t really matter if you use your arm/wrist (I think it’s a combo of both honestly??), as long as you don’t chicken scratch! Practice drawing with LESS lines! Define something as cleanly as possible. Draw a cube in 9 lines as opposed to 30! A leg in 2 as opposed to 15! It takes a bit of practice, but typically the slower you go, the shakier your lines. Be more confident with them!

It takes a while but eventually your lines will smoothen out with practice. Good luck anonipie!!

Name: Halaya

Nicknames: Halya, Laya, Sour Grape

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 23

Height: 5’5

Appearance: (Bruh my drawing skills are shitty so settle with a description for now) Halaya has a strong build after years of treating animals and making her home and most of her other supplies by hand. You could say she runs a farm with how many animals she has. Thick legs and arms with calloused fingers that are covered in small nicks and scars. Her hair is long and curly, when working Halaya puts it in a bun or a pony tail, you’ll often see her with a new hair style everyday as it gives her something to do with her free time. Her baby hairs and fly-aways often hang in front of her almond shaped eyes and thick brows which she has to tuck behind her ears a few times a day. Her nose small and flat topped, more so, there is a small divot that, whenever she frowns, is angry or makes a rather disgusted face, deepens. With full lips that are sometimes dry and cracked due to the harsh air of the desert.


  • Skeptical of everything associated with the government
  • Never trusts words over actions
  • Lazy
  • Finds humor in everything
  • Motherly as fuck
  • Grumpy 25/8
  • Annoys easily
  • Isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind
  • Body image issues
  • Likes a good joke
  • Platonic love > Romantic love
  • Very rational person when confronted with a problem
  • You’ll know you’re friends when she sleeps/ naps on you, it means she has let her guard down

Weaknesses: Compliments, food, children and elderly

Fears: Not living up to someone’s expectations of her, getting her heart broken, loosing her mother.

Fun Facts:

  • Owns a bunch of animals (cows, chickens, dogs etc.)
  • Likes to drink cacti juice because it gives her a psychedelic high, so she likes so drink before she sleeps or when she doing her favorite hobbies
  • Shows her affection by playfully punching or pinching you
  • Likes stuffed animals
  • Is pretty wild and fun when she lets loose

☆ Color Information ☆

Color: Halaya Ube (663854)

Category: Purple

Combination or Not: No

Status: ???

Side: Uncommitted

Location:  City Out skirts

Views on War: Strongly against it. She believes there needs to be a change in the way their society is ran but killing each other won’t be the solution. Despite that she’s actually all for killing the heads of the state cause they are the ones heavily influencing the rest of the colors.

Views on Equality: There’s no such thing as true equality but she knows there can be something done about the dictator ship they’re under right now.

Views on Combinations: They deserve better

Views on Paint Letting/Scoring: What is there to say really? There’s no safe practices for separate color relationships she just feels bad that it has to resort to that and sympathetic to the kids who parents have died because of it.

Views on Faithfuls: Pack mentality is hard to shake but the true believers of the cities rules she despises

Views on Rebels: Knows they’re fighting for their rights but believes the war they’re fighting in is hopeless

What do they do: Laya is basically a doctor? Nurse? She has read lots of books on medicine and diseases both for the colors and animals so she’s pretty good at handling both.

☆ Characters Views ☆

Red Cardinal: Good friends but is secretly pinning for him, doesn’t mind if their relationship never moves from its platonic state. Thinks his jokes are A+ quality.

Orange Apricot: Doesn’t like him at all, and isn’t afraid to call him out on his bullshit.

Yellow Xanthe: Offers her tea all the time and enjoys the few conversations they have. For the most part they speak with eyes and actions.

Green Lush: How can someone be so adorable?? She loves his freckles and his laugh and how excited he gets about new books. She like the recommendations he lends to her.

Blue Royale: Beautiful, why is she so beautiful and why is Halya so fucking gay.

Purple Wine: N/A

☆ Fighting  ☆

Fighter or Not: Nah, she knows basic combat skills but would rather not fight unless she really needs to.

Views on fighting: Fighting she’s okay with, just not wars because that implies you are going to kill people. As long as it’s for defense and to protect yourself, fighting is O.K.

Defense or Offense: Defense

Fighting Style: Up close and using blind spots and weak points. She doesn’t like to fight (with her hands anyways) so she’ll try to disarm and subdue as fast as possible.

Strength: Is quite strong actually, she takes cares of lot of animals, and she builds muscle just so she can carry any of her pets with ease.

Weaknesses: If she can’t disarm and subdue within 30 minutes it’s a wrap, also anything precision wise, so like a gun or cross bow she can’t use for shit.

Tell: ???

Skills: Bandaging and medicinal remedies, good with animals, handy with a bo staff

Weaknesses: Not good with guns, not an offensive fighter, can be beat by someone with higher stamina and strength, her left arm is weak from breaking it a while ago

Weapon: Bo staff

☆ Relationship/Family ☆

Single or Taken: Single


Dad- Antique Fuchsia (915c83)

Mom- Imperial Purple (66023c)

Siblings: N/A

Children: N/A

Friends: She’s on good terms with just about everyone

Enemies/Disliked People: Vanta Black, Fossil Grey, Pure White, Apricot Orange

Grudges or Forgiveness: Holds on to grudges very tightly especially if you’ve done something wrong against her or other people

☆ Backstory ☆

Halaya grew up within the city walls, to a family that never agreed with their government, but didn’t do anything in fear of being killed or separated from their child. Her father was a merchant’s assistance and her mother was a nurse and even had a little shop where she sold homemade remedies and did in home appointments. Halaya grew up reading her mother’s medical books and always helped her out whenever she could. In secret, she always heard her parents speaking negatively about the three in power and some of the ugly things they did to colors they deemed lesser than themselves. So, she always had a dislike for the government and believed in conspiracy theory’s bout the government (as long as it sounds reasonable). Around the time, she was sixteen Halaya experienced personally how cruel the other colors could be towards each other. While out on errands with her father she was stopped a harassed by some of the cities guards, being that she was a purple and they were colors higher in the spectrum. At one point, they started to become very aggressive with Halaya because she was ignoring their taunts and began to push her around, taking the bags she was carrying, when she tried to get them back they used it as an excuse to arrest her for trying to assault them. Before that could happen, her dad stepped in, and being a very strong purple gave them a thrashing in return and criticized them for the way they treated the other colors, causing quite a stir in the market place. After wards he was arrested and Halaya never saw him again. As he was persecuted by the state, charged with treason (the guards made some BS excuse about him being the leader of some underground rebel movement) and then executed. When Halaya and her mother found out they were devastated. Even the Yellow merchant who her father worked years for was suddenly suspicious of his assistance home life and even accused Halaya’s mother of having aid to the rebellion as well. For the next few months’ soldiers where in and out of Halaya’s house, destroying their things in search of evidence and just being a terror overall for her already broken family. Her mother fell into depression and hasn’t been right ever since. Halaya was at a lost, never realizing how cruel the inside of the city walls could truly be. She was treated differently by the other purples, labeled an outcast and a traitor herself, closed off from everything she knew. It changed her, she became a lot more judgmental of other people and couldn’t easily trust others. That’s why as soon as she turned 18 she left the city walls. Fed up with all the lies she was fed over the years and the treatment due to her pigmentation, and also because of her mother. She didn’t want to be a burden to her anymore. She took a couple copies of her mother’s medical books and left during the night.

I Ain't Your Daddy - Daryl Dixon Imagine

Can you do one where the reader is getting beat up by their parent they are with (but they are still older like in their 20’s) in the woods because they aren’t the strongest and Daryl finds them doing that. (You choose how he reacts) - I hope you like it @torisperfectlyimperfect

‘You’re a useless piece of shit!’ She flinches as specks of his spittle land on her face. She winces as he grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet ‘I shoulda let that fucker get you, all ya do is drag us down!’ He throws her against the trunk of a tree, he draws his arm across body and smacks her across the face with the back of his hand.

Daryl presses himself against a tree and watches as the girl, who must be in her early 20’s, lets out a sob and crashes to the floor. As the man crouches down and grabs roughly at her shoulders shaking her. ‘I shoulda left you behind, instead your brother died saving your life…What a fuckin’ waste!’ Daryl crouches down and walks closer to a fallen tree and leans next to it.

Her body is wracked with guilt and pain and all she can do is sob ‘I’m sorry daddy…I’ll try to be better.’ He kicks her in the face and she sees stars explode across her vision, and a warmth gush from her nose as blood starts to fall. ‘I ain’t your fuckin’ daddy anymore…I never wanted to be your daddy. You’re a waste of fuckin’ l-‘ Before he can say another word, he’s falling to the floor as the impact of something hits the back of his head. ‘What the fuck?’ He looks up and sees a man standing over him with a crossbow aimed into his face. Daryl circles round the man and puts himself in between girl and the man.

The man stands up brushing himself off ‘What’s your fuckin’ problem? You should only try to kill the dead son!’ Daryl spits at the man’s feet ‘I ain’t your son and the way I see it, you don’t seem to have a problem with almost killing this girl here.’ The man’s face screws up in disgust ‘She deserves to die…Waste of fucking space my daughter..Fuckin’ little bitch.’ He goes towards her again, his foot raised and his hands clenched into a fist. Daryl puts his crossbow on his shoulder and holds his hands out ‘I can’t let ya do that!’ The man goes to push Daryl away but Daryl draws back his fist and punches the man square in the jaw. His eyes widen with shock and he touches his lips with his fingertips, tasting the coppery flavour of blood in his mouth as he staggers back with the impact. ‘She’s my fuckin’ daughter…You’ve got no right.’ Daryl shrugs his shoulders ‘Maybe you’re right..But she has a right to make up her own mind.’ He crouches down and looks into the face of the girl who is holding the back of her hand against her bleeding nose ‘You ok?’ She looks down at her jeans and shakes her head. Daryl glances over his shoulder and sees the man with his red face and paunch belly clenching his fists again. ‘What do ya want to do?’ She looks into the man’s eyes, at the beauty of the blue of them. There’s something in them that looks conflicted and haunted, she feels a strength fill her body. ‘I don’t want to be with him anymore..I want to be alone.’ Daryl places a hand on her shoulder and stands up ‘The girl’s spoken…Now why don’t you leave?’ The man looks down at his daughter with resentment, he lets out a small laugh ‘Good fucking riddance, the little bitch won’t last a day on her own.’ He turns his back and walks away, with no regret at leaving his daughter on her own. Daryl watches the figure disappear into the woods and feels his body shake slightly, he feels sick that anyone could be so cold about their own child, but then he remembers his dad and clenches his jaw. Some men are just assholes.

The girl stands, her shoulders sagged with her hand still pressed to her nose. She pulls it away tentatively ‘Is it still bleedin’?’ Daryl tilts her head gently and looks ‘Naw…You ok?’ He looks her over, her arms and neck covered in bruises in the shape of hands and fingers. She nods her head and smooths out her shirt. ‘Thanks by the way.’ Daryl offers her a ghost of a smile ‘S’ok!’ She moves away from the tree and looks around, she sees a clear path ahead and turns back to Daryl ‘Thanks again..I best get going.’ She points in the direction she’s heading, as she goes to walk away she feels the man grasp hold of her arm. ‘What’s your name?’ She looks into his face ‘Scarlet.’ The man nods his head and brushes his hand through his hair ‘I’m Daryl, I gotta place, other people…Why don’t you come back and meet them?’ She contemplates for a moment and gently nods her head ‘Ok.’ Daryl let’s go of her arm and motions for her to follow him. ‘Please don’t tell anyone about my dad…what you saw.’ Darly nods his head in agreement ‘I won’t…By the way..S’pretty name!’ The girl smiles at Daryl and he notices a dimple in her left cheek. She follows him silently through the woods and to his bike.




  1. Aurey will sometimes unconsciously scratch at her arms when nervous, so she can focus on the task at hand.
  2. Aurey has Asperger’s Syndrome! (an off branch of Autism that is no longer diagnosed. The mun also has this). Just… Not very severe. It’s not very noticeable at times.


  1. Hanging out with her friends and/or boyfriend
  2. Drawing
  3. Helping people


  1. Sasha (@youwinatball), her boyfriend. She adores how kind and caring he is, and he’s one of her closest friends as well.
  2. Carla (@seven-virtues-plusmore), her adoptive sister. Well, she thinks of Carla like a sister, and looks up to her, both figuratively and literally.
  3. Wander (@wanderandward​)! She thinks he’s a cool monster, and feels sympathy for his tendancy to get stuck babysitting people.
  4. Adie (@overtaleblog​). They remind her of her real sister, a lot actually. She can’t help but find their tendancy to be kind to her, despite knowing what she did, admirable. and the familiarity is comforting to her.
  5. Winter (@coldsoulgoodsoul), another virtuous soul from camp. She’s noticed that she doesn’t have too many friends, and wants to reach out to her and be her friend. 
  6. Charlotte (@side-chara-cter), a Chara from another timeline. Aurey doesn’t know that much about her, but she seems kind, and has helped out on a few occasions.
  7. Sarah, her sister…. despite everything she did.


  1. It’s something that is on her mind often, but starting that genocide route. She feels like she was being an idiot, despite the fact that she was grieving. and she fears she’ll do it again out of anger.
  2. Not keeping her promise to Adie to save them. She values promises, a whole lot more than people realize, and not keeping them hurts her. 


  • Claustrophobia: Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder in which the sufferer has an irrational fear of having no escape or being closed-in. It frequently results in a panic attack and can be triggered by certain stimuli or situations, such as being in a crowded elevator, a small room without any windows, or being in an airplane. She tends to avoid large crowds because it triggers that.
  • Monophobia: the extreme or abnormal fear of being alone. After being stuck in the Void for 5 years, by herself, she REALLY doesn’t want to be alone ever again. 

TAG PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME THING: @youwinatball, @a-dreemurr-found, @seven-virtues-plusmore @overtaleblog

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Okay Kiddies time for Shelbye to do a thing! Im going to show you how I did this little sketch of Percy Jackson step by step!


I like to do these silly little sketches composed of lines and a circle for the head, then squares/triangles for hands and feet.


I put some circles for shoulders, fill out the face with a chin, the starting of a neck and then a rounded rectangle for the chest and a waist.


Fill out the figure even mores - Finally draw arms or at least some noodle shapes, a defined upper torso, neck and shoulders.


Time for my favorite part! The face! I draw a mouth by putting two dots and then connecting them to form either an open or closed mouth expression, the nose style varies but for this one I went with a V nose and then sketched the outlines of eyes.


After all of the structures are in place I draw the eyebrows and the iris, pupil and the always important ears in a weird half circle with lines in them. I normally mess up on the eyebrows and put them up to high but I normally don’t catch that until I draw the hair and realize that eyebrows cant actually go that high on a normal persons face.


Bangs. Just Bangs.


Draw some little hair floofs at the top of the head that look like long triangles and then some other pointed ends to resemble some hair.


Clothing. Clothing is always important unless you’re into non clothed art (Which I do not unless its tasteful and classical art but some people do.)


Add some important details (In this case, Percy’s necklace, the important CHB mention and various scratches and scars.)


Outlining stuff. I would have outlined it with my outlining pens but that would have gotten rid of all of the bones and structures of just a sketch.

And thats my schpeel! I hope ya’ll enjoyed! I might do another one of these, maybe a full body or at least a step by step process of how I do my bigger pieces.