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Could you do some headcanons of how the Phantom thieves boys would react to their s/o playing with their hair?

Akira would definitely like it, although he would try and pretend that it doesn’t bother him. It’s mostly because he’s quite shy that he couldn’t seem to bring himself to admit it no matter how much he wants to do so, and so the only way you’ll ever know about how much he likes it would be from the cute pout appearing on his lips the moment you stop playing with his hair.

Ryuji would act all annoyed and irritated, moving his head away from your grip or pushing your hands away from his hair, while muttering curses under his breath and telling you that he doesn’t need to be babied. Of course, all those would be said with his cheeks red from embarrassment, and though he would never admit it out loud, he’s enjoying this as much as you do.

Yusuke would only be confused, and he would furrow his eyebrows at you in concern as he asks you whether there’s something wrong with his hair or not. The moment he hears the answer from your lips, he would only stare at you, the confusion still written on his face, before shaking his head, almost as though to dismiss the topic at hand.

Akechi would only be more than a little pleased, and he wouldn’t even be shy in admitting it. At one point, a soft sigh would escape his lips as he rests his head on your lap, almost as though to encourage you to do it more. He would be, of course, disappointed when you stop, and he wouldn’t be shy in expressing his disapproval, narrowing his eyes into a glare as he looks at you with a pout on his lips and grabbing your hand once more, placing it on his head as though in a silent demand.

Sam Drabble #26

Submitted By: @bohowitch for my 900 Follower Celebration
All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

Sam pulled out his gun, “I’m gonna teach you a few things.”
You just nodded your head quietly, always eager to learn from your big brother.
Sam took his gun apart and taught you about each part. He patiently explained everything to you when you had questions. He taught you how to reassemble it and tear it apart again. Doing this again and again until he thought you could do it.
“Your turn lil sis.” He says carefully hanging you the weapon.
You take it and slowly do it like he showed you. Grinning up at him as you finished it.
“I did it.” you beamed
“You’re a natural (Y/N/N).” he smiled ruffling your hair.

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Imagine Leah and farmer agreed to have one day of role swap-- like farmer doing art and Leah doing all the farm work instead, how will this going?

They met at the southern entrance, eyes wide as they looked to each other.

Leah was all over the place, sticks and dirt in her hair, dust clinging to her clothes and skin. 

The Farmer looked worse for wear, hair matted and paint staining both skin and clothing.

They looked at each other, frozen in time for that second. They soaked up each other’s appearance, knowing full well what they looked like. They broke at the same time, laughing at the day.

“How did you end up with paint on you?“ Leah asked.

“I don’t know!“

“I thought you were just doing some stone carving!“

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Fan Art or Comic Idea, AU where Phoenix dosen't exist and Maya gets the Guilty verdict: Maya Fey in Prison Uniform. Since the universe clearly wants her to be in Prison, why not give it what it wants and give Maya a much needed clothing change that we never see her in, or also try to draw some fan art of the Ace Attorney series greatest couple, Maya X Prison Cell. It can either be stripes or a orange jumpsuit, and her hair is down. Please? :)

A) You’ve already sent this to me.

B) When will it end? When will your thirst for jumpsuit maya be quenched? I’ve seen this ask sent to a hundred blogs, and some have even acquiesced to your lazily copy-pasted inquiry. And yet you ask again, and again… how many do you plan on acquiring? When will your terrible lust be slaked?! For what purpose do you collect these specific interpretations? Are you one person? Many, who work together to keep up the joke?

Basically, what I’m asking here is

what’s your freakin deal

Tag 5 people you want to get to know better

ah!! i got tagged by cool frend @thatdastardlyraccoon

How old are you? just turned 20

What’s your current job? uh unemployed because im sort of on holiday for 3 months but a bit ago it was a cashier at marshall’s

What are you talented at? uh i guess doing music, drawing, hopefully writing, and having anxiety attacks

What’s your aesthetic? fluffy 80s hair, scarves or neckerchiefs, big pouty lips, bright eyepopping colors, black block shading, drew struzan posters, popeye cartoons, arcades

Do you collect anything? i used to collect nintendo toys and memorabilia but my mom sort of discouraged it as i got older so i stuffed them all in a box in my closet and haven’t really added to the collection in a few years. though maybe i should start doing that again.

What’s a topic you always talk about? music, cartoons and movies and stuff

What’s a pet peeve of yours? putting used napkins on your plate after you finish a meal for some reason. i guess its like, that initial feeling that the napkin is on the plate so you think you have to eat it for a split second, that bothers me

Good advice to give? honestly if people arent hurting anyone just let them do what the fuck they want

What are five songs you’d recommend?

  1. Sparks - This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
  2. Queen - The March of the Black Queen
  3. The Mars Volta - Cygnus Vismund Cygnus
  4. Nobunny - I Am A Girlfriend
  5. A Dangerous Man - Foxy Shazam

I’ll tag @deadlinejon, @friendlydictator, @lennonhead, @burube, @silverope, @its-moneyman, @ataroppachi, @steamed-greens @investigatormelodytchi and anyone else i mightve forgotten

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you do the "enter name" thing? I'm writing a story and would like to know how to do that. Thank you~💜

BUCKLE UP KIDS FOR DANIELLE’S TERRIBLE ATTEMPT AT BEING HELPFUL. Here is the links you might need first off.

The Code
Updated Version
Video Tutorial
Google Extension
Other insert Code (Eye, hair color, etc)

I normally add read mores so this will be helpful for that. First you want to go to the settings button on the top right hand corner of the post. Click that and find the text editor settings (that will be the last section) and find the HTML. Click that and you should see this as the result:

Next you want to find the [[ MORE ]]  which is this:

It’s important before you add the code to find that particular part so it can have enough space when people read your story! Anyway, it’s time to add that code. Now that you have the perfect spot, get the code, (which is here. updated version here.) I think you know how to copy and paste. But make sure you do this version and do select all to make sure you have ALL of the code or else it’s not gonna work. 

Now you’ve got the code, it’s time to paste. You know where, so just put that sucker there. And your post should look something like this now:

Hit the post button and you’re all done! You should be able to see the name insert if you’re on the mobile version (like the actual mobile, not the tumblr app, which sucks) or on desktop. 

I really hope this helps! I tried my hardest to explain the best that I could, but it took me a few tries to get it right. Good luck on your story! ^_^


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.

Descendant Signs 101

What? Your Descendant is ruled by Libra and Venus. It mainly represents relationships, partners, romance and who are attracted and why. Your Descendant is exactly opposite to your ascendant/rising sign and is held on the cusp of the 7th house. 

Aries: You will attract and are attracted to people who possess Mars like qualities. People who are obvious, loud, aggressive (not like punch aggressive), blunt, and bright. You will have a libra Rising, and this indecisive, fair ‘attitude’ directly contradicts with the bright, aggressive, in your face people they attract. You are attracted to very kind and generous people too though.

Taurus: People who can provide for you are attractive in your opinion, in a relationship you crave someone who can be co-dependant with you and you can equally (heavily) rely on each other. You will have a Scorpio Rising sign, and this means you love to help people become the best version of themselves, so you may be attracted to people who are not similar to you so you can help them build on qualities they lack. 

Gemini: You have a Sagittarius Rising to go with your Descendant. In relationships you like to be with someone you can feel free with, you like adventurous, constant change, and not too heavy commitment (at least at first). It will take the right kind of person to persuade you into marriage but you fall in love with the people you think are the most true and kind hearted (that’s your weakness). 

Cancer: With a Capricorn rising , the people around you are the ones you hold the most dear and near to your heart. You are attracted to people who have similar family backgrounds to you, because this is a part of your life you find important to relate on. You attract people who want to take control of a relationship, you love to have an equal involvement, but like to be treated and be the one in a back seat. 

Leo: Love can become an obsession to you, you are likely to be undoubtedly in love with love, This means you are attracted to people who are romantic, and pick out the smallest of  details. You are incredibly attracted to people who make you feel like you can do more than what you already do, people who are inspiring and kind. You attract eccentric people who don’t know how to fit in because you show them they do. (Aquarius Rising).

Virgo: You are someone who changes yourself for you partner without even realising. You fall in love and are attracted to people who point out things about you that are permanent and you don’t change. For example “I love your natural curly hair”; it makes you feel actually wanted. You attract (luckily) very kind hearted people because they know they can give you a lot of love and affection. Pisces Rising. 

Libra: You are someone who might overuse the term “it’s not you, it’s me”, but really mean it. You are attracted to people who tell you to sort your head out, and tell you not only when you are in the wrong, but when actually you aren’t. You are also attracted to people who really considers your feelings and needs. You attract lively and tenacious people, people who are fun loving and natural smooth talkers. Rising is Aries.

Scorpio: You partner will choose you because they want to really feel love. Your rising is Taurus. You are attracted to passionate people, who never do anything to make you feel jealous and concerned (unstable) in your relationship. You attract strong minded individuals. You fall in love very hard and crave the same in return. 

Sagittarius: You are attracted to people you can talk on another level with; whether this is a deep talk or an intelligent conversation, In fact, you value the conversations over anything else. You attract people with hell of a will power. You attract people you are blunt and not co-dependant. Your Rising is Gemini, so you also think a physical connection is important, and will attract partners who feel the same. 

Capricorn: You have a very emotional and sensitive rising sign; Cancer. You are attracted to people who value family and get along with yours (no matter what your relationship with them is). You tend to really fall for people who don’t make you feel like you have to do anything, as you often will feel like you need to be perfect and do everything perfectly for them. You attract people who have a huge sense of humour and love to be safe and feel secure.

Aquarius: You are attracted to people who challenge and attract people who are full on and intense. You fall in love with people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and love very openly and publicly. You attract people who want a 24/7 relationship and someone to really rely on. The people who want you tend to be wanted and are fairly dependant on you to make them feel good. You also attract very understanding people. Rising in Leo. 

Pisces: Your ascendant/rising is Virgo (the virgin). You attract people who are sensual, and love the physical parts of relationships. You also attract very intelligent people, who like balanced and honest relationships, too (just pick them apart wisely). You like people to be romantic for you, especially when they aren’t naturally romantic people. You are attracted to people who are unapoligetically themselves, people you just couldn’t change even if you wanted to. 


i did an informal demo at UTS today and came out with a couple cheat sheets!

1. (ft. taako, you know, from tv) how to quickly add some visual interest to an illo that you feel is otherwise “missing something” – a dynamic pose helps, but so do flecks/dots, hatching, and flyaways in the hair. any little detail that creates irregular shapes of varying size will please the eye and just help to lift up an illustration.

2. paws make a good guideline for hands! this is not that useful when doing studies or closeups of hands, but i’ve found it works well when i’m posing a character (especially a cartoony or stylized one) and just don’t know what to do with their hands.

if you don’t know how to draw, you best get good at faking it

@klanceweek Day 5: Partners in Crime

Content Warning: Violence

“Have I told you,” Lance says, tone conversational and pleasant as if talking about the weather, “that you look very nice today?”  He shoots a projection in the head and continues.  “I mean, you look very nice every day, but I wanted to comment anyways.”

“Noted.”  Keith drags Lance with him towards a wall they can use as cover, cursing viciously as they narrowly avoid bullets.  “I appreciate it.”

By the time they stop running, Lance is already holding a sniper rifle; it’s almost unfair how quickly the man can create objects in dreams.  “Did you do something with your hair?”  He looks down the scope and pulls the trigger.  Something explodes in the distance.  There’s a lot of screaming. “I bet it’s the hair.”

It is the hair, but Keith will be damned before he admits it.  “Nope.”  A projection is trying to sneak towards them from behind.  Keith throws a knife at them.  “Guess again, Casanova.”

Lance scoffs.  “Liar.  It’s the hair.”

“Uh, no it’s not?”

“You’re lying,” Lance says, singsong voice completely incongruous with the violent chaos surrounding them.  “Your face is doing the thing you do when you’re lying.”

There are perks to being good friends with a Forger, but this is not one of them.  Keith splutters. “You’re not even looking at me!”

“I don’t have to.  I know you too well.”  Lance shoves his rifle towards Keith, raising his eyebrows expectantly.  “Hold my flower.”

Keith sighs, but replies with, “Kick their ass, baby.  I got yo flower.”  It’s worth it when Lance offers him a sunny smile before throwing a grenade at the angry mob approaching them.  

You sure know how to pick them, an imaginary Shiro says with fond exasperation.

I really do, Keith thinks.

Quick drawing and fic-thing from my Inception AU.  Probably won’t be part of the main fic I’m working on, but it was fun to write anyways haha.  Used a reference for the drawing because I am Bad at Poses.


Day 4 → Family/Friends

Chris and Vitya going out to party (ノ^ω^)ノ♥ ゜・。。・

the resolution is better if you click on the pic ;)

also an excuse to draw Victor wearing a suit~


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya