how do you do sundays

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

Do you realize?

Do you realize how much things will change starting Sunday night? Us, Carylers, will finally get more validation for our ship than we ever had before. Just imagine how the GA will respond to that episode for a second. Daryl beating the shit out of Richard, threatening him for even thinking about hurting Carol. Caryl sharing two emotional hugs, with the last one being very powerful. Carol opening up to Daryl and being all vulnerable in front of him. Daryl lying to her just to protect her and comfort her. Carol cooking Daryl a little meal after he mentions King Ezekiel in a mocking tone. And finally, Morgan acknowledging that Daryl is mostly holding onto his relationship with Carol. Just imagine the GA seeing this now. 

How do you think most of them will react? There is no way people will scream brother/sister or platonic best friends after that. No way in hell. The setting for an eventual romance will be too obvious for anyone to deny seriously. I mean, this will officially be the least ambiguous episode regarding their feelings for each other. They will both express how much they care about each other in their own way. It’s more than your regular friendship at this point. It’s really all about love and what you are willing to do to preserve it. And the episode will show very clearly that Daryl would do anything, really anything, to keep his love intact.

So, starting Sunday night, expect people to go from 0 to 100 real quick. Caryl will mostly break the internet. Social medias will explode with gifs, reactions and speculations. Because yes, people will speculate the shit out of this relationship for a long while. When will they kiss? When will they finally do the deed? And articles will milk it for all its worth, you can already bet on it. We’re getting to this point where it’s becoming so obvious that it’s really just a waiting game here. They will not drop Caryl. They will not forget about them.  In fact, they are brilliantly stringing us along and building up the tension with this episode just so they can blow our freaking minds when the relationship finally develops into a romance. And I expect it to happen somewhere next season because the narrative strongly suggests this. Until then, let’s enjoy the good stuff we’re finally getting!

Is a Clarisonic brush worth the money? Or should I buy a vanity planet one?
I saw on some reviews the Mia 2 makes people break out and to avoid it if you have sensitive skin but I wanted to up my skin care routine tbh
Also read that you can’t use any exfoliating type stuff with it because the beads can cause micro abrasions to your skin
I bought a new cleanser the other day from walgreens since my other one finished. it’s CerVe and it sucks tbh wish I held on to my receipt so I can return it. I need a new cleanser but not sure what to get


*doots a trumpet* AND HERE WE HAVE IT!!!! MY BRS SONA (AKA THE EDGIEST THING ALIVE) and yet they look so fucking cool look how tall they are
i actually had a lot of fun designing LMG (it took me all yesterday morning 

i was messing around with ttob on skype and now LMG only speaks in emoticons like a fukin weeb but they usually wear a monotone expression and they fucking talk out the emoticon

its horrible