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Jongin reaction when his s/o has an inferiority complex ? Thanks

he will mainly want to avoid acting patronisingly towards you, but worries that is how he acts sometimes when he’s telling you things, i.e you are good enough for me, etc. he’d hate to see you sad so will do what he can to try and raise your self confidence, as tough as it may be, Jongin will persevere for you. his main aim is to make you feel good–or at least content–with your actions and what not. he gives you praise when he can and makes sure to pay recognition where others do not in order to make your confidence grow little by little, but also give you advice on how to correct any mistakes you’ve made rather than just leaving it at ‘you did the wrong thing’. of course he’s human and sometimes fighting with you over pointless things becomes too much for him, but jongin always comes back to you with an apology. not everyone knows at first what to do if someone they know has an inferiority complex but believe me, jongin will be researching what to do the whole time ♡

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How Taemin (JuminxMC Son) and Jae Keun (Jaehee’s Son) first met!
Lots of you have been requesting more of these two :D ! Took a little break from commissions to color this in ^o^
((++ Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work-Day is a thing in C&R now))

Based on a chat from Common Route #2 (?)

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Letter Ask

A- At what age did you have your first kiss?
B- Have you ever been in love?
C- Do you have a crush/who is it?
D- Have you ever dated anyone?
E- What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?
F- Have you ever flown in a plane?
G- Do you prefer boys, girls, both, or neither?
H- How many times have you been in love?
I- What are your interests?
J- What is the worst joke you’ve ever heard?
K- How many times have you been kissed?
L- Are you in love?
M- What’s most important to you?
N- Have you/would you ever send nudes?
O- How often do you cry?
P- What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in public?
Q- Make up your own question
R- Are you right or left handed?
S- What is your weirdest sexual fantasy?
T- Do you trust easily?
U- What style of underwear do you wear?
V- Are you a virgin?
W- Who is your best friend?
X- What are your exes like?
Y- What’s your favorite place to be?
Z- How many words can you list that start with the letter z?

i headcanon that after Shiro disappears the paladins sometimes use his name as encouragement. it starts with phrases like ‘what would Shiro do’, ‘Shiro wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself’, ‘Shiro what should i do’ etc.

then it goes to comments like ‘Shiro wouldn’t like this’, ‘I don’t think that’s a Shiro-approved idea’, ‘Shiro would be proud’ etc.

one time Keith is about to do something extremely stupid and all he can do is look upwards and mutter ‘Shiro I’m sorry’ before he does the Stupid Thing

then Lance accidentally mutters ‘Shiro help me’ when he and Keith are arguing about Keith having done the Stupid Thing (bc he’s been thinking too much about those words) and there’s a moment of heavy silence before the tense atmosphere breaks and the whole group erupts in hysterical laughter because what the fuck even

and suddenly it’s a Thing (bc it’s as ridiculous as it is therapeutic)

phrases like ‘Shiro forgive me’ become common when someone is about to do something Shiro wouldn’t approve of, the list of such things growing increasingly larger as the phrase is used for more and more trivial things

“Shiro forgive me,” Pidge says as she locks Keith in the decontamination chamber and activates it, because Keith has been stinking up the place by constantly training and refusing to shower.

“Shiro, if you’re seeing this, look away because I think he’s about to do something stupid,” Hunk mutters as Lance gets that special gleam in his eyes.

Lance: “For the love of Shiro, listen to me for one second goddamnit!”
Hunk: “Don’t you mean ‘Shiro damn it’?”
Lance: “Shut your quiznak, Shiro would never damn anything!”
Pidge, quietly: “Not all men.”
Keith, just as quietly, but confused: “But Shiro would?”


“Shiro bless you, you innocent bean,” Pidge tells Keith, and Keith is confused but also smiles because he can’t help but be touched. Everyone resolves then and there to use this phrase on him more often.

“Guys wait. Before we go into this battle-”
“I just want to say”
“Lance no-”
“May Shiro be with you”

And then one day Shiro is back and old habits die hard, words keep slipping and Shiro is Hopelessly Confused and Not (at all, absolutely 0% nuh-uh) Amused. Especially when one of the first words upon finding him are an automatic “Thank Shiro you’re okay” and there’s just… a pause. Such a heavy pause.

but then one time Shiro does an awesome thing and everyone’s like “how did you do that” and all Shiro says is “i work in mysterious ways” and everyone is just d o n e

  • you fools: klance vs laith discourse
  • me, an absolute intellectual. the literal embodiment of the last stage of the brain meme: LaKe.
Age Regression + Get To Know Me Asks

A. What age do you usually regress to?
B. Do you use a bottle?
C. Do you have a caregiver?
D. Do you use diapers?
E. Favorite thing to eat?
F. Favorite fruit?
G. Favorite place to go when you feel little?
H. Something that makes you happy?
I. Favorite ice cream?
J. Favorite juice?
K. Are you a kitten or other pet?
L. Favorite thing about being little?
M. Favorite little space movie?
N. What’s your name?
O. How old are you?
P. Do you use pacifiers?
Q. A habit you wish you could quit?
R. Favorite nursery rhyme?
S. Favorite stuffie?
T. Favorite little space TV show?
U. Something unique about you?
V. Favorite veggie?
W. Where are you from?
X. (The best x word I can think of its xylophone so….) What’s your favorite instrument?
Y. Favorite time of year?
Z. Favorite animal to see at the zoo?

Spell a character's name in my askbox and I'll tell you my headcanons...

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

B: Do they have any allergies?

C: Can they swim well?

D: How they react to being flirted with?

E: How are they with children?

F: What’s one thing they’re really bad at?

G: How do they flirt?

H: What is their deadly sin?

I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?

J: What’s their sense of humour like?

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?

L: What is their favourite board game?

M: What is their favourite dessert?

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?

P: How do they handle money?

Q: Are they patient?

R: What are their hands like?

S: How stealthy are they?

T: Where are they ticklish?

U: What’s their voice like?

V: What’s the easiest way to annoy them?

W: Can they dance?

X: What’s their most petty little secret?

Y: What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to?

Z: How do they sleep?

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Kind of a weirdly specific question to ask, but do you have any advice for drawing leather biker-style jackets? I notice you draw them in a lot of your stuff and they always turn out great. I have a male OC that wears one and I can always get the top part/collar right but something about the bottom and the way it's supposed to sort of interact with/hang off of the torso while unzipped is really weird to draw and I always end up making it like hug the skin in weird ways. Adore your art btw!!

Hi! Sorry late reply. I love costuming and I wanted to answer this properly.

I A D O R E leather jackets/biker jackets. And a lot of my understanding of jackets comes from knowing how real leather works vs fake leather/pleather/vinyl. Leather is generally very heavy. So its not going to fold or lay the same way a regular jacket or even vinyl will lay. 

So first stop REFERENCE! If you own a leather jacket or a biker jacket try that thing on and look at it in the mirror. Then look at what its doing to your clothes/undergarments. 

If you don’t own a leather jacket (like a lot of people lol. I own a fake one from forever 21) google or pinterest! Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. Its a curse for unsourcing artists BUT is a REALLY good way to put together visual research quickly. I just used google for this so here’s some pics I thought were useful 

So a thing to remember is typically people wear light clothes under leather jackets. Real leather like I said is very thick with an intent to protect as well as look just dang cool. Ewan is an avid bike rider so he’s usually wearing it for bike purposes. Wearing a big sweater or a flouncy shirt under a leather jacket is just going to be uncomfortable.

Leather and fake leather typically hang straight down unless they’ve got a belt at the bottom to cinch in.

So going off of your question about how it would hang it basically would hang straight down and a little away falling off of the chest muscles. Depending on whether the jacket is a very form fitting jacket or if its k inda loose to begin with will add to that as well.

So you’ve got your reference here’s a very minimal tutorial. There’s a lot about fabric and costume drawing theory I’m skipping over.

But typically for any sort of costume. Understanding the form underneath is important. You can fudge it later once you’ve got enough practice at it but its more believeable to just lay in a sketch or a light drawing of the figure on its own. You don’t have to go crazy into detail just remember where the bigger or muscles that are interacting are. 

And then on another layer or if you’re using the same sketch layer draw in that jacket.

Points to remember is where is the fabric being stressed/stretched. Where is interacting with the form. Remember that bottom hems typically move out and up if the arms are outstretched. Even if its zipped the rest of the jacket will still move even if its minimally.  An open jacket is fun to play with with action so don’t be afraid to fake it a little. Don’t go to town on the wrinkles because Leather is a heavy fabric and while it will remember wrinkles in elbows typically it just sorta hangs there. There’s always folds on the sleeves or where the body bends. Don’t forget the details so if it has a zipper remember that zippers have two parts. Buttons and seams are going to make it a more believable leather jacket. 

Example if you’re drawing jeans as opposed to suit pants jeans have reinforced seams because they’re originally intended for heavy duty work where as a suit is typically worn in an office so the seams are cleaner and often hidden. Leather jackets fit into the first group like jeans and since the fabric is so heavy seams are pretty obvious and prominent. Buttons are typically big because they have to penetrate through the heaviness of the jacket. Even fake leather jackets have big buttons/zippers/seams to replicate the look of an authentic leather jacket.

I think that’s the short and skinny of it without getting into a 14 week class on fabric lol. Hope that helps!!

EXO Mafia Reaction: When you get kidnapped

||| Anon asked:  Exo mafia reaction when you were kidnapped |||

Park Chanyeol

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When He heard the news, he stood up and went to the window.

“Gather everyone, we’re going on a hunt,” he said, clenching his fists.

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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He was already out the door, going to his car.

“I swear if you guys don’t get ready in two minutes, I will get her back myself.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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He had trouble understanding how can someone even come up with such stupid ideas.

“If they as much as touch her…”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He would try to stay calm and control his anger, coming up with a plan first.

“We take her back tonight. Leave no survivors.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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Tables were flipped and things got broken before he finally calmed down.

“Those assholes will pay.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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He armed himself up.

“I guess I have some lessons to teach today…”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He was already imagining how he was going to torture your kidnappers.

“I will make sure they die a slow and painful death.”

Byun Baekhyun

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A satisfied smirk would appear on his face.

“It’s been a while since I got a chance to murder someone…”


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He just shook his head and sighed.

“I thought we got rid of all the idiots who would try anything like this.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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He wasted no time and was soon on his way to get you back.

“I will show them what a real killer looks like.”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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He was so pissed, he would have killed the first person that walked in to the room.

“How do they even dare do something like this?”

Oh Sehun

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He was practically speechless when he heard the news.

“Can somebody explain to me how the fuck did you let this happen in the first place?”

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Hi hi. I have a request for you: I'm a fan of the kind of affection that can be really sexy but still genuinely sweet because it's intimate if that makes sense. ^.^" Things like undressing the s/o and kissing their back. So for our dear chocobros, have you any SFW fluffy headcanons or scenarios for how they would shower their s/o like that? Thank you!

OMG YES! YES I DO! :D *ASDFGHJKLHGFCHJKK* Excitement to fill this request is real!!! So this is the fluff that was promised before I started working on Leonheart Pt. 2 LOL! Hopefully I managed to deliver the fluffy feels! These are my PERSONAL headcanons because I like to go against the grain LMAO!

Tagging some pals: @itshaejinju, @blindbae, @airlea-sicarius, @nifwrites, @lady-asuka and @the-lucian-archives


Noctis: Noctis is a tiny bit of an awkward turtle, and usually shies away from intimacy. So early on in your relationship (let’s say, the first two or three months), you get nothing but fumbled, sweaty palmed hand holding and some rare chaste kisses to the cheek when you’re in private with the prince. But then, as the two of you grow more familiar and closer to one another, you notice that Noctis has a strange fixation with your wrists. He’s always gently rubbing at the insides of your wrists with the pad of his thumb, and it seems like it’s just become a mindless habit- you don’t really pay it much heed. But then, a few months later, around the time the two of you finally ramped up enough courage to make-out a little, you realised that Noctis was a little too pre-occupied with your wrists. He’d bring them to his lips and press gentle kisses against the soft skin there, and would gaze into your eyes with midnight blue orbs as he did so. Every time he did that, you’d shiver with a strange feeling that made you feel like you were the only woman in the world. As Noctis grew bolder, he would begin to nip and lick at your wrists in a playful manner, grinning up at you cheekily. Unable to deny him his tiny indulgence, you allowed Noctis to be his dorky self and express his love for you through his infatuation with your wrists.

Prompto: Prompto has always had a bit of an obsession with your thighs. Like, that’s all well and good- but he likes to tell EVERYONE about them. He likes how soft they feel under his head, and he likes the scent of your skin as well. Prompto prefers it when you’re not really wearing anything that covers your thighs before he rests his head on top of them. He likes to nuzzle the bare skin and press soft, lingering kisses on the tops of your thighs before tilting his head up abruptly and shooting you an angelic smile. At first, you thought it was really weird- especially when Prompto would try to pull your skirts up in public to gain access to your bare thighs to rest on- but then, as time passed by and you got used to his preference for your thighs, you merely let out a soft sigh and accepted his obsession. To be honest, you were quite flattered- your boyfriend must have really loved your soft, not at all muscular thighs. And so, whenever Prompto nuzzled into your sensitive skin on the tops of your thighs, you merely raked your fingers gently through his soft, blond locks and revelled in the way he shut his eyes in bliss and murmured words of absolute devotion up to you in a soft voice.

Gladio: This man is an overall handsy guy, so when he holds you in public, you know he’s going to eventually get carried away and grab you somewhere inappropriate. The little squeals you make when he grabs your ass in public seriously amuses him to no end. But when the two of you are alone, behind closed doors, Gladio’s touches become more curious… and paradoxically more innocent than usual. Gladio likes to cup your face in his large, warm hands and pepper kisses all over your face. He especially loves to kiss the tip of your nose, because you always screw up your face like you’re going to sneeze. He thinks you’re really cute when you do that. He also likes to press soft kisses against you collar bones and on the back of your neck and shoulders as he helps you undress after a long day at work. With the uncontrollable and rather lustful way he acts out in public with you, no one believes you when you tell them Gladio loves to just sit back in bed and cuddle you with one strong arm while he holds up the book he’s reading with the other hand. Gladio is somewhat strange in his approach to romance in that way, but you love him for it.

Ignis: This man is the exact OPPOSITE of Gladio. He absolutely refrains from any type of public display of affection with you. He very reluctantly holds your hand on special occasions, although smiles and light-hearted jokes are always plentiful. When your friends spot the two of you out on a date in public, they usually send you incredulous texts asking you whether you and Ignis are actually dating. These texts don’t really bother you though, because Ignis’ displays of affection come out in FULL FORCE behind closed doors. Ignis loves the way your bare skin feels against his own, so the moment the two of you step into your apartment, Ignis’ hands are already gently easing your day’s clothes off your body. It’s like a ritual, where the two of you undress until you are clad in only you underwear, before you both settle onto the couch and press close to one another. Ignis likes to idly stroke the tops of your covered breasts as you both sit and watch television before showering and getting ready for bed- you’re not even sure he knows he’s doing it! But it doesn’t feel like provocation of any sort- it feels comfortable and familiar. When the two of you are ready for bed, Ignis likes to press long, lingering kisses against your lips, wishing you goodnight in a breathless hushed tone before bringing you close to his chest and holding your ear against his beating heart, lulling you into a satisfying sleep- a smile permanently fixed on your lips.


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  • the other members make the two of you do really awkward things in front of them
  • like somehow you’re both awkwardly standing and  holding hands while the other members are squealing and fanning themselves over how “cute” you two are
  • jaebum is just grinning and trying not to laugh
  • H I D I N G his face from you when he confesses anything (good and bad)
  • honestly,, traveling together?? i see it
  • and roadtrips
  • OH MY GOD going skydiving together
  • doing cute tourist things together
  • but also eating mcdonalds when you’re in italy typa vibe
  • him doing something really dorky and forgetting you were there
  • and when you don’t react (by being weirded out) or even do it with him he’s like OH I THINK I LOVE THIS PERSON11! HELLO
  • OKAY really good valentine’s day date
  • romantic af
  • roses and chocolate covered strawberries
  • feeding you said chocolate covered strawberries
  • smiling proudly after he purposely got chocolate all over your chin
  • “what did you do, jaebum?”
  • he replies by giggling and washing it off your chin
  • you’re laying there like ???bro
  • fancy ones and chill ones… he keeps it balanced
  • playing with his rings.. randomly…
  • when you’re intertwined on a couch or when he has his hand on your knee — there you are, playing with his rings.
  • tying his fringe up into a small ponytail
  • video calls when he’s away on tour
  • cooking together
  • cooking together for his family when they [inevitably] visit
  • trolling iGOT7′s together
  • sharing [and freaking out over] your celebrity crushes together
  • being really supportive with each other
  • NEVER jealous. ALWAYS supportive.
  • trust
  • T R U S T
  • meeting and getting along well with each other’s closest or oldest friends
  • he buys you crazy expensive gifts [when the time is right]
  • like he also buys you socks for christmas
  • holding hands ALL. THE. TIME.
  • spa days
  • taking baths together
  • helping you handle or style your hair
  • falling asleep on top of each other
  • like you’re on top of him, but he’s also sort of on top of you
  • falling asleep on the couch together

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Trimberly in IKEA

-It’s Trini’s first time at IKEA because she constantly moves around and keeps the same furniture and really had no reason, as she had basically everything she needs and she only knows its the Massive Swedish Furniture Store

-“Hey Trini did you bring the list” “Nope” “Who the hell forgets to bring a list to IKEA?!!?”

-Trini gets completely sidetracked when she sees that there’s a cAFETERIA IN IKEA “babe! babe! they have frozen yogurt, do you think we could get some?” and Kim can’t help but give in because she’s being so a d o r a b l e

-Trini doesn’t know how extensive IKEA is and decides to go full force with it while Kim thinks these things through (she may be reckless but no way in hell will she get lost at an IKEA) and slips a map into her own back pocket and smiles at how cute she’s being

-occasionally one or the other slips an unnecessary item into the cart to the point where they actually had to take some stuff out because “Trin, we can’t take care of these many plants” “YOU can’t take care of these many plants!” “You have too many!” “you don’t see me complaining about this ungodly amount of silverware” “hey, they’re nice!!!”

-They pass by the section with all the kids stuff like the pretend kitchen with the fake vegetables and stuff and Kim just can’t help but make short jokes “Trini, we need to get you a kitchen too, right?” And Trini can’t help but roll her eyes and pout at the girl in front of her, but is returned with a laugh and a kiss to make up for it

-The IKEA puns? shouldn’t even be a question; Kimberly loves Trini’s reactions because she has three reactions: a groan of complaint, a blush to her cheeks (Trini rolls her eyes as well like she isn’t affected by it but Kim’s smug grin knows better), and a giggle (Kim’s favorite)

-Kim loves pushing Trini around in their cart even though they have a couple close calls because Kim forgets that they have super powers

-Trini directs Kim where to go while she’s in the cart (even though she doesn’t know shit about where they’re going) and they end up walking in circles until Trini finally gives up, frustrated (which ends quickly after Kim gives her a peck on the cheek)

-they spend almost a whole day there and finally come home, and Kim almost wants to drop dead on the floor as she realizes they have to put together the furniture on their own ((but Trini’s got enough experience working with her dad to be able to know a bit about assembling furniture))

Clean and Simple Questions part1

A. What makes life worth it?
B. Hidden talents?
C. Last book you read?
D. Are you seeing anyone?
E. What color do you look best in?
F. Favorite place to nap?
G. Last film you saw?
H. Best advice you’ve given?
I. How many languages can you say hello in?
J. How often do you nap?
K. Favorite fast food?
L. Piano or drums?
M. First thing you ate today?
N. Best Birthday party you’ve attended?
O. What’s your typical Tuesday?
P. Celeb you’d most like to meet?
Q. Weirdest phone call you’ve had?
R. Favorite memory?
S. Who gives the best hugs?
T. Sitting on laps or piggy back rides?
U. Best holiday song?
V. Last shoes you bought?
W. What’s your skin care routine?
X. Coolest thing about your best friend?
Y. What’d you have for lunch two nights ago?
Z. Something kind you’ve done recently?

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I tried riding my boyfriend for the first time yesterday and it was a disaster! I'm so embarrassed and I really need tips on not just riding dick but how to ride dick good

Are we the same person? I’m the worst rider in the W O R L D, but that’s okay bc I’m trying to work on it. Also side note, don’t be embarrassed, he’s your bf, he should support you, and if he’s put you down, put him in his place - you don’t deserve that.

Speed, pace and motion - all depend on the guy, so I’m sorry I can’t give ya that. Work out how your man likes it from other positions you guys are doing (however in general it’s nice to take it slow when you’re on top for him and yourself) One thing I’d say is, so many ppl assume girl on top is so one dimensional, e.g. Your basic cowgirl. So I would suggest experimenting. I’m going to attach some pictures for you to look at. Change it up! Make it exciting and never let your confidence fall, that will be your best riding attribute.

Just to finish - if you don’t want to ride bc it makes you uncomfortable, don’t! Sex is for the pleasure of both partner be it in a relationship or a casual hookup. So just remember that. If you struggle with these positions, simply tell him you’re not really up for it

glo hoes,

X jessica X

put your opinion in the tags

1: What did you think of the live-action Beauty and the Beast? 

2. What musical should win Best Musical this year?

3. How do you pronounce Caribbean?

4. Is Melchior Gabor redeemable? 

5. Did you like La La Land? 

6. What are your opinions on Anatole Kuragin?

7. Is Dear Evan Hansen overrated?

8. What is your name for a little store where you get things like milk and batteries?

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I originally got a bootlegged copy of Manga Studio from my friend who bootlegs things. That was on my first computer that was mine and I owned. That was…. ehhh…. back in 2009. Before then I’d mainly used a version of Photoshop that my photographer uncle got us free copies of. I bought Clip Studio Paint Pro because it’s exactly the same as Manga Studio and I’d gotten so used to the program. Plus I’d never even paid for the original copy, so it seemed only fair.

EXO REACT: Another Member Dating Their Little Sister

Anonymous said: I was wondering if you could do an EXO reaction to another member dating their younger sister. Your reactions are great and I really like them. Have a nice day and thank you!

thank you very much ^w^


lowkey pissed at his sister and Kai but as long as his sister is happy, he’s okay with it. But he’s watching every move Kai makes when he see the two of them together. Time to time, he’d ask his sister if Kai is doing the right things to make her happy. Will beat him up if the couple has a small fight, regardless. 


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He regrets letting the guys finally meeting his little sister. How was he suppose to know that Baekhyun and her would actually like each other?! Was pretty P-O’ed that he found out after five months of secret dating. He would try to force them to break up but she got his mom involved and he eventually blew it off. Still a little mad that they’re still dating but likes seeing his sister happy.


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“So, I heard you were dating my sister.” [sehun screams] wouldn’t be too mad but still a little ticked off that he had to find out by his sister rather than his good friend. “Out of all the people in Seoul, you chose my sister?” Lay would slightly be okay with it but will make ground rules when she visits the dorms, “no excessive touching, leave your door open, and do everything she says, etc.” 


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*loses all trust from chanyeol* “bro…” chanyeol would try to make him feel better, “Dude, it’ll always be bros before hoes!” they would argue about that, “NO put my sister first, she’s too sweet to- DID YOU JUST CALL MY SISTER A HOE??!!!??” [cradles his sister in his arms] “plz, you can do so much better.”


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dumbfounded that his sister would date Suho. Why Suho? Why my hyung? Why my housemate? WHY MY BANDMATE?!? OF ALL THE PEOPLE- [sighs] would glare at the two when they’re cuddling on the couch and make gross out faces. “AHH STOP DOING THAT WHEN I’M RIGHT HERE!” he’d whine at them. stay strong, oppa.


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He’d be speechless(for once). When his sister and Lay announced their relationship, he was sitting at the table eating his cereal and would drop his spoon. “You’re what?”. Would ponder for a while before nodding. “Well, I do think Lay-hyung is good guy..” his sister would sigh in relief, “don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.” Yixing would wink at him. This would fking trigger Yeollie, making him stand up and wave a hand at them, “yeah- nvm, this isn’t going to work out.”


would think a lot about this. “He’s a bit older don’t you think? He’s even older than me.” would make this face a lot; :/. After a long thinking progress and a nights rest, he’ll go up to Xiumin and put his hand on Minnie’s shoulder, “Just be careful, okay? She seems tough like me, but she’s fragile :/” still weirded out.


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was on the edge of her dating someone, but once he learned it was Kyungsoo, he was okay with it. “Just because he’s the only one I trust out of the doofuses.” he be weirded out that his sister would visit the dorm every week but blow it off once he sees Ksoo treat like fine china[like he think she is :’)] “He will treat you well, I can tell you that.” he would her that the day they announced their relationship.


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would be the only one to be okay with his little sister dating one of the members. They’re older and kinda mature enough to handle his sister. He trusts Jongdae with his sister but would get annoyed that she’s practically living in the dorm. “Yah, just go away! Mom won’t care if he’s there!…would do you mean she doesn’t know about you two yet?!” a mess.

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Do you have any autistic hcs you wanted to share? :)

i’m not really sure how autistic hcs work :o but i did want to talk about why i think david specifically might be autistic, for one its very obvious camping is his special interest, he knows A LOT about it, i think a good example is how he knows all kinds of different types of trees, it seems like camping is something he’d never get sick of, even when he took a “break” from the camp, he went camping ( autistic ppl like repetitive things ) also bc his child-like behavior 

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Hi mango! I was making a utility belt for a cosplay, and o think I spray painted it too much.. I noticed cracks so I spray painted it again and again, it got worse each time. Do you know how I can I fix this? I'm not very good at cosplay.. haha

Spray painting takes a lot more work than a lot of people realize, so don’t beat yourself up! It’s a difficult thing to do properly and requires more technique than just “press the nozzle and hope for the best,” which is how I did it when I first started out with cosplay. :’D Here’s how you can fix your belt!

1. Sand off the bad paint job. Take your time and remove as much of it as possible to reset to a “clean canvas.” As with normal sanding, work from a low grit to a high grit.

2. Use a primer coat. This will help your paint job adhere to the surface and fill in any scratches or variations. (I recommend using an automotive primer, especially if your belt is made from plastic.)

3. Sand your primer layer. Again, work from low grit to high grit sandpaper.

4. Paint again, this time with diligence and patience.* Spray in light bursts using a sweeping motion, 8-10 inches away from the surface. Use thin layers; let each layer dry for 15-20 minutes before applying another coat. Continue until opaque color is achieved.

5. Wet sand your paint job to correct any minor flaws.

6. Finish with a clear coat to protect your paint job. Depending on the effect you want, you can choose from glossy, matte, or satin finishes!

* MAKE SURE you’re painting in the proper conditions! Generally, this is 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with relative humidity below 85%, but double-check the instructions on your chosen brand of paint in case it’s formulated differently.

Hopefully that helps! Best of luck with your project!



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