how do you cute idek

It’s my last day as an unmarried woman and I’m sitting in my room just thinking and crying– tears of happiness, of pain sadness all because of the memories we’ve had. I promise, they’re all really happy tears. Every moment has led to this. Every memory is play through my head, not just every memory– but every thought, feeling, and words we have ever said to one another. I’m sitting her, counting my blessings and being forever grateful that you;re my rock, my best friend and simply that you’re someone in my life that I know I can always count and depend on. 

I have so many nervous butterflies in my stomach, but not a single doubt, or regret going through my head. You’re one of the best decisions and chances I have ever taken and I can’t wait until after tomorrow. I love you.

And to everyone else, hi (: How are you guys doing?