how do you cure

Dear non-autistics,

Just because we complain about the difficulties that come with being autistic doesn’t mean we want a “cure”. 

Do you complain about how light skin burns so easily because you want a cure for being white? Do you complain about police brutality against people of colour because you want a cure for being darker-skinned?


So why would you assume we complain about autism because we want to “cure” a part of who we are? 

Being autistic is just a much a part of who someone is as their skin colour.

Of course we bitch about it. We’re human

Whining is humanity’s unofficial universal pastime. If it’s summer, we whine about the heat. As soon as it gets cold we whine about that too. 

It’s like when you wish your skin was lighter so you were less discriminated  against or wish your skin was darker so you didn’t burn as much; you might say that it’s what you want, but if you were to actually wake up tomorrow with a different skin shade I’ll bet you’d feel like part of your identity was taken from you.

Then there’s the reason why we complain. 

We don’t bemoan the trials of being autistic because autism makes our life hard. 

We complain about the trials of being autistic because non-autistic society makes our life hard.

We live in a world designed solely for non-autistics and which is unwilling to make even minor adjustments to accommodate us.

There’s tons of tiny little things that can be done that has little to no effect on you but to us makes a world of difference, but society just can’t be bothered.

Y’all have nearly unanimously decided that we’re not worth caring about. And that’s what we’re complaining about.

When we complain about autism the problem we’re complaining about isn’t us

It’s you.

* Some examples of simple things you could do:

- Not telling an autistic person that they’re using their autism “as an excuse” for not being able to do something or for doing something you don’t like (e.g. being overly clumsy, fidgeting, stimming, not making eye contact, etc)

- Not judging us for quietly stimming when we need to (playing with fidget/stress toys, biting our chewy jewelry, playing with our fingers, etc)

- Not calling us “broken” because we’re different than you and we don’t meet your expectations.

- Not calling people who murder their autistic kids a “guardian angel” and “good parent”

- Not giving a parent who has murdered their kid a platform on tv to argue about how killing their perfectly healthy kid was “euthanasia”.

- Not treating non-verbal autistics like they’re dumb and  incapable of functioning.

- Not saying “I sometimes think about killing my child” near your child. We all can hear and understand everything you’re saying, regardless of whether we can vocalize a response. When you say “sometimes I think about killing my child” near your kid you just told your kid that you fantasize about killing them.

- Not treating autism like a disease. It’s a harmless genetic variation. We don’t  “suffer” from autism and we’re don’t “have” autism. We ARE autistic. That’s like saying we “have whiteness”.

- Listening to autistics when they say that groups like Autism Speaks are hate groups and that they don’t speak for us.

- Supporting autism societies run by autistics.

- Not firing us for being autistic.

- Not placing fully capable 30 year old adults in a home for seniors with dementia just because they have autism.

- Not calling autism an “epidemic”. It’s not a disease. It’s been around for millennia, the rise in diagnoses is because we’re starting to understand more about it.

I could go on, but I think you catch my drift.


found these super old sketches while cleaning out some ancient folders.. probably shouldnt post these lol but then for some reason posting stuff always makes it feel more like closure lol. clickthrough for descr.

Here’s to the people suffering from conditions that primarily affect women and people designated female at birth. There probably could have been a cure or more effective and humane treatment discovered 80 years ago, but sexism happened and people threw up their hands and said “what do  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

Keep fighting the good fight for awareness and recognition. Your struggle matters and is deserving of more than a brush-off of “that’s how life is.”

Sign of good parentship: forgetting the birthday of one of your 5000 children.

February 17th is Yuina’s birthday so… happy birth, my dumb vampire idiot.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Do you have any tips how to cure unexpected sadness?

Hello~ aaah.. I wish I could have some tips for you… But I’m actually sad lol ( it’s not a joke )

But you know what my grand dad always say ?

 ‘’ Make a cake with the person you love and It will bring you joy ! ‘’

But my problem is … I don’t have flour.
Hope it can help you ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) /♡

Daz plays Resident Evil: Biohazard

“I’m not crouching through there. Are you mad? What the matter with you?”

“Are those horses legs…and razor blades?”

F*cking birds! I’ll slap a crow. I ain’t give a sh*t.”

“Shut up speaking! They’re going to f*cking hear you.”

“You stumbled into the wrong f*cking house, my friend.”


[using healing vial] “Yeah, that will cure a hole through your hand, won’t it?”

“Yeah, get the axe and slice that b*tch up!”

“F*ck off, you Ring-looking b*tch!”

“Uh, Google, how do you cure a severed wrist?”

“How was he alive? Well, he’s f*cking not now, is he?”

“Why am I crouching? Am I gonna give it [monster] oral sex or something?”

“Taste my steel!”

“All these f*cking bodies, man. He’s collecting them like Pokemon cards.”


baz isn’t cured after simon kisses him.

he’s not cured because that’s not how it works, because this isn’t a fairy tale, he’s not the princess and simon’s not the prince. he’s not going to be healed with a kiss. baz has years of doubt and self-hatred and insecurity and pain weighing on him, weighing on the soul he doesn’t even think he has

no, baz isn’t okay. he won’t be okay for a while.

he’ll disguise it. he’ll cover it with his layer of ice, because he’s a pitch and that’s what they do- but it’ll crack. 

when simon calls him darling. when work’s a little too long. when university starts wearing on him.

he’s going to snap, and everything’s going to flood out and it’s going to hurt, so bad, and it’ll shocking and big and loud and awful but-


but then baz will start to heal.

it’s not a sudden thing. it’s not that simon kisses him and he’s better instantly. he’s not. he’s downcast eyes and lips raw from chewing and sobs building up in his chest and late nights with red eyes-

he’s not okay.

but he will be. 

clementambrose  asked:

How do you cure the cuckold disease and make men, men again?

Yikes, umm. I would have to say you need people to believe in something beyond the material world firstly. If your biggest goals in life are just to be a middle class American (or whatever nationality) you are at risk into falling into all types of hedonism. However, if you believe in higher moral ideas doing something like watching your wife be with another man would be utterly repulsive. 

Imagine Peter trying to get you to kiss him

You crossed your arms and eyed him skeptically. “Let me get this straight: you somehow were cursed during the 30 minutes you were out with Felix and you want me to kiss you now?”

         Peter shifted awkwardly. “It’s the only cure… a true love’s kiss.”

         “Pan, you don’t believe in love. You’ve told me that yourself before.” He rolled his eyes. “And besides that, how do you know that my kiss would cure you?”

         He pressed his lips into a tight line and let out a frustrated breath. “I’ll have you know this was Felix’s idea.” He crossed his arms over his chest tightly. “I knew it was stupid.”

         “Then why did you do it?”

         “Why do you think?” He snapped, arms coming free of their stiff position and coming towards you in three furious strides. “I wanted you to kiss me!”

         Used to Peter’s moods, you simply smiled up at him. “Did you ever think about just asking me?”

         Shock clouded over his face, and then he was stepping back. “Um, no.”

         You laughed softly at how awkward he was behaving, how he was so out-of-his-element and unlike himself. It was almost refreshing to see that Peter Pan had a dorky side. “I’ll kiss you, Pan. But I can’t do that if you’re going to chicken out.” You motioned to the distance he’d put between the two of you.

         “I’m not chickening out!” He snapped, standing firm. “Come over here and kiss me!”

         “Are you sure?” You teased. “You look a little nervous.”

         “Y/N, would you just-” Your lips were on his before he could finish his sentence.

anonymous asked:

mom, do you have any advice on how to cure a hangover? like im not thatt hungover but my stomach hurts and i already drank gatorade and ate pancakes but idk what else to do?

Lots of water and aspirin and coffee and a banana and ginger!!! And let yourself rest if you possibly can, darling. I’m sending you so much love: feel better soon!!! <3 <3 <3

anderfeelsy  asked:

so I don't know if you've answered this already, but how do you think Anders would react to finding out there was a cure for tranquility? And that he had the cure on hand?

I have vague memories of perhaps talking about this, but I don’t know when that was lmao, so I’m gonna do it again (if I even did before…).

I think his initial reaction to there being a cure, just generally, would be happiness and relief. This fate, this thing he’d feared for his entire life, this thing that was considered worse than death was curable. Every mage who had been unjustly made Tranquil (read: all of them) could be cured of this horrific fate. It would feel great, and I think he’d want to help spread and implement the use of the cure (something he is uniquely suited to do, of course, and Justice would be 100% into that; righting the greatest wrong ever perpetrated against a mage? Fuck yeah. And Anders could help them adjust after they’re cured as well, since we know that’s tough, and he would be excellent at that). He would also know that if the unthinkable happened to Hawke, if they were a mage, that he could fix it immediately. That would also be immensely comforting, for obvious reasons.

But then there would be a bitter part to it after the immediate relief. Because he would remember Karl, he would realize that he didn’t need to die, that Anders had had the cure inside of him the whole time. Karl could’ve been saved right then and there, but he didn’t know. If he had’ve, that would’ve been a significant thing in his life. I honestly do wonder if Anders would’ve even been interested in Hawke if he’d had Karl around. Karl’s loss had a huge impact on his life, and it would fucking hurt to know it could’ve been avoided all this time.

Of course, he would have Hawke to comfort him. It would help soothe the sting because it was over now, and you can never go back. There was no way he could’ve known. He’d definitely cry over it though, I think. Karl meant a lot to him (I don’t care what he says, he loved him), and the knowledge that he could’ve saved him would definitely cut deep.

But! Anders finding out about the cure for Tranquility, and that he’s uniquely suited to help with that may cause him to realize that he’s immune to it. Which would be… well, I think that would cause him to nearly collapse with relief. The thing he feared most can’t be done to him. The worst thing that could ever happen to him is confirmed to be impossible. And that would be another tearful moment, but those would be of joy rather than sadness, for once.