how do you colour this scene


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

hi, i’m gonna show you how i coloured the training scene gifs from this gifset bcs i know it’s a god damn struggle to get that stupid magenta red blue out of Magnus face and i know this may not be the perfect colouring for it yet but!!! i want to share it with you guys!! 

i’ll show you how to go from this

to this!

the tutorial is under the cut :) 

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tonystarkism  asked:

YOUR GIFS ARE MAGIC AND RAINBOWS (literally)!!! A tutorial on how you use/choose gradients to create colour porn gifsets, pretty please? Love you, you know it <3

I LOVE YOU <3 thank you so much!

Gradients will trasform your gif from this:

to this:

Examples of colour porn gifsets using gradients: x, x and x.

Since this has been requested a few times, I’m gonna start by giving a few tips and then we’ll move to a tutorial.

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okay but Danielle is probably missing such weird chunks of knowledge like Vlad taught her how to speak and read and probably write and he taught her enough social skills to be useful to his plans but there would be so many things she hasn’t learned and she soaks up random shit like a sponge so

she could tell you everything there is to know about ants because she watched this David Attenborough special last night and did you know some ants can jump like there’s this species from Tasmania- but if you ask her what clouds are made of she’ll be like, I dunno, marshmallows?

and she could tell you every detail about her ghost core and what elements are found in ectoplasm but if you ask her to name any human organs she’ll basically stop at ‘brain, heart and stomach’ like what’s a liver?

and the first time she gets her period she has no idea what’s happening and it’s like that scene from Carrie, she thinks she’s dying, she’s on Valerie’s bathroom floor crying her eyes out begging her to call Danny because she thinks her human form is destabilising and doesn’t know what to do or how to fix it

and she has no concept of matching colours or what foods go with what so she’ll eat cereal with orange juice because they’re out of milk and I mean it’s the only other liquid in the fridge and it’s tastier than water, and she’ll wear the most garish mismatching clothes and not understand why people are giving her strange looks

she also uses a lot of words she doesn’t understand and pronounces things wrong a lot because she’s only read them in books and never heard it out loud, but the girl can pick up a new language like a pro, she can speak Cantonese and Swahili as well as she can speak english and nobody really knows where she learnt them and she can ask for the bathroom in like twelve other languages, she just picks shit up from her travels

she thinks the moon is the size of a coin and asks why nobody has ever just, plucked it out of the sky and Danny is just, HORRIFIED and six hours later Danielle knows everything Danny knows about space and she still doesn’t understand where trees come from

and she has the most impeccable manners but punctuates sentences with really bizarre swear words and phrases because she knows those words have power and makes people gasp but she’s not sure how to use them because nobody will tell her so if she wants to make a point she’ll lob a random swear at the end of a perfectly articulated sentence and think that’s just how it’s done

I just love the idea of this tiny chipper outlandishly dressed girl travelling the globe and talking to strangers on the street in whatever country she’s landed in this time, slipping in and out of three different languages, eating a hot dog with chocolate sauce drizzled on it and chatting in precise detail about how bees make honey and then asking where rain comes from like

she’s such a contradiction I love it

im bored of life and everything so i decided to make a post of everything. like a ref list of workouts, studying help, writing, drawing… etc! this will literally take me hours i s2g


  • a way to high marks and be on tumblr the same time.
  • science translated to english :)
  • collection of studying mixes
  • selfcontrol and various pomodoro method site blockers are extremely helpful when you know you need to shut down your access to distracting websites
  • simplynoise, mynoise, rainymood, coffitivity, soundrown, simplyrain,naturesoundplayer, naturesoundsforme are good background voices 
  • a site that would explain to you literally anything
  • organizing your time, studying strategies.. etc
  • study skills
  • how to google
  • learning how to revise
  • improving your revision skills
  • learn geography 
  • shop books online
  • alt. to wikipedia
  • final exams guide
  • get motivated to study
  • tips for a productive study break
  • when should I go to bed?
  • microsoft word equivalent
  • free online books
  • more free books
  • can’t do your homework?
  • “no homework” excuses
  • how to get unblocked internet in school (chrome only)
  • words to make you seem more intelligent
  • emotions vocabulary  


  • how to write a kickass essay
  • alternatives to “said”
  • alternatives to “whispered”
  • tip of my tongue
  • Read any book (apparently)
  • writing fantasy stories
  • character flaws
  • writers block (1) (2)
  • writing a death scene
  • bio help
  • degrees of emotions
  • writing ref
  • music to help you write


  • painting tutorial
  • colour palette (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  • drawing clothe folding
  • avoiding drawing the same face
  • draw ice
  • anatomy help
  • free drawing program (1) (2)
  • sai brushes (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
  • draw hair
  • drawing ref
  • dont know what to draw?
  • draw 3D room tut
  • drawing eyes
  • lip tutorial
  • how to draw jeans
  • how to draw arms
  • expression tutorial
  • drawing hair and fur
  • drawing cats
  • pose reference blog [its actually a blog full of references i-]
  • download photoshop
  • paint blood
  • color blender
  • draw hands
  • hands 2
  • photoshop help (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • remove backgrounds from images online
  • clouds
  • brush setting ref (SAI)
  • kissing ref 
  • how to draw curls
  • realistic woman body ref
  • draw knees
  • draw feet
  • shadow help
  • male body
  • lips ref
  • contouring and highlighting
  • draw wings
  • change images using blur (PS)
  • gray
  • hat ref
  • glowing stuff
  • pastel colors
  • draw grass
  • eyeliner ref


  • eyeliner
  • punk rock makeup
  • disney eye makeup
  • coverup tattooes
  • how to apply blush
  • 6 makeup tips
  • ombre eyeliner
  • what makeup complements my complexion?
  • what makeup suits you?
  • lipstick tricks
  • how to do your makeup with a spoon


  • messy bun tutorial
  • different ways to braid
  • three-braid updo
  • waterfall braid
  • how to fishtail
  • romantic curls
  • braid + bun updo
  • how to do pastel hair
  • 8 ways to wear a bow
  • 4-strand braid
  • braided bun
  • braided headband
  • dutch braid crown
  • pin curls!
  • how to contour
  • everyday makeup routine
  • lipstick using crayons
  • eyeliner ref wow
  • filling in eyebrows
  • banana facial mask (moisturizes)
  • strawberry facial mask (acne prone skin)
  • avocado facial mask (dry skin)
  • yogurt facial mask (sensitive skin)
  • list of oils to add to your face masks
  • already made masterpost :*


  • hot chocolate using nutella -gasp-
  • 4 different smoothies
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • tastiest starbucks drinks
  • best grilled cheese
  • winter sore throat tea
  • best chocolate cake
  • apple pies (mini aw-)
  • extra fancy garlic bread
  • french bread pizza
  • pIE
  • muffin in a mug
  • how to make nutella fudge
  • lavender lemonade wow
  • 15 pound homemade snickers bar
  • make candy crystal meth
  • Macaroni and cheese in a mug
  • cheap & healthy snacks
  • Every Starbucks drink and pasty
  • deliciousfood
  • vegans


  • tv shows masterpost hola
  • movie masterpost
  • scary movies
  • movies to watch when you’re sad
  • when to pee during a movie
  • jennifer lawrence movies master list
  • glee season 1,2,3,4 + 5
  • ja’mie private school girl
  • adventure time master list
  • supernatural
  • doctor who
  • pirates of the carriben series
  • walking dead season 1,2,3 + 4
  • american horror story season 1 + 2
  • a list of over 900 movies with links


  • white noise
  • coffee shop
  • all the music you’ve reblogged
  • stay happy
  • concentrate
  • listen to the rain
  • fireplace
  • play piano


  • textbooknova
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  • ebook3000
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  • masterpost of books wow


  • answer trivia questions and give people rice
  • make a a giant squid pillow!
  • make your own acapella band
  • live ocean
  • pokemon secret base
  • read creepy wikipedia articles
  • read more creepy wikipedia articles 
  • disney lies/ urban legends (probs not real like-)
  • this will take you to a cool place
  • your online garden
  • sand art online
  • wow just open it omg
  • cool websites for wasting time (1, 2, 3 )
  • how to help someone who is suicidal
  • make a blanket nest
  • click daily to give free food to an animal shelter
  • 2500 Japanese emoticons 
  • homemade wax
  • gift ideas for cat lovers
  • moss graffiti
  • make a flower crown
  • night vale monopoly
  • learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse
  • how to play ‘sherlock’
  • supernatural workout
  • learn a new language!
  • learn london slang
  • take personality tests
  • make gifs
  • see what its like to live on minimum wage
  • watch great vines
  • make glitter out of salt
  • make dip-dyed shoes
  • learn to read korean in 15 minutes
  • how to make origami
  • color matching game
  • fun sites masterpost
  • how to be an adult
  • check your postlimit
  • make a wand
  • find out if a website is safe
  • make a font from your handwriting


  • materpost
  • emergency compliment
  • cute yahoo answers
  • calming manatee
  • calming gif
  • coping skills and distractions
  • draw a stickman
  • daily puppy
  • guided relaxation
  • the thoughts room
  • go to a quiet place
  • cut something instead of yourself
  • let it out
  • self injury recovery masterpost
  • free hugs
  • coping skills & distractions
  • make a comfort box


  • 1000+ reference


  • nature/scenery
  • literally everything
  • a little from everything
  • tile/repeating/pattern background
  • gradient
  • halloween


  • cool pixel blogs (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • christmas
  • halloween


  • make a theme tutorial

anonymous asked:

Can you link to any really good EMP metas? I'm trying to look into it but can't find the origin or really detailed ones?

Oh gosh. I’m a firm believer in EMP so if I’m honest pretty much every meta points towards it, but I’ll try to find a few relevant ones.

There isn’t exactly an ‘origin’ of sorts for EMP, but speculation began around the release of HLV when there were a whole bunch of things that didn’t quite add up, (e.g., Sherlock escaping from his hospital room and setting up the Empty Houses confrontation), but to the best of my knowledge the thing that really kicked it all off was @skulls-and-tea​‘s “Tie Hell” — when Mycroft’s tie changes colour going from the tarmac scene in HLV to the plane scene in TAB.

A collection of great EMP posts:

- Basic Overview: S4 as a Continuation of TAB
- LSiT’s “What Dreams May Come” meta
- Why did the skull change? Because the vase moved.
- Why EMP is the only explanation narratively
- John and Mary’s hairstyles, S4 vs. TAB
- So, how do you plan to wake up?
- Sherlock taking John’s POV
- EMP theory from HLV to TLD
- Subtle use of Mind Palace in the past
- John is not a doctor anymore
“Still EMP or coma”
- Another paired scene: Morgue/Relapse parallels
- The weird glass sculpture from Stag Night
- Maybe TD-12 is not a drug

Additionally, I also suggest you follow @drugsbust​, who’s also really into EMP!

A lot of the posts you’ll find out there by doing a quick Google search are quite old, so it’s hard to find updated and relevant stuff that way. Most of it’s pretty intense, speculating that HLV is entirely mind palace, or even that all of Season 3 is, but most people currently tend to lean more towards EMP beginning after Sherlock OD’s on the plane (hence Eurus’ “every time I close my eyes, I’m on the plane”).

More EMP metas (self-promo, hey!):
- Characters within TFP as facets of Sherlock’s subconscious mind
- EMP > The Johntent
- “Amy’s Choice” paralleling Season 4 within Sherlock’s mind palace
“Amy’s Choice” — Mary’s death scene parallel / breaking the fourth wall

A resource that I’ve been compiling for quite a while that I think you’ll find useful exists here, where you can find a Google Drive folder containing all of the scenes within Season 4 that are constructed using props/scenes/costume/dialogue from previous episodes. (Look @ the folder, not the images, because it’s constantly being updated with new references.)

Welcome to the allegorical plane, m8. We ride together, we die together. (And then hopefully, we wake up together.)

Originally posted by fdrobbins

initial obs&bh chapter 2 thoughts

somehow i am surprised that i have meta so early, but in retrospect lol who am i kidding. of course i already have thoughts about @kazliin‘s newest chapter. i took down notes and relevant quotations while i was reading it, and here they are in an expanded and hopefully decently-written form:

(and, because i have at least one follower who only recently discovered this fic series: there are spoilers here! you’ve been warned!)

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anonymous asked:

Do you know if there are any psds that are made for the poc characters? I tried to make my own coloring but it just doesn't seem to be coming out right. Anything will help! Thank you!

I don’t really have a PSD in mind but I cn show you some tricks! It’s all about the reds baby (I’m assuming you have photoshop!) 

So this first picture is me just up-ing the brightness. 

this next one is me turngint he reds DOWN - this is a bad thing to do with the characters of colour. see how it makes them super pale and not like they are supposed to be? BAD!! 

This next is me using a PSD that was specifically made for a certain scene in Moana. See how it washes out the characters? Not good. 

So all I do is adjust the reds! Moana/Maui still looked pretty white washed but see how playing with the reds makes it a LOT better?

I tried fixing them up with the tone curves , which can help as well I only did it a little bit but it helps a lot ! ( i did it for the RBG and the Red curves) 

See how it changes a lot?!?!?! then i played with another layer of selective colours and focusing on the reds. 

A lot of it is trial and error, but these things are the things to focus on. You may have to alter the PSD to fit a specific scene so that they stay as true to characters as possible! if you have any more questions, feel free to message me!! :D hope this helped somewhat

Anisah tries to make a tutorial :) 

There is probably a list of people who should never make tutorials, and i’m on it… but here we are anyways ~

(this is a very detailed tutorial from start to finish, so please bear with me lols. also, its super long, so under a cut it goes )

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of written feelings and words with meaning

Summary: Recently, Dan’s become addicted to this writing blog. He’s so addicted to it in fact, that he might as well be in love with it. The writer seems to say exactly how it feels and he finds himself wishing he had someone who was so deeply in love with him to write for him like that. Little does he know that there is already someone doing that and he’s closer than he thought.

Phil, on the other hand, has his own feelings and secrets to keep.

Excerpt:  For he was more than happy to stand at the shore, watching the tide roll than to submerge himself into the water, get whisked away by the waves, and before he knew it, he’d be too lost to find his way back.

Words: 5k+

Genre: Fluff, Angst (??)

A/N: FOUR DAYS. THIS TOOK ME FOUR DAYS. Anyyas, this was a whole lot of fun to write and I guess this is my year-end gift as well as my HOLY SHIT GUYS THANKS FOR 1.4K YA’LL ARE AMAZING GIFT.

“his laugh was a work of magic
filling my lungs with fresh air
he brought colour to a life so tragic
and held a heart with utmost care

yet he was a hero who didn’t know he was one
a knight saving people he couldn’t see
i would gladly give him the sun
even if he wouldn’t know it was me

oh what a cruel god rules my life
i write for a man who doesn’t know
and despite it, i hold unto the knife
cause i’ve planted a seed that has grown

so, i sit back and watch him live
because many say we met through fate
and bit by bit my heart i give
although i won’t get it back, ‘till kingdom come i’ll wait”

Dan’s eyes were focused on the addicting blue of the screen (he could think of a blue that looked much better than that), scrolling mindlessly, occasionally breathing out through his nose as a desperate attempt of a laugh when he came across the poem. With text posts, he’d normally read it then just scroll on. However, this one managed to hold him captive, a whisper of his mind told him to pay it more attention.

And so he did.

The brunet clicked on the poem’s original poster. Immediately, he was greeted by a monochrome theme with the title Words Written with Feeling in Search of a Meaning and he must admit, it took a while for his sleep-deprived mind to understand it.

For hours, Dan read this writer’s words. From what he could gather, the writer was a man and most of what he’s written was so tragically beautiful. His way with words was astonishing. They made you feel as if you were the one who felt his emotions.

Granted, most of his writing was in first person but despite that, the way he described his thoughts danced on the line of vague and descriptive. It was symbolic. His words made you think of their meaning enough to get a grasp on the complications that were his feelings.

Besides, he found it ironic that the blog was monochrome for the words of the writer were so colourful. Iridescent hues lacing between the curves of every letter. Splashes of colour highlighting every word.

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anonymous asked:

Do you mind me asking what exactly your method for your psd coloring is exactly??? Like do you usually start off with curves or levels first ? Is it mostly just selective colors ? And what does the color fill do exactly? And how do you get your gifs so light and shiny ? I'm sorry for bumbarding you with questions it's just I really wanna make my gifs look better

There’s no need to apologise, if anything it’s flattering to get asked about colouring so thank you!

I usually start by lowering the contrast, then I add some levels and selective colour. How much of each and what colours really depends on the scene though.

I do go a bit OTT with selective colour just because I like things bright and colourful (if I can manage it).

If the scene has a horrible colour tinge to it I always use curves to get rid of it as best I can.

The colour fill doesn’t add a great deal to be honest. I think I just followed a tutorial once when I was first learning to gif and it said to add it, so I did. And I’ve been in the habit ever since. It makes the gif a little lighter, but you can achieve the same thing with curves/levels/brightness.

I don’t really know about the light and shiny, I don’t really see that when I look at my gifs so I don’t know what to tell you on that one. I’m assuming it’s the Guassian blur.

Writing Robyn

So Robyn has 6 lines in Torn.

(She had 2 more that were deleted prior to shooting - nothing to do with Robrina, it was just a little exchange between her & Jana before the pack left the Kafe. Things get cut for time - it happens.)

6 lines may not seem a lot, but believe me, they can consume you.

My initial story last year (which was really different from Torn - it still had Emilia doing civil disobedience and a big speech, but those are literally the only elements that survived from then to now) barely featured R + K. They had a short scene where Robyn was encountering hostility from humans (normal ones - the Humans group wasn’t really a thing yet) and …I think the police… hang on… *checks original story doc [which holy shit I was writing exactly literally a year ago tonight]*… yep the police, who are looking for Emilia. And Katrina steamed in to defend Robyn. That was it for them with me.

Then a couple of months later, we had to alter lots of events in Block 2 of the series (Eps 6 - 10) because of production issues that had come up, and most of our stories drastically changed. My ep was now going to be the one where the emergency laws came into force - where everything went to hell for the pack, basically. And so the Kafe Escape scene was born.

I had an image in my head straight away. Literally straight away, of Robyn, perched on the sill of the open flat window, about to jump and  - -

I spent a lot of time thinking about Robyn before I could write that scene properly. She barely had any lines in S4 - information and orders, really - but Natasha’s looks, and body language, were so good, and intense. She truly did hold your attention, even in the back of shots. I was not surprised when they said they wanted to bring her back.

But who was Robyn?

In a group, as writers, we knew what she would be doing in the series. Her role would be somewhat humorous, at least initially, as you put a precise, highly-trained security operative into a more sedate service role, where she has to interact with - fuck - PEOPLE. Like normal people. Imagine James Bond suddenly working in McDonalds*. It’s not going to go well, and it’s going to be funny.

*Other fast food providers are available

At the same time, she’s also the keeper of some Segolia secrets that even Imara is not privy to, and she’s a combat expert that Jana can - if need be - utilise. And she’s seeing an increase of hostility towards her kind, which she probably can’t deal with in the manner she’d like to. And oh yeah, at some point, somewhere along the way, she’s going to develop a big ol’ crush on her new boss. Her new *human* boss.

That’s all good, with loads of story potential. That still doesn’t get me into her head.

I knew Jana. I knew TJ. I knew Selina, I knew Matei, I knew Emilia, I knew Imara, I knew Katrina. If you asked me to write a scene with them, I knew how they’d react, and how they’d sound. I didn’t have that with Robyn. Yet.

Who was she during S4? What did she do on her days off, or on the nights when she wasn’t sneaking around with a camera for Victoria Sweeney? I figured she had a modest apartment, paid for by Segolia. It had a view of the river. The bridge that lights up in all colours. Not a huge amount of personal belongings - she’s come over to Segolia UK to advance with the company, so all that stuff is back home. But she likes that flat. It’s hers. A symbol. She’s on her way in a big city. It’s got a tiny balcony, and sometimes - when she needs to, when she can’t sleep - she can just stand out there and listen, and look at those lights. A symbol - to her.

Meals for one, *usually* microwaved, because work takes up a lot of time. But you can still have pride in preparing a microwave meal. You can follow those instructions just right. You can add a side to it, or select a drink you know will compliment it. You can be a microwave gourmet, and take pride in serving yourself exquisitely.

And she goes out walking. She walks that city, learning every street and turn - you never know when it will come in handy on the job. She’ll go out during the day, on weekends, or when the food market is set up and there’s eight different kinds of meat in one inhalation. But it’s at night she likes walking best. Sure, it’s full of humans, and she’d rather socialise with other Wolfbloods …but in truth she’d rather not socialise that much at all with anyone. But there are the lights again. And more than lights - now there’s music. There’s a beat. And she’ll stand across from those bars and those clubs and let that pulse flood into her. Nothing less than 110 BPM, 130 and up if you’ve got it. It makes her heart pound and she doesn’t need to move, she just feels it.

Occasionally… not often… she’ll go into one of those clubs. Even rarer, when she needs it, she’ll dance herself. Untouchable, in an extra-sensory-powered world of her own - wolfgirl’s got some moves. But most times she’ll order a drink, and stand at the bar, and feel that beat through every surface she touches. And her eyes will slide over the room, taking everything in, every detail - and sometimes she can’t tell you if it’s Robyn or Robyn the Segolia Security Operative who’s looking. And sometimes she’ll see a woman - moving, dancing, part of the beat - and find herself gazing for just a moment longer. And that’s it, because a busy Segolia Security Operative is content with her meals for one, and her modest apartment, and her beat, and that’s the way it is for now.

And now that’s all gone.

There’s no Segolia. There’s no apartment. Her world’s blown up, and now all her skills - her combat skills, her covert skills - are being put to work in a Kafe. It’s not even spelt right! And she has to be polite when brusque gets shit done much faster. And the customers are so slow to order - have they even read the menu before they come to the counter, damn it! And use. the fucking. tongs. And the owner is …she means well. She’s cheery - sometimes infuriatingly so. Forget the sometimes. Always. And her taste in television is beyond terrible - you barely used to turn yours on. And why can’t she stop talking and just let you go into your (admittedly nice) room and sleep? It’s not the same now - you can just about see the river from the windows. But not the lights, not now.

But you’ll endure. It’s better than nothing. And now all this shit with these Humans idiots is going down, and if Jana and Imara would let you, you’d just go out there and break their faces in a moment but apparently that’s frowned upon now, and Katrina definitely wouldn’t like it, and Katrina is …she’s kind of your Alpha now? That’s what she said just the other day, the Alpha of the flat. Which makes sense and is… okay, I guess? And later that day, in the evening, when I was at the counter, just after Selina & Hannah came in and wanted a late milkshake and GOD THE MACHINE WAS ALREADY OFF AND CLEANED but okay I’ll make it, and as I was doing it I looked at Katrina and she smiled at me and why is my heart pounding when there’s no beat?

And all through that pathetic Humans siege - those stupid texts they sent - I couldn’t shut that pounding off. I just wanted to be near her. And she’s my Alpha now, so that’s how it should be. …but I can’t protect her how I want to. I’m her security now. Never mind the police, never mind what her grandad says, I’m listening to the pounding and the pounding says shield her - put myself between her and danger. And she’s doing the same for me now, arguing with her grandad, and before we turned in she looked at me and smiled again - a sadder smile, but it only made the pounding MORE.

And now it’s a Dark Moon day and I feel like shit, and I’m banned from the Kafe by Katrina’s stupid grandad and I know she has to work down there but I wish she’d just come up and say hello and something’s happening down there I can hear it even without my Wolfblood abilities which means trouble and I AM GOING DOWN -

- and now there’s no Jana and no Imara, and I don’t even care if Katrina doesn’t want me to do it because he’s trying to hurt her and this fucking idiot Human is tasting tray rigHT NOW and she’s howling my Alpha is howling -

- and even now her grandad wants me gone but I won’t leave her I don’t even care what he’s saying I will not leave Katrina and …she’s… taking my hand. She has my hand and she’s saying she’s my Alpha and it’s not just the pounding the lights are back now too - -

And now Robyn’s back at the window, on that sill and ready to jump, and finally I know her, and I know why she stops and turns to Katrina, and can’t leave her. And with the most loaded use of the words “ - and more” in history will tell Katrina exactly what she means to her.

And that’s Robyn. And I’m so, so proud and so fucking lucky I got to be part of her life - even for 6 lines.

WINGS You Never Walk Alone Theory Part 2

Read part 1

This part of the theory is based on the mv teasers only, i might make more parts when the mvs are out

NONE OF THESE GIFS ARE MINE (apart from one that looks like shit lol)

  • More contrasting scenes:

This one might not seem evident but notice how Jungkook goes from

  1. Looking sad, with a pale face and bluish lips to looking healthy (his hair and skin look more colourful),
  2. The weather goes from cold and gray to sunny,
  3. And in the second scene the phrase “you never walk alone” can now be read behind him

What i understand from this change of scene is him gaining hope, now he knows that “he never walks alone”, and he even looks at the distance like he is seeing a better future coming

This one i mentioned in part 1:

It goes from warm light and cosy athmosphere to dark and even scary (considering how lost Jungkook looks), but I do notice that rap line doesn’t look that happy in that second gif so i’m not very sure about this one, and like i said before i think that the reason for this mood change is probably gonna become clearer in the mv

One thing i noticed is that each time a sad/dark scene comes up it consists of one of the members being alone, in the rest of the teaser a lot of happy moments are shown and most of them (not all) consist of the boys being together

i know Jimin looks pissed but they’re having fun okay

So i guess we can say that the phrase “you never walk alone” is meant to cheer anyone having problems or going through hardships (just like Jungkook in the two first gifs of this post) because we can only be truly happy when we have each other

So maybe the paradoxal changes could represent how the boys get lost, lonely, hopeless, sad, depressive ect. but when they are all together they can get through the hardships and become happy

II. Not Today:

This teaser is very short but it can still be analyzed, the boys are running away from a bunch of black hooded figures

As soon as i saw them i was immediately reminded by the same figures from the Fire mv

There’s already many theories about them, but i think there is two most logical options that actually compliment this teaser:

Possibility n° 1: The hooded figures are the boys’ demons/sins/negative thoughts such as self hatred and depression ect

Possibility n° 2: The hooded figures are the bad people that judge the boys, underestimate them, critisize them and even contempt them

In both cases they are obviously running away from them because both are negative

In Fire mv Yoongi burns one of them with a handshake, so he is kind of tricking the figure into thinking he is friends with it but then burns it after he turns on the music

Later in the mv again the boys are tricking the figures by dancing with them at first and luring them into one place before leaving them in there and making the place explode

(this is the only gif that i made myself and it looks like shit lmao)

So this either means

Possibility n° 1: The boys went through hard times, they were depressed and did stuff they regret and were in such dark times that they even attempted suicide in different ways (Run mv, I Need U mv) why did they have a tough time in the first place? well there’s this whole big theory about Jin dying so when they lost their friend they went downhill but that’s a whole other story

So now they are trying to erase of those bad thoughts/actions by literally setting them on fire.

Possibility n° 2: Same thing but with society being the hooded figures, the boys are tired of being discriminated and treated badly so they decide to burn down all the negative people

In Not Today teaser we also notice that at the beginning we can’t see who are the boys running away from because it is hidden by smoke

This could have a meaning:

Possibilty n° 1: When we are facing our demons and having bad thoughts it is not apparent to the people around us because we don’t talk about it. You can’t tell if a person is going through depression just by looking at them

Possibility n° 2: Even though young people are treated badly in our society it is something considered normal and acceptable to do, so we don’t realise it at first, it is hidden by the ideas that society itself put in our minds

It could also have a political meaning and that is that the rulers and people n power who don’t treat us right hide that fact, they pretend like everything is doing great though people are suffering

The black hooded figures could represent one of these possibilities or they could represent them all

We are back to “you never walk alone” when we see that at the end of the Fire mv they are all together happy and having fun, leaving behind the negative thoughts.


And in Not Today they are all running away together and in one direction

This shows once again that we aren’t truly happy if we don’t have each other

Youth concept:

BTS is still in the youth concept and that is shown by three main factors:

  1. “For Olemas to be happy, one child has to be constantly miserable” how society judges the young people and wants them to do things they don’t want to do, so then society is content despite the sadness of the youth
  2. If BTS is truly critisizing Korea’s education system then it is defending youth and trying to show that grades and diplomas aren’t as important as the mental health and the well being of students (the youth)
  3. The black hooded figures represent the problems of young people

Now i understand why this comeback happened so soon, it’s because Blood Sweat & Tears was more like a little break from the youth concept, but it doesn’t represent the true motives of Wings -solo songs all talked about serious subjects while the title track was about temptation

Also the fact that BTS is releasing this album while they’re on tour and performing their new songs the first time during a concert shows that they are really gifting it to armys, they even said so

Wings: You Never Walk Alone is a gift from BTS to every army (or the youth in general) that is struggling with mental health issues or simply going through hard times to help them feel understood, that they are not alone and that there is always hope

anonymous asked:

as someone who's sort of an art person (lmao i don't know how to say this better) i think the main thing is how it's filmed. it's SUPER different from the rest of the scenes. the colour is all warm and golden and there's a fire in the fireplace and the music is very different from the general music and it's filmed a bit differently. it's deliberately made to feel separate from the rest of the episode. when the phone lights up with blue light it made me grossed out because it's meant to do that

(In reference to my post on The Lying Detective Hug scene deliberately being on the few Genuine Moments).

Haha, I know what you mean– thanks for this! (If I remember right, there’s meta on the colour blue= a lie?) But yes, the whole thing just feels very welcoming and genuine and… I don’t know, gentle to me? Like that lovely fade out where we just take a breath and linger on the moment, you want the scene to continue… unlike so many other parts lmao.


Mima: Do you have a LINE account?
Miyuki: Huh? Ah, you mean that you want to exchange our LINE, right?
Mima: Yes.
Miyuki: Actually, i don’t have a LINE account. So do you want my number instead?
Mima: Yes, please.
Miyuki: Alright then, give me your phone~
Miyuki: Here you go.
Miyuki: Next time you want to ask someone’s LINE account, don’t give them the death glare, okay?
Mima: …What do you mean?
Miyuki: Nothing.