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BitesizeKorean Masterpost

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Vocabulary Builders

  • Countries
  • Body Parts
  • Twitter
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Words of Encouragement
  • Colours in Korean
  • Common Konglish Words
  • Numbers in Korean


  • 외국인 vs. 외국 사람
  • 책방 vs. 서점
  • 일하다 vs. 직장
  • 숙제 vs. 과제
  • 학교 vs. 학원
  • 응답하다 vs. 대답하다
  • 심지어 vs. 게다가
  • 가격, 값 and 비용
  • 수다 and 수다를 떨다
  • 감사합니다, 고마워, and 고맙다.
  • 한국어 vs. 한국말
  • 아마 vs. 어쩌면
  • 아니요 vs. 아니야
  • 지금 vs. 이제
  • 위성 vs. 달
  • 이거 vs. 이게
  • 항상 vs. 늘
  • 자백 vs. 고백
  • 평소 vs. 보통
  • 오전 vs. 아침
  • 어쩌면, 아무래도, and 아마
  • 1등 vs. 1위
  • 아니에요 vs. 천만에요
  • 원하다 vs. 싶다
  • 부인 vs. 아내
  • 미안하다 vs 죄송하다
  • 뭐 vs 무슨
  • 친절 vs 친절하다 vs 친절한
  • 창피 vs 민망
  • (-았/었어요) vs  (-고 있어요)
  • 있면 vs 있다면
  • 당신은 vs 너는
  • 명 vs 분
  • 너무, 진짜 and 아주
  • 유방 vs 가슴
  • 서운하다 vs 슬프다
  • Interrogatives
  • Demonstratives
  • Locative Adverbs
  • Bright and Dark Vowels
  • Particles 은/는 and 이/가
  • 을/를 Object Marking Particles
  • 이다 (To be)
  • 아니다 (To not be)
  • ~(으)ㄹ수록 [~(으)면 ~(으)ㄹ수록] (The more… the more…)
  • ~네요
  • ~ㄹ/을 계획 (To have plans to…)
  • 잘/못 하다 (to be good/bad at something)
  • 아서/어서
  • Particles: 에게/함테/께 and 에게서/한테서
  • 와/과 particles
  • Particles 에서 and 에
  • ~(으)ㄴ/는 편이다 (Stating characteristics) 
  • Expressing desire to possess a noun ~고 싶어요
  • (verb)+자
  • ~(으)ㄴ/는데 
  • ~겠어요
  • A/V~고
  • Pronouns in Korean: I, me, my, mine
  • 보이다
  • ~던 
  • 지 and the ~는 것 principle
  • ~아/어/여야 되다 or ~아/어/여야 하다 (to have to)

Misc. Questions

  • What does 눈치 mean?
  • Basic Korean curriculum plan! Pt.2
  • Anywhere to read beginner and intermediate Korean?
  • Is ㄱ ‘g’ or a ‘k’?
  • How do you pronounce 의?
  • When is 의 pronounced differently?
  • What is the difference between ㄱ and ㅋ?
  • How to say ‘You are’ in Korean?
  • How to say “I am” in Korean?
  • How to say “What is…” in Korean?
  • How to say “Who is…” in Korean?
  • What does 미드 mean?
  • What does 특집 mean?
  • What are some differences between the Seoul and Busan dialect?
  • How to learn the Busan accent?
  • What is the difference between 입니다 and 이에요/예요?
  • When do pronounce the letters ㅅㅈ ㅊ and like ’t’ and ㅂ like ’m’? And why?
  • When are ㅅ/ㅆ pronounced “SH”?
  • How to say, “Is it interesting?”
  • 뭐야 이거?
  • Which particles are dropped in speech?
  • Do people in Daegu and Busan speak the same dialect?
  • What’s the difference between ~어/아서 and ~고?
  • How to change verbs into nouns?
  • What’s the difference between 안녕히가세요 and 안녕히계세요?
  • What’s “anyway” in Korean?
  • Why do Koreans use 우리 instead of 나의?
  • What does “멋졍 ” mean?
  • Pronunciation rules for ㅎ
  • Speech formalities 
  • Nouns in Korean
  • How to ask questions in Korean
  • How to say a.k.a in Korean?
  • How to say ASAP in Korean?
  • Grammatical spacing in Korean
  • Accents around Korea
  • Difference between 함께 and 함께라면?
  • How would you use 이야기하다 in a sentence?
  • What does ‘도망치지 마 뒤돌아서서 두려움에 맞서봐’ mean?
  • ㅍ,ㅂ, and ㅃ
  • Difference between 애 and 에?
  • How to say “please” in Korean
  • Negatives in Korean
  • Difference between ㅊ and ㅈ?
  • What’s the difference between 우리, 나의, and 내(ㅔ)?
  • Why do Koreans sometimes put 나 at the end of a sentence?
  • Difference between 입니다 and 습니다?
  • How to introduce yourself in Korean?
  • How to pronounce Hangul characters?
  • What does 이뤄진다 mean?
  • Pronunciation of ㅈ for men and women 
  • What’s “real” in Korean?
  • What’s “star” in Korean?
  • Korean suffixes
  • What does 휘황찬란한 mean?
  • Are “천만에요” and “안녕하세요” formal polite?
  • Greetings on the phone?
  • Which number system do I use for ‘years’?
  • Korean Sentence Structure
  • Why is there a -야 at the end of informal sentences?
  • What do stressed syllables mean in Korean?
  • 네 as 네 or as 니?
  • What does 인정 mean?
  • How do you use compliments like “cutie” in Korean?
  • Cutie: 귀염둥이 
  • How to ask to switch to 반말?
  • 고민: One’s worries
  • What does 왜그래 mean?
  • ㄹ sounding as L and R?
  • Resources for learning about culture?
  • Thoughts on TTMIK?
  • Are there other times to use 여보세요?
  • What do you say when you answer the phone?
  • How to say Happy Birthday in Korean?
  • Hangul characters and syllables explanation 
  • Does 때문에 have a negative nuance? 
  • Understanding Konglish words
  • How to say “Excuse me” to pass through
  • Do commas exist in Korean?
  • How to ask questions in Korean part 2
  • Is there a specific stroke order to Hangul?
  • How to say “embarrassing” in Korean
  • How to identify the subject and object in a sentence?
  • How to pronounce hanja?
  • How to say the year in Korean?
  • Common spelling mistakes in Korean
  • Understanding dictionary form
  • Hangul character names and alphabetical order
  • How to pronounce compound consonants in Korean
  • What does 새살 mean?
  • Is there a difference between 화이팅 and 파이팅?
  • What does 주룩 mean?


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  • Week Ten


  • Week Eleven
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  • Week Twenty


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  • Week Thirty
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  • Week Thirty-Five
  • Week Thirty-Six
  • Week Thirty-Seven
  • Week Thirty-Eight
  • Week Thirty-Nine
  • Week Forty 


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  • 가재는 게 편이라
  • 개미 구멍으로 둑도 무너진다
  • 가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다
  • 거지도 부지런하면 더운 밥 얻어 먹는다
  • 가려운 곳을 긁어 주다
  • 거미 새끼같이 흩어진다
  • 가랑비에 옷 젖는 줄 모른다
  • 개천에서 용 난다
  • 걱정도 팔자다
  • 귀신도 모르다
  • 거짓말도 방편
  • 공자 앞에서 문자 쓴다
  • 곧은 나무 먼저 찍힌다
  • 고양이에게 생선을 맡기다


  • 시작이 반이다
  • 선무당이 사람 잡는다


  • 말보다 증거


  • 천 리 길도 한 걸음부터


  • 작은 고추가 맵다
  • 잠을 자야 꿈을 꾸지


  • 원숭이도 나무에서 떨어진다


  • 돌다리도 두드려 보고 건너라
  • 달도 차면 기운다


  • 빛 좋은 개살구


  • 득템
  • 얼짱
  • 말을 씹다 or 문자를 씹다
  • 안습


  • ”내 맘에 깊이 가득 차버린 공허한 세상 나를 구해줘” Reset - Tiger JK
  • “이 끝이 없는 미로 속에서 어서 날 꺼내줘” Love is not over (full version) - BTS
  • “난 숨쉬고 싶어 이 밤이 싫어 이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어” Save me - BTS
  • “난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요” A Goose’s Dream - InSoo
  • “다시 run run run 난 멈출 수가 없어 또 run run run 난 어쩔 수가 없어” Run - BTS


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Do you use any other social media?

I have an Instagram for Korean Idioms, and another Instagram for all my vocabulary study cards! I also have a Twitter for updates! And a Memrise for vocabulary!

How long have you been studying Korean?

Honestly, not long! I’ve only been dabbling in the language since late October 2015.

Do you self study?

Yes. I try to dedicate at least four hours a week into learning grammar and vocabulary.

What is your native language?

My mother tongue is English!

What is your name?

Most people call me Elle (pronounced Ellie)! My real name is Emily.

Will you add audio to your study cards?

I did consider making audio for the pronunciation, however I came to the conclusion that the quantity of vocabulary I’m supplying each week is already being juggled on top of university work. So making videos or audio would only increase the work and provide difficult to keep up. Although, I’m not completely dismissing the idea, so I’ll see what happens!

Will you add romanisation to you study cards?

I personally don’t think that romanisation is necessary, and quite often, it seems to be that learners can find it restrictive. This is mainly due to the fact that it can actually inhibit proper pronunciation and hinder reading fluency. Romanisation also has the habit of contradicting advanced pronunciation rules, and for these reasons, I don’t like to include it. I also had an open discussion with most of you about adding it - and it seems that a majority would dislike me to include romanisation. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Am I allowed to save the study card you’ve made?

Of course. That’s why I make them! ;) However, I do not allow the re-uploading of any of my flashcards without first asking permission. I put time and effort into these study cards, and it’s upsetting to see my work posted without proper credit.

Why did you start learning Korean?

I love language, and have dabbled in many! I decided to learn a language completely different to anything I’ve learnt before, so I picked Korean randomly. I fell in love with it, and from there I’ve found a secret passion for Korean drama!

What other languages have you studied/know?

I have studied German, French, Russian, Japanese, and have recently just started to learn Danish. Although, Korean has been the most fun!

The thing about fanfics I definetely cannot wrap my mind about is the so called ‘constructive criticism’. Ya see, I read a lot of fanfics and every single time, I see one or two reviewers leaving awful feedbacks under the guise of 'criticism’

Sometimes I stop for a minute and think: “why the hell they are commenting or reading something they dislike?

It’s deeper than it seems, for real. I suppose almost 90% of the fanfic writers are writing to vent or to relax because real life is already stressful AS FUCK. So really, I do believe that writing, just like drawing, singing or whatever are simply mechanisms to relief the stress and let the creativity flow.

Like, some writers are awfully problematic and deserve to be called out, but a few years ago I was reading an old Marauders’ fanfic and someone (a reader) commented in literally all the 21 chapters with complaints! L I T E R A L L Y

There were things like "This story already sucks”, “learn how to write in english”,“why do you even try?”,“bad writing is bad writing!”, “go back to the books, nothing you wrote makes sense”

And this person wouldn’t stop until the writer gave up. The fanfic was finished way earlier than it was supposed to be and the author left a note for all of us readers saying:

“I’m sorry, I can’t go on with the story because apparently I suck. I’m sorry for my bad english, It’s not my language. I apologize for my readers but I’ll delete my account in a few days.”

And like… I felt so bad and I wanted to punch whoever was that hater so badly!! It’s been 4 years now and I never heard of that writer again. All of her accounts were gone. So my question is: What the fuck is wrong with some of you people?

What thing possessed you to be such a fucking asshole just for the sake of being one?


Sanjoy Update 2/15/2017

Sanjoy Instagram live:

said he texted Youngjae last night.

When asked about when the song is coming out he responded that.  

He does not know exactly when because there are too many songs and they don’t want to pile things up on Youngjae.

“Release Schedule are different” 

(A/N: Since Youngjae has a comeback in March along with finishing all their fan meetings the poor boy is already so busy. Bless our Sunshine he is so hard working.)  

The collab is going to be an original song and remix of OBVI. (AHHHHHHHHH 2 songs???)

(A/N: While he was doing the live stream he was waiting for his sister at the store because his sister was getting her Degree framed. he is the cutest. Was showing off his sister master degree the whole time.)

Was asked to speak to Youngjae in Arabic. He asked how to say how “I like his hair”. Then realized he should learn it in Korean because Youngjae doesn’t speak Arabic.

(A/N: Youngjae’s hair is killing me this era)

favorite got7 song is Moonlight.

talks all the time with Youngjae

He communicates by just texts with Youngjae . They text in English.

He originally DM Youngjae and gave him his number. ( A/N Slide into his DM’s real slick).

How the call went according to Sanjoy:

“Youngjae: YO! I’m like 45 minutes away.

Sanjoy: Cool, Elliot and I are coming to see you. “

Concert (Turbulence Fanmeeting) was massive/ dope

“Jackson is so funny” and has met the others members like Mark Tuan.  

but is mostly in touched with Youngjae

When he goes to Korea we are going to see “really cool stuff”

They talk in English. Youngjae speaks English really well but he will learn a little bit of Korea to get around.

Sent the Obvi cover already with vocals, instrument, ect. Told Youngjae to do what ever he wants.  

“anything Youngjae sings is awesome.”

Will learn how to sing Got7 songs. but he cant right now. ( A/N: I think he means speaking Korean still but want to learn how to sing it but will sing it when he can speak Korean.)

“They [Got7] sees everything”.

(A/N: He was talking about the fanmade cover. where it says “+Youngjae” on it which is what he posted on his story. So that explains why Youngjae’s version is not in the link)

He says that he would sing Got7′s song but he would butcher it because he doesn’t know Korean .

Going to record with he uber driver he met because the driver can sing well and want to collab. ( A/N: precious).

Has to call his mom back.


Everyone go support OBVI.

Also keep being supportive of the collaborate but also kind and well behaved. We don’t want to overwhelm Elliot and Sanjoy or make them uncomfortable. So please mind what you write and send them. I haven’t seen any problems personally but lets keep this up. We won best fandom in 2016 for a reason so lets show why. 

Lesson 2: Korean Greetings

This Lesson is Part of Lexi’s Class

In the previous lesson we learned Hangul and its basics! In this lesson we will learn some basic ways to apply Hangul basics through Korean Greetings!

A little fun fact, the Korean word for greeting is 인사!

This first greeting we’re going to learn is one you probably already know, 안녕하세요!

안녕하세요 Means hello and is in the formal or polite form of speaking called 존댓말

Lets quickly break down this word:

안녕 means Well-being, peace, and health in the english language

하세요 means ‘you do’, 'do you?’, and 'please do’

So, the literal translation of 안녕하세요 is 'Do you have peace?’

You should also know this next greeting, 안녕

안녕 Is how I greet all of my students on the amino and is in the casual form of speaking called 반말

안녕 Means both 'Hello’ and 'Goodbye’ as it is the root word for both greetings

As mentioned previously, 안녕 means Well-being, Peace, and Health

The next greeting is 여보세요 and is used when greeting someone over the phone

This means Hello, just like 안녕하세요, and doesn’t have a literal broken down meaning (and I mean, I tried to see if it did and trust me on this lol it doesn’t)

Now, 만나서 반가워요 And 만나서 반갑습니다 both mean the same thing but are in two different Forms of Speech

만나서 반가워요 Is in the casual form called 반말

만나서 반갑습니다 Is in the formal form called 존댓말

Let’s break down both:

만나서 Means 'meet’

반가워요 Means 'I’m glad to ____ you’

반갑다 Means 'Happy’, 'Pleasant’, and 'Glad’

As you can tell, both 만나서 반가워요 and 만나서 반갑습니다 mean “It’s nice to meet you!”

Next, I’ll teach you how to say goodbye in 존댓말, or the polite/formal way

안녕히 가세요 And 안녕히 계세요 both mean 'Goodbye’, but one is used when you are leaving, the other when you are staying

you would use 안녕히 가세요 when you are the person staying and 안녕히 계세요 when you are the person leaving

Now let’s move on to the same thing, but in the casual form, or 반말

To say goodbye in 반말, you can say either 잘 있어 or 잘 가

you use 잘 있어 when you are the person leaving, and 잘 가 when the other person is the one leaving

And finally, onto one of your Vocabulary words from the first Vocab list posted by 민나리 on the amino, 잘 자(요)

잘 자(요) Is more towards the 반말 side of the korean language and is used to say goodnight!

I know throughout this lesson, I had mentioned the 2 forms of language, 존댓말 and 반말 a lot, but don’t worry too much about them quite yet, as we will go more in depth in a future lesson

- Leader Lexi

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I have a request, how would the Mukami will cheat on their s/o?? I hope you understand what i mean beacuse im not good at english *-*

I completely understand! You do not have to apologize! :)


Ruki: Ruki already has a distrust for women in general, so for him to cheat on his female s/o is very unlikely. But if he is stressed out with the relationship and sees how toxic it has become, Ruki may quietly slip on to another person who can be his new Livestock. He’ll eventually tell the truth to his s/o, knowing that this was probably for the best. He didn’t see a reason to be with them anymore.

Kou: Kou has girls at his beck and call every day because of his job as an idol. If he starts to get bored with his s/o or becomes highly jealous of his s/o spending time with someone else, he’ll go out and have some fun himself. He likes to use people and have them at his disposal because of all of the kind things he’s done for them. His s/o wouldn’t be an exception to his philosophy.

Yuma: Yuma would stop feeding on his s/o solely because he’s found someone else to drink blood from and it satisfies his thirst better than ever. He’d spend less time with his s/o and be more short with them, calling them annoying and a bothersome person. It’s to the point where he pushes his s/o to leave first in the relationship in order to save his own face. It’s cruel and selfish, but it works.

Azusa: Despite his seemingly calm facade, Azusa would still be a little devious if his s/o was mistreating or disobeying him. He may start to distance himself from his s/o and find someone else to kill his time. After all, he doesn’t have an interest in them anymore. And for once in a long time, Azusa would be unusually more cruel to his s/o. He wants to see them suffer while he gets to enjoy life.

-Admin Yuuzuki

anonymous asked:

Hi! Madame here... a few things: Sam needs to stop wearing that top/t-shirt (i don't know how you call it in English lol) because it's horrible, I need the same duck Sam has in that video to throw water to everybody this summer in Spain, where can I buy it? lol , and the last thing: CAN THEY DATE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! AND STOP WITH THE STUPIDITY OF BEING WITH OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE THERE'S NO WAY THEY CAN BE AS PERFECT AS THEY ARE TOGETHER WITH OTHERS. THAT'S ALL, I'm hyperventilating. BYE MUAKS

Hi Madame!

If you had a blog, I’d would find a variety of ways to harass you with that shirt. 😂 Damn it! Just do it already!

Oh, by the way, they are not with other people.


Summary: (College!AU) In which a trip to the bookstore ends up becoming an adventure with Bucky. 

Author’s Note: Okay, so lately I’ve been binge reading @buckyywiththegoodhair ‘s “A Lesson in Love” series and it fully inspired me to do a college!bucky au. A huge thank you to @spidweeb for being a doll and helping me edit this out.

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I know you know Chinese not Japanese but I was wondering if you have any tips on learning Kanji since they're Chinese characters?

Ok! So I don’t know how kanji are taught to Japanese learners so this may or may not be stuff you’ve already been told. I also don’t know if the terminology used in English to talk about Japanese is the same. But whatever! Excelsior! 


(I hope it’s ok that I call you a bitch)

You gotta make that muscle memory work for you. A lot of times second language students just kinda jump in and start haphazardly copying the characters. NO. DO NOT.

This is 好, hao3 in Chinese, suki (I think?) in Japanese. The meaning in Japanese is not the same as in Chinese, incidentally. (Gif is from which is a great open-source dictionary for Chinese!)

Not only does learning correct stroke order help you remember the characters, but the way you move the brush makes an enormous difference if you ever decide to try calligraphy. If you want calligraphy to look right, you HAVE to follow stroke order.


The radical is this bit:

So this character 請 ask, invite is 言 speech + 青 blue-green (let’s not get into the colour game here). The radical and it is generally related to the meaning. The part of the character that isn’t the radical sometimes is another meaningful bit, but more often is a sound component. Except when they came up with these characters the language was pronounced totally differently than it is today, and you’re learning Japanese, so you’re hosed before you start.

Chinese characters to Japanese learners: “u wanna guess how 2 say this, get fucked m8, ill fukin rek u, swear on ur mum’s choubi”.

You may have noticed that WE CAN GO DEEPER:

So in this case the radical is the top bit, 生 which means to give birth, sprout, etc, the relation to the meaning of “blue green” is that it’s the colour of nature and new life.

…which explains why it’s part of this word:

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Meet me halfway

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Pairing: NamjoonxReader

Genre: Fluff

Sequel to  From the other side

Sum: After reaching the top 10 international music list, with your song that you collaborated with BTS. Parting ways was harder than you had thought, but his number was locked upon your phone. Texting daily, you got to know him better, to fall in love. But did he feel the same? You have only met once, doing the collaboration. Now that BTS has gotten more recognition in the US, they have announced their Wings tour. Another chance, to meet again.

Word count: 3k

A/N: People keep asking me why I don’t use “10 pm” instead of “22:00”, to put it simple, I’m mostly familiar with military time (24-hour clock).

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JYP+GOT7 TRY to Help BamBam Find His CHILL

JYP: Okay so everyone BamBam will be entering soon, so remember what I said. We’re not here to make him feel attack–

Junior: I am.

JYP: *clears throat* As I was saying, we’re not here to make him feel attacked but to guide and encourage him into making wiser choices. Are we clear?

Jaebum: We can try but I honestly don’t think this will work at all.

Yugyeom: I’m in.

Youngjae: I got it.

Mark: *nods*

Jackson: Hey! If I agree and can help BamBam calm himself down will you let me be blonde again? I think that I’ve been punished enough for cracking all those jokes on you in interviews.


JYP: I’ll think about it. Now look casual, here he comes.

BamBam: *enters room* DAB.WHY.PEE!! WOOP DAB HYUNG DAB!

Jaebum: We’re already too late.

JYP: BamBam why don’t you have a seat. We’re all having a quick meeting.

BamBam: *sits down puts his bedazzled glittery pink panda fur boots on the table*

JYP: Now BamBam you know that we all love you and care about you, and because we love you there are some things that we need to discuss.

BamBam: *taking selfies* What? oh..okay sure whatever man.

JYP: Jaebum why don’t you go first?

Jaebum: Fine. Hey BamBam you need to stop being so extra you’re making the group look bad.

JYP: God JB! I said to be gentle!

Jaebum: I’ve got a another doctor’s appointment in 20 minutes. I’m not tryna be here all day.

Mark: *mutters* Why didn’t i think of an excuse too?

JYP: Okay Junior what do you want say?

Junior: Before I say my speech, I want to know if I go along with this will you let me change my name to something that isn’t so conceited and all about you? Am i going to be a 30 year old man named Junior??!

JYP: Honestly Junior, this could have been a completely different meeting. I already let you change your name from JR. to Junior. How much do you want?


Junior: *rolls eyes* BamBam we all think you need to stop walking around looking like you learned English from

Mark: And if you could stop calling us Dab7, it’s kind of lame.

BamBam: Damn Daniel! Ya’ll salty af! Why am I being targeted? I haven’t done anything wrong.

JYP: *Pulls out paper and hands it to Jackson*

Jackson: This is a petition that has been started by our fans to get you to chill BamBam. They say that you are too obscene and are always making jokes about how big your d*ck is.

BamBam: The only joke is how am I even able to put my pants on every morning when you consider just how big a package I have to fit in them.

Yugyeom: Ew.

Youngjae: Hey BamBam you’re my friend and I understand that dabbing and sexual jokes are sorta your thing. We aren’t asking you to stop completely but maybe just tone it down when the cameras are around.

BamBam: Fine I’ll quit acting like I was raised on Pop culture. But honestly “If you know how I feel, why would you say that? Like, you put me in such an uncomfortable situation. Like, you know I’m not happy.”



Jackson: Did he seriously just quote Kim Kardashian right now??


BamBam: You what? What are you really going to do?

JYP: *looks at Jaebum*

Jaebum: Woah I know he’s out of line but let’s not even consider that! That’s going too far.

Jackson: Yeah last time you did what you’re thinking, it backfired horribly.

BamBam: Do what??

JYP: *whispers* Give you the Jay Park treatment.

BamBam: *sits up in chair and takes his feet off the table* HYUNG! I’LL CALM DOWN! I PROMISE! JUST DON’T KICK ME OUT! I’LL LEGIT BE MORE LOWKEY NOW!

JYP: Alright If you truly tone it down you can stay and this meeting is over.

Mark: Finally *leaves out back door*

Jackson: Hey Hyung are you going to let me know about the dye job?

JYP: Go away Jackson.

Junior: I will be asking your secretary to set up another meeting about my name change.

JYP: So ungrateful.

BamBam: Well I’ll leave too. I have a fansign in 15 minutes and these ladies have been dreaming about meeting my “mini me” all day long. *dabs out*


JYP: Why do I even try?

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Rules: you have to tag 15 people at the end of this challenge.

Five things you’ll find in my bag:    

  • emergency pouch (tampons, lipbalm, hand lotion, plaster, etc)
  • water bottle    
  • chewing gums
  • keys
  • wallet                                                                                                          

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:  

  • bed
  • dream catcher
  • huge teddy called Isolde (it was already named by the person who gave it to me)
  • trunk (where I keep my jumpers)
  • beaucarnea recurvata (my plant, but i don’t know the common english     name for it)

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • travel the world
  • skydiving/bungeejumping
  • learn surfing
  • learn how to play an instrument properly
  • go to all the festivals (have the money to do so)

Five things that make me feel happy:

  • my friends
  • reading
  • making other people happy
  • drarry 
  • drawing/painting/doing creative shit

Five things I’m currently into: 

  • drarry!!!
  • trying to draw digitally   drawing digitally
  • procrastination (i have an essay due next week)
  • not yet into but I know I will be when I start watching it next week- SKAM
  • making jewellery/clothes for myself

Five things on my to-do-list: 

(lol it’s up on the wall right in front of me, but it’s more of an actual to-do list, not a wishing-to-do-list)

  • make bed frame
  • america playlist (we’re going to america this summer)
  • repaint longboard 
  • finally make trousers
  • call dentist and gynaecologist and family doctor

thanks again yana! :) 

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Song Challenge

Song tags!

Tagged by my fellow over-sharer @mygeekcorner!!! Thanks for tagging me in this you know I love these …

Rules: name an artist and answer these using just songs from that artist

Artist: Caravan Palace (pls check them out if you haven’t heard of them!!! Some of the best electroswing you’ll ever hear!) 

Gender: Clash

Describe Yourself: Je m’amuse ( English translation: I Have Fun) 

How do you feel:  Panic

If I could go anywhere: Star Scat (outer space … it’s a stretch i know) 

Your best friend:  Queens (all of my friends are fantastic) 

Favorite time of day:  Midnight 

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Lazy Place

What is life to you: We Can Dance

Relationship Status:  Lone Digger (lol)

Your Fear: Ended With the Night

Tagging: @dreamsinteacups @rollertoasteroflife @journa @burglethyturts  if y’all want to/haven’t already done this! <3<3<3

TITLE: Sick And In Love


AUTHOR: lovereading_f

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Tom and you have been dating for a couple of months. You have a date scheduled for tonight but Tom calls you cancelling the date because he is sick. You go to see him with the chicken soup you made. At first he gets shy because he is a mess and tells you that you don’t need to do anything. You still take care of him. Tom gets so happy because it is a clear sign, you care about him and he is already in love with you.

NOTES/WARNINGS: English is not my first language so sorry about any mistakes.

Sick And In Love

It was about 3 pm when your phone started buzzing. Your boyfriend, Tom was calling.

“Hey Tommy.”

“Hello dear, how are you?”

“I am fine, just working how about you? Are you ok, aren’t you suppose to be filming right now?”

“I got sick actually, they just kicked me out of the set.”

“Oh, what’s wrong? Is it something serious?”

“No, no. It’s probably just a cold, nothing some rest won’t heal. I just need to go home and sleep for a few hours. That’s why I am calling actually, about our date. Can we maybe go to the movies on Monday?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that. Have you taken any medicine? Have you called a doctor or something? Want me to bring some medicine to you?”

“No, don’t worry, Luke called a doctor and I am stopping by a pharmacy right now. You don’t need to come. I will call you later, take care.”

“You take care.”

“Heheh, bye [Y/N].”

You put your phone down while your thoughts were still with Tom. You haven’t been together long but you really liked him and cared about him. His sick voice made you feel bad. To the outside world he was a movie star, a celebrity, some god like perfect creature, and you were just some scriptwriter, who was so shocked when Tom Hiddleston asked her out. However as you get to know him you saw that he was a very sweet guy and a normal guy in a very good way, not like those pretentious and fake people you usually have to work with. And thinking about your well mannered, charming and sweet Tom is sick and alone made you feel bad. Maybe you should check up on him, make sure he has eaten and taken his medication. Yes, you are going to do that.

You went to a quick groccery shopping before home and got everything you would need to made some soup. You started cooking as soon as you got home, you thought it would be better to cook the soup here since you weren’t familiar with Tom’s kitchen. You hadn’t been dating for that long actually, no “I love you”s had been said for example. You weren’t even sure if you were in love and you were a bit afraid of it. You weren’t the type to date an actor and you weren’t sure why Tom was dating you and that made you scared from getting too attach to him. He could have dated actresses and models and singers which were all beautiful and sexy and confident, everything you were not. You thouht he was joking when he first suggested grabbing a coffee together but he wasn’t and  as you talked more and more you couldn’t stay away from him. He looked like a good guy, a gentelman but it didn’t make you less scared of opening your hearth. Anyways now he was sick and you wanted to make sure he was ok, let’s focus on that.

After you are done, you put the soup to a ceramic pot and headed to Tom’s place.

When you arrived to his door, it was 6:30 pm. You rang the bell, hoping that you weren’t waking him up. Moments later, a pale looking Tom in some sweatpants opened the door.

“[Y/N], what are you doing here?”

“Hey, I wanted to make sure you are ok, also I brought some soup. Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Oh, I am sorry, it’s just you shouldn’t be here, I don’t want you to get sick too.”

Tom continued talking while he attempt to fix his messy curls with one hand.

“And I am not at my best right now so how about I give you a call when I am better?”

“Oh, don’t be silly Tom. I am not leaving. Just get out of my way while I put the soup to the kitchen , it is getting harder to carry, and go lay down. Heve you eaten anything?”

“No, I haven’t actually, I just woke up a while ago.”

Tom followed you to kitchen and while passing from the living room you saw Tom’s pillow and blanket was on the sofa so you guessed that he was sleeping there. You put the pot down and turned around facing Tom, he was looking uncomfortable.

“If ,um, I am making you feel uncomfortable I can just leave. I didn’t mean to, um, I just wanted to make sure you are ok.”

“No,[Y/N]. You are not making me uncomfortable, It’s just you don’t need to take care of me, I wasn’t expecting anything. I don’t want to be an inconvenience to you. Besides it’s friday night, you should be having fun not staying in with a sick me.”

“So, you want me to leave?”

You looked at Tom witha puzzled expression. You weren’t sure if he didn’t want you there or he was being shy and selfless.

“No, I don’t want you to leave. I just don’t want to ruin your night.”

“You are not ruining my night. Now, go lay down while I bring some soup to you.”

Tom did as you said, leaving you alone in the kitchen. You weren’t sure what was bothering him about you coming that much. You put yourthoughts to a side and focused on finding a tray. You put a cup of your soup, which was still hot, a spoon, some bread and a glass of water and carried the tray to the living room. While you were placing the tray to Tom’s lap, he looked at you with a shy smile.

“It smells delicious, thank you.”

“Hope you like the taste too. It’s my mum’s recipe.”

Tom took a few spoons and spoke while taking another spoon.

“It’s really good, what’s in it?

“Chicken, vegetables and some nuddles. It’s very nutritious and always made me feel better when I was sick as a kid.”

You watched Tom as he eat his soup, occasionally giving you a  shy smile. After one and a half cup of soup and a few dozen sneezes Tom announced that he was full. Before taking the tray from him you put your hand to his forehead.

“Tom, I think you are hot.”

“Well thank you darling but I know I am not right now, with a running nose and sneezes. However it is still good to hear that from you.”

“Come on, I am not joking I think you have a fever. Do you have a thermometer?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

You put your hand to your forehead then to Tom’s.

“Darling, you are over reacting, I don’t feel like I have a fever. Besides, I got some meds in case I get one so I can just take one of those if itwill make you feel better.”

You walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water, handing it and the medicine bag to Tom.

“ Now, you are going to take your meds and go take a warm shower while I go and get a thermometer.”

“ Seriously [Y/N], I am not that sick, there is no need for any of this and you got bothered enough for me today.”

“Tom, fever is something we need to take seriously. Do it for me if you don’t do it for yourself, please. I am going out now, I will be back as soon as possible. Remember, warm shower, for me.”

Tom watched you leave and as you got into your car and drove away he couldn’t help the big grin taking over his face. You cared about him, you cared about him a lot. He knew that he was in love with you for a while now but he wasn’t sure if his feelings were mutual or this was just a fun, no strings attached thing for you. Many people thinks going out with a celebrity as a not serious thing like celebs always sleep around, this is neither exclusive nor long lasting kind of way and he was worried that you thought that way too. He wanted to talk to you about this but he always got too scared about ruining his chance with you. However tonight was a clear sign that you didn’t see his as just fun. You cooked soup for him, you cared for him and it felt so good. It felt so good having you next to him and it felt so good you looking at him with concern and love inyour eyes.

Tom went upstairs for his warm shower as you asked with his big grin still on his face and happy butterflies in his stomach.

When you came back with a thermometer Tom was at the bedroom putting on a White t-shirt over his black sweatpants. You went to his side and give him a kiss on the cheek as you put your hand to his forehead.

“You feel better now, definitely colder. But let’s check your fever anyway.”

He looked at you laughing as you gave him the thermometer.

“You look very cute when you are worried, did you know that?”

You laughed shaking your head.

“ So I don’t look cute when I am not? I prefer not cute to worried just so you know.”

“Hehe no absulutely not you are cute anyways. You know I didn’t mean it that way.”

Your conversations gotcut with the beeping of the thermometer and you looked at it seeing that Tom didn’thave a fever, at least not anymore.

You went to the living room together, watching a movie as you fed Tom some fruits. After the movie was over you checked the time. It was 11:30 pm.

“Would you want me to stay with you tonight?”

“Ah, darling I would normally never say you staying with me but not tonight. You would definitely get infected if you haven’t already and we don’t want that.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I am and I would like to use this staying with me offer at nearest date that I get better.”

“Hah, okey. Call me if you got worse or something during night, ok? I will come back in the morning. What do you want for breakfast?”

“Hmm, let me think. You!”

You laughed and blowed Tom a kiss even though you were still sitting on thu sofa together.

Then, Tom’s face got a bit serious.

“[Y/N], really thank you for everything, for the soup, for coming here and staying me and for worrying over me.Even your being here made everything better. Anyone hasn’t ever cared about me like this since I became an adult and it felt so good.”

“Well, of course I care about you Tom, it is what people do when they love someone.”

You realised what you said as it got out of your mouth and froze. You didn’t mean to say it, not that you didn’t love Tom, but you weren’t sure how he felt yet and a one sided I love you is like a poison to a relationship in your opinion. You watched Tom’s eyes widen as he noticed what you said and hetook your hands to his and talked without giving you a chance to say anything else.

“You do? Do you mean that [Y/N]? Because I am head over heels in love with you. I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way and I didn’t want to ruin anything so I didn’t say it but I love you. O love you so much.”

You shook your head as you answered.

“Yes, yes I do mean it from the bottom of my hearth.”

Tom started laughing as you crushed your lips to his. However Tom pulled back.

“God, I am sick, I shouldn’t be kissing you. I am not getting my love sick but I am going to make up for these.”

You laughed as Tom looked at you withsuch happy and loving eyes.

“[Y/N], say it again.”

“Say what again?”

You playfully answered.

“Oh, come on. Say it again that you love me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”    

How i got into Fairy Tail

Thank you so much @miscellaneousramblings for tagging me ;_;

Ok so my english sucks but i will do my best to explain xD.

I first discovered FT when i was 11, at my school and i didn’t have a clue of what it was talking about. I just knew it by name, thanks to the boy who was sitting near me. I noticed Lucy, Natsu and Happy on his book and i asked him how was called the anime. Then, he told me and that was all… 1 hour later i have already forgotten xD.

But on day, while i was watching TV, the channel started to put the first episodes of FT ( of course, dubbing with French voices… aha ). And that’s basically how i fell into the FT fandom %D. I started to become crazy about it, begging my friends to watch… And everyday, at 19h i was waiting for my episodes …

But you know, there is something really annoying with the TV channels because i remembered that i was at the Daphne and the Dragons’s filler arc and then the day after…. They put the first episode again AHHHH WTF

And later, the channel just stopped FT and started One Piece instead. I had a big break with FT, until it came back few months later with Tenroujima. And this moment is really important because back in 2011 , at the instant i saw Zeref crying, he becames immediatly my favorite character of all animes. Before him i was really into Jellal and Roy from FMA but my poor angsty handsome black mage won my heart in a few episodes xD

After this, the anime just stopped again and for 2 years i totally forget FT until the anime came back again and stopped just after the Tenroujima arc huuugh… and at this moment i decided to looking for the manga. I found it and read all the avalaible chapters. I didn’t know that every week there was a chapter and sometimes i went to the site 3 weeks later or even everyday, in hope to have a new chapter…

Then i read chapter 436, the day where it was released and i was so excited and crazy about that i decided to looking for other sites with udaptes and i found it… you can’t even imagine how happy i was when i discovered that every weeks we had a new chapter xD

And so… until this day i’ve never stopped to follow FT. In 2015 I found beautiful fanarts on a thing called “tumblr” and i spent a whole year following my favorite artists without being on tumblr ( i was too shy ).

But seeing all the recent hate toward FT made me want to defend my favourite characters and my childhood manga. That’s why i decided to join the other part of the fandom here :)

THAT’S FINISHED i’m so sorry for the big text full of english mistakes. I think i went a little to far lmao.

I tag all of my followers :) !

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Mini imagine of happy and his newborn and how he reacts around you just giving birth

*** That awkward moment when I had to sit here for a couple minutes and try to think of the word pacifier because I couldn’t think of what it was called in English. 😂😂***

“Am I doing it right? I think maybe you should take her back.” “Happy baby, you’re doing fine. She loves being with you. She falls asleep quick when she’s with you. Just hold her head a little higher up.” He nodded nervously even though she’d been home for 3 days already and lifted his arm up a bit, elevating her head and then looking over at you. “Like that?” You nodded and smiled widely. “Just like that babe.” Leaning forward, you laid your cheek against his bare shoulder and looked down at your daughter in amazement as she rested her head on his chest, skin to skin. “She’s so beautiful.” He agreed as he looked at her. “Beautiful like her mother.”

He rocked his arms gently and slowly her eyes became heavy, finally slipping closed after a minute or two of resistance. Her breathing slowed and her pacifier slipped out of her mouth as she finally fell asleep. He looked over at you and caught you already looking up at him, love in your eyes. “What?” “Nothing. Just appreciating the moment. Seeing my Old Man with our babygirl.” Leaning his head down, he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Why don’t you go to the room and lay down. I’ll put her in the crib and meet you over there and we can take a nap. I don’t want you stressing or losing sleep.” By the smile on your face alone, he knew how good that idea sounded to you and smiled before standing up slowly. “Go.”

You stood up as well and walked off to the bedroom, laying down and rolling around in the cool sheets with a sigh. You let you’re eyes slip closed and immediately your felt sleep starting to overcome you but you were pulled out of it as soon as you heard him come into the room. You looked over lazily and saw him walk over to his side of the bed, shirtless and his sweats hanging low on his lips. “Looking good Killer.” His smirk was wide as he slipped into the bed beside you and pulled your body close. “Not as good as you.” At that you rolled your eyes. “Yeah right. I just had a kid.” Happy’s smirk faded at your comment and he reached forward, grabbing onto your jaw and making you look him in the eyes.

“You’re even more gorgeous now than you were before. You carried my baby. Ain’t no one in this world more beautiful than you.” You nodded and blushed, pulling your chin out of his grip and burying your face in the crook of his neck. “I love you Happy.” He nodded and pressed a soft kiss to your hair before relaxing and closing his eyes. “I love you too little girl.”

Remember Me {Klaus Mikaelson} (cont. part to ‘Forget Me’)

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Request: Second part to ‘Forget MeDo you think you could make a second part to the klaus imagine Forget Me where he goes back and finds (y/n)?

Character: Klaus Mikaelson x reader

Author: alloftheimaginesblog aka bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside

Note: I did this in ten minutes, sorry if it’s bad. I apologise for the long wait, I’ve just not been inspired to write lately.

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15.o6 \ i didn’t stop after one original post! yay!

so i’m terrible and a total failure pretty bad in geometry, so i decided i need to do some revising + learning ahead during summer. and to start off i did some notes (above) on circles.

i was pretty satisfied with how this all looked, until i added the drawings. they are not too bad, especially considering that i absolutely HATE using a compass (i’m not sure what it’s even called in English, but i guess you know what i mean :0), but i still wish i could redo them. i mean, i can, but i’m afraid to make it even worse than it already is, lol

also, today we’ve got some nicer lighting. i’m not sure if it’s really that noticeable in the picture, but today is quite sunny and the sky is finally clear :з

ok, i know this caption is getting kinda long, but i still want to add on to it. i’m really sorry, but i probably won’t be able to post during the weekend. i will try to queue some interesting and helpful stuff though, so if anyone is reading this: please don’t worry and i’ll be back with more original stuff very soon.

ninjaxenomorph  asked:

I've been working on a character recently. She is an Indian biologist and genetic engineer. She was born in India in the 1950s with a host of congenital disorders. Her (Hindu) family immigrated to the US to seek better opportunities, where her extreme aptitude was discovered. I'm having trouble with her name. There is a history of names being somewhat meaningful in the work (a US Marine named Murphy, for example). I've worked out her given name as Bhawani, but haven't moved far from there.

Indian Surname to Reflect a Biologist/Engineer 

So you’d like to give this Indian character a surname that reflects her work as a biologist/engineer, but you would also like to be accurate to Hindu naming convention?

It’s not really as simple as just giving you a few suitable names to choose from, because Hindu naming conventions are hugely variable based on time period, region, family history, religious sub-group identification, etc.  Plus, the 1950s in particular were a period of huge flux in naming conventions, for various reasons, and you had different groups adopting different conventions, and sometimes ever different members of the same family adopting different conventions.

Traditionally there are a few options for a full name.  They all revolve around a <given name> + <group identifier> formula, and over time what I’m terming the “group identifier” usually morphed into something resembling a surname.  This usually started similarly to some last names in the west, as a marker of occupation (Patel, Deshmukh, etc.), religious sect or caste identification (Iyengar, Shastri, Acharya, Menon, etc.), place of origin (Mehwala, Kanchi, etc.), or other semi-random identifiers (Thampi, for instance, just means “little brother” and referred to the younger brother of a king, and later, his descendants).  Sometimes some ancestor’s given name ends up as a descendant’s family name (this is the case with mine, actually—my last name is so because it was my paternal grandfather’s given name).  Additionally, the core name formula can acquire various accoutrements, such as father’s given name, town of ancestral origin, etc.  Sometimes the group identifiers can fall before the given name.  Sometimes multiple group identifiers fall in various places in the name.  I had a great-grandfather called Sarukkai (ancestral village, even thought I don’t think he was born there) Gopal (father’s given name) Srinivasa (given name) Acharya (religious/scholarly marker).

Basically it’s a huge crapshoot.  You need to know your character’s regional background and religious and status ancestry to some extent, in order to come up with a realistic name.  This Wiki page is an okay place to start, but needs cleanup and won’t give you many name meanings.

To come up with a “meaningful” name (aren’t all names meaningful?—I guess you’re kind of going with a common conceit here, of having a character’s name just coincidentally reflective of their life choices; nothing wrong with that, I guess), the problem is that most Sanskrit words related to biology or engineering don’t make good family names.  Sanskrit for “biologist” is jīvaśāstri.  Shastri (< śāstri) is a good last name.  Jīvaśāstri is not, kind of like how “Smith” or even “Silversmith” or “Goldsmith” are fairly common English last names, but “blacksmith” is not.  The word for “engineer” is yantri but that is also not used as a last name.  In fact, if you look up Sanskrit terms for various sciences, you’ll find that Indians are naming their tech startups after these things, not their children.  Similar problems arise even with more generic terms.  “Malin” comes from mālī, which means “gardener” (sort of a biologist, I guess), but that’s not a common last name (“Mali” can be a caste surname but that’s a place-of-origin name and doesn’t come from the word for “gardener”).  I’m afraid you may be setting yourself up for a lot of extra work.

You could use the onomastic chaos of the 1950s to your advantage.  This is a time when parents’ given names were becoming children’s last names, especially among families moving to the west, and while it would be kind of weird, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a family to name their son Yantri or Jantar or something, and this could conceivably pass into use as a last name among that person’s children.  I guess.  Keep in mind, this relies on a plot device in which parents literally name their child “Engineer”.  Be prepared to explain yourself, which will be more research to do the explanation correctly.

If you search “Sanskrit word for X” you’re very likely to end up at a site called  This is a decent source, but do not trust the romanization.  It is meant for people who already know how to read Devanagari script, so learn to read Devanagari first, and that will tell you how to pronounce the results you get, and thus how to transliterate them into something readable for English speakers.

“Bhawani” is a good name.  It means “creator.”  What does this character create to warrant that meaningful name?  (Something biotech-y, I’m assuming.  I don’t expect you to message back and answer this; it’s just something you should be thinking about if this character is going to have this name.)

-Mod Nikhil