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Whyyyyyyyyyyy would the VLD writers let unofficial merch get made like this tbh????? I just don't get it? Like if it was a fanmade thing like on etsy or tumblr you know sure but like?? Whoever made the guidebooks were literally advertising it as OFFICIAL merch and the writers just let it happen? I don't get it at all

Did they even know about the book is the real question here lmao

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I'm seriously loving all the immortal stuff on your blog at the minute, immortal FAHC is one of my favourite things. I agree with you that I prefer the darker side of immortality, the side where death hurts and it's not easy and even though they know they're gonna come back there's always an underlying fear that maybe this is it. Maybe they've hit the death button too many times and they're out of chances to make it home. That the rest of the crew acknowledge, "hey, maybe Gavin HAS died one (1)

too many times" and this time he’s not gonna wake up gasping and clutching at the no longer gaping holes in his chest and bemoaning his blood stained shirt. I mean it’s not like it didn’t hurt, didn’t have wave after wave of agony pulsing through his chest and his heart and his lungs slowly filling until he was drowning and bleeding out at the same time. It’s not like Michael and Jack still had tears streaming down they’re faces as they grabbed at him, pushed down hard enough to break ribs (2)

and screamed threats and swears and curses. It’s not like Ryan still took it upon himself to slaughter the rival crew who thought it was okay to mess with this, drowning himself in blood on the outside while Gavin choked on it from the inside. It’s not like they have experience that the worse the death the longer the wait to come back. One gunshot to the head? A couple of house maybe. The time Keremy had his throat cut and hands cut off so he died of infection? A day. Seven bullet holes? (3)

On top of endless cuts and bruises and head trauma from plummeting from the roof of a building and dropping 30ft onto concrete? After having been kidnapped for several days with no food or water (hence the rescue mission in the first place)? Probably running out of chances for immortality to kick in? Gavin didn’t come back for more than a week and the toll that took on everyone’s mind, waiting for him to come back, if he came back… well that was worse

Yep. There’s really not much i can add to this, that’s pretty much the fear, the ever present worry that this is the last time, that they’d have no way of knowing - this unknown power they’ve come into has no rulebook, no guidance, no solid reason it couldn’t disappear as inexplicably as it arrived. So the Fakes are immortal, yes, they can die and come back, but they cling to life as viciously desperate as any mortal, protect one another as ferociously as they always have, because you never know when it will all be over. Which is the worst part, really, they all worry aloud about running out of chances but the real fear, the dark private terror, is the possibility of surviving. Of watching everyone fall, waiting day by day for their return, only to be left alone. Alive, sure, utterly unable to die, but not living. 

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I feel betrayed that he would do this to us

People keep bullying him for hidden secrets about fnaf and here it is. This is the lie. This is the terrible secret that underpins the entire series. The suitcase holds the invoice sheets for the exotic margerines. Nothing is to be trusted anymore Not even our memes. 

Coming up next, Emma proposes a theory that Mike is actually Dave who is actually William and everyone is having a split personality breakdown and that the exotic butters being margerine is a massive symbol of this. Mike is going to fight William who believes they are Dave who believes that they are Spring Bonnie but really everyone is now Spingtrap because the butters are. not. real.




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what's the weirdest conversation you've ever had?

They were talking about their bayards…

[presketch - @anetteloli​] | [ Lineart/colour - @klanceforthesoul]

you know you have a problem when
  • Me: *starts playing tons of Otome games*
  • Guy I like in real life: *asks me out on a date*
  • Me: okay so where are my dialogue options and which ones do I need to pick for the good ending

infodumping about the ocean

  • Hufflepuff: I've planned out our day, and I think it's going to be a lot if fun!
  • Ravenclaw: I want to go to the aquarium.
  • Hufflepuff: That's not on my planner...
  • Ravenclaw: But I want to learn about the jellyfish and how they eat.
  • Hufflepuff: Maybe another day?
  • Ravenclaw: And you can pet the stingrays.
  • Hufflepuff: Okay, let's go pet some stingrays.