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Are you 20-21 living in the Midwest? Because I feel like we talk the same and you and I were both 12 ish when nardo was a hot commodity on cartoon Network.

I just turned 21 but I live in the South, not the Midwest. Also I feel like everyone alive was 12 when Naruto was a hot commodity, like it exists on some different plane of reality where everyones preteen years were spent watching Lee head-kick Gaara.  

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In the 2k12 series, do you feel as though there's a designated age order? And if not, how do you reckon our middle bros think of the whole idea of the age order (since none of them no for sure)?

Typically I write that there’s an age order, if only to make things more organized. Leo>Mikey sort of line up.

In truth though, I do feel there’s an amount of older brother to younger brother organization in canon. Raph frequently refers to Mikey as ‘little brother’, for one example, and Splinter definitely treats Leo differently from his brothers. The treatment/interaction between the two sets of brothers is starkly different, and I definitely feel that Leo+Raph are seen as the elder brothers and Donnie+Mikey are seen as the younger brothers.

But that’s also because Splinter was implementing a power hierarchy into his home and Leo+Raph are bags of dicks about having more sway than the B-team and will always take a chance to pull more power onto their side.

Happier (Aren’t You?)

Summary: Can you write something to do with the new Ed Sheeran song Happier? I was thinking in like the view of Dan’s ex who’s watching him fall in love with Phil?’

Genre: Songfic

Song: Happier

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Elements of angst

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It’s been the longest month of her life and she has a million things on the tip of her tongue she’s dying to say and confess, but not whilst everyone is around. And not whilst Dan has the biggest smile on his lips as he looks down at his phone a couple of minutes later.

“Who are you texting, Howell? We’re all right here!” someone jokes, and Dan laughs and holds up his hands in surrender.

“Just Phil” he replies, the smile never once faltering.

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Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

I feel like Bioware has completely ruined real men for me.
Are you a tortured elf or mage with an angst-ridden past? A Grey Warden? An alien? No? Then fuck off


Someone save Solas from Miel.


My Valentines gift to you is a dumb Andromeda Age crossover comic. Your gift to me can be pretending to laugh. Thank you.

do you know how good it felt to see a coming of age movie about a dark skinned black gay man without it feeling like a nasty stereotype that revolved around the All Black People Are Homophobic myth with a dash of the Homothug™ who bashes gay men because he’s gay himself? do you know how refreshing that was? and all without over-sexualization and emotional torture porn

50 Writing Prompts

1. Do you worry more about people judging your mind or body?
2. Does the power lay with the sword or the pen?
3. Describe a mouth without using any anatomical words (teeth, lips, tongue, etc.).
4. What have you accomplished this year?
5. Make a playlist of songs that remind you of one person, title it with their name.
6. What’s a broken heart?
7. Write a journal entry to someone who has come back into your life after hurting you.
8. Do you like the age you’re at?
9. Do last words hold a greatly significant meaning?
10. How does age affect/ limit you?
11. Do you think you’d better parent a girl or a boy?
12. What is the longest period of time you have had a crush on someone?
13. Do you believe in auras?
14. Is religion by nature repressive?
15. Do you need organized religion for spiritual enlightenment?
16. What’s the different between being religious and being spiritual?
17. Is there a special reason why your parents named you what they did?
18. Who demands the most perfection from you?
19. Would you rather be able to fly or teleport?
20. Is your heritage important to you?
21. What is one gift you would like that costs under ten dollars?
22. How many times a day do you lie?
23. Do you think someone’s piercings and hair color should affect their chances of being hired for a job?
24. What judgements do you make about people who have dyed hair and facial piercings?
25. Do you seek pain?
26. Describe your bed and sheets.
27. Are bigger houses better?
28. Make a playlist dedicated to a paternal figure in your life.
29. Do you think your horoscopes are accurate?
30. Talk about people in your life who you consider close but have the habit of sabotaging you.
31. Who is the most frustrating person in your life?
32. Do you pray?
33. Make a list of words that don’t sound appealing.
34. Describe a sound that bothers you? For example, the scratching of a chalkboard.
35. Do you consider your area to be affluent?
36. How has your home life affect your school life?
37. When’s the last time you were in nature?
38. Create a list of words to describe how you feel about the 2016 presidential election.
39. Write a haiku.
40. Will some people never be happy?
41. Is loneliness a mental state of mind or physical state of being?
42. What is one secret that you’re keeping for someone else?
43. What is one secret you are keeping for yourself?
44. Do you find keeping secrets to be easy?
45. Why is it hard to be honest?
46. Can you fall asleep in cars?
47. Is physical touch important to find comfort?
48. What did you do last Friday?
49. Is writing a cathartic process for you?
50. What is the last movie you cried watching?

im on the tvtropes page for infinity war, and at the bottom it has this exchange:

and every time i see it i have to laugh because steve thats not a damn answer. tony has been so stressed out about potential threats that he started to create ultron and when he asks you how you’re gonna defend the earth you just say “together”?

christ im surprised tony didnt just quit then and there because THATS SUCH A NON-ANSWER. maybe tony is actually happy about civil war because now he can focus on making defences against thanos without having to worry about steve judging him for his actions without actually offering any sort of plan in response