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Not saying he would, but what if he just acts the same as he has been and how he was when Another Man came out? He didn't say anything, didn't thank people for their support, didn't talk about the content of the magazine, there was just very very little conveyed outside of the actual magazine. I want to hear every thought he had while putting this album together but I just worry that's never going to happen anymore.

This is about to slightly miss the point but I’m always utterly floored about how people act like he HAS to thank fans… What, are you his 80 year old grandmother??? It just rubs me the wrong way when people essentially demand gratitude on their terms.

Which…the few times Harry has taken to social media recently it’s almost always been to thank fans?? Like he actually does that quite a lot?? I’ve never doubted that he loves and appreciates us?? He’s not obligated to do so the same way that other people do, and if that’s a deal breaker for you then…let it be one.

Anyway. Harry does not have to conduct his public life/how he talks about his work to the approval of some of his fans. It’s OK if you disagree with that. If it gets in the way of you enjoying his work maybe you don’t have to be as dedicated a fan as you were in the past. That would be more productive for everyone involved, if people knew when to step back from celebrities they’ve outgrown or who have changed their styles (and that goes for ALL the boys). Like, if all you’re going to do day in and day out is bemoan what a celebrity ISNT doing to please you, I think it is very much worth reevaluating why you’re spending so much energy on something that’s come to upset you.

BTS: Save me (Gang AU)

  Character profile


Chapter 1/ 2/3 /4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16

Chapter 17

One ring.

Two rings.  

Three rings.   

  “Hello?” Hoseok answered the anonymous number.   

  “Hey there Hobi. Long time no see.” The person laugh crackled through the phone.   

  “Who the fxxk are you?” Hoseok replied, irritated.   

  “How could you forget this good friend of yours? I am so disappointed.” The voice mocked.   

  “Out with it.” Hoseok insisted.   


  “Did you miss me?” The male inquired.   

  “How the hell did you survive that?!” Hoseok panicked, he never expected to receive a call from a person presumed dead, and definitely not Jackson at that.   

  “Hmm. You don’t need to know that. It’s our little secret. But i am really upset. How could you do this to us ? It was a bad move. You know. I almost lost an arm and a leg literally,” Jackson replied.   

  “Stop playing games. Who else is alive ?” Hoseok was infuriated.   

  “Yah! If you insist, i am here kicking and alive too.” Jaebum voice echoed out the speaker.   

  “You would regret pulling that stunt hoseok. I was fighting with death. Most lose but i won. But i will make sure you and your brothers won’t.” Jaebum added. A dark chuckle erupt from the phone.   

  “You won’t stand a chance. Not against us. You guys are not one of the big 3 gangs anymore. Got 7 is over,” Hoseok confidently replied.   

  “Well. You can say that again.”   

  “We are prepared to go down with you all.”   

  “Just wait.”   

  With that the call ended. Hoseok was stunned, he needed to tell the rest soon. He didn’t know who was alive besides the three of them. The most dangerous three at that. Known for their unpredictability and ruthless underhand means.

 You have 1 new message from unknown:

 Don’t let the others know. I guarantee you would regret it. 

 You have 1 attachment from unknown: A picture of (Y/n) , badly beaten up, tied to a wooden chair in what seems like a warehouse that is near to collapsing.  

   "What the actual?“ Hoseok creased his forehead. He wanted to remain calm. You had nothing to do with this feud, it was all along BTS business but you were dragged in, after they put you through so much. A part of him ache. He knew his affection for you, he wanted to deny it. He wanted to leave you there. He wanted nothing to do with you. But his heart seems reluctant to do so. He needed to stay as composed as possible, he couldn’t let them know you meant something to him. That could go wrong, very wrong. He decided to reply in a way that could cover his worries. 

   Hoseok: What does this mean ? 

   Unknown: You know what it means. Don’t fake ignorance. I saw how you look at her that night.

   Hoseok: She was our pawn. I had the responsibility to protect her. 

   Unknown: A bodyguard wouldn’t go so far. I have seen enough to know what someone actually thinks.

  Hoseok: I got to deny that but as a partner, how do we deal ? 

   Unknown: Come down here. Alone. No weapons. If not, she gets it. The place both of you got caught by me. 

   Hoseok: Keep your damn promise. Settle this like a man. 

   Unknown: I see. Our hobi’s worried. As long as you do what i say.   

  “Hyung, i won’t be home tonight.” Hoseok spoke over the phone.   

  “Why? Don’t hide anything from me. From us.” Jin sounded worried over the phone.   

  “If i get out of this alive. All’s well. If not, forgive me. Just know i have to do this.” Hoseok, chuckled nonchalantly over the phone.   

  “You sh*t. Get this straight. We can get through this together. Hobi!” Jin shouted.   

  “Sorry. Hyung.” With that hoseok ended the call, sliding his sleek black handgun into his holster hidden under his shirt.   

  “This is all i can afford to bring. Tsk.” He murmured, checking his equipment.

  “Lend me your strength. Once more.” He smiled lightly as he flipped the photo frame of the BTS members together hugging one another.   

  This may be the last time i will ever get to be together with you guys. 

  “Thanks for everything.”   

  I have never feared death. Not once.  

  But maybe now i am.   

  Time to make this up to you.   

  If not this parting was well made. 

 A/n: i know this is really short but bear with me! Since i wanted to update this week for both lies and save me. Please look forward to pt.2 of my gang au trilogy!


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You know writing unnecessary ass comment to a fic that is you NOTP, just to spread your two cents is probably the most saddest thing to do.

This blogger is an awful person for shitting all over @darisu-chan fic…Her hard work, her creation, taking time and effort on writing this fic for others to enjoy, just to see someone who clearly not suppose to be there spew out BS like this.

and seeing how you are also a writer yourself, you have the audacity to go out of you way to spread your nasty hate towards a fic that had nothing to do with your precious ship.

The ‘tite said Ichigo and rukia are just nakama’ argument that you seem to not let go of when we actually gave you some receipts to prove on how wrong you are is sad.

And for anyone who is asking is this the same blogger…


and for @darisu-chan, I’m so so so sorry that you are  dealing with people like her, I’m sorry despite them being canon they spend time on hating on other people’s happiness and hard work.

And to any Ichiruki fans who are reading this, please continue making beautiful fanfics, art, edits, Metta, theories, etc. You, who took time and effort to make something for the Ichiruki fandom fills my heart with joy. You, as an artist, continue making art that will make the antis blood boil. You, as a writer, make your own universe with your creativity. You, as a fan, who supports each other already have my respect.

Please block this person because this one will not stop spreading hate. Thank you. 

*Please don’t go out of your way to “witchhunt” this person that I have talked about in this post. This post purpose was to let people know that spewing ugly ass comments on people’s hard work makes them an awful person*

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May i ask, how would nnoitra and grimmjow react to and deal with an s/o who shows affection in the form of nuzzling her cheeks against them, hugging their free arm for 'safety' in public, resting her forehead on their chest or back randomly during quiet moments and often makes weird noises like little squeaks and hisses depending on the situation and so on?



-He automatically resists the closeness, immediately concerned with hurting you or doing something wrong. That kind of soft attention is far beyond him, and it feels almost wrong to just accept it. It’s very hard to deal with how gentle you can be, and the suddenness of the attention makes it even worse. The hardest part to deal with, though, is that he actually likes it. 


-The physical aspects of how you show affection are relatively easy to deal with. Your intentions make sense, and once he gets used to how touchy you are, he handles it surprisingly well. He kind of dislikes the blow to his image (at least when you’re in public), but the attention is too pleasant to outright refuse. Past the complaints, you can tell he loves it. 

Limerence: part 6

Summary: When Summer begins Y/N leaves her school life and escapes to Cousins Beach, the only place she has spent every summer of her life. Not only does the beach house mean home away from home but her favorite people are there. Lilah her mother’s best friend and her sons, Bucky and Steve. Y/N has been having a crush on Bucky since forever she hopes this summer will be different.

Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Word count: 1,237

Warnings: None


Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Set A: 4, Set B: 12, sehun please (cause his birthday is 4/12... see what i did there?) this seems to call for smut (but know that your fluff kills me!! in a good way)

THank yoU so much! <3 I’ll do my best to make it a fluffy one, then. ;) And omg you’re right, I almost always miss their birthdays now, so I’m glad I can write this for our Maknae’s this year (even though it’s late). ;u;

A4. Something new
B12. “Hang on, hang on, we’re gonna fall off the bed–”

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that's for their own private lives. i for one actually do ship them, but i'm not as insanely blinded as the rest of the phandom to read into the tiniest of details any rational person would realise mean NOTHING. this is coming from someone who actually would love to see them together, but i just can't understand how them doing what best friends do leads people thinking that's even something. honestly, i'm actually curious, how do you believe all the smallest things are proof??? 2/2

i don’t see how this is a problem, as long as nobody forces phan onto them (which i do not nor does anyone i know) i don’t see what’s wrong with it, and as far as seeing every little thing as ‘proof’, everyone has different ideas of what little things are, something that seems little to you might not seem it to anyone else, and if people take said things to support their idea that they are a couple, what’s the big deal?????

as i’ve said, it’s each to their own.

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I was wondering your opinion on Isak's speech to Sana on dealing with non-muslims. I found it very interesting; as usual Skam surprises me with a different way to look at things! At the same time I don't think Isak really was listening to Sana, and as a white non-religious male he doesn't really grasp how racist society can be. Sure educating and informing people is important, but why should that always fall to people like Sana? People can just go on Google to figure stuff out.

Before I say anything else, I just want to say that although I’m brown, I’m also not Muslim (and don’t wear a hijab), and so I’ve thankfully never had to deal with any of the racism and awfulness from others that comes with that. 

So … I’ve been thinking about Isak’s speech since Friday, and I’m kind of conflicted. I don’t think he’s one hundred percent in the right, but I don’t think he’s one hundred percent in the wrong either. 

First, I think Isak’s mistaken in assuming that being a gay, white male, is the same as being a brown, Muslim girl who wears a hijab in Norway. Sana says it herself- Isak doesn’t experience the same kind of discrimination she does because when people look at him, they can’t tell he’s different. I’m not saying he hasn’t had people who’ve treated him negatively after learning he’s gay, but I don’t think he’s had to deal with the same kinds of things Sana’s had to- and for him to equate his struggle with Sana’s is wrong. 

But I think his advice to Sana about answering people’s dumb questions is actually very helpful. I know that it’s not Sana’s job to educate people about her religion and culture. I know that people should educate themselves. But honestly, how many people actually do that? I used to think it was ridiculous when people said things like “do you speak Hindu” or “do you speak Indian”, but then I realized, how much do I know about other cultures? How much do I know about Turkish people or Norwegian people or Japanese people? Not much, other than the stereotypes. I can’t expect other people to be experts on my culture if I’m not an expert on any other cultures. So now, I just try to think of it less in terms of me educating people about my culture, and more in terms of me sharing my culture with others, if that makes sense. 

Sana absolutely does not have to respond to other people’s dumb, racist questions about Muslims. She absolutely has the right to distance herself from people who are racist and horrible if she wants to. But that’s the thing: she doesn’t want to. She could have stopped being friends with Vilde a long time ago, but she doesn’t. Sana continues to be around people that are saying dumb, racist things, and so I think Isak’s advice about opening up and not responding in a cold, harsh manner is better for Sana. Because it’s clearly hurting her to be so strong and put up that “nothing gets to me” facade all the time. It was clearly hurting her to hear Vilde say she left the Russ group because she was Muslim. It was clearly hurting her to hear Noora say she’d never have her heartbroken. And remember, these people are her friends- people she loves. So when Isak says it’s important for Sana to answer people’s questions, while he may have overstepped his boundaries, I think it came from a place of love. 

That being said, I would like for the show to acknowledge that Isak made a mistake, and I also want the same to happen where it concerns Vilde’s redemption arc. I like Vilde, and I think a lot of the stupid crap she says comes from a genuine lack of misinformation and understanding (as opposed to hatred), but it is also important to point out that that doesn’t make her comments any more okay. 

A lot of people have been quick to criticize Julie, but there are still three episodes yet, so I’m not going to say anything until the season ends. 

Confession - A Broadchurch Fic

Ok so here’s my first ever attempt at fan fiction. Actually it’s the first thing I have written since school, which was <cough> 15+ years ago. I have a new found respect for people who do this regularly, it’s taken me forever. And for those who understand how to format text that contains people speaking in it. Who knew that was so hard.

Anyway, it takes place in the hotel room from 2x04, based on what would have happened if he’d had a nightmare while they were sharing the bed. I’m on the good ship Alec x Ellie, but this can be interpreted how you see fit. 

If you hate it, don’t tell me. I’ll probably cry!

Ellie’s awareness came back to her slowly as the bed’s gentle shaking dragged her from sleep. For a moment she was unsure of her surroundings. Her mind leapt to Fred, but she quickly remembered he wasn’t there.

Pretending she wasn’t awake she lay very still, processing the realisation that to her right Alec was quietly sobbing into his pillow.

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it's just amazing how they think they're being "supportive" or whatever and at the same time their blogs and lives are dedicated to a couple who is supposedly closeted. what the fuck. they send each other head canons and imagines about them having sex. how is that support in anyway? they fuckin send their family sexual images? would u really treat an actual closeted couple like that? if so what the fuck is wrong with you?

Exactly. You cannot claim you care about the realities of closeted gay men when you spend your time obsessing about what they do together privately and how they touch each other and how they have sex and how they love each other. You can’t pretend this is about your concern for oppressed gay men, gay men being put through torture for 7 years, when you’re sitting here jerking off to how they deal with that oppression privately.

I’m trying to think about a situation involving what Larries believe is legalized oppression against two gay men to the point of child exploitation and government fraud and you’re sitting there thinking about these men, “But who tops and bottoms? Who’s the Daddy? Who’s the submissive one? Here’s a post with thousands of notes public in the world about how I believed these oppressed forcibly closeted underage teenage boys were using butt plugs on each other in interviews! I think they’re such cocksluts! I love their little gay ankles! Ignore the situation they’re in right now they probably don’t even care and are balls deeping each other!”

okay so one thing that helped me figure my way out through the emotional abuse was realizing when people were talking about things they had no authority to talk about, most abusive people will grant themselves the authority to declare conclusions with no actual information and no right to speak about it, yet they will roar with confidence that will make it hard for anyone to believe they might be wrong

For instance, a person decides that you’re faking something. This is something they cannot possibly have authority to talk about because they’re not living in your body, not experiencing your emotions, they can’t possibly know this, yet they claim they do, is it possible that they’re right? No, they’re simply overstepping what they have the right to talk about and their claim doesn’t hold any weight to it because it’s not being backed up with actual knowledge or experience. 

A person tells you that you’re incapable, or stupid, or that you always do everything wrong. Is this person aware of your actual intelligence, of every thought that went through your mind, of everything you ever did and do they have a genuine grip on reality of what’s capable, smart and correct? Highly unlikely, people who throw these words around will do it only to get a go at someone’s feelings, another person can’t have the authority to decide who you are, and if your actions are right or wrong, they’re overstepping and acting extremely disrespectful and entitled to take your right to decide your identity, they cannot have this right, you are the only person who is able to evaluate your intelligence, not because you’re the smartest but because you are the only one who has the actual information on it. 

A person assumes you’re doing something wrong when they don’t actually know what you’re doing, how much you know about it, how much have you done or what are your intentions, they still try to place the doubt within you that you’re making a mistake, their reasoning “because it’s you”. They want to make you insecure to make themselves feel better. If they dare to overstep their authority so far to make assumptions with zero information, they’re really talking shit and their words are absolutely meaningless and have nothing to do with you or your situation, but they are revealing that you’re dealing with a person who doesn’t respect you at all. 

Especially when a person is talking as if their words are all-time truths, things like “people like you never succeed” “people who do this are idiots” “all people should do this or that thing” “we all have to think like this” and then base their entire attack on this personal assumption of theirs that has usually nothing to do with the truth or actual state of things, if asked more about it they’ll usually have nothing to back it up with but “it’s the truth!!” as if them declaring this makes it so.

I think good replies to this kind of personal attacks are “You don’t get to decide.” “That is not your call.” “Your opinion doesn’t matter.” “You should learn not to assume.” even if you just say it inside your mind it might help you see more clearly that no, they’re not right about you, they’re overstepping and shit talking with the sole purpose of hurting you, they’re not telling you the truth about you or well-intentioned warning, they’re inducing anxiety, usually with a malignant purpose, and their words are as far from truth as possible as they’re talking in their self interest to feel superior compared to you.

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Holy shit, why are you yelling and screaming like a maniac at a dysphoric person for not wanting to cut off their breasts? You're en evil sick monster. People don't have to deal with their dysphoria how you want them to. STOP POLICING PEOPLE'S BODIES YOU SOCIOPATH

Do you have ANY understanding of written text skills?

Did you go to any kind of school in your life?

Can you read?

I didn’t yell at the person, I didn’t even interact with the op and I didn’t state whether they have dysphoria or not (BECAUSE, GUESS, WHAT, I AM RESPONSIBLE). How can I scream to a person when I just talked to someone else?

Also MANIAC + SOCIOPATH (wrong diagnosis, darling, not all people missing empathy are sociopath, actually it is something that tumblr loves to throw around. try again. maybe you win the slap you deserve.) , nice ableism, Janet. Do you need to add Tranny to the train?



I didn’t tell THEY had dysphoria. I don’t know them. Nobody can diagnose people without VISITING THEM.











Is it too complicated? Are you all stuck in first grade? Did you all submit to a lobotomy for fun? 

GOD, are you all stupid or are you pretending to be unable to read a simple sentence? It feels like I’m talking to dr. Zaius half of the time, take your paws off me. 



“You Weaken Me” (Part 3) - Bellamy Blake Imagine

note: here’s the 3rd AND last part of the “You Weaken Me” series! This one is waaay longer than the others, I wasn’t sure if I should divided into 2 parts instead of just 1 but I didn’t think it would make sense so I just left it like this. Sorry if it’s too long for you, I got carried away :b

*credits to whoever owns the gifs above*

words count: 3099 *pretty fucking long I know, oopsy*

warnings: smut ; cute and needy Bellamy

Part 1
Part 2

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Midnight Rendezvous - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said to rogerthat-bucky: For the sentence prompts can you do 32 with sebby stan? That’d be great thanks

32. ”Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?”

It was midnight again. The moon had risen, lighting your way as you drove down the path into town. You always liked night time, the shroud of darkness felt like it supplied you good coverage for your secrets, and boy did you have a lot.

There was that secret you kept from your parents about the night you went out and did weed for the first time, you smoked the night away and then threw it all up by morning. You weren’t really a weed person. There was the secret you kept from everything about the time you stole a creme egg from a shop when you were five, you remember how you saw this big barrel and just assumed they were for the taking. There were the many chocolate cakes overflowing with calories that you kept secret. And there was the big secret, the secret you experienced every night, the secret you wanted to hide from the world and keep hidden from the world: Sebastian Stan.

The midnight rendezvous at a bar named Pineberry started happening a couple of months ago, you were both there alone and you managed to bump into him with a drink. This small, accidental, act managed to create a relationship that was very dear to you.

But of course, like every fantastical and great romances, there was a humongous problem that got in the way of you having your happily ever after with him. And this issue, was the fact that both you and Sebastian already had partners.

Even though the two of you knew it was very wrong, neither of you could deny the very strong attraction shared, you would deny that constantly feeding your addiction with these rendezvous would lead to a very bad ending. There was no way you’d be able to keep it a secret for the rest of your life, you knew this, but you also knew that your time with him was so good and so precious that you were so scared moving any further than midnight rendezvous would cause the euphoria to end.

As always it took you between thirty to forty minutes to reach the bar which was located between where you and Sebastian lived; though you suspected he might live closer as he always ended up there first.

This time was no different. You went straight to the table near the back of the room where you and Seb would always sit at, and came to find him sipping on a beer with your  drink waiting in front of him. “Hello,” you greeted, doing nothing to hide your glee from your voice.

He looked up, and like a child seeing a puppy for the first time, Seb’s eyes sparkled as he stood up and strode two steps to get beside you. His hands automatically rested on your waist as he began to kiss both your cheeks, “hi.”

You’d never kissed him, and that’s the weird thing. You’d never kissed one another, never had sex, never technically cheated at all really. But you cared so strongly for one another, experiencing the kind of emotions that only couples would share, though you never gave it a name. Giving it a name was just as risky as making out with him in front of your boyfriend.

Once seated, you talked with him about many things and he talked to you about many other things. His conversation pieces were much more interesting than yours, considering he’s an actor and got to do much more in a day than you’d do your entire life. You’d always give him an update on how your day went, and he’d return this by telling you about his, and he’d always manage to make your life seem terribly boring. For example, you’d tell him about waking up at seven, driving to work through traffic, photocopying all these papers, having a conversation with your rather dull coworkers and then going home. He would then tell you about how he got picked up at eight, was in makeup for three hours getting his metal arm put on and then doing all these stunts with explosions and other interesting things. Sebastian did once say that your was much more interesting than you gave it credit for.

And while this time went much like that, something was different. It took you a while but you eventually managed to pinpoint the strange feeling to be Sebastian’s behaviour. He kept getting distracted and he generally just looked troubled.

“What’s wrong?” You eventually asked after his third drink. On a normal night the two of you would average about ten drinks, what was weird this night, was that he had consumed three drinks in the past hour.

He looked up at you just before he had a gulp of his latest drink, when he saw the concern on your face and realised that there was no way he could keep whatever he was being troubled by hidden any longer, he put down the glass and inhaled a long breath. The breath didn’t seem to help as twenty more seconds passed in silence. You were just about to say his name out of concern when his mouth timidly opened, “mylivpoo.” He rushed out the words very quietly and there was no way you could decipher them.

Your eyebrows scrunched up together, “I’m sorry, could you say that again please… maybe slower… and louder. Yeah, that’d help.”

“I… I love you.”

Time froze. He’d done it, he’d named the emotions shared and plunged you both into danger. Because this was something you couldn’t deny, you loved him more than anything. It was a burning, passionate, love. Something that could never be ignored or denied, unless the person was suicidal. ”Okay, when you say love, do you mean love as in like loving pizza or as in love, love?”

“Love, love.” He confirmed, giggling a little at what you’d said.

“Well then…” You mumbled, all of a sudden finding yourself incapable of looking at Sebastian.

This speechless reaction had Sebastian panicking. It had him thinking that perhaps you never actually loved him back and that he’d been imagining it the entire time. And if that were the case than everything in his life felt hopeless, so he was just hoping that it wasn’t the reason. Sebastian was hoping you were simply in denial still, because that he could deal with.

By moving to the seat beside you Sebastian was able to grab your hand and with it he began to gently kiss each of your knuckles. “Y/N, how long do you want to keep this up?” The prospect of being able to keep this a secret had your eyes rising and looking into his. “Because I’d happily keep doing this as long as it means I get to see you still, but how long do you think we can actually keep this going? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that you love me back, and I know it’s going to be hard breaking up with our partners… but isn’t it worth it? I’ve never been happier than when I’m with you, I’ve never smiled so much, talked so much, laughed so much… loved so much. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of only having you on nights. I want to be able to wake up next to you and cook breakfast with you, I want to spend so much time with you that we argue about the dumbest of things like what the word rhetorical means. So please? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?”

A heavy and extremely tense silence settled in between the two of you as you tried to make up your mind on what to do next. Your eyes reared towards the bar and you stared at the multiple couples that hung there, dancing, talking, kissing. They looked so happy and though it wasn’t a confirmed thing, that could be you and Sebastian.

There was, of course, no way of knowing that what you and Sebastian had formed from these midnight rendezvous could evolve into an actual relationship, but wasn’t it worth a try anyway? You obviously weren’t happy in your current relationship, he hadn’t even noticed you going out at midnight or if he had then he didn’t care and that was just a perfect example for how much effort was put into the relationship you had. There was literally no doubt in your mind that he wouldn’t care at all if you were to dump him. So that wasn’t the problem, the problem is that you feared a future without Sebastian in your life.

“I don’t know what to do.” You whispered, feeling so torn between the two choices you had.

He raised one hand up and grabbed a hold of your chin, now forcing you to look at him and giving you no option to metaphorically run away like you had been doing by constantly avoiding his gaze. “I’m going to kiss you,” he said, “is that okay?”

With baited breath you nodded your head.

He kissed you and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. Sebastian’s hand rested below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breath mingled with his. You ran your fingers down his clothed spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between the two of you and you could feel the beating of his heart against your chest.

Sebastian had to be the one to move away from you, and when he did you were completely dazed. “Y/N?” He said and you remained wide eyed and silent. “Is… Is that a yes?”

“Will you kiss me again if I say yes?”

A resonating chuckle escaped him and it caused the butterflies to stir in your belly, “babe, if you say yes then that means we can kiss whenever and wherever you want.”

“Oh yeah,” you giggled, promptly jumping forward so that you were closer to him and able to attack his lips with yours. “Yes, then.” You finally answered his question, merrily kissing him once more.

Lab Partners // Stiles Stilinski Imagine - Part 2

(Part 1) , (Part 3)

Requested // yes, thank you anon

Gif // not mine, all creds go to the person who made it!  

A/N // part 3 maybe?? let me know what you think! writing this made me think back to when stiles was having nightmares every night so keep that in mind x

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You walked into bio a few weeks later to see Stiles already sitting in his seat, a book placed in his hands.. his eyebrows scrunched together.

“Don’t hurt yourself kid,” you chuckled, placing your book bag down. Stiles looked up at you, giving you a small smile before setting the book down and placing his head in his hands.

“Trying to deal with school and my personal life has got me so stressed, you know?” he sighed.

You nodded your head even though he couldn’t see you, “How about this?”

Stiles peeked at you, suddenly interested in what you had to say. “How about we go out tonight, what ever you want to do, we’ll drive there and do it! It will take your mind off things!.”

Stiles thought about your offer before realizing that nothing could go wrong from this little ‘hangout’. Maybe it actually would take his mind off things. You clapped your hands when he agreed and told him the two of you could meet at his Jeep at the end of the day.


The couple of hours you had left of school seemed to fly by, and you now found yourself standing against Stiles’s jeep, waiting for him to arrive.

“Hey! I’m here! Sorry i’m late!” you giggled as an awkward Stiles ran towards you.

“It’s fine Stiles,” you assured, walking around to the other side of his car and jumping in.

“So, where will it be?” you questioned.

“I’m keeping that a surprise,” you shook your head as Stiles wiggled his eyebrows at you.

The ride to your secret destination was quiet, other then the radio that was playing softly in the background.

Stiles parked his car and looked over at you, waiting for you to say something. You looked around realizing that you were in a driveway, “Stiles.. is this your house?”

“Maybe,” he chuckled, before getting out. You followed his actions as he lead you inside.

“I thought maybe you’d want to go to the movies or the mall or something?” you said, still kind of shocked he had brought you home.

“Welllllll,” he smiled, “We’re kind of going to be watching Star Wars. Every time I want to watch it, my friends end up picking something else… they say i’ve seen it to many times.”

You let out a small chuckle as you watched the flustered boy in front of you, “Also when can you get a beautiful girl to watch something like Star Wars with you, I mean that only happens in the movies, right?” 

Your cheeks went red as Stiles went on his rant, not even realizing the compliment he had thrown in. His face became white as soon as he realized your expression, “What… What did I say? Did I embarrass myself already?”

You shook your head, a smile on your face, “No, just called me beautiful is all.”

Stiles looked down at his shoes, suddenly turning into you. You liked this version of Stiles, the shy, flustered type that got lost for words. You never really got to see it often. A small ‘oh’ left his lips and if you hadn’t been paying attention, you probably wouldn’t of even heard it. 

You let out a small giggle, realizing the roles had completely reversed in just these few weeks. It feels like just yesterday you could barely even look at Stiles and now here you were, standing in his living room, smiling like a dork because your crush had called you beautiful.

“Come on nerd, I want to watch Star Wars!” You laughed, punching his shoulder slightly, before jumping on the couch.

Stiles looked down at you, a grin pulling at his lips. You watched as he got all excited, putting the dvd in and pressing play before walking over to you. He huddled into the couch next to you, “Alright, now you need to pay attention! No distractions, no talking, no getting up what so ever!”

“But what if I have to pee?” you whined.

Stiles rolled his eyes looking at you, “Okay, maybe we can make an exception.”


Thirty minutes into the movie Stiles was already nodding off. Even though he picked the movie, you knew you couldn’t wake him, it would be horrible of you. His head was already leaning into your shoulder and you watched as his face scrunched up every few minutes. You always wondered what went on in that brain of his. Now that you were closer to him, you could she the black bags that hung under his eyes. You wondered if he was even getting sleep at night. A sigh left your lips as you laid back into the couch, trying to get comfortable. You were worried Stiles had fully waken up when he had started mumbling in his sleep. You choose to ignore him until the quiet mumbles started sounding like your name, “y/n.”

“Hm?” you whispered.

“Thank you.”

You turned your head to look at the ‘sleeping’ boy next to you..,”for what Stiles?”

You waited in anticipation as he let out a sigh, snuggling into your shoulder once more, “for being my lab partner.”

anthropwashere  asked:

Prompt. "You'll be sorry."

“Demons aren’t complicated, kid; I bet you already know what I want.”

Dipper choked his hands up on the rod of his fishing pole. The bob plunked underwater, and he ground the reel with slow, methodical twists of his wrist.

“I didn’t ask what you want, Bill. I didn’t ask you anything.”

A slimy, scaly trout broke the surface tension. It arced its body, flung its tail, and gaped at its captor. Dipper pulled its writhing gelatinous form ashore. He gently unhooked the lure from its mouth.

“I give you this perfect summer day, and you can’t even bother to ask me, ‘Hey Bill, what’s up? What brings you around this part of the dreamscape?’ I’m hurt, Pine Tree. I thought we had more than this.”

“Well that explains the fishing.” Dipper surveyed the pile of flopping, gasping fish that had accrued on his right side. There was no end to them; and they never seemed to quite finish suffocating.

“You humans like this thing. And I like it too! With all this piercing of unsuspecting lower lifeforms through the lips and hauling them out of their homes to die of oxygen deprivation. You flesh things are really on to something here!”


“Fine what?”

Fine, what do you want, Bill?”

“I told you already that’s an easy question.”

“Are you gonna let me wake up if I just ignore you?” Dipper stood and wiped his hands on his shorts. They were clammy and numb. A red sun sizzled low on the horizon. Bill’s imagined lake was silent, save for the squelching fish.

“Nope! Give it a few more hours and it’ll be a bona fide coma.”

“And you want me to guess what you want?”

"Hnnnn-sorta.” Bill spun his cane. He tapdanced absently in the air. “I just want to sort out some details with you. Clear the air.”

“I’m listening,” Dipper ground out. He sunk back onto the dock. How many hours had it been so far? Just how long had he been ignoring Bill? Days, it seemed. Verging on weeks.

“Yup, you’re listening—listening to a demon. What do demons do, Pine Tree?”

"Ruin people’s day?”

“HAHA. You’re always funny. More specific.”


“Yeah! I knew you had a brain in there somewhere.” Bill stuck one rigid hand out. The flopping fish slowly dissolved into the dock, leaving stains of viscous pink liquid. The fishing pole vanished. When Dipper turned around, the lake had drained to nothing.

Or not quite drained— “filled in” is a better term. Solid forest floor had taken its place. A young woman ripped flowers out by their roots a few yards away.

“Who’s she?” Dipper asked with a whisper. He doubted the woman could hear him anyway.

“Great-grandma someone or another. I don’t really care!”

The sun winked out of existence. The woman rose up, ramrod straight, and her head flicked side to side. She stumbled backwards. Her bouquet fell to the forest floor and sizzled as though she’d dropped it in acid.

A void of space, Bill-shaped, emerged a few feet ahead of her. A quick, silent conversation passed on fast-forward, until the triangular shadow stuck its hand out, brimming with blue fire. The woman took it firmly.

“So deals, yeah kid? What do us demons like from deals?”

Dipper backed away, his hands extended behind him as he felt for trees. The darkness set his heart on edge. The blue flame. Great-grandma someone. She and her demon had vanished now.

“Souls. Demons take souls.”

“Yeeaahhh not my style though. Old hat. And what am I supposed to do with a lousy soul? It’s the box it comes in that’s fun!”

“Uhh, I don’t know what else.”


“I don’t—”

Bill grabbed Dipper by the arm. His unblinking eye leaked a thick, red liquid. “I said, think.”

“Children!” Dipper blurted out. He swatted Bill off and stumbled away.

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  • The news: Christians are getting offended at the new Starbucks cups.
  • Christians: Actually, we don't really care. One guy made a big deal but really we're okay.
  • People: Oh my God you guys! Christians are getting butthurt over Starbucks cups!
  • Christians: No, actually we aren't.
  • People: Look at how overly-sensitive they are! Haha, so funny!
  • Christians: We really aren't. In fact, my pastor/priest just came out and said that there's nothing wrong with them, and that if you do have a problem with them, you need to get your priorities straight.
  • Christians: We're not butthurt though. We couldn't care less.
  • Christians: Okay, but how many actual Christians have you talked to about this? Did you actually meet a Christian who had a problem with the cups?
  • People: ...
  • People: You're so weak for getting worked up over disposable cups!
  • Christians: I see this is going nowhere. I'm going to get a latte.

shadowravena  asked:

Linkara, you are a Christian. Yet you also are pro-LGBT, despite this. How can you support both, with the plethora of evidence in the Bible that homesexuality is wrong? Do you believe it is correct, or are you the kind to support them as people regardless of their choices? I'm not asking to be vindictive or judgmental, I'm honestly curious how you personally deal with that issue.

What plethora of evidence? The evidence I continually see from biblical scholars is actually the opposite - that most of the passages that people try to use to cite homosexuality as evil are mistranslations or misinterpretations because they try to understand the wording that’s been translated through at least two or three different languages from societies very different from our own after several thousand years.

Further, even if those passages DID mean that, the Bible is not a literal guidepost divinely composed by angels who came down from heaven and penned it in the golden ink of perfection. It was written by men with their own agendas and their own perspectives and points of view, assembled by a committee trying to create biblical canon from hundreds if not thousands of works that contradict or offer different messages from each other. While there is wisdom and guidance to be found in it, the only thing I really take away from it is “Jesus died for our sins, so please be good to one another.”

On being triggered by infodumping

Anonymous asked realsocialskills:

I have a really odd question, and this probably wouldn’t of help to anyone else (I am the only person I’ve EVER heard of this happening to) but do you have any advice for NT people about how to deal with autistic infodumps? I’m really really sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but you’re the only blog I’ve found that even remotely deals with this sort of thing. Trouble is, they trigger me sometimes. I have an emotionally abusive father who I’m about 90% sure has aspergers and starting when I was really little, he would take me places in the car and just drive in circles for hours and talk at me. Sometimes about something he thought I’d did wrong, sometimes just about his interests. He’d never let me go home or let me join in the conversation; and I could never get him to quit. I literally could never get away and ended up feeling really trapped. Trouble is, I now have an autistic fiance who enjoys talking to me about his interests. 

I know he’s doing it innocently and I don’t want to take away something he enjoys, but at times he can go on really long and I start panicking- and, I’m pretty sure; being triggered. How can I politely exit from a conversation like that without hurting his feelings? It isn’t my fiance’s fault, and I’m probably making too big a deal out of this, but IDK I thought you might have some useful suggestions.

realsocialskills said: First of all, your needs matter. You are not making too big a deal about this. (And I actually think this is probably more common than you realize). He might not be doing anything inherently wrong, but the situation is not ok for you, and you’re going to have to figure out together how to make it better.  I don’t think there’s a pre-existing way to politely exit from a conversation with him; I think that this is a problem that you and your partner will have to work out a solution to together. You’re probably going to have to hurt his feelings, at least in the short term. Not because he is doing anything wrong, but because this is a touchy subject for autistic people. Most of us have been treated horribly for having focused interests and infodumping about them. Having other people express boundaries about infodumping can hurt a lot; it can even be triggering. But people are still allowed to have boundaries about how much they are willing to listen to us go on about our interests, and we have to be able to negotiate that in close relationships. Even when it hurts to think about. Even though it’s triggering sometimes.  Telling your partner that his infodumping hurts you sometimes will probably be a very difficult conversation for both of you. It will probably be complicated figuring out how to negotiate boundaries that work for both of you. But it’s an important conversation to have, and it probably won’t be the last issue in which you need to have a difficult conversation about something that is loaded for both of you. That’s part of the work of an intimate relationship, particularly when both partners have triggers.  Some things that I think might help: Make it clear that you don’t see his interests as the problem:
  • A lot of autistic people have been subjected to a lot of pressure to give up our interests, or stop being so focused on them
  • If you’re asking to negotiate boundaries about discussing the interests, it’s really easy for that to feel like rejection or like you are disgusted by him liking things
  • So, if you don’t see it that way, *say so*
  • (If you do see his interests as the problem, that’s a different problem and I’m not sure what to suggest)
Think through what your needs are:
  • What do you need once you get triggered? A subject change? Being by yourself for awhile? Reassurance? Being explicitly reminded that your partner doesn’t see you as an infodump-recieving object? Food? Something else?
  • What would help you to avoid getting triggered? Being able to change the subject easily? Avoiding certain topics when you’re in the car? Something else?
Agree on a way to signal that you need to change the subject:
  • If you’re getting triggered, particularly if you have a compliance trigger, it’s important to figure out a way to communicate that you’re not ok
  • It might be good to have a rule about him checking in periodically about how you’re doing in a long conversation about something he’s really into
  • Or to try to identify explicitly what the signs are that you are being triggered (eg: when you’re not ok, do you go quiet? Do you start agreeing to everything? Does your body language change? Something else), and ask him to pay attention to whether you’re doing those things and check in with you if he sees them
  • It also might be good to agree on a specific thing you will say or a specific gesture you need to make if you need to change the subject.
Listen to what he has to say about this and what his needs are:
  • He’s going to have thoughts about this
  • Some of them might hurt to hear, or might be scary or triggering given your history
  • And this isn’t going to have a simple solution where you mentioning the problem makes it go away
  • It’s important to listen to his perspective and think through together what’s going to work for both of you

I think this is probably something you can work out if you both act in good faith. (Not guaranteed; some people aren’t compatible in this area through no fault of their own. But from what you’ve said it sounds possible to work out).

Do any of y'all have thoughts?