how do we not have this cap yet

IM SO TIRED OF RACIST PEOPLE. SO TIRED. Do you know HOW MANY cultures have non-binary genders?? BINARISM IS RACIST because it was IMPOSED by most EUROPEAN cultures. The Incaic cultures my country had natively were FULL of third-genders which were, of course non binary.
And yet your america/euro-centrist white asses on this site tell me my gender does not exist? Lmao what about the literal thousands of people with native third gender identifications? People like me? Native people from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania??
Bullshit. Anyone who says we invented non-binarism this century is a RACIST.

if you’re not native and/or not nb you SHOULD reblog this. let people know we are tired. Even non-native nbs. we are all tired.

Siiiiiiiiigh as usual, Tumblr is blowing things out of control.

I am gonna say this one thing about the issue and leave it alone.

Now, I know Renner can be problematic (still side-eyeing him for the Jennifer Lopez/Golden Globes incident) but Chris Evans is literally the dude who thinks the sexiest part in Scarlett is her elbow.

The whole “slut” comment was a joke people. It was a sarcastic comment because the interviewers always ask these stupid, ridiculous questions. They weren’t at all trying to be misogynistic or slut shame Black Widow’s character. How I do know this? Because last year when Cap 2 press happened and Scarlett and Chris were asked by an interviewer that involved something a long the lines of “what about their being more female characters” (I don’t have the exact wording but if you come in my inbox I will gladly give you receipts so that you can stfu about this) and Chris and Scarlett were like “NO! No more!! We have enough!”

And yet none of tumblr was up in arms about that? As usual, Tumblr likes to pick and choose which battles they want to fight and rally against when it’s most convenient for them.

Again this cast has been doing press for this movie for WEEKS now and I’m sure they’ve been asked a serious of fucking stupid questions–especially ones that involve Scarlett and her character–by these interviewers, so I don’t blame them for trolling the hell out of them.

This was pure sarcasm. I’m almost positive the majority of people who are up in arms about this don’t follow Marvel and the cast that closely because if so they would KNOW how ridiculous this cast can get during press and that these goobs literally sit there and troll the interviewers solely for their own entertainment just to get through the monotony that are these press tours. .

Calm the fuck down Tumblr, not everything is a fucking fight, I swear.