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This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

also i just wanna say i’m glad for the promo /we/ did for JHO, because it was good, and clean, and it was all about the music and louis and steve. that is how you’re supposed to do it, that is how you show respect to an artist and work in tandem with them. and it’s a shame that simon jones clearly hasn’t learned that lesson but his world will come crashing down soon enough lol. i’m just glad that we got to do that for them before all this crap started rolling in, because they and the song deserved it.

Gay man/ straight woman: I love dick

This site: Haha :) transmen exist but i guess I’ll let it slide because we all know how good dick is

Straight guy: I love pussy

This site: Well we WOULD tell this guy transwomen exist but we all know how straight guys are lol!! Best to just ignore him and let him say whatever he wants

Lesbian: I love pussy

This site: Um you do realise transwomen exist??? Fucking terf I stg I hate these cunts!!! If you don’t make people with dicks part of your dating pool you’re the scum of the earth and deserve to die

hey everybody! (-^ _____^-) i just want to pass on the good~feels a friend of mine gave me this morning! XD sometimes our anxieties and fears can get the best of us and we us forget just how much control we really DO have over ourselves, our lives, and the things and people we love. remember not to let “what if’s” rule your day. even if your goal is something as simple as getting out of bed~ do the best you can, and show yourself the same forgiveness that you show to others! you deserve kindness, love, and respect, just as much as every other human being ~ and deserve it from yourself too! <3 (^  O ^) take your meds, drink some water, and be sure to eat (^   w ^) good luck in all of your endeavours today! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!! (7^  O ^)7

I don’t understand, why does doucheface Christian Grey have a fanbase when Ian Miller does not?

You know, Tula’s husband from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

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Like, Tula was so in charge of that relationship because he wanted her to be, he followed her lead all the way. He never coxed her into doing anything she didn’t want to. In fact, when he pulled up to his apartment he totally kept it low key. He made it clear that he wanted to be intimate with her, but gave the reins to her. (Which, she excitedly took once they were upstairs. LOL)

No guilt trip, no emotional cohersion …. nothing. 

Imagine that, though, a straight white guy in a movie/book/ect that didn’t make a woman feel like she owed him sex.

And Tula asked a lot of him and he NEVER complained!!!! 

He is an A++++++++ Dude

But, we talk about wanting more good guys and hating the bad straight white boys (there are plenty of those) but how about we actually give good guys the love they so totally deserve?

  • ISTJ: People in our class are scared of you.
  • ISTP: Lol, why?
  • ISTJ: Well whenever we get randomly assigned to groups you don't really say anything.
  • ISFJ: You always look pissed off in class.
  • ISTP: That's because I am. We get so much fucking work in that class.
  • ENFJ: And I think everyone heard about you pranking INFP about liking him, when he actually liked you.
  • ISTP: He's a fuckboy, he deserved it.
  • ISFJ: Yea, he kinda did.
  • ENFJ: Then ESFJ tried flirting with you in class and you threatened to stab him.
  • ISTP: Hey, he's dating ESFP, he shouldn't be flirting with anybody except her.
  • ISTJ: I'm surprised you can even recognize flirting.
  • ENFJ: Lol yea, do you even know how to flirt?
  • ISTP: ...
  • ISTP: Ask INTJ.
  • ISTP: Never associate me and cute again.
  • ISFJ: How about you and murder?
  • ISTP: Yes. The true OTP.
Support eachother 2k16

Make a long story short, people deserve recognition for their talent. People spend hours and hours doing stuff they love so why not support them and show them that we love their talent as well. So with that said 

 lol I guess I can make this a tag 

Rules: I mean you don’t have to but I would highly recommend following the people listed below and other people listed as this go on. Even if you’re not tagged, say you write, say what you do cause that’s how you can be exposed. When tagged, tag others that you know of who has a talent 

So yah 

Cool ass writers who I love

@idek-writings for gruvia and I believe other ships for other fandoms. Her personal is @idek-valentine

@erzawesome gruvia and jerza 

@neverticklethissleepingdragon everything I think for ft. Her personal is @kago-make-dean-some-pie

@unashamed-shipper show her some damn love like she was here beforehand so why y'all acting all brand new. Her writing blog is   @unashamed-shipper-writes

@doctorwhodunit gajevy 

@lucyheartfiliavevo lol she crazy so she writes anything 

@meadowofstars/ @meadowofart writes good ass ft shid 

@celestialgoddesslucy lolz nearly cried to one of her stories

@thespace-dragon SHE WAS ACNOMOGIA (I was looking for ages for the url lol)

@fucking-dragneel she did some good as horror nalu like hello we’re used to smut and fluff but she was like snah lemme suck yall into the horror void and it was GOOD

 Manga cap colorers@fairymarie @blade-of-hope @rain-on-me @pennytf @lord-rogue @moonlustelara @firedragonroaring @cosmicloveoftheages @lucyheartfiliathecelestialmage @endragoneel @thespace-dragon 

 Artists (digital and traditional) @terironi @fairyy-glitter @mrsallsunday @thatartcorner @the-mystifiying-walnut @watchmist1412 @meadowofstars/ @meadowofart @roxychild94 @seulil @anyharu @jiyu-koya@fairytailsgemini @endearceol @seilahtheshipper @scarletlovesme @skyfairhurst @scarletlovesme @jellybeanjelly

 FT Edits@googler49 @juviarainworld @lillitu @lucyheartfiliavevo @melichamaa 

  Interactive blog like headcanon submissions and RP @archangelalstone @fairy-tail-scenarios @the-archangel-of-zeref 

 These are just some people that I know of and I know there are plenty more so please keep it going and tag others!

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let’s play a game of how much sunshine you can it in one pic without blinding yourself lol don’t we all love eijun

this is both a celebration pic for me passing the semester in uni and a little something for @cutiepiehinata cus she’s been going trough shit recently uvu

EDIT: here’s Miyuki

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RIGHT HES SO CUTE I LOVE HIM I LOVE SEEING HIM HE’S SOI CUTE AND PRECIOUS i love when the center of attention isn’t on him so he’s sitting all chilled but then when someone shines the light on him he fidgets a bit BECAUSE SAME LOL and then he’s like aLWAYS WIPING HIS HANDS ON HIS PANTS OR SOMETHING taeil is so shy and sweet its so cute i also love to see taeyong interacting with him like in nct u days he’d alWAYS be touching taeil when the attention is on him im :’((( 2tae is 2cute

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🔥+ 📬+ 🌈

Hey hey! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

🔥 = Vent

Why do we want to release the beast, come on! ;)

Can I vent to myself? Because I do not understand why you want to hurt your characters so much, you have them saying cute things, wanting to have kids and get married, AND THEN YOU ALMOST KILL ONE! Granted you bring her back BUT NOW SHE’S MUTE! That’s honestly just cruel, who hurt you, man! Your follower deserve better! LOL

📬 = Tell Me About Yourself

IDK how not to be weird when talking about myself so here is a list of things about me, maybe they are interesting?

  • I went to performing art school through elementary and middle school for playing the violin and dance. NOTE I WAS BAD LIKE REAL BAD
  • Then I went to a college preparatory academy for high-school, no public schooling for me now that I think about it, haha!
  • I’ve been to Mexico, Costa Rica, England, Italy, and China!
  • I used to make Tumblr themes, if you ever need coding help I got you!
  • I’m hella lame??? 

🌈 = Tell Me About Your Day

Today has been really good so far, it was supposed to be the last day of my break but my family is home tomorrow so I am taking an extra day. Yay! Health wise, not doing so hot, I’m? getting? sick??? ;__;

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Hey, not exactly an ask but, please don't apologize for calling out cultural insensitivity. You’re actually super amazing and you’ve helped validate a lot of things that have made me uncomfortable growing up in Canada with Chinese-Jamaican heritage. I think you’re really amazing for always speaking up when you see stuff like that and I hope you always keep fighting for the recognition we deserve.

Thank you!! I’m glad I can validate you, and thank you for validating me in return LOL 

I really do get worried about suffocating my blog in callouts, but then I’m like “well that just goes to show how much is still inexcusable in media/pop culture/society/etc.” so it’s super reassuring to know that it’s helping someone.

I’ma keep doing what I do! Thank you for the kind message anon <3

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I think that in a way they're probably a little disappointed with how the album came out, it's clear that it was rushed they might not even have enjoyed themselves as much as they could. I have to say I was expecting a lot more bc they rlly raised the bar, but I don't blame them for anything nor do I think the album is bad, it's just that they don't have time and that breaks my heart bc I know how passionate abt music they are. Anyways I still hope they get all the wins bc they deserve it sm

i don’t really think it’s a time issue idk it’s more of an “why won’t jype let the boys have tracks that can truly highlight their colors” issue (i still love the title and album tho)
idk i just feel this way (though i’m not quite sure how to explain what ‘this way’ really is) because i watched the vlive of the first performance and this part really got to me??? he’s saying things that are supposed to be reassuring to me, to us, the fans, but for some reason i feel an even greater urge inside me to do MORE to support them despite them always saying things like “oh it’s okay if we don’t get good results, as long as you guys are here with us” like i WANT them to get ‘good results’ regardless bc they work so hard and the fandom works so hard but idk why every time it feels like we fall short?? hfhhdhaka idk i don’t want them to feel like they’re a shame to us??? just as much as i can proudly say i’m an ahgase i want them to be able to be proud to say they’re got7?? bc they’re always saying they’re lacking (i mean everyone is lacking but i feel like they think they’re lacking much more than they actually do) and they feel like they need to work harder so that we’re not ashamed but it’s like… when are we ever ashamed u.u
idk if i’m even making any sense at this point but it’s like i want them to do well on things like charts, sales, wins, etc bc let’s face it at the end of the day that’s what creates their budget and their $$$ and what tells jype whether to invest more in them or just toss them to the side and not manage them properly. i don’t want that to happen to them. like when you look at it from a business standpoint it’s a lot different than when you look at it from a more sentimental standpoint agdjakdlwkd and idfddkkkdkkdjajj i just want to support them more…

louis deserves so much better i honestly am just confused and Annoyed and Repulsed by anyone who says he wants this? like how stupid do u think we are!!! as if we haven’t been here long enough to know when he’s genuinely happy especially around his “loved up” GF like get outta here lol

BTS PHOTO REACTION: seeing their s/o naked for the first time


‘’ahh jagi what you do to me!’’


‘’well now that you’re undressed allready, what do you say we take this to the bedroom huh’’


‘’well well well, what do we have here?’’


‘’you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this to happen!’’


*asks himself what he did in his life to deserve this moment*


‘’let me just finish this and I’ll be with you’’

(I couldn’t help myself sorry lol)


*just stares at you like this*

I hope you liked it!

request are open, feel free to send me anything.

love R

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Aww no i love when u just talk about ur life outside of writing it's really nice. As for me, I might edit a video together for yt bc i love editing. I have homework for English, we have to do alliteration with every single letter of the alphabet (how tf am I supposed to do x) so for b I put Baekhyun Bakes Beautiful Bacon. I suck at sports and excersie except for dancing, if u consider that one. And idk I love u and ur blog 💜💜💜 don't worry about pleasing everyone we love u regardless

Wow, you edit videos? :) That’s super awesome! Do you have your own channel I could maybe check out? ;D And ahh yeah, alliteration was difficult when I got to x, too lol. Good luck with that! Your Baekhyun sentence is 10/10, btw, you deserve an A+ just for that. XD

Of course dancing is a sport! You ever heard of bboy competitions? They’re so awesome (another thing I’ve been obsessing over that I forgot to mention)! What kind of dancing are you into? Ballet? Hip hop? Tap dancing? Idk my knowledge of it is very limiting, I really only know lots about breakdancing because I’m interested in it. X3

Thank you for the sweet message. <3 I’m glad you decided to come out and talk to me. ^u^