how do we cope

as a child, i had this really interesting way of dealing with executive dysfunction:

when i needed to do something but did not get the impulse to actually start, i counted to 20.

and at 20, i did the thing.

i started this in order to get me out of bed in the morning, and after a few weeks it was a reliable source of starting impulses. every time i hit 20, i got started. 

somewhere along the way i stopped doing it, because it was weird and nobody else needed to count in order to do stuff.

it makes me wonder, how many brilliant coping skills do we loose or never develop because we live in a neurotypical world and nobody teaches us these things? because we think they’re weird, because we don’t have words for what we’re doing, because they seem to have no place in this world?

D23 Live Panel Recap (to the best of my abilities, but I kind of died and went to heaven, so...)

Spoilers, kind of?

A Wrinkle in Time
-Ava DuVernay saying she wanted the cast to reflect the real world
-gorgeous makeup and costumes for Mindy, Oprah and Reese
-Meg being told she has to be a warrior in the teaser
-we all got free posters and Oprah shouted “You get a poster, you get a poster, you all get a poster!”
-CHRIS PINEEEEEE (and Disney openly and willingly congratulating him on Wonder Woman) also he was adorable with Storm

Mary Poppins
-Lin is adorable in the trailer and it just feels so magical and it’s gonna be great
-also Dick van Dyke and Angela Lansbury are in it

-they announced casting and they cast Middle Eastern actors thankfully (correction: the actress who plays Jasmine is actually Indian, sorry for the mistake)

-it is coming. that is all

The Lion King
-they played footage of The Circle of Life and I almost cried

Star Wars
-Rian geeking out
-MARK HAMILL walking out and everyone goes wild, and he’s like ‘Who, me?  Nah…’
-Mark pointing to his eye, drawing a big heart, and then pointing at the entire crowd
-behind the scenes footage
-and I miss Carrie so much

-Kevin Feige and the fact that it’s been almost 10 years of Marvel!
-bringing out almost the entire cast of Infinity Wars (except not Evans, but I can deal)
-like, they brought out Josh Brolin first and then they brought out a round of Avengers actors, and then they were like we need reinforcements
-and they were like how about some Guardians
-and then they Josh was like I’m still feeling pretty cocky
-and Kevin Feige was like, we have a Hulk (cue Ruffalo)
-and then they’re like didn’t you bring a friend from work? (cue Hemsworth)
-and Feige was like it would be so cool if Spider-Man swung by (cue Tom)
-BUT SEBBBBBBB (with his amazing beard)
-and then and then and then RDJ is like where is the footage?
-so they did this gorgeous recap of MCU up till now
-and it ends with the exchange between Tony and Cap on a black screen (“How do we cope?” “Together.” “We’ll lose.” “We’ll do that together too.” (chills))
-there’s literally so much awesomeness I can’t even begin to share it but seriously chills
-The Guardians picking up Thor in outer space
-Doctor Strange conjuring his force portal stepping stone things and Star Lord jumping from stone to stone
-Nat’s blonde!?!?!
-Bucky and T’Challa leading a Wakandan army!?!?
-and this is the part where I died
-because somebody throws something (maybe a spear? I’m not perfect, I couldn’t see 100%)
-and then a figure in the shadow catches it
-that’s right
-and the most important takeaway
-I probably missed stuff
-but I was a little overwhelmed

I got to the convention center last night at 10 pm (panel started at 10:30 am).  I slept on the concrete floor in line (inside, thankfully).  It. Was. All. Worth. It.

Isn’t it lame that we measure animals intelligence by how close they come to human intelligence and human functionality?  

They arent humans, they don’t think, communicate, and socialize the same way we do. 

If we measured human intelligence on how well we can cope in an animal dominated setting we would be considered pretty primitive. “Stupid humans cant even track a deer! They cant dig a den or find which mushrooms are edible. That moose is angry and the human cant even tell!”

The entire manga, basically:

Rin: okay, so I just found out I’m Satan’s son. Great.

Yukio: Wow sucks for you. Good thing I’m human.

Rin: Yukio… we’re twins.

Yukio: so?

Rin: think about it.

Yukio: …dammit


11 year old Muggle borns getting their Hogwarts letter and being all flustered and confused (mostly confused).
They’re reactions would probably be along the lines of:
“Does Hogwarts have free wifi?”
“Does Hogwarts even have wifi?”
“Can I bring the cat?”
“I’m eleven how do they expect us to cope with the fact that we are going to do mag-HOLY FLOWER WE GET WANDS!”
“Why can’t I wear jeans and a T-shirt and be comfortable?”
“Mom how do I get an owl to send a RSVP?”

Just finished all 4 books of DtoA over the past two weeks, reading during every available moment — while brushing my teeth, while eating lunch at my desk, in line at the grocery store, while stopped at stoplights…

So, question: What’s the Chitaqua SOP for coping (besides rereading, which I already started, while eating lunch (I think; can’t remember, doesn’t matter)? 

Patrol units, any words of wisdom for our newest recruit? Personally your scribe sat vacantly in a sunbeam this morning thinking about Alicia and wondering where to get knife-fighting/dancing lessons. Agincourt: it’s a lifestyle.

Anyway please accept our traditional welcoming gift, this fine thigh-holster!

Okay, so while I’m glad that B99 is exploring the after-effects of Jake doing prison time and the brutality and trauma he experienced, I’m very disappointed that they have not done the same for Rosa.

The show seems to have forgotten that both Jake and Rosa were framed, that they both underwent humiliation and trauma and were incorrectly imprisoned. In fact, Rosa was so scared of being sent away that she actually tried to run. Yet the show barely showed her time in prison, instead limiting it to a few brief visits from varying characters without showing what her prison experience was, if she experienced the same brutality as Jake, if she was threatened, if she found it hard to adjust. We literally know nothing about what Rosa went through, with the show choosing to focus solely on Jake.

And now that they’re both back in the 99 the show is, once again, focusing only on Jake’s PTSD. And again, this is definitely a good thing, with the show realistically portraying what this kind of experience would do to a person. But Rosa’s PTSD is completely ignored. Aside from a throw-away line about how Rosa was happy to do desk duty, we literally know nothing about how she is coping, what she is feeling or how prison affected her.

I know that Jake is the protagonist of the show but that doesn’t mean that the series has to so completely ignore Rosa’s experience. This show has always been so good at showing every character’s narrative and POV, so I really have to wonder why they even included Rosa in this storyline, as it seems like it would have worked just fine had Jake been the only one to go to prison.

I just wish, since the writers did make the choice to send both characters to prison, that they had actually followed through and showed Rosa’s experience as well as Jake’s, because I feel like they’ve done a huge disservice to Rosa’s character by not exploring the effect this all would have had on her.

Okay so obviously anyone with a cluster B personality disorder (that is not BPD - it’s not that you all aren’t demonised, but there definitely is more in the way of compassion and understanding of borderline personality disorder than NPD/ASPD/HPD) has automatically seen “how to deal with the toxic narcissist/antisocial/histrionic person in your life” articles telling others how they should treat us and cope with us like some sort of plague. I want coping strategies for us. What are we meant to do when we’re feeling empty, or broken, or lacking narcissistic supply/attention, or bored, or depressed? 

What coping strategies do you all have? How do actual people with cluster B disorders cope? We’re more than just an inconvenience to society and we deserve resources to help US, not just the people around us. 

courage. | minghao

member: xu minghao (the8) / reader
genre/warning(s): angst, fluff, romance
word count: 940+
a/n: “what we have isn’t reckless…it’s courageous, if anything.”

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Although your moments with Minghao are often finite, you manage, somehow, to forge a deeper bond despite the little time you’re given. It’s a bond that is inspiringly authentic and imperfect – something rare in the realm of entertainment, something comforting, something…misplaced.

Yes, you and your genuine affection are misplaced in his world, and that, unfortunately, is a realization Minghao just can’t seem to be rid of.

Thus, as you’re rolling to clamber off his bed, en route to the dorm’s kitchen for a drink while brandishing a breathtaking smirk meant for him, Minghao can’t bear to let you out of his sight. No, not now, not when his tongue is heavy with words needed to be spilled soon, or he’ll risk the chance of emotional combustion. 

Lips bone-dry, mouth parched, mind and heart devoid of words among his cherished vocabulary, Minghao swallows the itching lump crawling up his throat. He’s quick to sit upright at the bed’s edge, reaching out to grip your hips in the nick of time. At his touch, you twirl around to face him, curious of his actions as your hands settle upon his shoulders. It takes one swift motion for him to pull you close enough so that you’re standing between his legs, knees brushing against the mattress as you peer down at him. 

“Yes?” Your smile is constant, eyes alight with an evergreen charm. 

If only Minghao could be so fortunate to smile and radiate such warmth as you do in the same instant. If only, if only, if only…

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Voltron as things said in my AP Language class

Lance: “Wait, so you mean to tell me that Malcom X didn’t create the X-Men?”

Hunk: “What’s a pastiche? Is it a quiche? Or a type of pistachio? Or is it a pistachio flavored quiche? Ooooh that sounds good.”

Keith: “I’m just really upset because [Lance] keeps touching my orange and it’s making me uncomfortable.”

Pidge: “She’s buff, and I’m kinda gay for that.”

Shiro: “How do we cope with denial, kids? WE DON’T!”

Matt: “I swear to god, the only drugs I need nowadays are cartons of ibuprofen because I hate every single one of you and how loud you talk.”


Drawing some ugu things for falsehero because we’re both broken souls

if you ever think I’ve moved on from hideyoshi nagachika then you are so wrong

also the overarching themes of 17776 appear to be “what if humanity had to deal with what we’re doing to the world? what if we had to live in the world we created? no leaving it up to future generations to fix. no escaping to other worlds. just dealing with everything we’ve done. how would we cope? what would we do? what would there be left to do? and after we’ve dealt with that, what is the essential nature and purpose of humanity after all struggle has ceased?”

and along with those themes come themes of environmentalism, critique of capitalism, death’s role in culture, humanity learning to love what they have or what they have had, immortality as something terrifying, play and struggle as a means to give purpose and keep us going, what humanity looks like from an outsider’s perspective given all of the above and how ridiculous and tragic we must seem, etc. etc. etc.

what i’m saying is good shit good shit

itsmekayleygrace  asked:

I'm a hufflepuff and broke up with slytherin boyfriend today. I had no physical attraction towards him,so I decided to end it. He since has turned very cold and mean towards me, I get that he's hurt and needs time, but now he's just putting greater strain on me... any advice ?(Also love your blogs btw 💕)

Slys do that. We build walls and lash out to ease and cover our pain. I’d say he really likes you. If he didn’t he wouldn’t care all that much. We get over stuff fast, it’s a defense mechanism. When we can’t do that we hurt people. That’s how we cope with things.

Give him time. Continue to be as kind as you can. It’ll take a while but eventually he’ll move on.

-Mel (the Slytherin)

anonymous asked:

I just found out my little sister has thyroid cancer. She's 15. How do I help her cope when we tell her?

Be there for her. Clear out the little things so she doesn’t have to break down crying trying to do the dishes. Tidy up, make her food, get her little gifts if you can afford them. Like one of those premade smoothie things, or chocolate, or lotion. Hug her. 

Also, reach out to organizations that help with childhood cancer. As many as you can. The more the better. Like, I’m pretty sure St. Jude’s treats teenagers. So that’s a start. Reach out for emotional support, financial support, anything and everything. It’ll help.

-Lou the Lobster