how do u remove it

disconnected (removed vocals)
disconnected (removed vocals)

my favourite thing about removed vocals is hearing all the different components of the song a lil easier [ i do not own this song, all credits to 5sos and co. ]

anonymous asked:

but how do u remove the skin from the bodysuits real pics? u have youtube tutorial or video?

I only choose pictures which have a plain background (like the picture I showed you, it had a plain white background) And in Gimp, there’s a tool (Color to Alpha…) that changes all the white pixels to transparent so only the black bodysuit is left. (The method is quite similar to making tattoos. @kotiij has a video about it.)

i don’t listen to people that use reg or aphobe

like how privileged and removed from society do u have to be to think that the criticism & “discrimination” u face is anywhere near that of lgbt+ people

ur homophobia & transphobia are transparent as hell

u obviously don’t give a shit about trans women or bi people or anyone else in the community

don’t be so thoughtless, stop comparing tumblr arguments to centuries of bloodshed

u can face ur own troubles without forcing ur way into the lgbt community with some half ass made up terms