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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

hello daily reminder not to ignore female muses and disregard all the hard work put into them bc chances are they had to put in 5 times the effort a male muse has to put in for a sliver of the attention. also? don’t Assume they ONLY exist to jump dick. thanks.


me thinkin about all the times people have left out park jisung as one of the best dancers SM entertainment, in fact, kpop, actually the entire world, has ever seen

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kisbys is super Up There on my list of art idols and im like…………tbh still shocked that they follow me n we’re mutuals even tho im a trash gremlin with barely passable art garbage and everything they post is som e shit from the MOMA (even tho they cant see it) and i even thin k they might be my friend??? im sjust……… a aaaaaa

so i had this thought last night that what if all through high school Isaac had a huge crush on you, but of course he never worked up the courage to talk to you but that doesn’t mean you didn’t notice him glancing at you and how freakin adorable he was whenever your eyes met and he blushed right red. but after he was bitten and became a bit more confident and more sure of himself he walked up to you and leaned against the locker next to yours with that damn smirk on his face, and asked you to go out with his this weekend. of course you said yes bc look at my little baby boy he’s perfect, so when he picked you up the next night you two wasted no time parking in the middle of the woods and laying on the hood of his car looking out over the city, talking about anything and everything under the stars and it was kinda cold so you were resting your head on his shoulder wrapped in his jacket his arm slung over your shoulder holding you close to him and occasionally running his hand up and down your arm to warm you up, and after a while you just leaned up to look at him making him smile softly down at you, cupping your face in his hand so softly like you were made of glass before leaning down and connecting your lips for the first time and of course the classic butterflies went insane in your stomach so you climbed on top of him straddling his lap and continued making out for the rest of the night until Scott was calling him worried where the hell he was and the sun was peaking through the horizon.


“Our feelings are swinging, so let’s turn them into a song! Until the encore is over, don’t take your eyes off of us, our hearts are swaying, so let’s start the music!”

Ensemble Stars graphic challenge → favourite unit is Ra*bits!


Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints: it takes, and it takes, and it takes.