how do u orange

Should've Known Better
Sufjan Stevens

I’m light as a feather
I’m bright as the Oregon breeze


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must


“cute, sexy, and handsome” main vocal

anonymous asked:

How do u manage to find the same orange and blue for all ur outfits they seem so rare well at least on east, those colors then lighter blue, pastel pink and so on seem harder than white and black but all ur outfits have it

it was a really bad habit of checking avatar dyes every single time i was near marketplace so even if i was saving for something i was still buying dyes from my palette. black is always there, then i have 2-3 variations of blue but main one is rare indeed and orange is no comments lol, had to use so many megaphones to find sellers because @anthonytonyboy-vindictus is also stalking that dye everyday xd 
but don’t forget about coupons events where you could spam vampire maps and try experimental dyes, i was farming a lot when we had those, got like 20 oranges there for sure :D and now with merge we got a chance to try our luck with ap amps. also the main thing is that all 3 colours of mine can appear in dyes selection when you are using the ampoule, but most of the time i aim for having orange+black or 2 blacks.
so everytime i get a new outfit i spend almost the same amount of money to get those 15 dyes to have it in my colours, i love and hate that part at the same time <:D normally it takes me 1-2 days to finish it but i remember struggling with miko when i wasted so many blues to try different combinations and later had to find another rgb because no one was selling my 164 blue :( 




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how do u make orange juice without oranges please tell me i need to k n o w

if you want orange juice bad enough, u find a way. Real life isn’t animal crossing okay? Oranges don’t grow on trees

how do u expect miro to bring the team orange slices and capri suns after the game and drive the team minivan if u hurt him, huh