how do u live tho


“You get to this age, everyone you ever loved either bit the dust or went into hiding. Too many old faces I knew were puffed into ash; some crying for help, others howling for revenge.” Her voice deepens with a crack, and a green knuckle pushes at her eye. She sniffs deeply, clearing her throat. “It doesn’t feel good surviving this long, no. That thick muscle in your chest doesn’t even go numb after all the shit it’s been put through; it’s nothing like the stories. You lose someone you love, no matter how many you lost, it’s gonna hurt as bad as the last.”

“You won’t always cry. Shit, you might not even be the type, but you’re gonna feel it. Right in here.” Magnus pounds her fist to her chest. “Every time. No, it doesn’t feel good to be immortal. Doesn’t feel good to be an Elder. You lived through so much shit it’s just not funny.” You learn, you’re smart, you’re intellectual, good for you. But the longer you’ve lived, the harder shituations you go through. You experience every betrayal in the book at least once and you experience the feeling of failure more times than you care to count. Everyone you relate to is either dead or didn’t give you the time of night to tell you where they’re going and they just hit the road. It’s a growing, impending isolation. Nothing the new breeds can satisfy.

Yeah, every road on the Earth is one you’ve walked at least once or twice in your entire life. You recognize the feeling in the air, the faint scent of every country. You have memories flood back, or you don’t because you immortals can be forgetful too. But you’ll catch on when your feet drag across that road, or when you notice that one building to the side is gone and replaced with something else all together. Your feet are your map, and the stars above have seen you do things you’ll never confess to anyone else. 

You’re a monster, but at the same time you’re a companion of the Earth. Either a bad one, good one or something in-between. It’s all your home, your birthright. So maybe that’s a small consolation at the end of the day that no one can take from you. Maybe.

okay but like imagine being in a relationship w seven. imagine just like living in his apartment and everything is chill always
  • He has weird sleep hours that change every other day
    • so do you.
  • He works from home and is always on his computer
    • same with you (probably. same with me, minus the working lmao)
  • He can focus on what he’s doing because he only has to glance over to make sure you’re safe
    • He only has to talk to hear your voice
    • He only has to ask to know you love him. 
  • Sometimes he goes to bed at 7am and that’s your alarm to get up
    • but not before u get to make out for a little bit first
  • both of u just up til like 3am doing shit, talking shit, eating shit
    • nice.
  • like lowkey ur probably having sex like 30% of the time okay
    • imagine like 5 quickies throughout the day
  • honey buddha chips
    • he has boxes of them
  • but seriously like whenever the two of u get briefly distracted from what ur doing its like ‘lol we could have sex right now and no one would stop us’
    • ‘…so why arent we’
  • just so fucking cheesy and sweet u probably feed each other when u go to cafes
    • i hate these ppl but i also want to be these ppl
  • just??? fukcing ?????? everything ?????!???
  • u call him Luciel sometimes and he melts he loves it he loves u he loves hearing u say his name he loves the way u say it he just !!! loves !!!!!!! you !!!!!!!!!
  • also like 60 cats dude the two of u decided to plant catnip outside the door so now all the strays in the area come chill outside ur house and u feed them every morning