how do u know which brushes to use

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I'm an artist and I love your line work and coloring. Someone might have already asked this but what brushes do you use and what are your settings? Thanks so much keep drawing dude!!!

agh sorry for answering so late i forgot how i draw

oof the quality is nasty but its readable..

so if u didnt know, i use medibang paint to draw (basically the same as firealpaca but with a black background instead of grey)

Medibang is a bit shit in terms of really customising brushes but hey i’m poor and cant afford shit like SAI and photoshop so i suffer and make do with what’s available. 

aight so most of my brushes i use are ones that i downloaded from the cloud so if you click the little cloud thingy on the sidebar then it’ll take u to more brushes which is where i got mine.

i basically have a couple ways of drawing depending how i feel - for those little pun comics i used a soft brush for lines (either the “thick brush sumi” or the “acrylic”) and for shading i used the “pen” and “fluffy watercolour”. But for other stuff where i want cleaner lines i use the custom pen shown in the pic. 

Acrylic is one i mostly use for lining bigger things if i want crisp lines but still kind of keeping a slightly sketchy style. 

Watercolour is a good brush for painting when u wanna blend the colours together easily (you can adjust how well they blend in the brush setting).

i have Correction set to 2 - for those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a function designed to control how much fluidity you have when drawing lines. If you have it on a higher setting then it’ll restrict you more so the lines turn out a lot smoother (it’s a useful function but if you try to draw too fast it just makes it seem like it’s lagging loads so i dont use it). When on a lower setting you get more control which is better for sketching. 

thats like all i can think of but if u need any more tips hmu

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Hiya senpai! Uh I really liked how one of your Peridot drawings looked so I came here to ask you (if u don't mind) what brush did you use? It looks like it's painted with a real brush! Is that texture? It's okay if you don't want to tell me.

hey!!! i wasnt sure which peridot drawing u were refering to, unless u meant the most recent one which is this?

if so, this is the brush i used. (btw change the ‘’color blending’’ ALOT depending on how much i want 2 blend the colours)

pls let me know if u meant another piece! i use this brush for when i want to do my ‘’painting style’’ :p

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Hi! :D First i really love your art it's really inspiring and so colourful i mean... wtf HOW?! *0* Second I'm learning to draw digital now so I want to ask you if you can maybe tell me how u do hairs? Which brush should I use and how do I know which colour will match with the others? And how tha fuck can i do them in multicolours like for example Harley's hair from blond to blue/pink??? But first THANK YOU for sharing your masterpieces!!! \*0*/

Thank you! <3333

Honestly? I sort of just go blind when it comes to colors lol. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. ;_____; 

But here are some tips: Look up the basic color theory, look for cinema color palette and study how they use which color to create which mood/lighting, experiment a lot, study from other artists.

As for brush, I mainly use the default/basic brushes available in Paint Tool Sai or Photoshop. The secret to smooth hair is to blend the colors (Sai can do this very well).

A hair painting tutorial will be up soon! 

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can you show us how do u color ur art? ur art is amazing! i really love how u draw! could u give us ur brush settings and maybe show us a step by step tutorial or progress? i love ur art!

Thank you! I don’t know how much it will help but here are the brush settings of the ones I use most frequently. I’ll try to post a step-by-step of my drawing process in the near future, but lately all I’ve been drawing are doodles and commissions which can’t be posted online u_u

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How do you make your "special effects"? For example, your Todoroki drawing with his fire and ice. I know you use Photoshop, but do you have any non-photoshop specific tips for making effects and lighting like that?

Oh!  Actually I was using a specific brush set, which you can find here! It’s got a really nifty fire brush and I used some of its other things for the ice stuff.  Free download, too! ^u^