how do u fabric

The influence of the Arab world on textiles is shown in words we still use for certain types of fabric.  Damask takes its name from Damascus, in Syria.  It is a reversible fabric made most often of silk or linen.  A pattern is woven into the cloth which is revealed by the way in which light falls upon the fabric.  Muslin takes its name from Mosul, a town in present-day Irag.  It is a fine, gauzy cotton.
—  The Medieval World: A History of Fashion and Costume

how do ppl make sculptures out of marble n other rock idgi how…how… those sculptures where its a woman w a fabric over her face HOW how do u sculpt a sheer fabric from STONE

how many blogs on here do u reckon are like a complete fabrication. someone creating a persona and writing about a fake life everyday. it could be one of u. scary