how do u attractive

Reblog and see what color you get
  • Yellow: You are such a sunshiney person and my dash is always brightened whenever you post
  • Maroon: I wish you followed me
  • Teal: You make me happy ♥
  • Auburn: I love you
  • Burnt Sienna: I love you but it's a different color
  • Navy: We should talk more
  • Magenta: You are my favorite tumblr user
  • Fuchsia: Come catch these hands...with your own. I wanna hold your hand.
  • Dodie Yellow: You are literally my favorite person ever.
  • Cerulean: I would come to your house at 3 in the morning if you were sad bc you deserve to be loved and to be happy
  • Baby Pink: u so attractive??? how u do dat??
  • Barbie Pink: You are the best at everything i don't get how
  • Crimson: I wanna cuddle with you
  • Emerald: You are my inspiration.
  • Gold: I can't believe you exist. You're such a blessing to this earth
  • Silver: I can't believe we're mutuals
  • Aquamarine: You are goals
  • White: Your icon is goals
  • Black: Marry Me
  • Beige: Idk what to say except W O W
BTS’ Ideal Types (Based on Their Venus Signs)

Note: This is just my very general interpretation using the stars and is by no means correct! Remember that this is just astrology and nothing is finite. Every individual is different and there’s always exceptions to a rule. With that in mind, enjoy!

Jin - Capricorn Venus

  • the classy successful type
  • he wouldn’t be into a childish silly kinda girl
  • he wants someone he can take over the world and buy bighit with
  • mature 
  • business oriented
  • serious 
  • someone who positively effects his goals
  • either a charming younger girl who would impress his coworkers at a dinner party
  • or an established older woman who’s creating her own empire
  • speaks her mind
  • reliable and responsible
  • a sophisticated lady in streets 
  • but a real freak in the sheets

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Yoongi - Aries Venus

  • the energetic sporty type
  • despite his lethargic personality, i think he’d want a girl who can energize and excite him
  • someone confident and sure of herself
  • makes herself heard
  • fights for what she believes in
  • he’d love seeing that spark in her eyes when she gets determined to do something
  • i can see him being really proud of his girl when she stands up for herself
  • “yes you go jagi” “that’s my baby”
  • feisty
  • assertive and dominant (sub!yoongi rise)
  • independent
  • goes after what she wants
  • not too girly, maybe even a bit tomboyish
  • a girl who can get down and dirty and not worry about breaking a nail

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Hoseok - Pisces Venus

  • the sensitive and sweet type
  • i think he’d just love a sweet and innocent girl
  • who’s kind to everyone she encounters
  • and loves nature and animals
  • dreamy and imaginative
  • s o f t 
  • a girl who’s not afraid to bust out some aegyo
  • which makes him just melt
  • would actually like if she’s a bit needy or clingy 
  • someone he can protect and take care of
  • vulnerable and open about her emotions
  • someone he can give a shoulder to cry on and be that sunshine she needs in her life
  • feminine yet fashion forward style

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Namjoon - Scorpio Venus

  • looking for his expensive girl
  • the femme fatale type
  • a woman with a magnetic aura
  • that draws him in instantly
  • mysterious
  • dangerous
  • not one to mess with
  • someone who’s not afraid of her sexuality
  • and can send him smoldering stares from across the room
  • wears risque/edgy clothing
  • likes to show some skin
  • but on the inside she’s a big nerd
  • a sexy girl with brains
  • who he can have philosophical 3am conversations with

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Jimin - Scorpio Venus

  • a toss up for me
  • he has a scorpio venus, like namjoon 
  • so you’d think that he’s also into the femme fatale
  • but he has said many times that he prefers cute small girls
  • so i think he’d be into a princess in the streets 
  • but queen in the sheets kinda girl
  • if u know what im sayin’
  • someone small who can pack a punch
  • just like him

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Taehyung - Aquarius Venus

  • the quirky type
  • what he’d want the most is a girl who’s different
  • not another pretty face with no personality
  • he wants someone who stands out in a crowd
  • an unconventional beauty
  • has odd habits that he’d find adorable
  • very fun and silly
  • her humor would get his cold capricorn to open up 
  • a meme queen
  • always willing to try new things
  • a rebel
  • who doesn’t follow societal norms
  • has a unique fashion sense, similar to his
  • gucci™ couple

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Jungkook - Libra Venus

  • the girly girl
  • libras are naturally attracted to aesthetically pleasing things
  • so he’d want a beautiful girl
  • (but really every girl is beautiful in her own way)
  • someone confident and charming
  • and has effortless grace
  • a girl who dresses well
  • very feminine
  • skirts, dresses, black lingerie
  • uses sweet smelling perfumes 
  • (that’d he’d take a whiff of when she’s not looking)
  • ((in a totally non creepy way of course))
  • someone with class and manners
  • artsy !!
  • interested in film, photography, or music
  • refined and polite
  • rude or crass people turn him off

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Me: *is attracted to female idol*
Me: yea shes definitely gay.,,100%.I can feel it ⚠️⚠️beep beep gaydar is beeping…its a gift…i just know.she is a gay….superlesbo….

Dating Sehun would include

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Oh Sehun
- Bubble tea dates of course
- This brat
- He will be the death of you
- But he loves you so much
- Seahoon
- Legit his laugh is the greatest thing
- Him whining “jaaaagi” at you when he wants something
- On stage he’s so seductive and beautiful but you know the real side of him
- The side that’s needy and cute
- You’ll probably bond with mama Suho
- “Please control my child”
- P L E A S E
- You’ll also probably help cause trouble for the other boys though because why not
- He’s probably taller than you
- Forehead kisses
- Hugs from behind
- The kind where he drapes his arms over your shoulders and puts his chin on your head
- Honestly the sex would probably be great, have you seen him dance???
- Those hips???
- And his abs????
- He might not be //huge on skinship in public I’m not sure
- But you can bet at home he’s tangled up with you on the couch
- Iron grip
- He will never let go
- Or he’s attacking you with kisses
- And he’s hot so u know how this works
- “Do you have to be so attractive Sehun”
- Why does he do this to you
- “Sehun why do you do this to me”
- “Do what?”
- “T H I S”
- He could just be standing there but boi he’s doing it
- Whatever it is
- Just breathing
- “Hey Sehun can you-”
- “Shut up Vivi just fell asleep”
- “Vivi says no”
- “Sorry I can’t, I have to watch TV with Vivi”
- Vivi comes first in his life
- “Okay well you can kiss Vivi then”  
- “wait what Y/N w A I T”
- When you’re mad at him, you bring up ‘shawty ima part til the sun down’ and he stops arguing
- You guys might bicker often, but real arguments probably won’t happen often
- And when they do, he might give you the cold shoulder for a while
- But he’ll eventually come back and realize you all need to talk
- “Vivi told me to tell you that I’m sorry”
- “Well you can tell Vivi that I’m sorry too”
- You getting along with Kai and Chanyeol
- They’re your best friends
- Sehun lowkey getting jealous
- But he doesn’t say anything about it fr
- Just gets really salty
- 6 foot tall saltine cracker in your presence
- “Why don’t you go hang out with your HOES”
- “Sehun what are yo-”
- “Vivi and I are perfectly fine staying here by ourselves doing nothing at all waiting for you to come home while you hang out with my friends”
- They’re not perfectly fine
- Vivi probably looking at you like pls stay home
- Using his full name when you’re mad at him
- And he laughs like hah she’s so cute
- But you’re not cute you’re aNGRY
- He just finds you so cute
- Everything you do
- Or rly hot
- Tbh you’d become the closest person to Oh Sehun and I think that would really be a blessing and he would just love and appreciate you so much

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Dear sami i lov ur draws, but beards and facial hair is Hard stuff and is ee u make so much AH art which has attractive bearded/facial hair men how do u do eet? any tips and tricks?

im not sure if this helps aaaaaaaaa

Boyfriend Joshua

@kyotocean: Heey, can you please write the boyfriend thing for Joshua from Seventeen? I really like your scenarios and reactions, keep up the good work!~ I hope you will have a nice day ♡

a/n: thank you! I’m sorry for the lateness of this but hopefully you like it ^^” I wish you a nice day too! ~

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  • omg this nerd
  • where do I even start
  • maybe from the beginning?? lol
  • you both met while 17 were still training, when the original 17 members were there and you were a new trainee at pledis
  • he wanted to welcome you to the trainee world, to be your friend. esp. since some trainees could be vicious in their determination to debut before you.
  • but … you were so attractive >////< and how do u talk to attractive ppl? what language do they use? do they bite?
  • it was Sammy who made the move to introduce him to you and you both clicked right away
  • that led to a lengthy friendship, to you supporting him every time he thought his group was close to debut only to be disappointed, up until they actually did debut
  • he’s had you with him, to wipe his tears and pick him up when it got hard, and he realized that you weren’t just his attractive friend anymore .. you meant so much more to him
  • it took a lot of courage but he eventually asked you out and when he told the guys you were dating, their exact response was;
  • “wait, you’re only dating now? I thought you’d been together for years??”
  • and even the rest of Pledis was like “???? so you weren’t dating before this?? what??”
  • It became kind of a Mandela effect in Pledis because everyone swears they heard you two started going out years ago but anyway,, that’s not the point
  • joshua is such a soft boyfriend oml
  • he can never say no to you and luckily for him, your requests are never crazy. because if you suggested jumping off a building or something as equally insane,, it would be so hard to say no.
  • but luckily you only ask for, like, ice cream at 3 am
  • which he’s all for since it’s an opportunity for you two to bond, sneaking out of the dorm while everyone sleeps and having some alone time over ice cream.
  • he loves admiring you
  • while you train, while you cook, while you walk and smile and talk
  • best of all is when you’re laying down together, cuddled up and he runs his arm along your arm or back, fingertips tracing the outline of your body.
  • those are the moments that he savours the most, when he can relax and breathe in your scent and feel your touch
  • you get lost in conversation,, about doggo’s and anime and video games. but about serious things too, about the injustices of the world, about how hard trainee life is or if there’s an anti out against him
  • those times usually get interrupted by one of the members
  • which neither of you mind too much. it’s nice having the guys around and they like being around you. you make joshua happy and he exudes a positive energy that people feed off of
  • but he always feels better after those times, more refreshed and reassured that as long as he has you, he can make it through anything
  • you wear his clothes
  • a lot
  • and the boys tease him for it
  • a lot
  • but he doesn’t care
  • he’s kind of a cheesy boyfriend and more okay with pda than you expected 17′s gentleman to be. but his pda is very innocent, such as hand holding or his hand on your waist or maybe a few light pecks on the lips
  • nothing crazy
  • not while the guys are around anyway.
  • he has a pure religious boy image that he needs to protect
  • he says things like “The stars are no longer beautiful to me since I looked into your eyes”
  • and has so many puns and dad jokes and he dabs too,, ugh, you’re so embarrassed to bring him out sometimes.
  • you acted like you didn’t know him once when he pin dropped at a party ((but 10 minutes later you joined him so no one was convinced)) ((also it was a Pledis party so everyone knew you two were together so ..))
  • he giggles when you kiss his nose but he loves it so much so don’t stop
  • he’s not the type to constantly text you but he does give you updates and checks in on you. he’s always sure to send a “how are you?” or “how was work/school today?” because he cares so, so, so much about you and your well being
  • you two take the cutest couple selfies ever
  • it takes a lot to irritate him so you can poke and prod and he’ll still smile sweetly at you a true gentleman
  • anime marathons
  • doesn’t protest if you want to do his hair or makeup or nails
  • actually, he finds it kind of relaxing when you do that, as opposed to when professional artists do, because he’s not got the nerves that come before a performance or a variety appearance
  • he knows there won’t be flashing cameras either
  • it’s just you two, having fun, in his room, and it makes him feel normal for a minute
  • joshua feels like he’s living his life like a normal twenty-something year old, having fun with his partner and acting goofy
  • “You know .. without you, I don’t think I’d be who I am today. You helped me through a lot of tough times and there’s not enough I can do to repay that. All I can offer you is my heart.”

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how do u tell the difference between romantic and platonic attraction ive got no experience on this

Ask urself if u have the urge to kiss them on the lips. If yes then its romantic. Thats how i define it myself

i think its so annoying how physical people are… Yes that person is attractive but why do u like them ? just because they are attractive to you?.. You dont care about how their mind works? What they love?
Their interests.. dreams.. passions
do they even have those things?…
i dont get a lot of people man.. dont be blinded by a person’s personality just because they fine smh


ʜᴇʏ, ɢᴜᴇss ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ɪᴛ ɪs? ɪᴛ’s ᴊᴏsʜᴜᴀ ᴛɪᴍᴇ! ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴏʀ ɴᴏᴛ, ᴛʜɪs ʙᴏʏ ɪs sᴛɪʟʟ ᴀs ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴀs ᴇᴠᴇʀ!

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before i was aroace: what.... what is an aroace and why do i see discourse abt it.... how do u just.... not feel attraction - me now: what the fuck is a romance??? what is sexual/romantic attraction??? what the fjck

attraction?? don’t know her.


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bruh how do u not get people telling u ur attractive like all the time? wtf. ur like crazy attractive dude

haha i’ve actually been told by friends that people find me intimidating! not sure what it is, maybe it’s my resting face. so i guess i appear unapproachable and it was never said to me. but thank you so much!! really gives me a confidence boost

feel free to follow me on insta @kylusion my edits are pretty lit :D

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yellow, auburn, burnt sienna, fuchsia, cerulean, baby pink, crimson, emerald, gold, black, beige (i hope i'm not late, I love you boo)

Yellow: You are such a sunshiney person and my dash is always brightened whenever you post

Teal: You make me happy ♥

Auburn: I love you

Burnt Sienna: I love you but it’s a different color

Cerulean: I would come to your house at 3 in the morning if you were sad bc you deserve to be loved and to be happy

Baby Pink: u so attractive??? how u do dat??

Barbie Pink: You are the best at everything i don’t get how

Crimson: I wanna cuddle with you

Emerald: You are my inspiration.

Gold: I can’t believe you exist. You’re such a blessing to this earth

Black: Marry Me

Beige: Idk what to say except W O W

Bubs this is too much. But thank u baby.

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Yellow, navy, baby pink, gold, silver, beige. ❤

Yellow: You are such a sunshiney person and my dash is always brightened whenever you post
Navy: We should talk more
Baby Pink: u so attractive??? how u do dat??
Gold: I can’t believe you exist. You’re such a blessing to this earth
Silver: I can’t believe we’re mutuals
Beige: Idk what to say except W O W

BB I AM DEAD FROM HAPPINESS OVERLOAD T-T HOW DARE YOU BE SO NICE TO ME. HOW DARE. You are the best and I’m just smiling like a total fool right now?? We definitely need to talk more, I’m going to try to be better about messaging my friends, and all of these feels are mutual af/I would send you the same colors in a heartbeat.🍄💕🍄💕🍄💗🍄💕🍄💕🍄💕

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how do you know if someones nonbinary when u feel attracted to them? do u feel attraction After u ask and get a confirmation or are u out here Assuming Their Gender

we’re all socialized to assume everyone’s gender based on how they present and how we perceive them. but assuming everyone’s gender is never a good idea. 

one way you can avoid assuming everyone’s gender and pronouns is when you’re introducing yourself say something like “hey my name is ____ and my pronouns are ______.” 

so if you’re attracted to someone and you introduce yourself and you state your pronouns they might do the same. esp. if they are nonbinary they will feel comfortable stating their pronouns. 

- 🔮