how do those two dogs get it on

It’s finally finished! I wanted to make this comic for the snap election, but if the Tories win I feel like it’s gonna be relevant for the next few years. 

I messaged a few of the spoonie blogs I follow to see if they would be okay with me tagging them in this. I got responses from @spooniediaries and @heyatleastitsnotcancer but I didn’t want to tag anyone else who hadn’t given me their consent.

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omg your headcannons are life. they fed my children and watered my crops and saved ten thousand dogs. but have you ever considered..... lance and coran

buddy… pal…….. thanks for this

  • coran ‘officially’ doesn’t have a favorite paladin. but. it’s lance
    • hunk is a close second but the cooking rivalry runs too deep
  • lance asks coran to teach him how to flirt in altean. coran teaches him how to say “are there any chores i can do today allura?” instead
  • textbook cases of crouching moron, hidden badass trope
  • lance: “i’m too young and beautiful to die!” coran: “i’m only one of those things but i still don’t wanna!”
  • coran gets an average of two marriage proposals from random aliens a month
    • lance is like. how.
    • “hunk do you think i could rock a mustache” “okay i’m gonna stop you right there”
  • “coran i think i know what the problem is. the castle’s systems have an updog infection” “what is updog?” “PIDGE GET IN HERE I TOLD YOU I COULD DO IT”
  • lance: *shares tender memory of something on earth that he misses* coran: *reciprocates wistfully with some horrifying altean bullshit*
    • seriously what even was altea
    • “i miss dogs. they’re animals that we keep around the house and they’re super cuddly and cute” “oh, we had creatures like that on altea! they were called glarots! except instead of being cuddly, they had spikes all over their bodies. the one i had back home could snap up three flame draks in one bite of its fourth jaw! *sigh* adorable little buggers, they were”

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I would really love to get a pit, and I would really love to get a chihuahua. Do you think those two breeds could mix okay (of course, it will depend partially on their individual personalities)? If so, do you think it is best to get the pit first, or the chihuahua first? (So, an older, calmer pit being introduced to a chihuahua puppy? Or an older, calmer chihuahua getting used to a pit puppy? Two older dogs?) I plan on getting one single dog first, so I can feel out its temperament. Thoughts?

Okay so I’ve been really torn on how to answer this question. This is my personal opinion and thoughts on the matter.

I totally understand getting your dream dog breeds, and I feel you on this topic. However, American Pit Bull Terriers run the risk of being dog aggressive. You can get the sweetest possible puppy but when their hormones kick in, they can become dog aggressive. Sometimes this can be trained out and sometimes you just have to manage it for the life of your dog. Just one of those things that happens. 

If by “pit” you meant “bully mix” rather than APBT, you still run that risk because bully breeds were originally bred for dog aggression. Again, in some cases it can be trained out, in some cases your dog won’t show these traits at all, and in some cases you’ll just have to deal with it. 

The point of telling you this is to say that it’s quite the risk to bring an APBT into a house that already has a tiny dog. No matter how perfect your APBT puppy might be, there is always the risk it will develop dog aggression. 

Personally, I would adopt the APBT first and keep it as a single dog for several (~3) years. This would ensure your dog is fully mature and you could see how it reacts to small dogs.

Again, this is just my opinion. There are lots of people who keep bully breeds with other dogs without issue, but there are just as many horror stories of bully breeds that suddenly turn on their canine family members. To me, it just isn’t worth the risk when you’re looking at such a big difference in sizes - it would literally take a single second to lose your chihuahua in that kind of scenario. 

Please understand, I am not hating on APBT or bully breeds. I have a soft spot for APBT and man, bully breeds definitely fit my dog aesthetic! But please be realistic and prepared for the worst, just in case. 

Good luck anon! -C

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YES TINY ANALOGICAL WOULD BE SO CUTE BUTTTTTTTT (hehe butt) can I request that they're like cute toddler best friends who get really excited over kinda nerdy stuff together and them doing some "science experiment" but it's like mixing dirt and leaves and sticks and stuff not actual science (cuz toddler)😂😂 I made so many fake meals on my Nana's porch out of mud and leaves when I was little and I need the analogical science version of it


Patton looked out the window when he spotted blue and purple go by.  Outside, he saw Virgil and Logan hunched over…something.  He wasn’t sure what exactly, but they both seemed quite interested in whatever it was.  

He saw Virgil hop to his feet and take off running towards the tree line, and when he came back, he was carrying a stick far bigger than himself.  Now, why exactly he had this stick, Patton wasn’t s-

Virgil started smacking a paper plate full of pine needles, the needles flying everywhere.  Logan simply scribbled something down on the notebook he had with him, then he pointed to the turtle sandbox and said something.  Virgil took off running, coming back with a bucket of sand.

What in the world were those kids doing?  Patton watched as Logan scooped up a handful of left over pine needles and tossed them in the sand, then Virgil mixed it all up with his stick.  Then they…spat? in the bucket?

…These kids were weird…

As Roman passed by, Patton called out for him.  “Ro, what are those two doing out there?”

Roman looked out the window and snickered, shaking his head as Logan produced a small snail from under a rock.  “I told them earlier that they could make another person if they the right ingredients…I said they’d need something to be the hair, something to be the body, and then either snips, snails, and puppy dog tails or sugar, spice, and anything nice…and apparently they’re trying to test that.”

“…Where are they going to get the puppy dog tail?”

“…Virgil!  Logan!  How about you come play inside for a little while?!” Roman shouted, running out to the porch and snatching both toddlers, tossing them up on the porch as they screamed.

Both kids whined and complained, hanging their heads as they came inside.  “We were getting close, Roro!” Logan complained, stomping his foot.

“This is no fair!” Virgil whined, slumping against Logan and snatching his hand for comfort.  

“Well, how about instead of trying to build a person, you focus your energy on something more productive?” Roman suggested, stooping down to the two’s level.  He patted away some of the dust from Virgil’s hoodie and Logan’s new moon phases bowtie.  The two tots looked to each other, Virgil shrugging and Logan puffing his cheeks.

“You did see that recipe for a love potion in that mag-nazine earlier?” Virgil said, scratching his nose.

“Yeah, we could try that!” Logan shouted, grabbing his notebook and throwing the door open, shoving Virgil inside as they took off running.

“And just who are you going to make that for?” Roman shouted after them.

“Patton!” both Virgil and Logan shouted back in unison.  Roman laughed, shaking his head.  He couldn’t say much, he’d do the same thing…maybe those two needed adult supervision…

plance + domestic headcanons
  • pidge is one of those people who is always cold and lance always runs on the warm side so she always sticks her feet in his lap or under his shirt
  • pidge is 100% a blanket hog. lance wakes up and looks over and there’s just this giant cocoon on the side of their bed with a tuft of hair sticking out
    • he throws an arm and leg over her and eventually she wriggles around to face him and grudgingly un-mummifies herself to pull the blanket over them both
  • “organized chaos” is something pidge wholeheartedly believes in. “what’s the big deal I can always find what I’m looking for” 
    • lance: “pidge if I find another one of your dirty socks just lying on the floor we are having words”
  • lance likes putting his head in pidge’s lap when they’re on the couch and she just runs her fingers through it and messes with his cowlick listening to him talk about his day
  • pidge is a night owl while lance needs his beauty sleep but eventually she runs out of fuel and knocks out at the kitchen table and lance carries her to bed
  • whenever lance has a crick in his back he just. lies down on the carpet of their living room and has pidge walk on his back bc she’s smol and knows exactly where to press her feet down
  • one time they were grocery shopping and lance bet he could run to the end of the aisle faster than pidge could ride on the shopping cart. it was. A Mess™.
  • “why does our pantry have seven different brands of cereal” “VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE”
  • you know that thing you do when you’re little where you mark off your height on your doorframe every year so you can see how much you’ve grown? yeah, lance makes one of those even though neither of them has grown an inch since puberty ended. pidge is not amused.
  • pidge: “you know, sometimes couples get to this point where there’s too much love for just the two of them-” 
    • lance, internally: *yahoo answers voice* is she… pRGEGANT 
    • pidge: “…anyways so i adopted a dog and his name is rover”

Ladybug and Chat Noir hanging out together on halloween, running around paris and acting like dorks, like normal teenagers, because of course everyone’s just going to think they’re another pair of kids on their way to a costume party or something.

And it’s the first time they can just hang out with each other without people always expecting things of them, expecting them to act a certain way or give autographs or be celebrities, and they just enjoy themselves so much.

They have dinner at a cute little family restaurant where little kids giggle and compliment them on their costumes and the manager gives them a discount because “wow, those are the best Ladybug and Chat Noir costumes I’ve seen all day, and you guys are just such a cute couple!”

Lady and Chat are both a little surprised at first, but they think it’s hilarious and they decide to play up the whole “couple” thing, giggling and flirting and being disgustingly sweet and the whole restaurant ships it, and their waiter probably figured out about ten minutes in that they’re the real Ladybug and Chat Noir, but she doesn’t say anything because they’re just having so much fun and she doesn’t want to ruin things for them.

She’s in her mid-thirties, with kids of her own, and seeing the two heroes of Paris together like this, goofing off and having fun and laughing so hard they snort, it really hits home for her just how young they are (after that night, every time she sees them on the television, she watches with her heart in her mouth, anxious and hoping they don’t get too badly hurt).

After dinner, they do a little bit of trick or treating, because Chat loves his candy, and no one can resist those puppy dog eyes of his, even if he’s just a little too old for this kind of thing.

They walk around town, enjoying the nice weather, and even dropping into the Dupain-Cheng bakery once to buy a few pastries to snack on.

And next thing they know, it’s past ten, and the trick-or-treaters are mostly back home now, the streets starting to empty, and they know their night is over, and it’s probably time they say goodbye.

But they both find they don’t want to.

Because they’re just…having such a good time - they both finally got to just relax and enjoy themselves with their best friend, the person they trust with their life, and it’s something they never knew they craved so badly before.

Chat wants to ask something, but he’s hesitating, expecting to be rejected, but he’s trying to gather the courage to ask anyways. After having such an amazing time, he doesn’t want to have his mood ruined just yet by having to go home to that cold, empty mansion.

“I don’t want to go home…” he says, gaze cast to the ground, and he’s just waiting for Ladybug to insist that their identities have to be kept secret.

But then he feels her hand in his, and he looks up to find her smiling softly at him.

“Then don’t,” she says, tugging him gently forwards, and he feels his eyes widen.

He follows her wordlessly, because holy shit, is this really happening?

She leads him back to the Dupain-Cheng bakery, and as they land on the balcony, he looks around, wondering why she’s led him here.

He turns to ask her a question, but she just winks and turns to the trapdoor, her transformation wearing off with a flash as she slips into her bedroom.

Chat is frozen to his spot, eyes wide and speechless as Marinette turns back to him with a playful smirk.

“You coming or not, kitty?”

Chat quickly shakes himself out of his shock, and after Marinette gets over her minor freakout about her best friend being the boy she’s been obsessing over for months now, they have a sleepover, eating sweets all night and getting to know about each other and watching horrible movies and maybe cuddling.

And they’re both so happy and relaxed and wondering why the hell they waited this long to reveal their identities to each other.


Levi: Oh! Oh! Look at that cloud, it looks like Cliff!

Bently: Whaaaat? I think it looks more like Archie.

Levi: N-no way!! Cliff is a dog, Archie’s a cat, how do you get those two mixed–

Bently: Haha! Hun, relax. I was just messing with you. Settle down.

Levi: Gah.. You weren’t this quick witted before I met you. I’m a bad influence on you, you know that?… I miss the critters though. I wonder how they’re doing.

Bently: I’m sure they’re fine. Candice said she could stop by and check on them everyday after the restaurant closes. It’s not like they’re all alone to fend for themselves. Stop worrying.

Levi: B-but–

Bently: No buts! Plus, if you’re really that worried, you’ll have to wait and see the surprise I have lined up for you later, hehe.

Levi: A secret surprise? I really AM a bad influence on you. 


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Day 17: Carrying

100 Day Action Challenge

Morrigan gets so disgusted with these two. 

Have you ever met one of those big dogs that think they can fit on your lap? Well Prescilla is a small dog that thinks she can do big dog things. (Also note how she is taking partial credit for carrying the dog despite her obvious lack of being helpful). I guess the moral is don’t date Prescilla she’s too much. 

Sweet Tooth: Part Four

A/N: Hey my babies! Since you left so many amazing comments on the last part, I thought you guys deserved an extra long chapter!

Word Count: 5k

Warnings: Very colorful language, mentions of oral sex, sibling debauchary and just Lance being Lance(which needs a warning in its own)

Summary: Lance Tucker has come back to his hometown with his ego bruised and his look on life more tainted then ever. When he runs into Y/N; a vibrant plus size woman he went to high school with at her bakery ‘Cake Faced’, he leaves the shop with the taste of sugar on his lips and a hunger that has nothing to do with the cupcakes.


Saturday night had rolled around and as per usual, you were late.

You’d accidentally spent too much time at the shop with the maintenance man who was fixing up the mixer, it’s not like it was your fault he’d been late and taken forever! So you’d rushed home, your foot like lead on the gas pedal of your jeep, and had managed to get…mostly ready in the forty five minutes you had until you we’re supposed to meet your girlfriends for drinks.

Your phone chimes with texts from your friends, harassing you of course. Telling you to hurry up because being ten minutes late was apperantly a heinous offence. You finish up straightening your hair and toss it around before going to your closet and shrugging into an olive green, waterfall drape duster coat. You like dressing up, when you have the time or reason to; which is why you’re decked out in a pair of heeled boots and your largest gold hoop earrings.


Jeeze, you couldn’t even remember the last time you’d worn heels…

Girls night had been initiated for this exact reason. As your group of friends got older, and life got busier(babies, and marriages and full time jobs that took up all of your time), you’d decided that at least twice a month you had to get together for drinks and bullshit. You looked forward to these nights eagerly, to drunken babbling and gossip and reminiscing.

You spritz on a layer of perfume before your clicking down the long staircase, as fast as your heels would allow you. Careful because if there was a way to fall on your ass, you would find it- and make your way to your kitchen.

Filling up the dog’s bowls, the little peckigneze comes in at the sound of food clattering. His but sways with attitude that you’d never seen any other dog posess and as usual, your heart swells to three times it’s size just as the sight of him. You cant help but grab him in your arms and press loving kisses against the side of his furry head.

“Are you going to be a good boy while mommy’s gone?” You coo to him “I’ll be back soon, little man. Promise” after showering him with a couple more rounds of pecks you put him down and he huffs and goes to his food.

Your dog had always been more of a cat.

You decide to call a cab, figuring it was the smartest way to go. Saturday’s at Otto’s meant bottomless Margarita’s- and ladies drank free. You we’re old enough to know what Tequila did to you and you weren’t in the mood to go totaling your car after a couple drinks. So you lock up your house and hop into the back of the taxi that pulls up in front of your curb.

“Nice house” The middle aged man in the drivers seat comments as he puts the location in his GPS and you just smile and nod, abeit a little sheepishly.

“Thank you. How’s your night been so far?”

You keep up small talk with him until you get to your destination.

Otto’s Bar and Grill wasn’t on main street, but it was best bar in town. Ask anyone. Yeah there were a few others that were cool enough, but none of them possessed that…charm that Otto’s did. You could expect it to be busy and bustling on a Saturday night, so you weren’t surprised that the lot was full when you pulled in.

“Well you have a good night, Mr. Peters” You had learned the Taxi drivers name during the duration of the drive. He had three kids-and one grandbaby or so he told you.

“You call me Ray, sweetheart. And be safe out there, I bet a girl as pretty as yourself get’s into alotta’ trouble”

A little creepy and semi chauvinistic of him, but harmless. You just chuckle.

“Me? Trouble? Never” You reach into your wallet and hand him a couple of twenty’s “I think I’ve got myself, but thanks”

Otto’s looks a little dated on the outside with it’s stone work- but is bustling and full of life on the inside. It’s quirky with it’s artwork and wall of license plates, but still modern enough to keep people coming back. The large, lit up bar is at the center- Pool tables line the back, sunken in area- booths and tables where you can eat litter the other side.

You slink through the crowds of faces, some familiar, some not so much, as you look for your friends. You spot them, circled around one of the booths in the back.
“Hey hookers” You greet as you get to them and your welcomed with “Hey bitch”’s and “Wow, look who finally decided to join us”

You roll your eyes as their constant teasing and take your seat, scooching into the booth next to them.

There’s Courtney, Robin, Meridith and Vanessa.

Just like there always had been.

The five of you had been inseparable since- well always. Throughout middle school and then high school- and then all the years after that. You knew you lucked out in the girl friend department; because even if they were huge pains in your ass you loved them dearly.

“We ordered those buffalo wings you like” Robin informs me and I grin.

“Thanks, Tweet(a nickname you’d had for her forever) I feel so loved”

“And a round of shots!” Vanessa grins as the waiter comes and drops off tons of little glass shot glasses full of clear liquid. Vanessa takes it upon herself to dibby them out and while everyone else get’s one, you get three.

“Hey!” you protest but she just snorts.

“You’re fault you we’re late”

“Yeah, now you’ve gotta play catch up” Courtney sing songs and you sigh and throw the first one back, breathing through your nose at the burn.

“When you guys have to carry my ass out of this place, remember this moment” you chide as you such on a lime.

“Okay weakest link” Meredith teases you “Like you cant handle a couple tequila shots. Learn how to hold your liquor already” She was nursing a half drinken margarita that you knew probably wasn’t her first.

She’d always been such a lush. Now she was a lush with two kids.

“Do you remember that time she blacked out after she chugged those Mad Dog 20/20’s ?” Courtney recalls and you laugh, even though the memory of you puking through your nose at a party sophomore year isn’t a pleasant one.

You glower playfully at them, but down the second shot anyway.

And now, since your “caught up” enough, you can toast.

“To getting old with the best group of hard working bitches I’ve ever known” You declare as you hold up the glass.

“Okay, you’re the youngest out of all of us, shut up” Robin rolls her eyes but clinks her shot with everyone else’s anyway.

“Clit sisters for life” you all cheer before draining your glasses. It’d been a joke that had stuck on, and was now what you guys liked to call yourselves. The title of your group chat’s and everything.

“Let’s get drunk!…Because I only have the sitter until eleven and she’s going to be pissed if I get home late again” That’s one comes from Meredith and you shake your head.

“Come on Lance mom said she’d watch the girls” Brooklyn urges him as he lounges on the living room couch. He’d already had a long day- fixed the garbage disposal, then ran more errands then should be humanly possible. The only highlight of his day was that blow job he’d gotten from that girl at the hardware store.

Lance cant help but smirk at the thought. He hadn’t even really tried- just a couple of suggestive, flirty comments. She’d been all too willing- “You’re Lance Tucker, right? Like Olympic Lance Tucker? Wow, like, can I suck your dick?”

Well- maybe it hadn’t gotten exactly like that, but pretty much, that’s what he’d heard.

“No, I hate Otto’s” Lance shrugs off his older sister, fingering through a Men’s Health magazine idly.

“That’s a bunch of bullshit, since when do you hate Otto’s?”

Christ. She could be so annoying sometimes.


Brooklyn just dug, and dug and dug. Until eventually he’d break and spill. What he knew he was going to end up spilling to her if she kept prodding was that he didn’t want to go to Otto’s because it was a Saturday night and the whole town was probably there. And yeah he could face a couple of people at a time, but all of them? He winces at the thought. He had zero desire to go sit and explain why he was back living at his moms.

Not that he owed anyone explanations. It was none of their fucking business.

“I’m just not in the mood”

“Okay, you do realize that you’re the younger sibling in this equation, right?” Brooklyn starts, she pretends she doesn’t know exactly why he doesn’t want to go “Plus, I’m sure there’ll be some unsuspecting girls there for you to prey on” She waggles her eyes and he crinkles his nose. Because she’s not going to give up, is she?

“C'mon. You know I never get to go out, and we have gone out together since you got back!” His sister, freshly divorced, really didn’t go out much. Between a full time job and single motherhood, she was pretty slammed for time. And he knew she would guilt trip him for the next month if he didn’t go with her.

“Fine” he grumbles.

“What was that?”

“I said fucking fine, okay?” He laughs and pushes her shoulder as he gets up to get ready.

He and Brooklyn had always been close. It was pathetic and Lance would NEVER admit to it, but growing up she had always been his best friend. While everyone else saw him as “Lance the mother fucker Tucker”, he’d just always been Lance to him. She’d smoked his first joint with him, she’d gone to almost all of his meets- and she reminded him that he was in fact a human being and not the “borg” he’d been programed to think he was.

So he get’s changed and lets her drag him to Otto’s.

He has that look on his face as he walks in, the stuck up one. His face is screwed up at the smell of cigarette smoke and the bustling bodies that pack the place. It’s not that its busy, nah, he’d always preferred loud and busy- it gave him the space to think.

But it’s the people in the bar that unease him. People he hadn’t seen in years. People who’d cheered for him and their little town during the Olympics. People wh-

“Hey” Brooklyn looks up at her younger brother, squeezing his bicep just for a moment. “Let’s go get some drinks? I’m thinking clear liquor for the night. Last time I drank Hennesy I made some fucked up life decisions”

“You’re paying since you forced me here”


“Free loader” He pokes back, but follows her to the bar anyway.

It’s not the hell that he thought it was going to be-

It’s worse. The barrage of questions. The “Hey Man, haven’t seen you in forevers!” and “Welcome home Lancy boy”

He’s on his third vodka and lime- and he thinks that’s the only reason he’s still sane. Brooklyn’s driving anyway, he might as well get thrashed. Maybe he should take her advice? There we’re a couple of girls who he knew had been eyeballing him for the last hour or so he had been there but…how fucking boring.

The idea of it bored him to no end. Where was the fun in that? Lance had always hated easy. He was a gold medalist for fucks sake, he liked the challenge. He liked working for it-

And then, he hears a row of bell like laughter and he turns his head to follow the sound.

You’re standing there, across the bar with an Asian girl that he remembered. You’d hung out with her a lot in school…what was her name? Something that started with an M? Melanie?

“Meredith, oh my god, stop” he hears you say to the woman between laughs. Ah, Meredith. There it is.

Lance’s eyes take you in; from the smoky way you’ve done up your eye makeup to the way the top you have on is snug against your ample bosom. Fuck, had they always been that big? And if so- how were they that perky?

It’s how loose you look, though. That’s what really gets him. He doesn’t think he’d seen you look so…young since he’d got back into town. You and that mega watt dimpled smile you flashed him through T the entirety of his adolescence.

Brooklyn follows his line of sight wordlessly and sucks her teeth at what she finds.

“Hey, Meredith!” She calls and both of you turn in their direction. Lance wants to throttle and hug his sister- at the same time. Because yeah, he had already decided he was going to approach you, but not like this.

The two of you come over, you trailing behind your friend begrudgingly.

Why did Mer and Brooklyn’s daughters have to go to the same elementary school? Why had you gone to the bathroom with her? Ugh, you knew you should have stayed back at the table.

Brooklyn hugs Meredith shortly and then turns to you.

“Hey, Y/N! I haven’t seen you in forever!” The woman then gives you a small squeeze and you hug her back, albeit awkwardly.

You had never really known Brooklyn Tucker, she had been a couple years a head of you in school and the two of you had never really ran in the same social circles(well until her and Meredith became mommy friends)

She’s always seemed nice enough though.

“Right? How have you been” you take a sip of your frozen margarita, still not addressing the elephant in the room that happened to be her brother.

“I’ve been good! Hearing a lot about you lately- the girls wont shut up about the other day at your shop. I swear, Lula begs to go back every day” Brooklyn leaves out the part where Lance had asked her casually(obviously) what you were doing with your life lately.

“They’re such good kids, please bring them back soon! Cupcakes on the me” You chuckle. If she could bring them back with OUT Lance, that would be great.

“I’ll make sure to do that” Lance breaks in at that moment. He’d been content with just looking at the way those little booties of yours made you look til then. But he figured he might as well speak up, before you ended up walking away “How are you ladies doing tonight. Y/N?”

Meredith tells him something about being great because she was actually getting to spend time with adults, and he humors her, but it’s you his attentions are really one. And all of you know that.

“I’m fine thanks. You, Lance?” Your pleasant enough.

You’d already spent more then half the night bitching with your friends, filling them in on your life and the ‘Lance Chronicles’

They’d of course had a lot to say:

“Just ignore him. Like he needs anymore attention”

“Fuck that guy”

“Wow- how is he a bigger asshole now? I didn’t think he could get any worse then High School”

But Vanessa had gone and given you the best advice, like she did a lot of the time “Don’t let it bother you, seriously don’t stew on it. It’s just who he is, and you should let that kind of negativity affect you”

She always had been the brains of the operation.

“Eh-I’m a little bored. You want to help me with that?” When you give him a dead pan look he chuckles “Play a game of pool with me”

“Mmm” Your mouth pulls tight with skeptical eyes, your not convinced.

“I’ll buy you a drink, I mean that is if you win”

“It’s ladies night, I don’t require a drink. But thanks” You sip on the margarita in your hands, giving him a challenging look.

He feels…excited. His stomach stirring at that look in your eyes.

“You scared I’ll whoop your ass- no, it’s okay. I get it. I remember how sore of a loser you are” Lance taunts and you laugh at him, at the sheer ludicrously of the words coming out of his mouth.

“Okay, HAH! Are you talking about yourself?”

“Play me and we’ll see”

Brooklyn has never seen her brother in a showdown(outside of the gym) like he is now. The way your leveling each other is amusing- but dangerous. So she does what shes always done and breaks the tension before her brother breaks himself.

“Let’s all go play? We can go steal a couple of tables from the Roth’s?” She offers and Meredith looks to you, gauging your reaction.

You sigh.

How was it Lance always managed to coherce you into hanging out with him? It’s like you could never say no…

And that’s how you end up at the pool tables. It’s not your favorite area of the bar(by far); mostly because it was where all the handsy drunk men liked to hang out, but you manage.

Playing pool with Lance is more fun then you’d thought it was going to be; the liquor continues to flow and it takes the edge off of everything. Including the man. He’s not really as annoying when your drunk, just funny. Everything he says makes you laugh because really? Had this worked for him all these years?

“Ya know if I wasn’t happy you were speaking to me again you’d be really hurting my feelings right now” he comments as he sinks in a ball. He’d thrown you into another fit of giggles after he’s tried to use another “smooth” pick up line on you.

“Puh-lease like you really cared that I was mad at you. It’s not like you even tried to say sorry” you roll your eyes at his sweet talking.

“What do you mean? I came by the shop with the girls, didn’t I?” He looks serious, his posture straightened a bit and quirk your lips.

“Yeah? And? Was that your grand apology? Conning me into talking to you by bringing your nieces in? Not cool at all by the way! You know how cute they are!” You balk at him as he leans on his arms on the ledge of the pool table.

“I thought you didn’t want an apology at all?” His eyes are daggers. You can physically feel the pain.

“I don’t” you deny, but your voice is weak. He’s strikes at very opertune moment, you being tipsy and all. You think he might be a secret mastermind.

“I’m sorry”

You have a feeling he’s saying it more for his own benefit then yours, but still. Had you ever heard him apologize to anyone before? You don’t think you had.

Lance Tucker didn’t apologize. He made his way through the world unforgivingly victorious and that’s just how it had always been.

But he was at an empass with you, and he had, had one too many cups of vodka. And you were making him laugh, just like you had back in that art class so many years ago.

“Thank you. I appreciate it” your only 40% sarcastic. Tops.

“We friends again then?”

“I mean yeah, I guess” you shrug, playing with the left over ice in your drink as you speak “Were we ever friends though? I just thought you thought of me as your art partner?”

Lance tries to ignore the sting of your words, covers it up with a harsh, cocky sounding laugh instead “Well I guess to someone like you that’s how it’d look, huh?”

“Someone like me?” You snap, trying not to get offended.

“Yeah, someone who was popular back in high school” he clarifies and you roll your eyes at it “No, I’m serious. You’ve always had a shit ton of people trailing after you. Dying to make friends with you. It was honestly so annoying. I mean look, your still friends with the same people you were twenty years ago”

“Whatever. High school was shit for me just like it was for everyone” Did he not know that you’d gone through intense ridicule just like everyone else? Popular. Scoff. The popular fat girl that was cute enough to talk to but never enough to date. “Plus what the fuck, you were like a celebrity back then!”

“Yeah, after the olympics. Before…well…I’ve never been the greatest at making and keeping friendships” he chuckles and scratches the back of his head and you hold your poolstick with both hands and look at him.

Yeah, that you’d noticed.

“Ya think” you laugh and he glares a little bit. Here he was, bleeding heart and everything and you just kept laughing at him “I’m sorry. Rude. I won’t laugh any- I’ll try not to laugh. But Lance, c'mon. You’ve got to know how big of an asshole you can be, right?”

“I’ve been told once or twice. Yes”

You bite your lips together to keep that no laughing promise.

“I just don’t see the point in pussy footing around shit like everyone else does. You want something. You say so, and then you take it” Lance informs you of the motto he’s lived by his whole life and you think it makes you seem him in a new light, maybe understand him a little better then you had before. Because the years worth of bitterness behind those words was palpable.

“Fortune favors the bold and all that?” You question and he grins broadly at you.

“Yes. Exactly” You’re getting it! He thinks. Finally.

“Look, I get that you have to go after what you want in life, I really do, but you don’t have to be so…harsh while doing it. The worlds already a fucked up enough place with out shitting on it even more” You’re not trying to insult his life motto, just trying to give him some perspective.

Perspective that he honestly doesn’t want. Not tonight at least.

“We’ll just have to agree to disagree then, huh, sweetheart?”

“Yeah, I guess we will”

The game of pool has been all but abandoned during the duration of your talk. And where had Brooklyn and Mer gone? Where were was everyone?

It was just you and Lance and a sea of strangers.

“I should probably go find my friends” you chew on your bottom lip for a moment and look away from him. He can’t look away from you though, it’s like you’ve castes a spell on his drunk mind. His thoughts all swirl around you at a dizzying pace.

“Or you can play another game with me?” He suggests “I promise I’ll keep the “assholeyness” at bay”

“Is that even possible?” Your doubtful, but teasing and he grins and shrugs once.

“I mean I can try”


“Come on. Whad'a you want me to do? Beg?”

You don’t think you’d mind hearing him beg. Seeing him on his knees- you bet those blue eyes of his would look damn good staring up at you from between your legs…


No. No, no, no. You couldn’t let yourself think like that. Those were dangerous thoughts.

Brooklyn, ever the tension breaker, makes her reappearance then and Lance gives her a frigid glare. Why’d she have to fucking be so annoying all of the time?

“Hey, Meredith wanted me to tell you that she had to go home a little early. Something about her sitter and a stomach flu?” Lances sister tells you and you make a face, going to pull out your phone.

“Really? She just left? Without saying goodbye?”

“Yeah a couple of your other friends took her. They told me to tell you that Courtney’s by the bar and they love you and not to drink anymore margaritas because you know you’re a light weight and you will black out. In direct quotes” Brooklyn’s icy blue eyes are amused as she laughs and you sigh, but chuckle.

So much for girls night.

“I’m going to go find Court. I’ll see you later?” You look between the siblings and they both nod, your gaze lingers on Lance for a second, before your walking back through the sea of people in search for you last surging girlfriend.

“God damn it, Brooke” Lance hisses at his sister when your out of sight and she smirks.

“Awe, baby brudder. Did I kill your game play?” Brooklyn reaches to poke his cheek and he retches away violently “Chill out. I actually ran some Intel for you tonight”

“What? Why?” Lance tries to sound indignant but Brooklyn knows him better then that.

“Cut the shit I can tell your into her. Meredith said she’s been single for a couple years so I think you’ve got a pretty good shot. IF you quit being a dick. I remember her, you know? From school. I had a class with her, she was younger but super smart so somehow she was in my senior English class- anyway, I remember her cause she cussed this guy out in the middle of midterms. Like tore him a new asshole bad” Brooklyn chuckles “Kitty’s got claws, Lance”

Lance mulls on his sisters words. Nothing she’s saying is a shock to him, he was fully aware that you had a surprisingly nasty set of talons on you.

“She’s got one hell of a nice ass, though” Brooklyn breaks her brothers thought process. She doesn’t want him hurting himself with the strain, and he cracks a grin.

“That she does”

“She’s a little bigger then I thought you liked them. But way prettier” Brooklyn shrugs as she takes your disregarded pool stick and proceeds to whoop her little brothers ass at the game.

They don’t stick around for much longer- Lance is tired and he whines it to his older sister until she agrees that it’s time to go home. As they step out into the chilly, spring night air Lance shoves his hands into the pockets of the bomber he has on.

Fuck, how he misses Southern California weather already. He didn’t even want to think about what the winter would be like.

He’s not paying attention to anything, really. Except getting to his sisters Lexus- that is until he sees you. Standing with your arms crossed over your chest on the curb. You look irate, and he thinks the group of drunk men that have just passed you probably has something to do with it.

“Hey-” Lance starts but Brooklyn cuts him off.

“Yeah, I see her. Go talk to her. I was going to smoke anyway”

You look up as Lance approaches you, giving him a small smile.

“What are you doing out here?” Alone? He wonders.

“Waiting for a cab” you answer simply.

“Where’re your friends?”

“Well most of them went home when they took Mer. Courtney wanted to stay longer since her boyfriend got here and I wasn’t in the mood to third wheel them for the rest of the night…plus I miss my dog” you explain the situation shortly to him, crossing your arms tighter when there’s a short gust of wind.

Lance’s mouth quirks to the side for a moment as he deliberates.

“Come on. We’ll take you home”

“No, it’s cool. I already called a cab”

“Gross” he clucks his tongue “You want some creep to drive you home at 1 in the morning?”

“No I don’t. Which is why I’m not going with you” you laugh at his persistence, you really weren’t going to be able to shrugs him off, were you?

“Mean. Brooklyn’s actually a really nice lady. I know she can come on a little strong-” he jokes and you bark in laughter “But in all seriousness, I’m not going to let you take a cab. So let’s go, yeah? It’s cold as balls out here”

You stare at him, really intently. Your eyes taking everything about him in. From the gelled back way he styled his hair to dark jeans he wore low on his hips. Lance, of course, thought you were checking him out and the arrogance rolled off him in waves.

You weren’t though…you were looking for something you know you wouldn’t find. Not in him.

Which is why you knew your next words were so stupid.


Part Five


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Okay but how’d you guys like this one? I know there were a lot of new characters introduced, but I wanted to make it clear that Y/N’s has like deep friendships, and I didn’t think I could leave them nameless and establish that. What do you guys think of Brooklyn? She’s maybe one of my personal favorite characters in this story. I just love writing her.

Remember- feed back is fuel to me lol When I see comments and reactions to this story it makes me write like a mad woman! So if you want more let me know your thoughts! And tag lists are still open for this one!

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128 pretty please!

128. “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

Betty adjusted the snug top of her strapless royal blue maid of honors dress, her long honey blonde curls were falling in perfect waves down her back and the expertly applied makeup covering her face actually made her feel surprisingly beautiful, the only ugly thing about her right now was the grimace covering her perfectly glossed lips.

Veronica was at her side, lacy bridal gown blowing out behind her as she downed another shot of fireball, the glowiest smile on her features, it was a sharp contrast to the words falling out of her mouth.

“The pond. They jumped into the pond. Do they have any idea how much those tuxedos cost? We hadn’t even finished taking pictures, I have a wet dog for a husband now. A red haired sheep dog.”

Betty groaned, nursing her rum and coke in clenched hands.
“Yeah well my boyfriend looks like a drowned rat.”

It was silent for a moment between the two best friends before grins broke out on both of their faces

“Our boys.” Veronica giggled, her eyes landing on her incredibly intoxicated newlywed husband, dancing all over the place, her eyes shone with love “I’m gonna….” she trailed off

Betty nudged her
“You go get your man Mrs.Andrews.”

The beautiful blonde watched as her two best friends held each other, Archie swung his new wife around the dance floor as Betty smiled and swooned.

Suddenly two long and familiar arms were wrapping around her waist and tugging her against a well defined chest.

“Hey baby.”

Betty could smell the alcohol on her boyfriends breathe, Jughead could handle his liquor and he was always exceptionally affectionate when he had a drink in him.

Slapping the hands around her waist Betty stepped forward, crossing her arms over her chest, rolling her eyes when Jugheads gaze fell on her pushed up chest.

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting”

Her incredibly sexy boyfriend propped his hand out, eyes pulling her closer.

“Dance with me, please Juliet.” He begged, feet shifting under him.

Betty sighed, taking his hand as he pulled her to the dance floor tugging her into his chest, hands splayed on her back as her own fingers ran through his hair.

“Sorry about the pond. You know how persuasive Archie can be. I’ve always been a fan of swimming.”

A giggle bubbled through Betty’s lips
“You’re a dork.”

Jughead dropped a sloppy kiss to her lips
“I’m your dork.”

What’s my morph? Normal vs Hypo A

Every forum and every facebook group always ends up with people buying animals from craigslist or pet stores and popping in to ask what the morph of their new baby is. And it’s also a fairly common debate for corn snakes whether a particular animal is a normal or a hypo, or an anery versus a ghost.

So what is “hypo”?

Hypo is shorthand for hypomelanism. To break the word down, ‘hypo’ means reduced, ‘melanin’ means black, and ‘ism’ is the condition of. So hypomelanism is the condition of having reduced black pigment.

How many types of hypo are there?

In the corn snake world, hypo is sometimes thought of as a 4 letter word. There are five…ish non-allelic genes that produce a hypomelanistic effect. However, when most people say ‘hypo’ when identifying a corn snake, they mean Hypo A.

Hypo A/christmas/strawberry:  Of these 3 allelic genes, Hypo A is far and away the most common. The only way we know that these are indeed allelic genes rather than the same gene is very subtle effects on the snake (that I admit, I am NOT good at seeing) and how their melanocytes appear on the skin under significant magnification. It used to be thought that christmas and strawberry increased the amount of red pigment seen on the snake, but a different gene or genes has been shown to be the actual culprit of that, namely Red Factor or Red Coat.

Ultra/ultramel: Ultra is a gene that was introduced via hybridization. Technically any corn snake that has the ultra gene, or any snake descended from a snake with the ultra gene is a hybrid. But at this point they have been bred back to ‘pure’ corns to such a degree that the point is utterly moot. Ultra is also allelic to the amelanism gene. Homozygous ultras are darker than ultramels. Ultra also has an interesting effect of significantly increasing the amount of yellow a snake displays. Most corns develop a yellow wash along the sides of their necks, the sides of their face, and sometimes their nose. Ultra and Ultramels make this go significantly higher up the side of the animal, sometimes going entirely to the top, and up over the entire head. This is most easily seen on ultra and ultramel aneries.

Dilute: This gene makes the snake look like they are permanently in ‘blue’ or about to shed. It’s a pretty interesting effect.

Lava: This gene tends to result in quite intense reds (hence the name) and the black on these snakes turns a very interesting purple-y gray. On a curious note, it is very common for these snakes to have patches of normal black pigment so the saddle edges will look stippled.

Sunkissed:  … kind of. Sunkissed is both a color and pattern modifying gene. Most of the time is does produce a hypomelanistic effect, however there are certain lines where the snakes display normal black pigment.


Also worth noting, motley and stripe also result in a hypo-like effect on snakes so telling a light anery motley or a dark ghost motley can be difficult without breeding trials.

Common Hypo A Mythtakes:

One of the most persistent myths about hypo A, is that it reduces the quanitity of black. People will see a snake with very thin or non-existent borders to their saddle markings and declare it a hypo based on that alone.

This is not true. Hypo reduces the *quality* of the black pigment. Instead of being a true stark black, they will be dark chocolate, brown, tan, gray, or purple-ish. Saddle edge thickness appears to be a polygenic trait, hence why okeetee-phase animals were linebred to create those thick borders. It is most likely that saddle edge thickness is the result of repeats of a particular set of genes, just like nose length is in dogs. For dogs, the more repeats they have, the longer their nose is, and if they have very few repeats, the nose gets shorter. This is why we have dogs with faces like pugs and faces like a sight  hound. So I expect something similar is at work for saddle edges in corns because if you breed an okeetee phase to a normal corn snake, the offspring will have saddle thickness ranging between the two parental extremes.

For picture proof that hypo doesn’t reduce saddle edge thickness:

So how do we tell a normal apart from a hypo?

It’s all in those saddle edges. And the best way to tell is daylight photos that are super up close on those markings.

For example, this is a normal hatchling:

And while this snake is an anery as well, you can still see the true black on the markings really well:

And now, some hypos:

It might be tempting to think the lower snake is a normal, but these are daughter and son of the thick bordered hypo I showed above. Females of many morphs tend to be darker than their male counterparts.

To show they are both indeed hypos:

Here you can see that the markings are actually a chocolate brown, and that even her belly pattern is brown instead of black.

So there you go. That’s how you tell a normal from an animal carrying hypo A (or strawberry or christmas, gods how I hate these alleles).

Love Hangover

Summary: Miles likes to make practice runs before his dates and takes you along to practice and get a feel for the place

Word Count: 1,031

As Miles pulled up to the restaurant, you leaned forward to take a look at the place then looked back to him. He shot you a smile and you shook your head.

“What? Too much?” he questioned getting out of the car without waiting for a response.

You sighed and followed suit but you stood by the car, hand still on the door, “Yes. Way too much, at least for a practice date. I’m sure your real date will love it but you can’t spend this sort of money on me.”

“It’s okay I have a coupon,” Miles smiled proudly.

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THE RED STRING (Bellamy Blake x Reader)


Summary -  According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

Song: Breezeblocks - Alt J

masterlist // TRS masterlist

 The camp was silent. Jasper had stopped screaming - you weren’t sure if that was good or bad. Not a single sound is heard throughout the sleeping kids, all lost in their nightmares and dreams. You, however, can not copy them. 

 As you tiptoe around the tents, you see the sun beginning to rise in a pinkish-orange haze. You follow it. You want to see more of this earth, to explore everything it has to offer. 

You’re stuck here, so it’s time to get used to your new home even though you’d rather be back on the Ark. Chest rising with fear, you continue walking and you can hear the quiet wakening of birds singing their morning songs. 

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Being Damian’s Friend Would Include...

Hi! Could I request where you are Damian’s friend that the batman doesn’t know about and one day they follow him cause he is acting weird and they see you both being really adorable in the park? for anon

I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY, I know i disappeared and i know this isn’t  exactly what you requested. but my stress blocked my brain and i failed my english class so i can’t seem to english right since then so i’m just insecure, ignore me   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Damian and reader are around 14/15

  • You meet Damian thanks to Alfred
  • ironically, you walk his dog. Titus
  • You aren’t rich and you needed a job 
  • and the fancy old man that buys groceries on the same place that your mom thankfully was nosy enough to overhear the entire conversation with your mom
  • “mOM I’M BROKE” “Get a job then” “bUt WhEre?” “go sell some lemonade or walk some dogs” “but i don’t know anyone with dogs and the twins down the street already have a lemonade stand”
  • so he offered you to take care of the huge dog a few times during week
  • you accepted (obviously)
  • the fancy old man is hella rich
  • Spoiler: He isn’t rich he’s just the butler 
  • but anyways the place is HUGE and you start to suspect that maybe some bad people live here
  • Like the mafia or something
  • You’d never seen anyone besides alfred too much Investigation Discovery isn’t helping with your mental health
  • So you decide to ask alfred about the bosses
  • “Master Bruce is always working and his sons tend to disappear”
  • Something clicks when you hear the name
  • this is the- no, wait. THE Wayne manor
  • As in Bruce Wayne’s manor
  • shocking
  • Mafia theory: Discarded
  • New theory: The Waynes are vampires
  • (this one was discarded after you found out that the youngest son was a vegetarian)

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I’m Not In Love.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your history with guys is more than a little checkered and there is no way you are about to put yourself through all that again.  Even if you can’t quite get a certain tall, sultry, grey eyed super soldier out of your head.

Word Count:  2472 words

Prompt: Hercules – Won’t say I’m in love

A/N: This is my entry for @thorne93 for her fabulous 200 followers celebration (well done sweetie, you rock).  I originally requested Bucky then changed to Steve but ended up writing Buck.

There are a few things you can guarantee in life, if you drop your freshly buttered toast you know it’s gonna land butter side down, if you’re already running late you’re gonna hit traffic and when you bump into your total asshat of an ex with his new leggy supermodelesque girlfriend you’re gonna be in sweats with your hair scragged back and no make-up.  The look she had given you had made you want to punch her in her perfect, smug face.  Not that you wanted Brandon back, oh hell no.  That whole relationship was a total car crash.  You two were ancient history.  In fact, you had completely given up on men altogether.  No man on the planet is worth the aggravation and the second guessing and it’s not as if you had a ‘normal’ life.  As the lift doors opened you wandered into the lounge and dropped down on the sofa next to Nat who looked at your grumpy face with a raised eyebrow.  “You know what?  I get the prize for terrible judgement in men.”  You huffed and she tried to contain her smile as she shot a look across at Bucky who was lay on the other sofa pretending he wasn’t listening to the conversation.

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young-pastel-space-boy  asked:

How long did it take you to be able to handle these exotic animals?? I'm wondering because in the future I want to get an exotic bird and I'd like to know. Thank you. Also, if you have any tips on taking care of exotic birds, I'd like to know. Thank you.

Hi there!

I actually wanted to be a zookeeper so I did several years worth of volunteer jobs, at raptor centers, herpetology labs, zoos, vet clinics, etc. I worked everything from birds to venomous, to dogs.

Then I worked as a full time reptile keeper (snakes, gators, turtles, some fish) for a couple years before deciding I wanted to do something different.

I’ve always wanted to do falconry and that took a while too. I had to do a minimum two year apprenticeship under a more experienced falconer. That is how I have raptors, under a state falconry permit. These raptors aren’t my pets but rather my hunting partners. After training they fly completely free, able to leave if they choose, and get lots of exercise and mental stimulation. I give them the chance to do what nature designed them to do-hunt. Raptors that aren’t allowed to hunt can develop behavior issues. It’s what they want to do, what they’re driven to do, and when people try to keep them as pets they often become either self destructive or aggressive towards the pet keeper.

If you want to own exotics I suggest you start doing volunteer work for reputable places like zoos, so you can learn how to provide a proper diet, and enrichment for your critters, along with housing. Exotic animals have needs regular cats and dogs do not, and it’s important to meet those needs for the well being of your animal.

As for exotic birds–it depends on what you’re thinking of. I can’t say much about parrots except think really hard before getting one. They’re eternal two year olds. While I enjoy other people’s parrots, I’m -not- a parrot person. Don’t much like them at all other than they’re cute and nice to look at. I know I don’t want to own one.

If you’re thinking something like an African pied crow, make sure you have the ability to keep its environment stimulating and enriching. This goes for any bird really, but corvids especially.

If a hawk or a falcon I suggest getting them through a falconry permit where you can really work with them in a partnership fashion. Otherwise you might want to consider working rehab or education where you can enjoy the birds but go home at the end of the day.

To end, again, talk to or volunteer with someone who keeps the kind of animals you’re interested in. Read everything you can. It’s our jobs to do the best by these critters that we possibly can.


req: Fluffy Chanyeol where he surprises you with a puppy??
a/n: this is probably not what you expected anon but here it is, its rlly short

You have had a relationship with Chanyeol for about three years. It’s a healthy relationship and you love each other more and more every day.

But if you had to name one flaw in your boyfriend..

It’d be how he is so ridiculously impulsive.

So when you came home and Chanyeol looked like a deer caught in headlights while holding a little black puppy up in the air. You knew he did something stupid again.

You swung your bag from your shoulder and threw it on the ground so you could sit on the couch. “Okay, what did you do this time?”

He quickly removed the puppy from his chest and hid it behind him, as if you didn’t see already. “Baby.. listen to me first. So, I was walking home from the store today and I heard this little fellow crying for help. So as the good person I am I had to go save him! He was nearly drowning!”

“So you bought him at the store?” It’s more of a statement than a question.

“Uhm… I love you?”

“Seriously Chanyeol? Did you think this through? Do you know how much work it is to have a dog? You have to go to the vet, walk with him two times a day, feed him, groom him, play with him. Do you have that time?”

He quickly pulled out the puppy again and this time tried to use it as a weapon. Picking the little puppy up and have it attack you with it’s cuteness. “But baby.. puppy..”

It stared at you with it’s big round eyes, “Chanyeol, stop.. you do this all the time. You’re such an impulsive buyer! Look at all the trash you bought from watching those shopping channels on TV.”

“Look at how cute he is!” He pushed the puppy against his face and stared at you innocently. It was getting harder now two puppies were begging you.

“I suppose he is cute.” He had you. You were cracking and you hated that he always did that. You pet the dog and his tiny tail swings in pleasure.

“See? See? How could we ever throw him away?” The puppy barfed and it honestly was the cutest sound ever. “I named him Toben.”

Chanyeol carefully placed Toben on your lap to have you play with him.

Dang it. He did it again.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you!” You swung your finger around in his face.

Chanyeol joined you on the sofa and hugged you then gave a kiss on your cheek. “I love you, baby. Thank you.”

“I hate you.”

He released you and his eyes widened offendedly. “Excuse me?” In mere seconds he had you in a headlock. “Say that you love me too!” He threatened.

“No!” You screamed.

With one swing he had you down on the sofa and hovered over you. Then he did the one thing you hated the most.

He tickled you.

God knows you are weak to that.

“Okay! Okay! Stop stop! I love you too!” You yelled in between the laughter.

No More Dogs (Edward Nygma x Reader)

Another thing I wrote for my friend @awordwhichmeans based off two prompts she gave me.“I have a secret” and “No more dogs. How hard is that to understand?” Sorry it’s so short.

Also tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @aya-fay  @multi-villain-imagines  @moaningvaleska

Setting : You interrupt Edward organizing the your wedding photos to discuss a secret you have.

No real warnings, implied Zaszlepot

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anonymous asked:

Being completely honest I'm pretty sure most carnists don't even care about Yulin that much. I've seen maybe one or two meat eaters on Facebook/twitter getting outraged, but most people I know just go 'oh how gross!!! but well, what do you expect from those Savages™ and their crazy culture'. In general, they don't even care about dogs that much....

I’ve actually seen a pretty new trend on tumblr with regards to Yulin. Three years ago, there was absolute outrage when it came up in the press and on social media in bigger volumes than it ever had before. Vegans and vegetarians, as well as many meat eaters, argued it was hypocritical to condemn eating dogs but not eating other farmed animals, and many prominent journalists came out and discussed how the treatment of farmed animals in the west isn’t really any better. Surprisingly, many people took that on board, especially on tumblr.

 Now, over the past couple of years, instead of really analysing society’s rampant racism and speciesm with regards to Asia’s consumption of dogs, the new argument seems to be that yes it is hypocritical to condemn eating dogs but not other animals. But rather than condemn eating farmed animals in the west as well, they’ve decided that it’s okay to eat dogs after all. People have gotten to the point where they’d rather throw dogs under the bus and stop defending their rights and their lives than be seen as hypocrites, or god forbid, actually admit the fact that they shouldn’t be eating animals either. Man’s best friend indeed…