how do they put up with us

At the fish and chip shop I work at, our curry sauces and mushy peas are homemade by us, but we keep them refrigerated and heat them up in the microwave when needed. What is everyone’s beef with microwaves?? Honestly, our microwave is in view of the customers if they’re standing by the counter and the number of times someone will see me go to put their curry in the microwave and suddenly get really antsy about it is ridiculous. So many people straight up refuse it and ask for a refund on their side as well. Like, how else do u expect us to heat it up? Yes, we do have a hob, these sides have already been handmade by us though. If we just kept them on the hob though, it would waste time for me to keep running to the back of the kitchen to fill up a pot for you, they would stick like fuck to the bottom of the pans and we’d end up having to throw a load away at the end of the night.

It’s always the people that don’t tell the fryer about the sides they want as well. They’ll get to me and then say, ‘oh, I want two curry sauces as well please’. They take a minute each to heat up. It’s not gonna take me that long to serve and bag your food up. So there’s a good minute of awkward standing there every time. Unless of course they decide they don’t want them anymore when they see you reaching for the microwave.

Friendly to-do list tips for my fellow ADHD followers

- Be realistic. People with ADHD tend to put way more on their to-do lists than they can actually get done in a day. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t cross everything off your list; instead, use it as inspiration to plan more realistically.

- Break down projects into bite-sized individual tasks. Putting entire projects on your list will make you feel overwhelmed and procrastinate. Break them into steps: for instance, instead of ‘Find apartment’ write ‘Call realtor’, etc.

- Set a time limit. People with ADHD are notoriously bad at estimating how long things will take. We end up procrastinating big tasks because they feel like they might take forever. So give yourself a time limit: ‘Answer emails (20 mins)’, ‘Work on paper (1 hr)’. Give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need and vow to stick to that time limit. Don’t freak out if you can’t get the job all ‘done’ in one go.

- Mix it up. Break up difficult tasks with easy tasks, boring tasks with interesting tasks. Factor in breaks and downtime, and throw in relaxing or fun activities. Your day shouldn’t look like an endless stretch of work, work, work – you’ll burn out.

- Remember what the to-do list is actually for. A to-do list is supposed to be a helpful reminder and time-planning tool. It’s not a rule book or a test. It doesn’t determine whether you’re a good or ‘productive’ or ‘organized’ person. It’s literally just supposed to make your life easier. If it’s stressing you out, you’re taking it too seriously.

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At this point you're really speaking as a straight person who is insensitive to the emotional impact of not being able to come out. If you were to believe Larries, then Louis has been giving us clues and yes, put up the effort of doing RBB and SBB to give out clues on how this was all happening. Would a man gleefully doing this for shits and giggles resort to warning fans? Leaving clues? Sabotaging his own completely consensual stunt?

“At this point you’re really speaking as a straight person who is insensitive to the emotional impact of not being able to come out.”

Don’t fucking make such a mockery of LGBTQIA people by acting like a man faking a baby and using teddy bears to communicate his sexuality to a bunch of people who harass and torment his entire family is a hero for it and that anyone rejecting this farcical notion is just being homophobic.

You tinhatter’s refuse to listen to what ACTUAL LGTBQIA people say about their experiences, you talk over them, you deny their experiences were real, and then you come back with how I need to pay attention to how you as a woman have decoded a man’s teddy bear’s to unravel his sexuality? Like…? 

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I will talk forever about the hs au, it saved my life. So just, imagine that Sportacus has heelies. Wat do?

He’d buy the heelies but never put on the wheels at school cause he’s too scared of breaking the rules :’^) and he wouldn’t get much use out of ‘em cause he likes To Run

I think he’d end up just giving them to Robbie because of how much he complains about moving
They’d b a tight fit but he’d appreciate them :0c and make plenty of goofy vids with 'em
Once special 3
Once special Season 6 part 3

A few of us thought it would be fun to see what we can gather from the special shown before the season started.   I believe it shows a lot of hints as to what to expect.  Feel free to watch and add your thoughts.  

Going to tag all the posts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

There was a lot in this segment so I’m putting it under the cut. 

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Can I just say that I love the way the crying scene in episode 7 was handled? Yuuri is feeling anxious and completely overwhelmed because his A) his final score depends on the program he’s about to perform, which determines whether or not he goes on to compete in Russia. B) His entire family is watching and expecting him to do well, and C) Victor’s career and credibility as a coach is directly tied to how well Yuuri does. Victor remembers feeling anxious as a young skater just starting out, but he’d never dealt with the stakes that Yuuri is dealing with right now. Not only does he not know why Yuuri is so anxious, he himself has no idea how to help, as a coach or just as someone who loves Yuuri.

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what she says: im fine
what she means: homestuck is basically one of the most influential pieces of literature of the 21st century and tells an epic story with gods and aliens and space and ghosts all while using relevant down to earth concepts like talking with your friends online and should probably be put up for serious discussion. hussie is a fucking great writer who makes his characters so relatable they seem like real people, its not like they have one set personality trait like “bold” or “nice” they have a basic way they act but sometimes contradict it, sometimes they act like how they want to be seen as but arent like that at all like real people do and even classics like the odyssey have less character depth than this webcomic about teens


Two very different kind of evil.


Hi everyone! In my past tutorials, I showed how to paint over 3D models to speed up the drawing process (for artists who hurt their hands or just want to put out more art in a shorter period of time for comics). In this tutorial, I’m using a photo base instead of a 3D render.

The differences are it’s harder to control the lighting in a photo (hence the extra editing in Lightroom), and it’s harder to extract lineart. in 3D you can just render the lineart, but photos can’t do that. I mentioned the Filter Forge plugin in this video which I used for making the background look painted, although not demonstrated in this video, Filter Forge also has lineart extraction filters. I’ll probably be showing the lineart feature in the future :)

I’m thinking of doing short narrated videos of specific techniques in the future, so stay tuned! (I need to work up the courage to record my own voice lol)

Victuuri Headcanons
  • Since Yuri tends to put on weight easily, as he gets older he gets chubby. Viktor loves how soft he is.
  • Yuri actually loves the height difference between them. All he has to do is look up at Viktor and pout and he gets ALL the forehead kisses.
  • Yuri will never quite get used to the fact Viktor likes to sleep bare-chested.
  • They both learn each other’s language, but always speak English together.
  • After their relationship became public, Viktor had to deal with the fallout of it being seen as “gay propaganda” in his homeland. He finds it hard to reconcile his love for his country as an athlete and the adoration he feels for Yuri.
  • Yuri is the jealous one, even though he knows Viktor has eyes only for him. Old habits die hard, and sometimes he can barely believe it.
  • They spend six months together in Russia, and six months together in Japan. It works perfectly for them.
  • Send Yurio obnoxious couples’ postcards whenever they go literally anywhere. It drives Yurio insane.
  • Phichit keeps taking candit shots of them making eyes at each other. He tags them #RelationshipGoals.
  • Like doing all the touristy, couple-oriented things whenever they visit anywhere new.


Jenny and I get asked a LOT about the state of the show we were developing. Short story is it didn’t get picked up as a series. It’s one of those things you deal with as a creator, putting years of your time and life-force into a thing, almost four years for us in this case. It’s never a good feeling agonizing to make something different and and seeing easier sells slide on through. 

They bought the rights to Very Important House before passing on it, so we can’t do anything with the idea unless the  rights are bought back for the kind of money neither of us have just sitting around. It’s one of the worst feelings as creators because a shelved idea of ours is still alive, like Frolie and Grampa are trapped in cold storage at a place that has no desire to do anything with them.

This isn’t any kind of condemnation of the studio or the people we worked with. We had some good people behind us, some ill fits, but attitudes and climates change over the course of so many years at a studio, and the thing you’ve created no longer seems to gel with the direction of programming going on around you.

A studio pouring money into development is not a favor done, it’s a necessary part of what keeps things in operation. Ideas are the lifeblood of the system, and the creators sacrifice something just as valuable as money: their time and dedication to a project that takes them out of circulation for years at a time while not necessarily having a job that could be considered at all safe and secure. The best outcome of a situation where the studio decides the idea simply isn’t a good fit for them is one where the idea doesn’t die but survives on with the creator who still believes in the idea. To come out of the end of that process, years later, and not even own the rights to a thing the studio doesn’t want to produce, well, it’s heartbreaking.

As much as it is the nature of the business, it should not be the norm.

We’d still love to see VIH get made, we think it’s badass. We really do! We think seeing even the TINY amount of it come to life that we did was amazing. Since then, we’ve moved on to work on other projects separately, but we still  hear Frolie and Grampa yelling in our heads.

Oh, if anyone has half a million dollars they want to give us to get the rights back so we could get the show made some other way, please leave a garbage bag of money behind the dumpster behind the donut shop.


I think being named role models kind of happened just naturally, we never really asked for it. Which is lovely, I love the fact that girls look up to us and we empower people and inspire them. But obviously, we’re young girls and we’re going to do silly things sometimes that can kind of put pressure on us, but we’re just being ourselves. And if that means that we’re being role models by just being ourselves, then that’s incredible. It’s a massive compliment. | Little Mix for Fault Magazine.

i know there is a post about how louis is using his music to work through this incredible sad moment and i agree 100% but i’d like us to remember lottie doing this too, putting her all in her make-up projects and starting her path as a hard working and amazing woman. she has been working really hard all year even with everything going on bts and that too speaks volumen about the kind of family jay raised <3<3 they are SO SO strong

james is such a wolfstar shipper like he is worse than all of us

like he would always manage to get the two of them alone at least once a day

he would always play truth or dare with them to ask them THE question

he drags all the gryffindors into his stupid matchmaker plans

and puts up with the worse strategy like “wormtail we should injure sirius and let the drama of the hospital do the rest” “james NO”

little does he know that remus and sirius are kind of together since year 3, and officially together since year 5.

and they aren’t even hiding it. since year 3.

but he still matchmakes them, even after he finally realizes they are together

“moony tell us the truth how do you really feel about pads ?” “james we are engaged and we live together” “you’re avoiding the question.”

do you ever just look at something you used to do, and stopped because of your illness.

and you just sit there and wonder “do i want to do that again? could i? how would that go with what- who- i am now?”

its just depressing, because i realized alot of my hobbies ive given up either because of my illness, or because ive gotten too busy and too exhausted to do them, because of my illness.

i want to try again, but i dont feel like putting in the effort for something that might not work out.

sometimes my illness doesnt take away my ability to do something, just my motivation to try.

Jungkook dislikes being Called "oppa" by noona fans. Stop doing it.

Seriously, he brought up his discontentment about this way too many times for a while and it became worse these past few days. We can’t just look upon this anymore. Jungkook is done with this.Stop making him feel uncomfortable and put yourself in his shoes for two seconds. How awkward must it feel for him everytime a girl who’s at least 2-3 older than him calls him like that ?Honorifics happen for a reason and I wish ppl could use them when the right times calls for it. Don’t be using it for fun, “oppa” is a way to adress respect towards a close guy who’s OLDER than you.

I’m just saying this on behalf of my bias, cause he obviously will never state openly that he dislikes it cause he loves A.R.M.Y too much. He dropped hints, I think that everyone in this fandom is smart enough to understand his hints since we can come up with crazy theories each comeback. A.R.M.Y is a smart fandom and I’m not coming back on my words. So pls don’t disappoint this belief.

One last thing , GO VOTE FOR BTS !!!! 💗💗💗


DIY Key Holder

You will need:
• A piece of light wood, for example. a piece of lath from a DIY store.
• A hacksaw or a jigsaw. Results would be best with a jigsaw.
• Beads of various sizes.
• Black wood paint and a black magic marker.
• Leather Cord.
• Fittings for hanging.

How to do it:
• Saw the board in the targets you want.
• Draw grooves with a pencil and cut halfway into with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. You can also get it done in a store.
• Hang up the board with brackets that are also used for picture hangers. Several different fittings can be used but set one at each end, so the board does not tilt.
• Make the top part by putting beads in different sizes on top of each other, and draw and paint faces on.
• Tie the leather cord with a knot at the top and a knot on the keychain.

It’s easy to get caught up in the mindset of just living from deadline to deadline, and then time slips away before you know it. So, how do you make the most of your time and actually accomplish all those things you’ve been saving for ‘someday’? It’s all about living intentionally. 

set goals

For each month, each week, and each day. Reminder yourself of them often. Make them your mantra. Wake up each day and know that one thing you want to accomplish. Whether it’s a literal task (keeping the house tidy) or a mindset (be positive) the first step to being intentional is deciding what you’re going to be intentional about. 

put away technology 

The biggest enemy of intention? Mindless use of your phone. Technology can be great, but it can also seperate you from the world around you. Set aside phone-free zones: time with friends, meal times, and just before bed are my top suggestions. You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel after starting your day by enjoying a cup of coffee, sans mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, or spending an evening with friends without documenting it on Snapchat. 

create routines

Not the routines that you get caught up in (like working on projects for hours on end each day) but routines that create a more calming environment and make you slow down and really think about your day. Make tidying up into an event – put on a great podcast and enjoy it, and enjoy the feeling of living in a clean space. Set aside time each day for something that you enjoy – whether it’s going for a run, reading a book, or fixing a nice cup of tea.

feel your best

For me, my day feels 100% more productive as soon as I get dressed. Make a point to change clothes everyday, even if it’s just into different sweat pants if that’s all you want to wear. The simple act of showering and changing clothes can work wonders. 

use what you have

I have this thing: I will buy or be gifted some beautiful, everyday item and then I’ll save it for a special occasion. But, what exactly is a special occasion for soap? There isn’t one. So burn that candle, use that soap, eat off that plate and actually use what you have. It will make everyday feel that much more special.

take time to be grateful 

Taking the time to think grateful and positive thoughts throughout the day can completely change your mindset. Make a habit of being grateful for the little things – waking up in the morning, food to eat, clothes to wear – as well as the things that may be ordinarily seen as annoyances, like the rain that the plants so desperately need, or the homework that means you’re receiving an education. 

With a little intention and kindness you can change the world, so get out there and do it, babes!

How to Communicate with Spirits and Entities

Please note, everyone has different ways of interpreting, sensing, and interacting with energy, spirits, and entities, but this technique is a basic one for beginners and people of all skill levels. We are going to learn how to communicate with spirits and entities. Are you excited? Good!

Again, note that not everyone is going to be skilled at this from the start, and some are born naturals. Hell, I’m not a natural medium and I still know how to do it pretty well. It took me a while of practice, but I got there in the end. Confidence is important, and remember not to doubt yourself, because that will only put up a wall between what you are trying to do, and yourself.

So without further ado, let us begin…

1. Find a certain entity or spirit you want to communicate with. Is it a house spirit? Is it a demon (demons/angels aren’t good or bad, it depends on the entity themselves because everyone is different) that you want to ask about hell? Is it the seraphim Michael himself? (No, he’s not an archangel. Archangels are actually the 2nd lowest rank out of the 9 chiors/ranks)

2. Once you’ve found the entity or spirit you wish to speak with, focus on them. Feel their presence and see if you sense anything. Feel out their personality as well. Make out an image of them, or maybe just something to represent them. Just let it come to you and let your mind fill in the blanks - don’t consciously imagine it.

3. Once you have this in your mind, focus on the presence of the person and say hi and such, but mentally - whether that be through pure thoughts, words, images, feelings, or concepts. You will most likely (though it varies for every person) have thoughts, voices in your head, images, and so on that seem like yours but aren’t. These are the responses from the person you are trying to contact. The key to communication is telling the difference between your thoughts and theirs. It may take some time, but be patient. You won’t regret it!

Another thing you can try, is talking with an actual medium, whether they be self taught (as long as they’re accurate) or natural, and seeing if they can check the accuracy of what the spirit or entity says to you versus what you picked up. With practice, it should be a lot more clearer in time.

pregnancy sentence starters.

“ i’m pregnant. ”
“ i’m pregnant and it’s yours. ”
“ why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant. ”
“ are you pregnant? ”
“ i need to tell you something. ”
“ i have money for abortion. ”
“ how much is an abortion? ”
“ maybe we can put it up for adoption? ”
“ i didn’t ask for this to happen. ”
“ what are we going to do? ”
“ i think i’m pregnant. ”
“ didn’t you use a condom? ”
“ i’m not on birth control. ”
“ it’s definitely yours, i’m not like that. ”
“ i don’t know who’s it is! ”
“ are you really pregnant? ”
“ congratulations on your pregnancy! ”
“ how far long are you? ”
“ it’s too late for abortion, i’m sorry. ”
“ so who is the babydaddy? ”
“ how does it feel to you know be pregnant and all? ”
“ are you going to keep it? ”
“ do you want to keep it? ”
“ did you tell anyone else about it? ”
“ we can raise it. ”
“ we can keep it. ”
“ i am not going through with this. ”
“ what are the options? ”
“ what did the pregnancy test come back as? ”
“ i need a pregnancy test. ”
“ i took a test. a pregnancy test. ”
“ did you get the test yet? ”
“ get more than one test, too. ”
“ it is yours! just as much as it is mine! ”
“ i’m pregnant and your going to help me. ”
“ i don’t want to tell anyone until i’m twelve weeks. past the risk for miscarriage. ”
“ i’m so sorry this happened. ”
“ this pregnancy is going to kill me. ”
“ i’m ready to give birth already. ”
“ how much does a pregnancy test cost? ”
“ can you still get pregnant on the pill? ”