how do they kiss

That thing!! When a character tries to kiss another character who CLEARLY is upset!! And when they say stop!!! And the aggressor pulls that “Just one kiss baby!! I just wanna kiss you once!” AND THEY PRESSURE THE OTHER CHARACTER INTO GIVING THEM CONSENT?? But it CLEARLY still upsets them!!!

I hate that!!!! Who the FUCK would enjoy that??? Why do writers even use that trope??? What’s the appeal???? How selfish do you have to be??? To even CONSIDER kissing someone when they don’t want to be kissed, ESPECIALLY after they’ve expressed that!! ITS NOT ROMANTIC!!!! don’t do it my dudes!! Bad times!!!

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Hey im a 16yo girl and im so anxious about kissing bc i never tried it and im afraid i wouldnt be good at it idk... Any suggestions/thoughts?

Im literally the worst person to answer this i can kiss the same person 100 times and still be nervous and not know what im doing or how to kiss

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Pan leaves little kisses all over Merle's face when he's asleep. Those kisses insure Merle will have calm dreams and no bad memories come up. Merle still wakes up at night sometimes because Pan is very warm and while that's nice (the sea breeze is very chilly) he always gets confused as to why he feels so warm. For a moment he thinks Magnus stayed over and Johann crawled into his bed again. As well as Magnus and three other Dogs Magnus probably adopted on the way there. Nope it's just pan.

this is absolutely adorable as hell and i love it but i also love the mental image of magnus + his dogs just climbing into merles bed

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Re. your answer about the way Lotor would kiss if he were the one going for the kiss... How do you think he likes to be kissed, now? Does he also like being kissed on the forehead?

This is too much for my fragile heart

Like I said in the last ask anything genuine from the person he loves is welcomed! I’m assuming this is if he gets kissed by his s/o. This all depends on the situation, but I think he likes his kisses soft and gradually become rougher (if he wants it to be *wink). Lotor might also like soft kisses on different parts of his face and body because it’s a different and welcomed feeling since he’s used to harsh combat. So yes, this boy likes forehead kisses if you can reach of course. Sudden kisses or pecks on the cheek make him blush and smile as well.

If it’s a total stranger or someone he’s trying to manipulate, he is reluctant to do too much. Of course he has to try in order to get what he wants so Lotor plays it out. He feels nothing emotionally because it’s not an honest intimate moment. Physically…that’s a different ask lol. 

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


He gotta give him that air you know

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

Friendly reminder that the Athena Cabin are bunch of Percabeth shipper.

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What kind of kissers do you think they'd be?


  • spontaneous kisses at the most random times
  • in the middle of sentences, while your’e walking, in public
  • times when u least expect it 
  • when he feels the urge he doesn’t hesitate
  • depends a lot on his mod
  • joyful kisses that are full of giggles and smiles
  • and sometimes end in tickle fights
  • but also passionate “i need you now” kisses
  • where he can’t keep his hands off u
  • and doesn’t hold back
  • each one is a breathtaking experience (quite literally)


  • soft affectionate kisses
  • ones that he puts a lot of thought into
  • probably gives u that gaze or stares at your lips for a while before
  • kisses that are as expressive as his music
  • and make u feel nurtured and warm
  • u swear ur floating for a little bit
  • pisces are the dreamy romantics of the zodiac
  • and love to lavish their partner in affection
  • innocent kisses on your cheek, forehead eyelids, nose…
  • neck, shoulder, wrist…
  • doesn’t leave an inch of skin untouched


  • sultry, hot kisses
  • hurried and passionate
  • certified french kissing pro
  • lots and lots of tounge
  • lips biting
  • hair pulling
  • goes from a peck to you being in his lap in a blink of eye 
  • and suddenly you’re grinding on each other in front everyone woops
  • the perfect mix between messy and calculated
  • every kiss is different and leaves u guessing
  • kisses that leave u panting
  • and him smirking


  • emotional, overwhelming kisses
  • that develop from shy gentle pecks to heated makeout sessions
  • every movement is calculated
  • craves intimacy and closeness
  • hands keep a strong grip on your waist or wrists
  • kisses that assert his dominance 
  • kisses that stem from jealousy
  • h i c k i e s
  • if ur neck, shoulders, and chest aren’t littered with marks, he’s not done
  • intense eye contact
  • jaw kisses
  • likes to have his prater pinned under him or against a wall
  • usually leads to something else


  • teasing kisses that leave u wanting more
  • pulls back early knowing it gets u riled up
  • wants to have u frustrated and chasing after him 
  • makes you work for it
  • lots of  winks and sly grins
  • innocent back hugs that lead to ear nibbles and breathy neck kisses
  • that eventually go lower and lower…
  • cheeky butt grabs
  • roaming hands
  • light kisses that contrast his needy touches
  • shows his passion not through roughness
  • but through delicate, fleeting pecks mixed in with long intimate kisses
  • and whispered “i love you“s


  • slow, deliberate kisses
  • capricorns always mean business and that translates in their affection 
  • knows how to kiss and how to do it well
  • treats his partner like a porcelain doll
  • fully engulfs your face in his hands
  • strokes your cheek
  • kisses that make u feel safe and secure
  • uses them to express feelings he struggles to say in words
  • pulls u as close as physically possible
  • likes a partner who follows his lead
  • kisses rarely stay that innocent with this one


  • shy unsure kisses
  • he’s most likely inexperienced
  • wouldn’t be the one to initiate it at first
  • but when he does, he’s timid and gentle
  • probably takes a deep breath before
  • needs someone who can lead the way
  • probably gets more flustered than u
  • accidentally moans into ur mouth
  • which makes him blush fiercely
  • but once he’s comfortable, his leo moon/libra venus shines through
  • over the top romantic kisses
  • picking u up to kiss u
  • spinning u around
  • just like he mentioned here