how do they get anything done on that show

I just want to extend a huge thank-you to @roadtogalavant for everything they did for the show, and continue to do of course. I don’t think anything I could have done could have compared to how fervently Road To Galavant campaigned to get the television programme attention, and to spread the word, and to get it renewed for a second season (and now a third). 

Part of why I started spreading the word as much as I did was because Road To Galavant inspired me. I managed to drag about ten people into the wonder tha is Galavant; pretty good for me personally, at least. 

And the only reason I knew how to go about it was because I took pages out of Road To Galavant’s book.

Basically, thank you to the brilliant mind behind Road To Galavant for all you do, for your inspiration, your hard work, and your neverending enthusiasm and passion. You’re fantastic.

Thank you.

Ace as Hell

umbraluxuria submitted: 

Your Name: Alexander
Your Age: 20
Your Orientations: Asexual, aromantic
Your Gender: NONE GENDER (agender)
How/when did you realize you were ace?
Ooooh, gosh. 14?
How do you feel about being ace?
Honestly? I like it. I wouldn’t say I love it because I get harassed for it but when it’s just me? I like it.
Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or both?
Introvert. I can pretend to be extroverted alllllll day long though.
Name three of your favorite songs (include artist name)
Iridescent, by Linkin Park
Kuma, by Cirque du Soleil
I am Your Leader, Nicki Minaj
Name three of your favorite movies and/or TV shows
(Shit. Uhhh????)
Transformers, anything Marvel’s ever done (except Doctor Strange), and Megamind ties with Wreck It Ralph.
Five random facts about yourself
I am a circus and drag performer… Yeah.
My degree was marine zoology but I couldn’t finish due to a mystery illness.
I either cook like a broke student or Master Chef. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN.
I’m a world traveller.
I can write most conlangs (speaking is way harder) and pick up languages very quickly.
What’s your favorite quote?
“It eluded us then, but that’s no matter. Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther, and one fine morning. So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” - last line of The Great Gatsby
What are your hobbies/interests?
Archery and lacrosse are my sports
I enjoy music, and travelling.
What’s your ideal career?
Assuming I can do anything? Cirque du Soleil performer C’:
Less drastically, flight attendant. Which I am.
What are some dreams/goals you have for your future?
To be in Cirque one day, or at least to perform in other circus venues.
What are some things you feel like you’re really good at?
Cooking, surviving, entertaining (both myself and others)
What’s your biggest fear?
I don’t think I’ve got a fancy one, so I’ll just say one of my phobias is hospitals. Can’t go in ‘em.
What’s something that gets you really excited when you think about it?
Cirque du Soleil, every time lol
Who’s your favorite person and why? (Can be fictional, historical, or otherwise)
My best friend, because she’s stuck with me for so long~
What’s your favorite thing and why? (Object, subject, or otherwise)
Oh, probably my stuffed animal, Sirius. He’s a black dog, if you didn’t guess :P
What inspires you?
Cirque du Soleil
What would you want to tell the world?
nah I’d say like, there’s a post floating around that’s like ‘you’ve survived every day thus far, meaning you have a 100% survival rate’ and that makes me feel good. Yup.


Dan and Phil have been nominated for a Shorty Award! This is so exciting and I’m sure it will make them very happy if they win so pls pls pls vote here <3. They have done so much for us, especially in the last year, and we should show them how much they mean to us :) pls reblog to get the word around also ty

(all you have to do to vote is click on their faces and then register. It doesn’t cost anything other than an email address and a password)

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Hey there, just wanted to ask where you stream games from and how you get gifs done so fast?

Hi anon! I actually have Gamecenter Live, so I basically stream through the NHL.  For me, it’s kind of a necessity to making gifs during the game, just because I can pause, rewind, and check both teams’ streams for better angles of goals or anything else (inevitably, other teams love to show Seguin without a shirt on in the locker room, it’s just a thing that they do sometimes) I might want to gif.  Once something comes up that I want to gif, I pretty much pause my stream, rewind, open up Quicktime Player and start a screen recording.  Then it’s just a matter of throwing some gifs together.  GCL is an investment I made before I ever started making gifs (you can’t watch Blackhawks games from Massachusetts, it’s just not going to happen), but it’s definitely helped me make game gifs since then.
Fortitude - extended trailer

I (binge) watched this psychological thriller recently and here were my reactions as I went:

How beautiful! (Iceland)
Lonely. Enticing.
Disgusting. (I gagged and I’m not squeamish)
Mysterious. Smart. (Science)
I’d watch Stanley Tucci in anything.
This is awful what these characters are doing.
No! That person shouldn’t die!
Ah hell, that landscape! (Want)
Isolation. (Want)
I need a job so I can stop getting myself involved in more shows or movies.
Have they ordered more episodes?
Ok. Now I’m done. Time to read.

Two weeks later…
Can’t stop thinking about Fortitude.

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hahahah! There’s another movement among the nans to stop reblogging from AdorableBC Pictures this time. Well done tfoe. I love it when they get riled up.

They are just bothered that I can compartmentalize between the showmance and BC himself. They sort of don’t like to be faced with the idea that I don’t hate BC (GASP) but I do loathe his relationship with SH. It’s even funnier and more pathetic of them since I don’t reblog/blog anything about SH or Bophie. It’s all BC, all the time. So them making a boycott of a little tiny blog because of this blog shows how prejudice they are in that regard. 

sometimesironman asked:

I'm holding off judgement about the hair until I see it in action, cause I can understand how CGI hair can look terrible in a picture. Especially when it's supposed to be glowing and moving and flamey. I mean I'm reaaaaally happy they're doing the hair, but as you said I get the feeling it's not all the time. And so far they haven't done anything that truly offends me so I think they would've cut it from the show if it was too bad.

yeah, i mean, my knee jerk reaction was worry/dislike but i always strive to not make opinions before the fact. so hopefully it’ll work out! 

◆ Six things I love ◆

I was tagged by: @bucckkyy :) You probably have forgotten, since this was way back in my drafts!

One song: Heaven - Troye Sivan

Two movies: Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away

Three shows: How To Get Away With Murder, Adventure Time, Steven Universe

Four people: Im Yoona, Jack Falahee, Troye Sivan, Aja Naomi King

Five foods: Brownies, garlic anything lol, tomatoes, pasta, cinnamon apple crumble

Six people to tag: @tabbyis-htgawmtrash, @ryarrs, @akaashikun, @jxckfxlxhee, @ilikeyouxactually and @rosietorchez if you want to do it/haven’t already done it :)


Kinda figured step 1 of evil villain team up would be to discuss a main plan or goals, but nope it goes like this:

Step 1: Watching protagonist while saying evil things and laughing evilly.

- Everyone knows you’re evil. It’s not enough to dress evil, you have to act it too. If you don’t show your ally how evil you are, you might get kicked out.

- Stalking the protagonist. He doesn’t know what he’s doing at the moment and neither do you, but by golly you sure do know everything he’s done, and eaten, and said.

- Act like you know everything when really you don’t know anything, but don’t worry as long as you act like it no one will see how dumb you are. Just keep talking about how the protagonist knows nothing and laugh.

Step 2: Tell your allies about your minor goals

- Find the keyhole. Protect this thing. Attack Protagonist. Make Protagonist’s friends evil.

- Reveal nothing of your master plot. They may try to steal your thunder as the main baddy AND WE CAN’T HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE?! I mean its not as if they could share the same goal as you. No… they couldn’t possibly…

- Mix the main goal in there somewhere. They won’t know its the main goal and that’s the fun of it! See if they can figure out what you figured out a long time ago. You can’t tell them everything, some of these things need to be figured out by oneself.

Step 3: Only reveal the importance of the main goal when asked.

- What do your allies need to know about how important finding a princess is? They send their best henchmen to find what you need regardless.

- Again, we can’t have our allies knowing all about our main evil plan, because then they will try to take your spot. They’re evil after all.

- Also be sure to talk about this in the open where EVERYONE can hear it. Everyone might think you’re nice if you try to hide it. We can’t be fooling anyone can we? We can’t have people thinking Jafar is Santa Claus.

Step 4: ????

Step 5: Total Domination

- Sora is dead

- Princesses are caught

- The total badass is you.

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1 too 15

1:What are you wearing? - It’s from my fashion line, it’s called “mid life crisis at 20″ it’s a t-shirt I’ve been wearing for 4 days and a pair of insanely joggers and a hoodie that has been used to wipe my eyes and nose with.

2:Ever been in love? - Sadly

3:Ever had a terrible breakup? - A couple

4:How tall are you? - 5′2

5:How much do you weigh? - Morbidly obese

6:Any tattoos do you want? - A lot of ideas but I suck at drawing and I don’t have money to pay for a tattoo right now.

7:Any piercings that you want? - Septum maybe, maybe my nose done twice, maybe some more on my ears.

8:OTP? - Legit don’t care for OTP’s

9:Favorite Show? - Criminal Minds, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, How to get away with Murder, literally anything crime related or stupid humour and I’m all over it.

10:Favorite bands? - Deftones, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, King 810, Turnover, Brand New, 5FDP, slaves, Incubus State Champs, Now Now, Wolf Alice, etc etc

11:Something you miss? - Everyone and everything

12:Favorite song? - Cage - I never knew You

13:How old are you? - 20

14:Zodiac sign? - Scorpio

15:Hair Color? - Brown

Give me a couple numbers here, I’m on my laptop for a change.

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how did he shade him this time?

the joke that’s been going around is that daniel has no business shading connor because he’s only as “famous” as he is because he’s joey’s boyfriend and hasn’t done anything noteworthy (i’m not agreeing or disagreeing). someone tweeted this, someone else screenshotted it and tagged daniel, he saw it and replied with something about hosting a tv show and said people need to get a sense of humor. honestly, at this point he’s just being immature and childish.

anonymous asked:

How do I deal with jealousy? The type where your friend thinks you are trying to steal their friends or potential marriage proposals? I have been having trouble with this for a while now and don't know how to change this.

Try to be confident about yourself since you know you haven’t done anything wrong. Most people who get jealous is when someone has something they think they should have. Confront your friend if you haven’t and see what she has to say, and if she starts denying it then show her that you are upset about the things being told about you. If talking doesn’t work then just ignore her and the comments being said to you cause then she would realize how silly she is acting and that you aren’t going to tolerate her nonsense anymore.

So, I’ve got a problem. Out of nowhere, one of my blogs randomly decided to tell me that they sent me an e-mail asking me to verify my account (as if I hadn’t already done that when I created the account in the first place???), but no matter how many times I ask to resend the e-mail to re-verify my account, the e-mail never shows up. I’ve e-mailed tumblr about this and have asked them to correct the situation, but go figure, they haven’t answered yet. Has anyone run into this sort of problem before? Do you have any suggestions? Because until I get this fixed, I can’t edit anything on the actual blog itself or anything like that.

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dalina I've been taking a break from school for mental health reasons and I'm going back in about a month and I feel worse about myself for not spending my time productively like I tried to do a lot of things but somehow I can't bring myself to do it I feel like a piece of trash how can I make myself feel better :(

you should try and get as much as you can done. email or call your teachers to give you tips on the stuff you missed!! that way they will know you still care about school and youre investing time in it. its okay and normal to take a break, i did too, but its also important to keep up with school so you can finish as soon as you can. sometimes anxiety and depression just wont let you do anything but if you show your teachers youre putting effort in keeping up they will feel better about themselves as well, helping you out because its their job to make you pass the classes! i hope you feel better soon

“Hoy! Gumising ka! May padala sayo!”

Woke up to this ☝🏻️
Kahit napakalakas ng bunganga ng kapatid ko at ibato niya pa sakin yung padala, ‘di ko mapigilan di ngumiti.


Maybe for others this is so mababaw. But when it comes to me, I feel like I was really really special. To think that someone would do this na kahit malayo yung tao, hindi man kayo madalas nagkakausap, kahit wala namang okasyon, He still remember you.

Kaya sobra sobra sobra akong nagpapasalamat, L. You have showed me kindness and taught me how to be kind to others, to always pray and to give more without expecting anything in return. Thank you and I will always treasure all the things you have done to me. Medyo di ko rin gets kung ano bang ginawa ko (kahit wala talaga haha) para mag-effort ka pa ng ganito. Pero sana palagi mong tatandaan, na sobra kong naappreciate lahat. As in. This is the second time you did this to me and I’m beyond grateful. 😊

Receiving simple things when there’s no occasion gives me one of the best feelings in the world. You’re the sweetest, L!

♥ ♥ ♥  

Shouting into the void

I’m such a failure. I can’t do anything right, all i want to do is be left alone. I’ve tried to change but nothing i do works i just get a false sense of hope and the somehow make everything worse. iI think i just need to stop trying, and leave everyone alone so i don’t bring them down. I can’t  even get my shit done on time even when i’m given a week or more to do it. How fucked up is that? I can’t anything done. i’m fairly certain that no one really likes me, they just tolerate me because i’m there. I think everyone would be better off if they never meet me, i was an accident anyway. Just a useless drain of resources on my family and I have shit to show for it.

Am I crazy for considering espresso cabinets and black appliances?

I’m having a new home built and I’m in the interior design stage. I’m going for the darker tones and greys. This is what I’ve picked out so far.

I was thinking of black appliances because they don’t show fingerprints and require constant cleaning like stainless does and they cost less. Just about everyone I spoke with laments getting stainless, how it shows each water spot, fingerprint, scratch, ding etc… and if they could do it over again, they’d do anything besides stainless.

So, given the color scheme I’ve got going, do you think I’d be crazy for picking out a black fridge, stove, and over the range microwave?

Depending how $ looks when I’m done, I might go for even lighter, “barn reclaimed” looking flooring to add even more contrast to the room.

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