how do they even fit

Be Yourself.

Remember to be yourself. 

You are you, and I know it’s said a lot, but you should take pride in who you are. 

Express yourself how you deem fit.

Even if you can’t do some things now, you’ll be able to do them in the future. 

You’ll be out of the house eventually.

Don’t let your peers tell you how to dress, act, or live. 

You’re not alone.
You’re not unloveable.
You’re not hated.
You are beautiful.
You are kind.
You are intelligent. 

You can do it, you can survive, and you can succeed. 

You can be you.

Forget about me writing my thoughts about the chapter like I’ve done for the past few months. This time I’m going on long rant because there’s no way I’m not addressing some of the stuff I’ve seen in the tags. I always try to keep this blog free of negative fandom stuff but not this time. My brain can’t compute some arguments and I feel the need to talk about them.

Warning for very long rant under spoilers, gore pictures of characters death, especially Hannes. And if you’re expecting character bashing you’ll find none.

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Today I fell in love with the image of Hidan going some place that has a piano with someone and Hidan just sits at it, presses a few keys like he’s dicking around. Whoever he’s with is all, “quit messing around you’ll break it.” and then he just starts playing fucking Hungarian Dance No. 5 or something.

The myth that black men love fat women needs to get in a volcano

Is it easy
Being black and fat?
Do you enjoy random men telling you
“I’d hit that!”
Are you attracted to those who insult you on the street?
Or at family gatherings
When relatives you meet
Tell you nobody wants you when you’re fat.
But oh, black guys are supposed to love that!

Is it easy when you’re not thin
And black, like how do you even fit in?
Folks look away when I catch their eye
And don’t get me started when they find out
I’m bi.
I’m not butch, and I hate the styles of the 1950’s
So I have to learn to dress a little differently.
But it’s not easy, not easy at all.
You should hear the names I get called!
I’m not hourglass shaped or light-skinned at that.
My belly has rolls and I am fat!

So no, your racist ideas don’t help me one bit.
When you think I have it easier, you perpetuate a myth.
Fat liberation is blindingly pale;
Your racial oppression keeps me down on the scale.
The lines on my skin aren’t just stretch marks,
But self inflicted pain I cannot get past.

So sure, say it’s easy being black and fat.
Look the other other way as I deal with this crap.
And if liberation for fat folks
Don’t include queers of colour at the heart of it,
Then we’ll done, sister:
Your movement’s full of shit!

look, i know we all know that the twinyards are literally five feet tall but i feel like we just don’t appreciate that enough. five feet tall, you guys. five feet. the twinyards’ raquets are taller than they are. their feet probably don’t touch the floor in most chairs. my god, you guys. how do these kids even find jeans that fit?? like, i’m 5′4″ and i have a 28 inch inseam and i have to roll up my jeans at the bottom sometimes like can you imagine how many times andrew and aaron minyard have to cuff their pants up at the bottoms?? you guys. and andrew is 800% willing to fight the shit out of anyone and anything despite the fact that he is, i repeat, literally five feet tall. i don’t think i’ll ever recover from this, you guys, holy fuck,,,

anonymous asked:

☢ What fads/trends are you so over?

Why did you send this on anon, I … I play my  KURIBOH in defense mode to defend me from all the bullshit I’m about to endure in a sec.

I hate a lot of the fads going on actually? The fact people take a blog name like “ duelrcign “ is just hilarious to me and I don’t know why you can’t just be more creative with urls instead of using letters to substitute for the actual letter. That garbage bothers me SO MUCH.

Hiding your autoplay is a douchebag move and you know it.

Super itty bitty container themes piss me off, how am I supposed to know where the fucking reblog, like, etc. button is. Fuck you honestly for making your container theme 120 x 200, that’s bullshit. How do you even fit pictures in there TBH.

When people decide that hiding their links is a great idea among the exploding creativity on their blog backgrounds and expect people to go on an Easter Egg hunt to find your stupid rules. Like HELL.

putting your text in really blocky
garbage like this because it just
makes things    look so       much
better stop honestly. no. just, no.
Especially when it’s 40 yards long with a response and I’m just like how did you.. even find the time to do that. It’s fine when it’s a small rp, but goddamn.

Super itty bitty text. I have glasses, they don’t help me read your size 2 font.


stagerevolution  asked:

for your speed sketch thing, imma describe my character from starbound lol. Eliza DeMarcus, starship pilot, loves animals and astronomy, hates being cold.

i gave her pigtails cause i couldn’t imagine her without them but? how do they fit in her helmet? and do starship pilots even wear helmets? a mystery