how do they even fit

me, waking with a start at 4 am: in maureen’s vision she saw seven birds but who are the seven? she mentioned twins but we don’t know any twins….is there a secret twin yet to be revealed or is it more metaphorical? how do the three main characters fit into the equation? are they even amongst the seven? one would assume that magnus is “the protector” but where does that leave merle and taako? the lover? the peacemaker? neither particularly fit them…and who are the others??? is it merely coincidental that there were seven birds and are seven relics? if magnus is the red robe who was the female red robe who was the original umbrastaff owner? is she lup? maybe the red robe is actually magnus’ long lost twin…why do all three of them have a significant amount of their memory missing? who gave them those badges at candlenights…WHY DID MERLE SEE A STAR GO OUT

The myth that black men love fat women needs to get in a volcano

Is it easy
Being black and fat?
Do you enjoy random men telling you
“I’d hit that!”
Are you attracted to those who insult you on the street?
Or at family gatherings
When relatives you meet
Tell you nobody wants you when you’re fat.
But oh, black guys are supposed to love that!

Is it easy when you’re not thin
And black, like how do you even fit in?
Folks look away when I catch their eye
And don’t get me started when they find out
I’m bi.
I’m not butch, and I hate the styles of the 1950’s
So I have to learn to dress a little differently.
But it’s not easy, not easy at all.
You should hear the names I get called!
I’m not hourglass shaped or light-skinned at that.
My belly has rolls and I am fat!

So no, your racist ideas don’t help me one bit.
When you think I have it easier, you perpetuate a myth.
Fat liberation is blindingly pale;
Your racial oppression keeps me down on the scale.
The lines on my skin aren’t just stretch marks,
But self inflicted pain I cannot get past.

So sure, say it’s easy being black and fat.
Look the other other way as I deal with this crap.
And if liberation for fat folks
Don’t include queers of colour at the heart of it,
Then well done, sister:
Your movement’s full of shit!


So hiya, yeah I’ve been inactive again for a while ^ ^; But reasons! Last weekend, I went to visit my lovely friend @reallyquantum, pictured with me in the last photo. It’d been a while since I visited anyone so it was a real treat, we had a really girly weekend shopping at malls, went to SPX, saw Ghostbusters again, her mom was amazing, and also the highlight: my first Renaissance Fest!

I threw together an outfit from stuff I had at home and rushed to make myself a matching elf crown and necklace thingy (I made reallyquantum’s back in college) which turned out a bit fancier than expected >.>; I got a lot of compliments which made me really happy, since I haven’t worn anything cool to a con-like event in a really long time ^ ^ The back, not pictured, is the fanciest part so I’ll try to post pictures of that later.

someone come talk to me about an andreil prison au! i don’t have many ideas outside of andreil’s dynamic…

  • the foxes are in prison for various reasons (some may even have been framed? who knows? ya need some evidence)
  • some ravens are also in prison, but some are the guards too, which make for some pretty bad situations for our problematic faves
  • neil is newly imprisoned and thanks to his father, he probably has a lot of enemies.
    • plus, with that pretty face of his, he’s getting all sorts of threats and comments

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An Open Letter to Troye Sivan


I don’t really know where to start with this letter but I was raised to believe it is extremely important to show thanks to the people in your life who have helped or inspired you— whether you know them or not. You have made more of a difference in my life than I know how to say. I’m a 19 year old kid from a small town in north Alabama. Unfortunately, living in one of the most conservative and religious parts of the US means being anything other than straight is not only discouraged but openly mocked.

I can’t remember a specific time I realized I liked both boys and girls, but I do know that ever since I can remember I consciously made sure I acted like a “normal” boy. I had no interest in sports, but played and watched them anyways, because that’s what “boys do,” that’s how I fit in. Even worse, I pushed the fact that I was attracted to both sexes to the furthest reaches of my brain. In fact, writing this is the first time I’ve been honest with myself and put the thought that I’m bisexual into words.

This is because of your music.

Last fall, I found myself a freshman at a large public college. I had joined a fraternity, even though I had little in common with the other men that were to become my fraternity brothers. I did this again to appear like a “normal” heterosexual guy. At the hight of my stresses over pledging a Greek organization and adapting to college, I came across your song “Wild” on a friend’s Spotify. I had no idea who you were but was instantly drawn to the song. I listened to it everyday, and eventually had to google the music video.

I was stunned at what I saw, watching the beautiful video and the subsequent Blue Neighborhood trilogy.

You were a guy who like me wasn’t straight, but you weren’t ashamed of yourself. You didn’t hide in the corner. I soon learned you were already quite famous through youtube, and spent hours that night watching your videos. You became like a friend to me, the only one that I could turn to if I was feeling down. I don’t know of any openly gay or bisexual people in my community, so your videos were the only thing I had. Anytime my bisexuality depressed me, I visited your channel and instantly felt better.

Shortly after this Blue Neighbourhood was released and my world was rocked. I had never before bought an entire album, but I bought yours and was immediately hooked by every song. I can honestly say I listen to it every single day, and my favorite tracks change daily (currently “Heaven” and “Quiet”). The message you send to the world is amazing, and I can’t express how much you’ve done for kids like me. You have an incredible and mind-blowing talent, and you are using it for such good in this world. Thank you a million times over.

I am not out yet or anything, but you’ve given me the confidence to not feel less than. when the time is right, I know I will tell my family and friends that I am bisexual, and this is because of Troye Sivan and his amazing music. I am saving up to hopefully come to your November concert in Atlanta, planning to drive by myself to get the chance to see you. I wouldn’t dream of missing it. I know the chance is slim, but I hope that this somehow reaches you Troye.  Especially in times like these when so recently the LGBTQ community has been viscously attacked, celebrities who are out there making queer kids feel like their life too is worth living need to be celebrated and applauded. Thank you so much, from all the people like me.

A humble fan


y’know what? I literally shed a tear just bcuz of this gif…..

I have so many thoughts about it…

like do you see how they perfectly fit to each other? physically even. isn’t it amazing? (I’m a lil short person so I can measure whether it’s comfortable to hug a person who’s taller than you and I can assure you that Namjoon has a prefect height for Jin. Jin can just put his chin on Namjoon’s shoulder and be comfortable with it, his neck won’t hurt (cuz would Namjoon be taller it would hurt af, I swear. At the same time Namjoon’s chin is soo suitable for Jin’s shoulder)

and then I realized how far they went, how now they are more opened to each other. Do you remember 2013? Their first hug? How Jin was all shy and stuff 

he still is shy to hug Namjoon and I find it really adorable and cute. 

Which means that Namjoon was probably the first one to open

Do you see it? Cuz I see it.

And coming back to this. Namjoon was the first one who pushed Jin closer to himself (I really love this pat on the back, like imagine the strength of Namjoon’s hand :o ) And he holds him really really close that I can’t but shed a tear…

Yes, I love them so much, so what? 

I’m dressing as Sonny from Rock and Riot for Halloween!


#Their first time slaying together as a couple (✿ ♥‿♥)

Be Yourself.

Remember to be yourself. 

You are you, and I know it’s said a lot, but you should take pride in who you are. 

Express yourself how you deem fit.

Even if you can’t do some things now, you’ll be able to do them in the future. 

You’ll be out of the house eventually.

Don’t let your peers tell you how to dress, act, or live. 

You’re not alone.
You’re not unloveable.
You’re not hated.
You are beautiful.
You are kind.
You are intelligent. 

You can do it, you can survive, and you can succeed. 

You can be you.

  • Sleek and stylish Aomine and one hundred percent, basically perfect boyfriend material Kagami
  • Kagami’s broad chest
  • Dear lord, his shoulders
  • Aomine’s slim waist and that white belt
  • Their poses though. It’s sort of telling of how their personalities are? Kagami is relaxed and open and Aomine is sexy guarding himself, keeping you away at an arm’s distance
  • Challenging, sexy smirks, yes
  • Did I mention Kagami’s shoulders?
  • The way Aomine is just a wee bit taller is delicious, yes
  • Can’t get over the size difference this works very well with my Kagami manhandling Aomine fantasies
  • I know Kise’s the model, but hot damn, their legs go on forever
  • Okay, and the event’s name is Hikari Fes, the pairing has it’s own special name for crying out loud
  • Kagami’s. Shoulders.

Today’s a good day