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A Shrine - Gordon’s Garage

In Cameron’s Pilgrim I mentioned the Japanese shrine that Cameron talks about over the phone. Every twenty years the shrine is rebuilt with new material, looking the same as the original, but not actually being the original. Joe thinks it’s beautiful, while Cameron explains she believes people do it for how the process makes them feel, the doing of it. Following Cameron’s explanation of the Japanese shrine rebuilding, these shrines are physical manifestations and reminders of a process that the characters wish to repeat.

In this series, the process is not so much about building a computer, creating or playing a game, or achieving a business model. Those are all just a medium to these characters to connect with the people they want and need to connect with, even if they are not always aware of it. Ultimately inspiration comes down to the people you relate with and how curious you are about what is happening in the world.

Each pivotal character has a shrine, representing their connectivity to somebody who inspires and motivates them, and by the 4th season we can see a returning pattern of what they try to recreate and from the very beginning season 4 identifies to which location or “shrine” this is tied to. The bond they try to hold on to, reestablish or set-up with a particular person is automatically linked in their mind to a certain room or building in their memory.

Because a building or a place is durable and physical a “shrine” is easily mistaken as lasting and always perfect. In reality it is but a momentarily event when everything feels perfect and ideal. Other events and bonds are like the elements eroding at its perfection, and in the worst case scenario natural disasters or demolition teams with a wrecking ball. Each character is aware that their shrine is under possible threat at any given time, and tries to deal with this in their own particular way.  

This meta-analysis will limit itself to discussing Gordon’s Shrine.


We see the Japanese shrine in 4x05 in Pilgrim as Donna is transported to it with the avatar. Gordon’s lit up tent in the camping scene in 4x01 has the same warmth, and thus is a visual “shrine identifier” moment from Gordon’s POV. Gordon has a memory vision of Joe leafing the IBM BIOS binder in his garage morphed into the camping environment, right before we are treated to that beautiful image of Gordon’s warmly lit tent.

When in 4x05 Gordon asks Joe what he saw for the future in the garage back then, Joe  explains was how it would feel to work with him, “the doing of it”, and how that was more important to him than the actual end result. So, we could have no clearer comparison of what Gordon tries to recreate whenever he works together with Joe: that doing-of-it feeling with Joe in Gordon’s garage ten years ago, an idealized moment full of potential when their bond was just perfect.


Throughout the seasons we learn that the garage was always important to Gordon, even before he met Joe. He grew up in an autoshop, and he made his first computer project for Comdex 81 with Donna in his garage. So, the garage was always a shrine location to Gordon, but not until he reverse engineers the IBM chip for the BIOS with Joe does it become an ideal moment that he continues to seek, rebuild and re-enact in some way, and can only be perfect if Joe is his partner in it.

At the start of S2, after Cardiff is sold, Gordon intends to return to his garage, proclaiming it on TV even in an interview with the host no so incidentally called “Chip”. He intends to do it alone, but can’t help tell Joe in the elevator, who apathetically agrees that is what Gordon should do. Excited like a child, he orders several computers, sets them up, admiring the blank slate, but soon finds himself stuck. He can’t do it alone.

Since consciously Joe is still out of the question as a partner in that moment, Gordon reaches out to Donna and Mutiny instead, seeking a problem he can help solve for Mutiny (Tank Battle) and eventually writing Sonarys, which ends in disaster.

Simultaneously he reconciles with Joe on a personal level, enough for Joe to contact Gordon to help set up the Westgroup mainframe. Gordon sends Joe packing when this conversation occurs in Gordon’s living room, but he agrees to do it when meeting Joe in the garage parking lot.

Since it’s only a one-time deal, Gordon surrogates Joe with his Cardiff engineering team to build computers on demand. But again that fails, and on top of it he learns that Joe is moving to California with Sarah (again in the Westgroup garage). Gordon is so rattled that he can’t find his car anymore at a garage parking lot, gets lost, falls and is taken to the hospital. On the surface, Gordon’s breakdown seems amped by having business competition, but the whole breakdown occurs after he already discovered his rival is already total loss. And the doctor specifically stipulates to Donna that his breakdown in the garage parking lot was not related to his neurological disease, but purely psychological. Hence, Gordon’s arc in S2 emphasizes that Gordon’s well being and happiness relies on having a work & friendship relationship with Joe. He literally falls apart and is lost without Joe in his garage shrine.  

It is actually Joe’s visit to Gordon’s garage in the S2 finale to return the chip back to Gordon’s shrine that gives Gordon the fire to successfully transform himself from a hardware engineer in a world that is fast gearing to a virtual network world into a successful software coder: Gordon changes a few lines in the malignant Sonarys to turn it into an anti-virus cure. Except Gordon picked his family and Mutiny over working with Joe and learns that Joe built Macmillan Utility with Gordon’s program.


The entire shrine is destroyed, as there are no garage scenes for Gordon in S3. Throughout that season Gordon maintains that he does not want to work with Joe, not even if Joe offers him 70% of Macmillan Utility. He truly believes this and that is why we don’t see him in an actual garage.

When Joe gives Gordon credit and hands him a 20 million company, the two patch up their friendship and want to work together, but it proves impossible. There are various plot causes for it, but the visual absence of the garage-shrine is the tell. The browser project depends on Cameron and Joe isolates himself in the basement. Gordon may have built the network successfully by himself upstairs, but it is an empty success for Gordon with Joe in the basement. Callnect looks more like a Cardiff office floor than a garage, and Gordon was unfulfilled by that, as much as he was by the Giant-professional.


It is not until the opening scene of 4x04 that the garage shrine has been rebuilt for Gordon. Cameron uses it as a temporary autoshop when she brings her bike in and repairs it. In the same scene Haley inquires whether Scientology is a religion or a cult. A Comet is a returning object in space. And Joe and Gordon bond in the office agreeing with each other, absolutely content with what they have done. So, we have all the elements to identify a returned shrine moment: garage, a spiritual element, the name of a recurring event of the past, and Joe and Gordon being a bro-romance team all wrapped up in one scene.

Once the shrine is erected again, Gordon wants to preserve the shrine via maintaining control. Remember how he offered Joe 49% of Macmillan Utility in S3? Sure, giving Joe even 1% was a miracle, but that specific number shows how great a need Gordon has to control Joe. Another way he tries to have control over Joe is by wanting to keep the shrine exclusive for them alone. He does not want a third party influencing Joe, especially if they might pitch an idea to Joe that Gordon is not yet on board with, and then Gordon gets outvoted. Gordon has his gifts and talents, and a conservative reasonable voice to ground a development team is important, but he is also the person with the most limited view. He only truly innovates when being outvoted and all his excuses are thrown by the wayside.

An ever constant person he does not want around Joe is Cameron, but in S1 we also saw how obnoxious and insulting he was to Simon, and in S4 he’s just as wary of Haley being brought in initially. Sure, in S4, his need to keep Cameron out of the equation is not entirely selfish. He cares for Joe as a friend and he has witnessed him pine away in the basement for three years, for one reason only – Joe’s in love with her. And it is not even wrong that Gordon tries to look out for himself as well, when a miserable Joe usually means that Gordon is left out in the cold to muck around by himself.

What Gordon fails to account for is that he put the fuse in the dynamite in S1 when he made the unilateral decision to take out Cam’s OS. Nor does he recognize and is not fully aware how Cameron has been instrumental in re-erecting his garage shrine:Cameron advised Joe to give Gordon credit

  • Joe wouldn’t have been meticulously keeping all those post-its with urls if he had not been waiting for Cam.
  • Cam’s remark on how Joe would soon run out of post-its gave Joe the idea to index the web. Despite initially chastising Cam about this and remarking on it negatively to Donna over dinner, he’s now running a new company that he actually has nothing but fun in.
  • Cam helps Gordon see that Haley just want to spend time working with her father
  • Cam puts the dash on the T by bringing in her bike and actually making Comet a garage setting.
  • Joe’s complacent, cooperative and happy in a way he has never been before

When in 4x01 he tells Cameron it probably is for the best for Joe that their meeting at Gordon’s birthday party didn’t go so well, that’s ok. He’s just looking out for Joe. When later he tells her she was cruel to give Joe fire for the mountaintop unwittingly, Gordon may tell himself he’s just looking out for Joe, but that would be a lie. He’s upset with her, because she inspired Joe to a new idea and Gordon sees the signs that threaten the status quo. He is at least as out of line as Joe is in 4x05 about Katie to both Cam and Joe when he discovers their romance has been rekindled. Since Gordon cannot control who Joe chooses as a romantic partner (hell, Joe is 5 years his senior), his next step is to use passive aggressiveness against Cam’s presence at Comet, while Joe lights up like a Christmas tree with Cam in his lap checking out Rover’s HTML.

Initially, Cameron is not eager to get on board of the team and makes the adult and respectful decision to stay out of the business side. But the start of 4x04 was the moment where Cameron’s professional interest is piqued and she is right in her prediction that Comet will run into trouble once the web expands further (Rover would not be the sole company looking to solve “search”). If Gordon had not acted like a jerk to her in that scene, she probably would have ended up helping them. Instead, she bows out and respects Gordon’s wishes of business exclusivity. She has no hunger to develop a new computer game and physically stays away from Comet ever since, eventually leading to the circumstances at the start of 4x05. Joe and Cam have their actual first fight over Cam’s refusal to help them out for even two days. Even if Joe has no full scope on all of Cam’s reasons yet, he does instinctively identify Gordon as part of the issue. Worse, his best friend is not just keeping Cam away from Comet, but Gordon is having fun with his own lover at work. Joe lashes out to Gordon about Katie, because he’s envious.


The volatile argument between Gordon and Joe reveals that Comet was turned into a playground by Joe’s initiative. Joe bought and wanted the air hockey. Joe’s probably also the person behind the pool table, the foosball, and the surfing competition. So, Joe turned the autoshop setting into S2 Mutiny. Just as we hardly need any outspoken explanation why Joe refused to leave the basement, screwing around with post-its (instead of Cam) for three years, we hardly need Joe to vocalize his subconscious motivation to make Comet’s work environment into a playground: he wants and needs Cameron there. 

Gordon’s objections to Cam being part of the professional equation and Cam respecting it and stay away from the place, leads to Joe mutating it into something else, as well as Cam using Bos’s plea for help to prove to herself she can write a brilliant algorithm, putting Rover one over Comet in the “competition” (which is actually a false competition: a guide of great websites is fun, but ultimately not the answer that a search engine is), and puts his relationship with both Joe and Haley in jeopardy.


Unless Gordon allows Joe the freedom to seek inspiration with a muse, his shrine is doomed for destruction once again. One of the possible solutions to allow Joe into bringing other partners into the shrine and still preserve a balance of opinions is for Gordon to bring in someone as well. In S1, Gordon brought in Donna for Comdex 83, and the Giant with Cam’s OS would have been a success if Donna and Gordon hadn’t been so careless with inside information that led to the Slingshot. In S4, Gordon’s bonding with Katie likely aims to do the same thing. Unfortunately it may already be too late. The seeds have been sown already.

Note: I will post other shrines for other characters as well, and point out how they may be self-sabotaging as well. So this meta-analysis does not have the intent to put it all on Gordon.

can i just say something?

when I was a kid, I told my mom that I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. You know what she told me?

She said, “sure, but you’re going to have to do it in China. America won’t hire you if you’re Asian.”

And that was it for that dream. 

Of course, that was just a phase - one of many, one I would’ve gotten over anyway. But what she said stuck to me. You’re going to have to act in China, because America doesn’t hire Asians.

And if there’s anything I learned over these years, it’s that she was right. Asian-Americans don’t get to see ourselves on screen. We don’t get to read about our deeds. And we get pissed. We complain, we shout, and people dismiss us because, oh, “the Japanese are okay with Ghost in the Shell”, and “I’ve heard that mainland Chinese are perfectly fine with Iron Fist.” Well, great for them. This isn’t about them.

This is about us. Asian-Americans. Asian-Canadians. Asian-Australians. Asian hyphen something. And the Asians in Asia don’t understand - because they can’t. They’re surrounded by media portrayals of them. They never have to fight for representation because it’s always there. They have no idea what it’s like to live in a country that sees you as other, and then to have to go back to your home country, to have your parents tell you “this is you, this is your culture, your heritage” and you look upon the faces of your family and you see nothing of yourself in them. 

Asian-Americans are not the same as Asians who live in Asia. We live in a different culture. Our values, our beliefs, the experiences that shape our lives are separate. 

We want to see ourselves in western media because it’s what we grew up with. It’s what surrounds us. Sure, we can watch K-dramas and anime and Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/whatever dramas, and a lot of us do, but it’s still not us

We shouldn’t have to go watch Asian dramas just to see a part of us represented. We shouldn’t have to move to Asia just to be hired. 

We deserve to represent, and be represented, as ourselves.

the cashier lady at walmart said the pikachu underwear i was buying was cute and i didnt know how to tell her i loved her :^/

HIGHLIGHTS: BTS at SBS Cultwo Show Radio (170921)
  • Chainsmokers were the first to ask for a collab with BTS. After BTS accepted they were sent 10 beats right away.
  • Jin: we say bts in America because they don’t even know what Bangtan Sonyeondan means so they won’t be able to make fun of us
  • Namjoon asked Hobi yesterday in a serious tone “Why do foreign fans like us? what part do they like about us?”(they can’t believe it and they think they have nothing special) and Jhope answered him “seriously why do they think we are funny?” But the MC said that their music is great like reaaaally great (AMEN someone was there to speak the truth)
  • MC reading the comments “My mom tells me Bangtan works harder than me” the host answered to that “Yes they put their blood, sweat and tears”
  • The MC said that BTS will probably be in history books to let people know more about South Korea. BTS humbly thanked him.
  • Jhope said the choreography for this album is the hardest they had so far.
  • Suga said all their content get translated fast (in the second) so BTS and himself are amazed whenever tahta happens.
  • Jimin buttoned his shirt and someone texted the station asking “Jimin why did you button up”.  Jimin said it was just too much. Then the host thanked Jimin for doing so and Suga said “but mine is unbuttoned too” (He was wearing a shirt underneath lol)
  • The host asked them what are they majored in high school. Jimin said contemporary dance and the MC said “yeah your face look like contemporary dance). V said dancing and singing.
  • A fan asked that she wanted to hear Tahyung and Jungkook more. The MC asked if they don’t talk much to which Jimin answered "No they talk the most” and JK added, “I don’t know when to come in/get into the convo”.
  • Suga and JK got a cold.
  • The MC said Jimin looks like he was naturally born with blonde hair (it suits him so well)
  • Jimin: we all cried when we first performed at the Olympic Gymnasium. there were chills all throughout our bodies
  • The dome tour next month is their first JAPAN biggest tour and one con holds 35000ppl and they even cried w 1500ppl so they r thrilled n nerve
  • Host: is pied piper about the fans because they follow you guys around? bts: yes host: are you dissing them? yoongi: we’re thankful (Read this analysis to understand why they are thankful HERE).
  • Q. how was it performing with Seo Taiji yoongi: it was an honor hoseok: he’s very detailed he helped us one by one with the dances. Namjoon: Seo Taiji kept calling us his sons. there’s a year difference between him and Jungkook’s actual dad
  • Cultwo said they used to have 8000 fans but bc they didn’t take care of them they have 5 now lol (Insinuating that they should take care of their fans).
  • host: rap mon’s good at English who’s good at Japanese bts: rap mon hoseok: he’s very good with languages host: How about Chinese bts: jin
  • What do u wanna eat so bad rn? Jimin said chicken, Jin jelly, Suga obok jaengban (Jimin said he was an old man for picking that), V ggomak, Jhope Nakjji, RM meat and rice and Jungkook ramen.
  • They said they eat Three meals a day but because of the schedule (packed), they lose weight every day. Jimin: (worried fans would be worried about them) WE’RE EATING VERY WELL DO NOT WORRY ABOUT US
  • MC: you guys kicked down Ariana grande Justin Bieber Shawn Mendes Namjoon: I feel rude saying kicked host: YOU DID KICK THEM DOWN
  • They started talking about “top social artist” and the host asked them to tell Bieber something and V said in English “Justin Bieber I am your fan”.
  • Namjoon’s motto “Let’s live life sexily”
  • Taehyung: [his life motto is something in satoori his dad says] it means “that’s nothing! just forget about it and do it/move on!”
  • Jungkook changes the instruments he is learning every 3 months so the MC said he is probably good at none. and JK answered, “That’s why I am trying to change my moto” (‘It’s better to die if you have no passion’ to which SG answered in the past 'Jungkookie is going to die soon’).
  • Jimin: we’re coming back through the comeback show with DNA so please anticipate it and love us a lot thank you! 
  • [end of show]

Cr sugafull27 rosoidae

To everyone learning a language, who is getting frustrated and impatient and maybe even thinking of quitting: remember how far you have come (not how far you have to go), remember why you started and remember how fantastic the end product will be. Learning a language is difficult and the journey can be long but it is rewarding and it opens so many doors. You are capable of doing this, you can do this… don’t quit now

Ashley. Katchadourian. You were supposed to be watching the door. You. Were supposed to be watching the door. You were supposed. To be watching the door, Ashley Katchadourian. Do you know what these are, Ashley Katchadourian? These are a little girl’s arms. A little girl with dreams, with legs, with a head. She’s a pencil. She’s a swizzle stick. You can use her as a pool noodle. And now I’m holding up her arms. Her arms. I’m holding them because you weren’t watching the door. A girl lost her arms, Ashley Katchadourian. A girl lost her fucking arms. Do you not know what has transpired while you were in Pearl Harbor? Seeing the fucking Japanese museum? We had our own Pearl Harbor here today. Oh my God. How could you do this to us? You literally bombed us. Like the Japanese you are. And me, I’m Ben Affleck, I’m Ben Affleck and I’m holding two fucking girls’ arms. And you’re Cuba Gooding Jr disappointing everybody. Live with that.

Points from the new Overwatch comic, “Uprising”

Two points really, because they were the ones I care the most about.

1. Genji

GENJI. I can’t even deal with how he looks. It really gives us a peek at what actually happened and for fanfiction and art purposes, shows us what he looked liked pre-Overwatch fall. What’s with the red eyes? Something to do with Blackwatch, as the symbol’s on his chest?


Do you see it?

“Blackwatch under scrutiny after complain from Japanese government”

THAT. I’m going out on a limb, because I am a shameless McHanzo shipper who will ship it until my dying day, but think about this:

Lore says that shortly (not sure how long) after Genji helped Overwatch bring down the Shimada Empire, he abandoned Overwatch, at war with himself. To take the Empire down, they would need information. What if Genji wasn’t able to give them enough information about the inside runnings of the Empire to take them down? What if Blackwatch (undercover) had to be sent in to gather information? Meaning, JESSE MCCREE AND GABRIEL REYES IN JAPAN, SCOUTING OUT THE SHIMADA EMPIRE. JESSE MCCREE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO HANZO SHIMADA. All those fics could potentially be true! Of course, something would have happened to warrant the Japanese government filing a formal complaint against Blackwatch.

I love lore, but I do admit I may be missing pieces or knowledge that may disprove my giddy idea about young!Jesse McCree and young!Hanzo Shimada interacting. If I am wrong about anything I said or implied, I would love to know. I really love McHanzo too. :3

Japanese Master Post | Survival Expressions in Japanese

Hey guys, I wanted to make a sort of “master post” of useful Japanese expressions and vocabulary that will help you out either if you’re in Japan or find yourself having a conversation with a Japanese person! This post doesn’t contain everything that you would need to know but hopefully it’s enough to help you out!


  1. Hello・こんにちは
  2. Long time no see・久しぶり・ひさしぶり
  3. Pleased to meet you・初めまして・はじめまして
  4. Pleased to meet you・よろしくお願いします・よろしくおねがいします
  5. How are you?・お元気ですか・おげんきですか
  6. I’m good・元気です・げんきです
  7. I’m so-so・まあまあです
  8. What’s new?・どうしたの
  9. See you later・じゃ、またね

Basic Pleasantries

  1. Yes・はい
  2. No・いいえ
  3. Good morning・おはようございます
  4. Good afternoon・こんにちは
  5. Good evening・こんばんは
  6. Good night・おやすみなさい
  7. I’m leaving・行ってきます・いってきます
  8. See you later・行ってらっしゃい・いってらっしゃい
  9. I’m home・ただ今・ただいま
  10. Welcome back・お帰りなさい・おかえりなさい
  11. Excuse me・すみません
  12. I’m sorry・ごめんなさい
  13. Thank you・ありがとうございます
  14. Reply to thank you・どういたしまして
  15. Please・お願いします・おねがいします
  16. Good luck・頑張ってね・がんばってね
  17. Cheers・乾杯・かんぱい
  18. Bon appetit・いただきます
  19. Thank you for the meal・ごちそうさまでした

Basic Phrases

  1. What’s your name?・名前は何ですか・なまえはなんですか
  2. My name is __・私は__と申します・私は__ともうします
  3. Where are you from?・どこから来ましたか・どこからきましたか
  4. I’m from Australia・オーストラリアです
  5. What music do you like?・どんな音楽が好きですか・どんなおんがくがすきですか
  6. I don’t know・知らない「知りません」・しらない「しりません」
  7. I don’t understand・分からない「分かりません」・わからない「わかりません」
  8. I understand・分かる「分かります」・わかる「わかります」
  9. Please say that again・もう一度、 言 ってください・もうーいちど、いってください
  10. Please speak more slowly・もっとゆっくり話してください・もっとゆっくりはなしてください
  11. Please write that down・書いてください・かいてください
  12. What did you say?・何と言ったのですか・なんといったのですか
  13. Do you speak English?・英語が話せますか・えいごがはなせますか
  14. I can’t speak Japanese・私は日本語が話せません・わたしはにほんごがはなせません
  15. How do you say __ in Japanese?・“_”は日本語で何と言いますか・“_”はにほんごでなんといいますか
  16. Do you have an English menu?・英語のメニューはありますか・えいごのめにゅーはありますか


  1. I’m lost・私は迷子になりました・わたしはまいごになりました
  2. Can you help me?・手伝っていただけますか・てつだっていただけます
  3. Where is the ___?・“_”はどこですか
  4. Go straight・まっすぐ行ってください・まっすぐいってください
  5. Turn left・左に曲がってください・ひだりにまがってください
  6. Turn right・右に曲がってください・みぎにまがってください


  1. 1 hour・一時・いちじ
  2. 2 hours・二時・にじ
  3. 3 hours・三時・さんじ
  4. 4 hours・四時・よじ
  5. 5 hours・五時・ごじ
  6. 6 hours・六時・ろくじ
  7. 7 hours・七時・しちじ
  8. 8 hours・八時・はちじ
  9. 9 hours・九時・くじ
  10. 10 hours・十時・じゅうじ
  11. 11 hours・十一時・じゅういちじ
  12. 12 hours・十二時・じゅうにじ
  13. What’s the time?・今は何時ですか・いまはなんじですか


  1. Africa・アフリカ
  2. America・アメリカ
  3. Australia・オーストラリア
  4. Belgium・ベルギー
  5. Brazil・ブラジル
  6. Canada・カナダ
  7. Chile・チリ
  8. China・中国・ちゅうごく
  9. Denmark・デンマーク
  10. Fiji・フィジー
  11. France・フランス
  12. Germany・ドイツ
  13. Great Britain・イギリス
  14. Greece・ギリシャ
  15. Hong Kong・香港・ほんこん
  16. India・インド
  17. Indonesia・インドネシア
  18. Israel・イスラエル
  19. Italy・イタリア
  20. Japan・日本・にほん・にっぽん
  21. Lithuania・リトアニア
  22. Malaysia・マレーシア
  23. Mexico・メキシコ
  24. New Zealand・ニュージーランド
  25. North Korea・北朝鮮・きたちょうせん
  26. Philippines・フィリピン
  27. Russia・ロシア
  28. Singapore・シンガポール
  29. South Korea・韓国・かんこく
  30. Sweden・スウェーデン
  31. Thailand・タイ
  32. Vietnam・ベトナム


  1. 1・一・いち
  2. 2・二・に
  3. 3・三・さん
  4. 4・四・よん
  5. 5・五・ご
  6. 6・六・ろく
  7. 7・七・しち
  8. 8・八・はち
  9. 9・九・きゅう
  10. 10・十・じゅう
  11. 11・十一・じゅういち
  12. 12・十二・じゅうに


  1. Um…・えーと
  2. OMG・マジかよ
  3. Really?・本当に
  4. Seriously?・マジで
  5. Don’t mess around・ふざけるなよ
  6. Shut up・だまれ
  7. Dammit・クソ
Yuri on Ice from Yakov’s perspective



Victor! Mila! Stop encouraging them! AND STOP TAKING PICTURES

Victor you’re not even drunk! STOP DANCING WITH THE SLOPPY DRUNK

Why is there a stripper pole in here? Why is this allowed to get out of hand? WHERE THE HELL ARE CHRIS AND THIS DRUNK’S COACHES?!?


- *sends Celestino a strongly worded email about keeping an eye on his pupils in the future the next morning*

Episode One

- Victor stop. Stop pining. You aren’t in love. No I don’t believe in love at first sight and I certainly don’t believe in love at first drunken humping. You’re right I’m not taking this seriously. He hasn’t contacted you because he was DRUNK OUT OF HIS MIND! Did you see how much booze he downed? It’s a wonder he didn’t die of alcohol poisoning. Just stfu and skate.

- Victor no. It’s not a message. Victor no! Don’t give up your career for an ill-advised booty call! UGH if I can’t stop you just make sure our Yuri doesn’t find out where you went.

Episode Two


Episode Three

- OMFG did you really give him a program about the night he got sloppy drunk and you turned into even a bigger moron? You’re going to put me into an early grave.

Episode Four


- Wait, why the hell do I have to go live with my ex-wife and the angsty teen? I don’t want to have to listen to a list of my failures or a catalogue of all the ways Drunk Yuri is the worst especially as it tends to devolve into ‘stupid pig, how dare he be so good looking’.

Episode Five

- Victor stop trying to pretend this isn’t an elaborate booty call. This is not how coaching works.

Episode Six

- I have the living legend who gave it all up to be a pretend coach in order to get with a sloppy drunk, a sadist of a female skater who stirs up trouble on purpose, an angsty teen who can’t tell the difference between having a crush and hating someone and an emo skater who is far too old to be as emo as he is. Kill me now.

Episode Seven

- Maybe I was giving Victor a disservice. His student is actually doing quite well and maybe they are taking it seriously and HOLY FUCK NEVERMIND JUST KISS YOUR STUDENT IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD VICTOR YOU ASSHAT

Episode Eight

- Yuri has calmed down and I’m just going to ignore Victor. Yep that’ll work OMFG did you HAVE TO KISS HIS FUCKING SKATE?!? THIS IS WHY YOU WEREN’T ALLOWED TO TAKE HIM BACK TO THE HOTEL ROOM! YOU HAVE NO CHILL!

You want me to what? Be his coach? Well…only because I like Maccachin.

Episode Nine

- You’re alright actually, I hereby allow you the name Japanese Yuri instead of Drunk Yuri. You may be the only sane person I know surprisingly. I still am going to tell you off for fucking up though.

- ….I take it all back. WTF was up with all the hugging.

Episode Ten

- …They got engaged. Victor really is going to marry him….I’m not even surprised at this point. Fine. Keep him Japanese Yuri. He’s a pain in the ass anyway.

Episode Eleven


Episode Twelve

- WTF? You’re coming back now? Idek what’s going on anymore.

- Well done Yuri! I’m so proud of you for winning gold!

- …They are doing a super romantic pairs skate because of course they are.

- Okay so Victor is coming back to Russia to train cool….wait what do you mean you’re still going to coach Japanese Yuri? WTF? HOW WOULD THAT EVEN WORK? WTF NO.

Post Episode Twelve






Pray for Yakov

one thing i like about King of the Hill is how the show always stayed rooted in reality, unlike other adult-oriented animated sitcoms 

like, anything that happened in King of the Hill could happen in real life and there was always a realistic justification for what was going on

like, ok, the Hills go to Japan on vacation. Why do they do that? Hank’s father, a WW2 veteran, was invited to a sort of post-war reconciliation event and Hank’s family was invited to join him. The episodes B-Plots are about Hank learning he has a Japanese half-brother and Bobby making friends with a Japanese girl by playing DDR with her. All of these things are grounded in reality, everything makes sense, nothing is outlandish about it.

Plus, the show was always super good-natured and respectful despite starring a conservative Texan white family.

like, yeah, the Hills were a bit ignorant, but they were always willing to learn and accept new things even if they were a bit reluctant at first. again, very grounded in reality. 

king of the hill was a really good natured show. i like it a lot. 

Fairy Tail Fans, don’t tweet mashima spoilers


If you have a twitter and want to tweet @ Hiro Mashima about the last chapter when it comes out. DO NOT TWEET HIM SPOILERS OR YOUR REACTIONS UNTIL WEDNESDAY 26th. 
That is the official date when it will be released in Japan and on Crunchyroll. 


If you read it on YonkouProd, Mangastream, Mangapanda. etc. YOU ARE READING IT ILLEGALLY. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT. The only official source to read it online that I know of is Crunchyroll.

I don’t care how you read it, not everyone can afford the membership and that is fine. But the least you can do is be respectful towards the author who created the series we all love.

If you do have a twitter and see anyone tweeting mashima spoilers please ask them nicely to take it down and let them know it’s disrespectful.

Lets have the final chapter end on a good note, one that is truly worth remembering for us fans as well as Hiro. 

Sorry in advance for tagging the big 4 ships. I just want to make sure alot of people can see this. 


Hey guys, today’s post is going to focus on the kind of vocabulary and expressions you’d need to know if you were out shopping in Japan!

Book store・本屋・ほんや
Clothes store・洋服屋・ようふくや
Convenience store・コンビニ
Department store・デパート
Post office・郵便局・ゆうびんきょく
Shoe store・靴屋・くつや
Shopping centre・商店街・しょうてんがい
The store・お店・おみせ

Dress・ドレス(or ワンピース)
Jacket・上着・うわぎ(or ジャケット)

What are you looking for?・何をお探しですか。
No, I’m just looking.・いえ、見ているだけです。
Do you mind if I just look around.・ちょっと見せてください。
Excuse me, can you help me?・すみません、ちょっといいですか。

Do you have any…・…はありますか。
Can I try this on?・着てみてもいいですか。
Could I see this shirt?・このシャツ見せてもらってものいいですか。

Do you have a bigger size?・もっと大きいサイズはありますか?
Do you have a smaller size? もっと小さいものはありますか。
Do you have this in another colour?・違う色はありますか?

How much is it?・いくらですか。
It’s expensive.・高いですね。
Wow, that’s cheap.・それは安いですね。

I’ll take it.・これをください。
I’ll buy this.・これ買います。
I’d like to return this.・これを返品したいのですが。

🌷 Asking for help with your Japanese, in Japanese 🌷

A hodgepodge of useful phrases I’ve collected that come in handy for language-exchange or tutoring with native speakers.

日本語で「 」って何と言うんですか
にほんごで「 」ってなんというんですか。
How do you say “ “ in Japanese?

Does “a” means “c”?

Do I make sense?

Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

If there is a better way to say this, please tell me how.

「 」っていう表現は自然ですか?
「 」っていうひょうげんはしぜんですか?
Does “  ” sound natural?

Does this word work in this sentence?

Please correct my Japanese.  

Thanks for the very easy-to-understand explanation

Thanks for the very detailed explanation.

Thanks for pointing out my typo(s).  

Thanks for correcting (that) for me.

(That) was educational/I learned a lot

(That) was helpful.

If any of these is wrong, iffy, or could be phrased better, don’t hesitate to point it out!

Backyard Flower Garden Questions

Ageratum: Are you friendly or wary of strangers?

American Marigold: Is there anything you will not/cannot eat?

Black-Eyed Susan: Have you ever given/received a black eye? Why?

Bleeding-heart: Do you open up freely with their emotions, or do you bottle it up until you burst? If you do hold it in, what is usually your breaking point?

Butterfly-Weed: What is one thing that always makes you stop and admire, no matter what you were doing prior?

Common Yarrow: Do you easily blend in with the crowd, or do you wear/act so that you are noticeable and stand out?

Cornflower: Is there a color you don’t particularly care to wear? Is it because it clashes with your style, appearance, or any other reason outside of simple dislike for said color?

Creeping Zinnia: Do you listen into other people’s conversations, either idly or purposely? Has there been anything you learned from it? Have you gotten into trouble?

Daylily: Do you have any daily routines/habits? Are they ingrained into you as a child or have they been recent additions?

Field Pansy: Have you ever gone and flown a kite before? Do you wish to do so if you haven’t?

Flowering Cabbage: Name one thing you keep, despite it being pointless or purposeless other than sentimental value or you simply cannot throw it away, and state the reason why you hang onto it.

Garden Impatiens: What causes you to lose patience? How do you react when you lose it? 

Gooseneck Loosestrife: Is there anything strange or unusual you can do, or have noticed happening around you without an identifiable cause?

Hosta: Do you enjoy the time out in the sun, or do you relax in the shade whenever you get the chance to do so?

Ivy Geranium: Do you have any pets? If so, how are they doing?

Japanese Bloodgrass: When was the last time you drew blood, either from yourself or from another? What was the reason? 

Lady’s Mantle: What is one outfit you remember your mother/guardian wearing when you were a child?

Lambs Ears: Do you remember how old you were when the last time someone tried to sensor their speech around you?

Lavender: Is there a particular scent you are fond of? Do you smell this scent often or rarely? 

Million Gold: How much money do you make, if any? How much money do you have currently? 

Moss Phlox: Have there been any new friends you have made? What do you want to know about them the most?

Nasturium: Have you ever been the one to be told a secret? Did you keep it or did you share it with someone else? Was the secret worth being kept?

Ornamental Purslane: Do you wear any jewelry? Which ones are your favorites? Do you favor certain metals/gems/styles?

Rose Campion: If you had to fight, which one person would you chose to fight at your side? Would you pick them based on skill, on trust, or both?

Salvia-May-Night: What your habits/rituals you do when preparing for bed? How long do you usually sleep for?

Snapdragon: What sort of things would you hoard, if given the chance? Would you? 

Snow-In-Summer: Would you rather have winter or summer? What are the benefits or reason to your preferred season over the other?

Sunflower: Name one thing that will always make you smile.

Thread-leaf Tickseed: Are you an insect-magnet when you go outside, or do you insects generally leave you alone? 

Variegated Solomon’s Seal: What is one thing you wished you could seal away and never see/feel/use/etc again? Why?

Wheat Cockscomb: Name one thing you could do that you wished you could do, but cant?

Yellow Cosmos: What is your favorite constellation? Why?