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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good



I still have a lot of Anders feels. He’s probably the character I relate to the most in so many ways, and I know the kind of courage it takes to stand up to people who have all the power over you… but man I am still pissed at him. And my empathy for Anders is boundless. He’s probably the most complex character (which is saying a lot, cuz dude… Solas) in the DA universe. 

And that little breathy sound he makes when he kisses you? Dayyymmn.

For @emperorirene and @rhizunis, who is feeling sicky and obvs needed the spirit healer to the rescue.


After seeing the ridiculous amount of robo-Genos-children in Murata-sensei’s doodle, I got inspired to do something silly based on a scene from The Sound of Music

request for @wonhopes! asjjdhfjs IM SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT!! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! 💕

Sakamoto Desu Ga Ep 10 Preview:  Sakamoto x Acchan snow date! :DDDDD

Actual Episode: AngstAngstAngstAngstAngstAngstAngstAngstAngst-


And you’ve seen me do that more often than most. Isn’t that right, Clara?