how do ppl tag this ship

but he is so cree–

but he is so much ol–

but i flooded the tags with hate, took a shit on gif sets and other artwork in form of useless/condescending/ignorant replies, and obnoxiously hounded the makers via anon messages

so why do you still ship it when i clearly don’t like it?!?

ok then i whine about how uncomfortable it makes me and reblog your edits so i can have this thing that makes me so uncomfortable on my own blog too

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why is the ship name for brooke x chloe called "pinkberry"?

OH that was jst something i thought of (in reference to the pinkberry line in ‘do you want a ride’) bc i thought it was catchy/cute and i made a post abt how that was what i’d be tagging them as on my blog

and then ppl did the same and voilà thats their ship name

hhey guys…. I’m rly bad at approaching ppl like, 1 on 1, so the only way I know how to make new friends is to start a group chat w ppl who share my interests. so u know. hmu if u would be interested….. in a taz gc……blease forgive me for dumping this in ship tags I know it’s annoying as shit but I would like 2 talk to more ppl who lov them as much as i do ..

Hey instead of clogging the tag with anti J/ash/i

maybe contribute more to Ashi’s character instead?

So far we don’t know Ashi’s age, but infantilizing her is pretty gross. Rather than father-daughter type bond or romantic ship, perhaps a mentor-type relationship? 

explore her character. do meta on what shes gone thru

explore how fucked up cults really are. how she never got the chance to have a childhood. how her sisters were never close enough for actual healthy sibling bonds or show much feeling when others died

how ptsd and child abuse screwed her and her sisters lives. how her mother is a godawful fucking irredeemable person

a much longer meta on how she switched sides. 

theres so much potential and ppl in the tags choose to whine about the ship

like. i dont even like jashi but hey, you do you

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I understand how it's a poor choice to post your ship art into the pride tag during pride month. But I really don't get why ppl are so angry with Klancers having so many 'events'? It's nothing official, they made it themselves. It's their ship so why the need to be so bitter? Fans of other ships can just do the same. Other fandoms do too. Just block or blacklist klance content if it annoys you that much please?

It’s the fact that it’s merged with pride month. Like over the past few days if you’ve gone into the pride tag it’s been full of kl@nce content. Pride month is supposed to be about real people and their real struggles and their pride regarding their sexuality and identity, not about ships that aren’t even canonically gay. If you wanna include cartoons in pride month, use actual gay characters like Tracer from OW, not an oversaturated fanon ship. Its just insensitive tbh bc it’s overshadowing pride month, something which for the tumblr community as a whole especially is important. It’s not just the case of blacklisting kl@nce because it’s not just in the kl@nce tag. If kl@ncers want to have events they have every right to, but creating a kl@nce month to overshadow pride month is selfish and insensitive.

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hey Shiro is 25, keith/lance/hunk are 17/16 and pidge is 14 so... be careful about ages... allura has been confirmed as a teenager too but they haven't given specifics...

lol i’m not worried about it. i don’t really ship pidge with anyone like i said [hunk is reaching tbh]… also, I’m not sure that Shiro is really that old??? wasn’t it just a VA that said they thought he was that age??? [i could be wrong tho, i haven’t kept up with it] 

also, Allura being a teenager… 18 and 19 year olds exist???? She looks older than most of the boys tbh, and regardless of her age is usually far more mature… but even if she’s only 17 or something, going across a magical age barrier doesn’t mean she’s suddenly a different character. no matter what, she’s a tough girl, and in no situation can I see her going into a relationship with any of the paladins that she wasn’t ready for… so I’m not sure where the problem is there lol. 

in any case, the age gaps aren’t that bad in this series??? and they’re a group of people clinging together and just trying to get thru a freakin’ galactic war. i think they have a real bond and there’s potential for a lot of growth. if ppl in the fandom wanna take that further and flesh out those relationships [and pls keep in mind not all ships are sexual], it’s really not a huge deal? it’s just people enjoying characters they love. it’s whatever.

besides, can you really look at any of these characters and see them having abusive relationships with one another? honestly???? they’ve got good heads on their shoulders, and like i said, they’re going thru a lot together. i think the only reason people are making a fuss is because they’re looking at it thru the lense of the real world and a normal life situation, which sooo doesn’t apply here lol. and really, it’s just fiction, so…calm down, everyone lol :P

[i could go on about how ppl actually portray these characters, and yea feel free to side eye if they are making them do dumb out of character things, but in the end….again, it’s just fanwork, it’s not canon. no reason to go nuts when it doesn’t actually effect the source material lol.]

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How do i get ppl to notice my art on here? :/ (even if it ugli)

Firstly please don’t call your art ugly! By virtue of you putting effort into it, it is beautiful! Secondly, getting noticed on this site seems to involve a lot of luck. Being in an active fandom, drawing fan art of popular characters/ships, tagging it smartly all seem to be factors. And ofc constantly try to improve yourself, not for the notes but for your own perception. I’m not an artist, but as a writer, I know how easy it is to base your self-worth on how much attention your work gets on this site, but it’s important to remind yourself that your craft is bigger than that! Your art is first and foremost for yourself. Does it make you happy? That’s what matters most! But again, as a writer, I know firsthand the need for validation, so other tips I can offer are, request some popular bloggers who seem nice to promo you/your art, and post your work when there seems to be most traffic on your blog. Even with a fairly popular blog, I have trouble getting my writing noticed, so it’s a constant struggle to stand out amidst all the talent in fandom. Just keep creating and loving your own work, because that’s what will keep you going <33


TAG #jonsa or #jon x sansa PLEASE, EVERYONE!!

Above is the most recent chart of Top 20 ships from Fandom Metrics, which you can see here. I took a screen shot because I don’t want Tumblr to start another fan war if this ends up on their tags.

I know, yes, we were all expecting a surge in the J0nery$ tag because of this shitty OOC season but our #jonsa and #jon x sansa tags were also tracked and it pains me to see the numbers on this chart. Like, it makes me physically sick. To see Jackassrys in the top 10. 

So please, please Jonsa fam, don’t give up on this ship, hang in there, rant if you must but please tag ALL your Jonsa stuff as #jonsa or #jon x sansa !!

Whatever it is you have on JonSa, tag #jonsa #jon x sansa FIRST then the others. If you’re lazy, just those two will do! Do it for our beloved OTP, we need to kick Jackassrys out of this chart! Because we know how their shippers are like.. and nice wasn’t a word I had mind.

Fandom Metrics will only track ship names that are most commonly used and I KNEW this shit would happen with all the new tags ppl were being asked to use but please for the love of Jonsa, tag as above for our beloved OTPs so we can show the world how much we love JonSa and how the fandom is growing. Besides we need more fic writers, meta writers, artists, supporters etc in the fandom!

Thank you Jonsa fam! Love you all!

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Lmao, Sis where do you see this stuff? Like in the Jikook tag mostly people are shipping the hell of Kook+Min

lmao, b, i got the receipts: (this is just mainly from the past 4 days, but some are older, it’s not including the ppl i got blockedt)

this isn’t outright about jikook, but it annoyed the fuck out of me lmao. as someone who is a jikook shipper, with taehyung as a bias, and jin as a bias wrecker i just…… this is dumb af. 

……………… idk how the fuck people can still sit here and act like jikook aren’t close. like….. are y’all fucking blind. like…. i just… what are you looking at ???? ‘he literally said he thinks of him that way so’ yeah because jimin was outright gonna say “jungkook fucks me everynight i love him to the moon and back” no ??? legit everyone in bts says “i think of them like family” but oh no, it’s just jikook that it applies to. i’m like 90% sure jin once said namjoon was like a brother, but y’all are still so far up nam/jin’s ass. 

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bask! thank you for sharing your first nygmo post! it’s so cool how long you have been around. you are an amazing role model and I look up to you so much! maybe that sounds strange from a total stranger but I do! to go through your nygmo tag backwards from the start was a pure joy! the love and dedication you've put into this ship for YEARS,while so many of us came in so much later! your blog is always full of positive & hope! thank you for existing!*runs away of blushing talking-to-senpai face*

Oh my gooosh! (/∇\*)。o○♡ THANK YOU for your lovely words!!

Yeah I donno I just SAW their potential teamup murder husband future you know right away! Because we knew who they would end up being, and it made so much sense for a Gotham future Ed & Oswald! Season 3 was exactly what I dreamed and hoped for during all of s1 and ofc even s2, even if it finally started to happen some then! Back when we were like 10 ppl and gobblepot was the ship that had the status of what nygmob has today. To see people acting reversed now is kinda weird I never thought it would have turned like that. And now suddenly gob is the smaller ship, you newcomers to gob really missed a crazy gob era back in 2014 lol. SO I know some ppl loose hope now when Nygmo are having a very messy relation. But I mean, I shipped them as much before they had even met as I do now after all they’ve been through! And if I can ship them with all my heart and believe in them without them even interacting for ages, I don’t get how ppl can jump off this amazing ship when Nygmo finally has come to their interactions during all of s3!! Well it’s up to everyone for themselves ofc. Yes their relation is complex, but that’s how they are and I enjoy every scene with them SO much, I waited for all this soo long ♥♥ But ofc I want them to make up, but even if they do it will be a huge rollercoaster all through Gotham, because that’s how relations work in this city. 

Also a shoutout to my DEAREST @okimi79 that found me back then, in the tag of like 20 posts, and sent me this ♥ The beginning of an amazing friendship.

Hugs! ♥ And here is my Nygmob tag in chrono order :3

whY noT
  • everyone else: don't--
  • me: what do you mean I can't watch,fangirl,cry about my anime,read fanfics that are over 100K words,feel attacked after seeing a NOTP in an OTP tag,cry, screaming over official fan art,freaking about upcoming seasons, howl about character development,crying about ships,screaming,fangirling,screaming,reading hundreds of doujinshis,making 7 thousand fan accs(one for each anime),realize that it is 1am and I need to sleeP,have anxiety,cry over how hot anime ppl are,scream,die when a ship does something supEr gAy,buy a shit ton of anime merch,make "protection squads",join an anime cult, screAm my life story,have posters all over my walls, have a shrine devoted to your OTP,cry about how you have more than 7,000 ships,form depression from an angst fic,sing theme songs, scream "gAY" in public, and cry about how fucked up my life is???

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You ship NaruSaku???? I love that ship!

aaa i prefer it as a close platonic bffl relationship actually, i dont tag every narusaku post i reblog w “i dont ship it but” bc it bothers me when ppl do that on my posts… the distinction i make is having “n&s” as their interaction tag but ive put narusaku there too in case ppl blacklist it

that said i honestly love the narusaku fandom and their meta, headcanons, posts, fanart etc are consistently better than any other m/f content from the fandom or canon imo… like i follow some narusaku blogs & ive personally spent hours on narusaku forums bc of how in depth ppl catalogue & analyze the like Mountains of their canon interactions & how humanly they treat both characters

i do think if any het ship had to be endgame ns wouldve been better than anything the canon gave us but the fact that theyre not romantic and are truly just really close friends for life makes me care abt them even more tbh sdgs

i love all the established close friend relationships in naruto but i really like watching sakura and naruto develop to that point over the course of the series? i have a lot of reasons i love their friendship but i feel like this ask is friendzoning enough LMAO sorry….

i think its a good ship i just love close platonic f/m best friendships more and im also real gay and prefer reading characters as gay

the sand at the beach tonight is
melting under my feet; sunset and
sunrise and midnight in a breeze;
all the world’s a cocktail of wildflowers
and diamonds, sunbeams and
honey, love fluttering in the winds
like rose petals, like butterfly kisses,
like the way you smile, all sea salt
and forget-me-nots and blue in
the shades of eternity

forgive me, this all seems so very
fairytale, and we are much less than
happily ever after (or maybe we are more
than the stories could ever dream)
forgive me, i just wanted to map the
world upon your skin, the pacific
ebbing and flowing down your spine
and the atlantic a glow of sunlight
in your smile; the amazon bright on
your fingertips and the sahara buried
deep in your collarbone, a story
for our lonely starshine dreams

i think there are times when
even the northern lights
grow envious of the sea
—  treasure map nights

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I feel like if dreamworks was actually queer baiting us wouldn't it have made sense to tag the vid as sh/eith also


Like okay, normally you can’t see the tags on a youtube video, and the only reason you can is if you have an app/extension or know how to get to the source page.

And we all know at the mere mention of sh1r0  ppl like to tag that bitch real quick.

And we do know the crew doesn’t really give a damn with their “all ships are valid” bullshit so they could’ve added that tag.

look, i think it’s p obvious at this point if you’ve been following me for any amount of time that i don’t ship st*cky. the fandom has completely ruined any possible interest i might’ve had for the pairing and there’s rly no going back for me at this point.

but i follow/am mutuals with quite a few st*cky shippers bc they’re reasonable and i have no problems with seeing the eventual fanart or shippy gifset on my dash—i do follow those ppl after all so i know it’s coming, and a lot of the content is rly beautiful from an artistic standpoint. but i still don’t ship it.

but here’s what i don’t do: i don’t post every day abt how much i hate it, how i find mcu!steve an underdeveloped mess, how mcu!bucky is a helpless damsel etc. i may make the occasional post abt it but it’s always in relation to smth the fandom has done e.g. claiming mcu!bucky is canonically flirting with steve with every interaction,‘or that mcu!steve gagged when he kissed sharon, or that steve and sam don’t have chemistry and should never be a couple and that sam should make way for bucky. it’s never out of the blue, it’s a response to either hate or any other ~problematic~ aspect of the rhetoric.

but even when i do that, i don’t tag the characters. i use asterisks, or the anti tags, bc i don’t want fans/my followers to see the negativity. i don’t spend my days sitting here writing essays abt how much i hate this or that character and how stupid the shippers are, even if i think it. it’s just common courtesy.

so what’s the deal with anti sharon/staron ppl? i have never, in all of my years on tumblr, seen a character/ship get so much vitriol. it’s actually insane. anti sharon/staron ppl have consistently, since civil war came out, flat out HARASSING the fans, hijacking content made by fans to criticize it, and creating anti-blogs with confessions that range from “i hate sharon bc steve belongs with bucky” to “sharon and her stans are literal nazis.” and, no, that’s not even an exaggeration. if anything, i’m being generous with my description.

and then when i make my pro sharon/staron posts, *i’m* the one that has no chill, *i’m* the one that’s too sensitive and should just lighten up, *i’m* the negative one.

like, what’s wrong with you people?

i didn’t even give a shit abt staron until i saw how unnecessarily hated it/sharon/emily was after the movie came out. so, really, you have yourselves to blame for me being so extra about it.

the sharon/staron fandom is literally 1% of the mcu fandom on tumblr, and yet we’re supposed to be quiet when the 99% have been badmouthing us for MONTHS?

i’ll never shut up. you brought this on yourselves.

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Lemon spear meetcute; Sansa taps on Meeras shoulder thinking she's Jon. She's not. She's a hot girl. She's flustered. Meera is flustered.

lizzie this is literally the best ask i’ve ever gotten. which one of them starts hitting on the other first? i feel like it’d be meera and sansa would be the one like “oh my GOD she’s HITTING ON ME what do i SAY” and ofc meera would find it adorable how flustered she is i’m so here for it