how do ppl do this so fast

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I honestly admire your willpower to fast for so long. How do you do it/ how do you deal with people around you who are trying to feed you? Ily 💕

I actually suck at fasting some ppl can do it for days ❤❤ but I just keep busy! If I’m doing stuff I don’t have time to eat

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these fucking anons being surprised that you're not the same as you were years ago like?? do they not know how time works and how people change?? wtf anyway you're great and i love your confidence and the way your animations have improved it's all super inspiring to me thank you so much for being you and being cool!!!

truly and like on top of that not 2 bring my mental illness into this but i do hav a personality disorder and that is the reason i change so much so fast like that’s what it does 2 me ? i didn’t want 2 bring that up but if ppl r concerned abt the fact that “i’ve changed” then there’s ur explanation ya kno. and thank u i appreciate that

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself and send it to 10 of your favorite followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

  1. My mad dance skillz (or lack thereof depending on whos watching tbh)
  2. my creativity (ridiculous creativity)
  3. ive been told on multiple (too many) occasions that im parent like by ppl both older and younger than me?????? so i guess im caring (and seem like i have my shit together, which spoiler alert: i do not)
  4. i rlly how i try to do what i say i will
  5. how fast i learn things (minus languages holy shit those are hell) im a quick learner and its gr999 most of the time

I’m too weak I can only make two pages *sighhhh* 

How do ppl make long doujin so fast.. kudos to them   Anyway, based on @marzbandaryun tweets (hope you don’t mind I used it >.<)

A what if scenario when nekoma loses before they could meet karasuno in the court and daichi happens to watch that match ouch

I really want to draw part 2 from Kuroo’s POV… but idk I hope I could finish it since I work so slow T^T