how do ppl do this so fast

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Do you have some drawing tips to share? I would like to draw like you, but the more I study, the less it looks like the things you do. You know, bold lines and no unecessary details, simplification of complex anatomy and textures... That coupled with the eventual detailed still life that I lack the patience to draw. You make it look so effortless and fast...

This is that social media thing happening, where I only share my good works and ppl get some wrapped sense of how talented I am. The solution is to draw a lot. Get to a ‘monkeys and typewriters’ situation where the sheer amount of doodling you do means statistically you have to strike gold 1ce or 2ce a week. Post those doodles on your blog and convince people you’re a genius.

Seriously though: starting out with the goal of making simple, seamless stuff is really making things difficult for yourself. I was there as a teen, when I thought I could skip past the boring part and learn to draw like Hugo Pratt. But it was frustrating because I wanted instant gratification and had no patience with my own drawings. And I’m probably there again now, thinking I can somehow transfer my dubious storyboarding skills into comics. It’s never effortless. You have to start out with the clunky anatomy studies, sketches that don’t look like anything, over-rendered fruit etc. Go look at some old paintings, maybe from the turn of the last century or so. Go to a museum and find some ancient things to study. Don’t expect the drawings to turn out perfect and don’t feel like you have to share them with anyone.

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im v intrigued by kupp/captain underpants bc 1) how are they seperate ppl 2) how do they fall for each other 3) is it slow burn or hard nd fast 4) DOES THIS MEAN IN THIS AU KRUPPS FINALLY NOT DOUCHEY TO GEORGE AND HAROLD!!!!!!!!!!

lmao im still working on it so bare with me, ((i havent seen the movie yet but maybe when i do and can add more stuff on))

1) i like to theink the way they seperate is like fusion from SU but they can only do it for a lil while 

heres a quick sloppy thing i did to give the idea, so he basically clicks at the same time and only he can do it. but they get weaker and tired before they go back to normal they dont mind being together or separate  

2)idk how they fall for each other (yet) but I’ve notice that everyone thinks that krupp is a huge jerk and no one really has time for him and he seems hella lonely  maybe cap tries to get closer to him or maybe he has a load of stuff bottled up inside and thats why he gets mad easily. so they get closer and get a better understanding of each other and they are literally always together and the poof ((i havent read the books so i could be wrong about krupp))  

3)  :^) both maybe?? depends 

4) i mean he’s not as much as a douche as he was before like i feel that they would hang out more like the four of them and krupp realizes that they’re not such bad kids they just mess all the time at school with harmless pranks ((but at the same time i feel like you have to see it from his view as well like messing up the school and disrupting lessons the complaints from the teachers must be a big pain in the ass also))  

i could change a lot of stuff on this when i see the movie but if you guys have any ideas please tell me!! it be so much fun!! or if im wrong about krupps and his personalities i have read the books so i more than could be XD 

how do some people get so tan so fast?? i can be in the sun/outside in general for hours every day and i get either a sunburn or a light tan after WEEKS how do ppl go out once and come back with the Tan Of The Century™ wtf

As inspired by post/153681102477, I bring to y'all a simulation of how would Tumblr look like if it was Eurocentric instead of America-centric. Enjoy watching life flash before your very eyes :v (also every single one of the below posts is inspired by real posts I’ve seen on Tumblr, mostly about men, but some of it about white people too, just with “Slavs/Roma/Germans/whatever” replacing “white ppl/men”)

🌸 Friendly reminder that modern Macedonians are as VALID as the ancient ones, uwu

🌸 Croats need to stop telling other Slavs that Serbs are the enemy.

🌸 i can’t wait until germans are not on top anymore :/

🌸 I don’t get how can you be anti-Polish but not anti-Slavic in general?? Like you possess enough braincells to recognize the evil Polish immigrants are, but you willingly continue to ignore abuse actual white ppl have to suffer because of other Slavic ppls??

🌸 this one british guy constantly reblogs and comments his german shit to me?? like he just germansplained my SURNAME to me lmao get lost

🌸 why are pureblood skinny Roma so fucking ugly

🌸 All Romans do is lie and nut fast

🌸 Its okay to be Italian, its okay to be Spanish, its okay to be French. Dont let other people shame your Romance roots.


🌸 Lmao scandinavians age like milk this shit ain’t a joke either eww bring me some nice slavic ass instead #scandiphobia

🌸 How do you call a French bigot? A biguette

🌸 people who don’t consider Turkish people Europeans are pieces of shit :)

🌸  British adult: *compliments me* / Me: om g.. .thank you so much ethereal angel /// Slavic adult: *compliments me* / Me: *looks for the nearest escape route*

🌸 My mom hates every bird ever because when she met my dad his parrot didn’t like her and that’s okay but I’m Satan for disliking Serbs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

🌸 JUST saw a Sl*v wearing a “Sl*v lives matter” t-shirt and?? I hope someone rapes him to see how much does he like it

🌸 Germans protecing Romans are just looking for easy dick tbh

🌸 if you were born as a, say, Albanian, but identify as a, say, Italian, you’re fine. You’re not broken. You’re valid. Mama is here to protect you (this is also for all other Euro tribes) #transeuro-positivity #AtI #plsrblg

🌸 Abuse shouldn’t be a tribal issue. Bulgarians can abuse Macedonians, Macedonians can abuse British, British can abuse Croats, Croats can abuse Italians, Italians can abuse Russians etc. Abuse. isn’t. a. gendered. issue.


Thank you for reading uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu


I’m too weak I can only make two pages *sighhhh* 

How do ppl make long doujin so fast.. kudos to them   Anyway, based on @marzbandaryun tweets (hope you don’t mind I used it >.<)

A what if scenario when nekoma loses before they could meet karasuno in the court and daichi happens to watch that match ouch

I really want to draw part 2 from Kuroo’s POV… but idk I hope I could finish it since I work so slow T^T

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my mood keeps dropping v fast all the time how do you cheer yourself up when your mood drops?

if i’m sad i’m like ok be sad gabbi get it ALL OUT. so i do sad stuff like crawl around to sad music and stare out of windows and watch sad movies and sadly look at sad stuff. listen to beethoven. think about death and loss and ppl i don’t talk 2 anymore. and then after a lil while i think “ok, u did that for a while. lets do something nice.” u can’t push feelings away. let them happen for a bit ya know, then get back to living.

if you all are wondering why i’m so quiet today its because i’m dedicating my time in unfollowing the JMO haters on my dash… i don’t have the energy or patience to deal with assholes calling her “homophobic”  or any other negative thing today.

ADAM AND EDDY WERE IN THE SAME ROOM when she explained Emma’s actions in saving EVERYONE. JMo then said if it HAD been just Regina and only regina in danger, she’d have done the same thing. JMo is giving us answers that A&E wrote… if they felt like she was wrong, THEY would have said “well, we did sorta write it this way” or they’d have TOLD her to agree with the common theme of ‘saving regina’… JMo doesn’t add things to make fans happy or to gain popularity. she sticks to canon. she sticks to the script. SHE is who i trust when it comes to Emma and her feelings… 

NOT speculation from some lame, second hand interviewer.

NOT speculation from someone that doesn’t even PLAY her character.

NOT speculation from someone that isn’t even a part of the show and for some reason believe THEY know more than Jen does. 

Jen isn’t “discounting swan queen”

Jen isn’t “putting down all the lesbian fans”

Jen isn’t a part of some conspiracy

She is doing her job. She is doing what she is told to do with a smile without adding some “twist” just to gain followers. She is promoting the ship that her character was involved in at the season close. AND she HAS spoken about the friendship of emma and regina without being negative about it or putting it down… i dunno what ass some ppl are pulling that idea out of.

It’s funny how she can say one thing and be loved… then say another and be hated for her opinion so fast. 

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Do not blame all atheist for the actions of a single individual. This is the same as blaming all of the Muslims faith for the actions of one extremists. My philosophies are completely separate from that monster that killed those innocent people.

isn’t it funny tho how most ppl do in fact blame all muslims for the actions of a few extremists?

also i didn’t ‘blame all atheist for the actions of a single individual.’ methinks you need to re-read what i reblogged and then ask yourself why it is you got so defensive so fast, read something that was never there and then decided to respond to an imaginary argument that was never made.