how do people think he's a girl

Do you ever think about the fact that Brian McCook didn’t think he would see 30 and he’s now 34 and he hasn’t had a bad day in awhile and is really happy. Do you ever think about the fact that Brian McCook was worried that people wouldn’t like him on drag race and now he’s one of the most loved ru girls in history. Do you ever think about how much Brian McCook has grown  in such a short amount of time and how confident he was in all stars 2 compared to season 7. Do you ever think about the fact that anyone who meets Brian McCook has nothing but amazing things to say about him. Do you ever think about how intelligent  Brian McCook is and how inspiring he is to so many people.  I just  love Brian McCook so much… I love him so so SO much??? He’s such an amazing human being who deserves all the love that he’s received and more.

i was just thinking about zimbits as parents and i know lots of people hc Bitty to be the one to braid hair and shit if they have a daughter but i actually think it’s Jack ‘110%’ Zimmermann????? Like, yeah Bitty know how do already from helping the girls get ready when figure skating but he doesn’t really enjoy it but Jack already likes playing with hair (i saw a post about him playing with Shitty’s hair once???) he finds it relaxing and so when their daughter’s born he researches the fuck outta different braid styles and practices on Shitty (who at this point has regrown his flow) and he gets really good cuz you can bet your ass that he perfects the fuck out of his french braid technique and he really enjoys trying out different styles. basics all i’m saying is their daughter always has bomb ass looking hair and everyone thinks its Bitty who does it but its really Jack

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The girl who met him is a Larrie and she wore her JHO shirt haha :) also she said to him that he looks wonderful and that's why he wrote 'wonderful Ruby' hejdjd I love him 💙

How proud of Louis do you think Harry is when he sees people wearing JHO shirts? 

Easy answer: THE MOST PROUD

(Get out spoiler alert)

The thing about the girl in Get Out being a bad guy in the end is in part bc every white person has biases and privilege that they need to check, but also when there’s a Good White in the cast, it lets every white person watching associate themselves with that one and follows the whole “well he said some white people are racist, that’s not me, i’m not like that” dynamic.

You didn’t like that she became a bad guy? How do you think the main character felt?? How do you think it feels for POC to see that in their white partners/friends?

There’s no Good White role to play

ok so about that point about how people are like “oh k/h/l are so wholesome!! never dirty bad thoughts uwu” like ok…. no… because like canon things to have happened: 

Lance: “girl you’ve already activated my particle barrier” LIKE WHAT DO YOU THINK HE WAS TALKING ABOUT???  H I S  D I C K  also like Lance is into bondage just… fuckin saying 

Keith: straight up threatened to  m u r d e r  someone in S2 just FYI 

Hunk: is lowkey rude af and ALSO kinkshamed the fuck out of Lance in the mermaid episode so just like “I know this mermaid thing is like a dream of yours…” …. i mean come on 

*Me as a woman sports writer on the internet* “Like, I have better things to do with my time than serve as an outlet of frustration for nerds and angry white suburban men.”

“Because I know exactly what is going on here.”

“Sharon, it’s not sexism. OK, maybe a little it is. But some of them genuinely disagree with your writing style and opinions. They’re simply outspoken. Is it just you? How good a writer, are you? Really?”

“I keep getting told ‘Shut up, bitch’ and stalked online  These people have scared my family.They make constant remarks about my appearance. I’m the only girl writer. This is truly about my writing style?”

’”Look , the only black dude on BR gets it way worse than you do.”

“Um, I think that’s part of the problem.”

“Well, he’s a mediocre writer too. No one likes him”

“Yeah, that totally explains all the n***** slurs the mods have to delete every time he posts an article.”

The Signs as Studio Ghibli Quotes
  • Aries: whenever someone creates something with all of their heart, that creation is given a soul.
  • Taurus: there's no future for people who worship the future and forget about the past.
  • Gemini: it doesn't matter what colour your dress is, what matters is the heart inside.
  • Cancer: a heart's a heavy burden.
  • Leo: he's calling the spirits of darkness. I saw him do this once before when a girl dumped him.
  • Virgo: we each need to find our own inspiration. sometimes it's not easy.
  • Libra: no matter how many weapons you have, no matter how great your technology might be, the world cannot live without love.
  • Scorpio: I think I can handle it.
  • Sagittarius: you cannot alter your fate. but you can rise to meet it.
  • Capricorn: when I saw you, I just wanted to find a way to protect you.
  • Aquarius: you're very smart. sometimes we take a leap. be brave.
  • Pisces: always believe in yourself. do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.

No offense if Indians don’t wanna accept jonghyns apology they don’t have to. Literally people already ignored and spoke over us with the whole oh my girl thing so! I am uh i guess thankful he apologized but still how do you literally do brownface for a 40 second VCR segment and portray Indians as some type of joke and think “oh yea I didnt mean to hurt anyone or offend anyone”

raj has alec and aline in his contacts as “gf” and “gf <3″ so people always think he’s texting his girlfriend when in reality it just means “gay friend”

Adrien’s Crush on Marinette and vice versa

So I got an interesting critique on one of my stories today (nothing bad or upseting just interesting) And I wanted to share the critique and my response with you guys as it is an interesting topic IMHO: 

Reviewer: To be honest, I’ll never understand where people got the idea that Adrien is unaware of how Marinette feels.Until he started school, blushing, stuttering fangirls were basically the only girls his age he ever interacted with, he should be more than familiar with what they look and sound like.Also Plagg can likely hear a lot of Alya and Marinette’s conversations if he has the same enhanced hearing Chat Noir does and I can’t see him not occasionally mocking Adrien over some of them.Also just… That scene in Horifficator where Adrien trolls the shit out of her requires that he be aware of it, he set it up to well otherwise. We know he knows he’s dead sexy, because he commented on it in Lady Wifi, so.He just doesn’t have the case of wandering penis syndrome the fandom diagnoses him with where he drops all intentions for Ladybug the second ‘another’ girl smiles at him.

My response: I am a little confused by your comment as whether or not Adrien is aware of Marinette’s feelings or not doesn’t really come up in this story *the closest we get is that he talks about the fact that they aren’t close which they aren’t given her constant crush related blunders*
However it is an interesting topic so I am gonna take a stab at a critical analysis anyways ^_^In regards to how can he not know: I fully believe that he IS in fact sheltered in a way that would make it unlike for him to recognize Marinette’s behavior- here’s why: As a wealthy, famous, and massively overprotected celebrity yes he is going to be used to being the object of attention from girls his age- but not girls like Marinette who are shy and stuttering. Girls like her don’t make it past your bodyguards and press agents. His entire concept of girls “liking” him is going to be people like Chloe and Lila *both of whom in the show you can see he clearly recognizes as being interested in him* He is used to women being forward and aggressive. His idea of fangirls is screaming smiling girls toting posters to be signed and begging him to look their way.
Marinette’s form of crush would most likely be extremely foreign to him, which is why he is often show as being confused by her awkwardness (Puppeteer on the train and when he is trying to talk to her at the end of Evilillistrator as two examples).
In regards to Plagg, I 100% believe that Plagg is the type of ass who would think it was hilarious to NOT tell Adrien that Marinette likes him for the pay off of how awkward it will be for him later, espically since I fully believe that Plagg is well aware of her duel identity (but that’s a whole other theory)
Moving onto the Horifficator scene- this takes us into the other very important part of what makes this concept work which will adress both of you second two points: How Ardien feels about Marinette.As you said Adrien is fully aware that he is an attractive and desirable teen model. He openly acknowledges it, and while he is insecure and timid about certain social things due to lack of experience his looks are something he knows he can fall back on. In Horrificator he is very much in his element in a lot of ways. He is expected to play the role of the heartthrob hero. So while he may not be aware that Marinette has feelings for him, he is aware enough of himself to notice that a pretty girl is oggling him and reacts accordingly. He is TOTALLY preening for Marinette’s attention. We see this other times in the show as well- he Shamelessly flirts with her as Chat Noir (something we don’t see him do with other girls he interacts with as Chat IE Chloe), and then goes so far as to press her to see how she reacted to said flirting- and do it again in the gamer episode which takes place later chronologically.
As much as Adrien loves ladybug, he is also a single, attractive 14-15 year old boy who is nowhere near landing the girl of his dreams. He is going to notice other girls and flirt with them, possibly even pursue them. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t in love, it just means that he isn’t unrealistic about the fact that they are teenagers who aren’t in a relationship, so while I do agree that a lot of fanfic writers often have him do a 180 “I’m in love with Ladybug, no I am not I am in love with Marinette” I think this is less an issue of “wandering penis” and more an issue of not giving enough credit on either side. He is unlikely to drop everything for a relationship when he is in love with someone else- at least without acknowledging that he has serious feelings for someone else in depth, however he is also not going to be completely blinded to anything other than Ladybug either as that would be unrealistic given the situation and doesn’t support things that we see in the show that reinforce the idea that he most likely has at least a small crush himself on Marinette, at least enough that he wants to seem impressive to her.

This was actually fairly paired down because AO3 kept telling me I had hit my word count for a comment… 

Anyways what do you guys think? 

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protective soda - imagine

requested by anon (thank u for ur request - i hope ya like it!)
warnings: slight cussing

You had never seen someone make Soda light up like you did. He’d been so proud that you were his; there hadn’t been a single time where he was reluctant to show you off. He seemed to just love slipping a hand into one of the back pockets of your jeans or holding you close by your waist. Sometimes, all he wanted to do was take you out - he wanted people to know that you were his. After a year or so, it was pretty easy to say that everyone and their mother in Tulsa knew you were Soda’s girl.

So, Soda took you out one summer night – to the Nightly Double – knowing how you adored drive-ins. Humidity and heat hung in the air over the two of you inside’s Soda’s partly souped-up hooptie, which didn’t seem to really bother you; it was the middle of July. “Think we shoulda just went for ice cream?” he asked you, beaming, as a bead of sweat slid down his temple.

“That might’ve been a wise idea,” you agreed, pushing some away the hair sticking a bit to your face and neck. “How ‘bout we just wait it out? It might get cooler with the sun going down and all.”

“I don’t see why not. I mean, I have you right here, don’t I? A little sweat never hurt no one,” he responded with a shrug, unable to quit his gaze at you. “I’m sure it’ll be a ball! I’ll go get us somethin’ to drink or snack on. How ‘bout some coke?”

“God, that sounds great. I could use somethin’ cold to drink right about now, “ you said giggling a little, wiping some sweat off your forehead.

“Alright, then,” Soda said, reaching into his pocket for change before opening the door and climbing out the car. “I’ll be back in a second. Holler if you need me, okay?”

You nodded and watched him walk away and towards the concession stand, only to spot through the side-view mirror another figure - a harsher silhouette - make its way toward you. He was definitely a greaser, but you just couldn’t put a finger on him. For some odd reason, you had a feeling that even Soda wouldn’t be able to recognize him. Needless, to say, it wasn’t Soda’s friends or brothers and his towering stature made you uneasy. But all was well because you knew that this guy would pass this car by. 

Except he didn’t. He came right up to your door and propped his elbows on the bottom of your rolled-down window, peering into the car, right at you. He probably had seen Soda leave.

“Y/N, right?” he asked.

“What’s it to you?” you quickly responded with a sideways glance. Oddly enough, the guy started to laugh a little.

“Take it easy, pretty girl. I just wanted to know,” he said, carelessly shrugging. “Don’t you wanna get outta here? Sit in a real hotrod? Or does only Sodapop Curtis peel these offa you?” He tugged on your shirt, a mischievous smirk on his face.

“Don’t you got anything better to do? Scram,” you said while you rolled your eyes, pulling yourself away from his tugging and further away from the window in general.

“But, tell me - what’s a girl like you doin’ with Sodapop Curtis anyhow? C’mon, baby, we all know he’s just a dog – probably sleepin’ around with bunches of girls. I mean, I’ll admit, I’m a dog, too, but I’m not one like him. Baby, how much you wanna bet he’s still screwin’ Sandy?”

You had to admit – that hurt quite a bit. You couldn’t hide that it’s always been a thought in the back of your mind.

“Ain’t that right? You’re not a dog like him; you’re a bitch,” you finally said, mustering up enough of the courage to make him leave.

“Oh, aren’t you a funny thin-“

But before he could finish his sentence, he seemed to be yoked backward by someone. By Soda. He had probably been eavesdropping for a bit before he sat the popcorn and cola on the roof of the car.

“If you do so much as even breathe her way again, so help me god, I’ll beat the living shit outta you, you hear me?” Soda spoke through gritted teeth, practically steaming at the sight of this guy. “Believe me, I know plenty who’d jump at the opportunity of punching your lights out. Darry bein’ one of ‘em.”

The stranger aggressively pulled himself away from Soda’s grip and glared at him and then at you. Without a word, walked away and Soda’s stare followed until he was nearly out of sight.

Soda grabbed the snacks he’d bought and climbed back into the driver’s side. He passed you your drink and looked at you intensely, almost angrily. “What’d he say to you? Was he dirty with you? ‘Cause I swear I’ll-“

“You’re not messin’ around with other girls are you?” you bluntly questioned, just aching to get the question out before you told yourself you shouldn’t.  

“Y/N, no! Is that what he told you? I love you, Y/N. You’re my girl – my only girl.” Your lips began to turn upwards into a small grin. Hearing him call you his had always made you smile. He brought a hand to your chin and tilted your head up a bit so that your lips would meet his own.

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It amazes me how haters act like Kylo Ren is an incompetent villain when canon shows that isn't the case. At the beginning of TFA, his attack on Lor San Tekka's followers was brutal and efficient, a perfect example of why he's Snoke's Number One enforcer. It's only after he meets Rey that he starts slipping. His fascination with her blinds him and he turns into a crazy idiot in love. This is a guy who clearly knows what he's doing until it involves this mysterious girl. That's a love story.

Haha, yes. That’s one of the things I like the most about Reylo - when you watch TFA with that reading in mind, it basically becomes the story of how Kylo Ren falls from badass FO enforcer to besotted human disaster. It makes me sad that this remains a niche reading, tbh - I really think it would make it clearer to people why Kylo becomes less and less intimidating and incompetent as the film progresses. When I see people making that point, I always feel like shouting “THAT’S THE POINT!”

i never thought people can get weirder antic than this

can i express how i am getting on the wild side of this world for a moment? i mean–

1. this looks okay until i saw the whole page

is this for kemomimi for children with handsome animal? hmm nope

okai a handsome horse… wait what?

*in handsome senpai voice* “do you… want a carrot?”

girl: …’re handsome boi but i’m not a vegan nor horse

what kind of carrot do you mean really? im not sure…

2. even in your wildest fantasy do you ever think you will get kabedon by a horse while he propose you as his owner?

*bad boi horse dents the wall*

girl: “o m g  i’m getting kabedon by a horse kyaaah~!”


3. your horse is the smartest animal that ever known, you never know if your animal can talk in human language and play a band set right?

girl: “mai kokoro is beating so fast im in love with my horse boi he is so hot im getting on his saddle hump hump kiddie yap ahh~!”

they made clear exclamation about the game: 

weird wonder of a human-faced horse 

So please guys tell me why I’m on the weird side of the internet ever again?

Aristotle and Dante  Discover the Secrets of the Universe Starters:

  • “What is it about boys and sleep?”
  • “I’m going to join a gang.”
  • “Please don’t be mad, [NAME].”
  • “I’m going to take you swimming and drown you.”
  • “Have you ever been in love?”
  • “Buy her a milkshake. Girls like it when you buy them something.”
  • “I’m not paying you to be pretty.”
  • “[NAME], you’re crying..”
  • “I think I liked it better when you didn’t talk.”
  • “I’d rather have a bird crap in my mouth.”
  • “You’re a good Girl Scout.”
  • “How’s your face?”
  • “You’re going to make me say the ‘f’ word.”
  • “Aren’t you afraid of catching what I have?”
  • “He’s going to die.”
  • “Aren’t you sad I’m leaving?”
  • “Don’t cry.”
  • “You’re the bravest boy in the world.”
  • “I like scaring people.”
  • “Do you know how much I love you?”
  • “Boys don’t cry.”
  • “You almost got yourself killed.”
  • “When am I going to stop feeling like crap?”
  • “He wasn’t paying attention to me.”
  • “I love the rain.”
  • “You lost the coin toss?”
  • “I think you’re making a mistake.”
  • “I was hoping for something else.”
  • “How do you put up with this guy?”
  • “It’s a little scary in here.”
  • “I brought you a gift.”
  • “You’re like a monk.”
  • “Why is it you like to cuss so much, [NAME]?”
  • “I want to draw you.”
  • “So I’m not good-looking?”
  • “I have bad dreams, too.”

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Ok so In your opinion (seriously) with the whole Jungkook has a hickey thing do you think it's actually a hickey and if so do you think he has a girlfriend or was he just getting some cheeks from a random before they went on tour?? 🤔 cause y'all know idols aren't so innocent as they portray 👀

I always say idols be getting some, no one’s stupid they be getting exposed all the time from older idols saying how they secretly meet up, date, and hand their numbers to girls, people act like they’re so ‘innocenct’ and don’t know what a sex  is (yes  “a sex”)  and these idols be making sex jokes all the time, come on now, they’re human, sex isn’t bad and isn’t going to hurt any body so who cares if they’re gettin some and it probably is a hickey but I’ve also seen bruises that looks like hickey’s too



- the one who tells everyone to chill before the exam but actually stresses about it the most himself

- always proud of himself when he answers correctly

- is also proud when his friends answer correctly

- whishes luck to everyone before exam

- popular af

- the captain of the basketball team


- pretends to be smart and gets mad when someone can prove that he’s wrong

- the one who’s always asking other people what they got from exam

- girls are jealous of his beauty

- is whining about how people ask to see how the homework should be done when they haven’t done it

- is whining about everything else too

- is always SHHH’ing when people are being too loud


- loves to help others do their homework

- has the prettiest notes

- is pretty good at every subject

- probably a member of the pupil council

- presses a pen against his cheek when he’s thinking

- always preaching about how important studying is and how everyone should work hard to get good grades and get to a good university


- always jamming to music while doing exercises (even when there is no music playing)

- is always asking for a pen, an eraser, or something else from others

- takes selfies during lessons

- takes selfies everywhere else too

- writes good essays and they’re probably from his dad’s binder

- he talks to people but realizes that nobody’s listening but still keeps talking because he doesn’t care


- screams a lot during the breaks

- gets decent grades

- confuses the art teacher with his strange and unique sense of art

- makes the team spirit of the class better

- gets a paroxysm everytime he gets a good grade from the exam and makes weird moves and weird noises

- the one who’s always asking if he can go to the toilet during the lesson


- actually likes school

- lives in the library

- gets good grades and is active during the lessons

- asks people a lot of guestions before exams and makes them feel like they have forgotten something important

- asks questions from the teachers after the lessons

- gets to read his essays in front of the class


- always headphones on

- salty af to everyone

- is a little evil who hides people’s stuff all the time and laughs and claps when they are desperately trying to find it

- hates presentations

- comes to class exactly when school is starting, he’s never early and never late

- laughs when people fail their exams and cries when it happens to himself


- smiles when he answers correct, smiles when he answers wrong, smiles when other people answer correct, smiles when other people answer wrong, literally just can’t stop smiling

- panics when teacher asks him something he doesn’t know

- loves to be in spotlight during the english lessons

- panics before exams (still smiling tho)

- judges people who don’t follow the school rules

- always wants to play something during breaks


- the one who’s often late

- doesn’t get anything when it’s explained for the first time

- has no idea what’s the next subject he’s having

- always clumsy; drops chalks, his pencil case and kicks the desks, falls when he has to go in front of the class

- ‘’when is the lunch break’‘

- has always sticky notes on his back and he doesn’t realize it


- never says a word during lessons

- pretends to be cool to become popular but everybody think he’s cute

- living meme, even in school

- stresses about math lessons

- during exams, he’s always peeking answers from other students

- never gets caught tho


- pretends to be dumb when someone is asking questions for the exam but then gets a good grade and confuses everyone

- the one who’s always telling stories about his life during lessons, and although the stories are related to the subject the teacher is talking about, they are seldom true

- makes everyone laugh, the teachers included

- loves to explain things to others so he likes presentations and usually makes them way too long

- has strange, random things in his pencil case (like dog food or toilet paper)

- just confuses everyone all the time


- the one who forgets to do his homework

- also probably the one who forgets about exams

- the one who everybody is waiting for during the lunch because he eats way too much but also doesn’t want to be left alone

- is popular but doesn’t know it

- is always copying other people’s answers to the exercises during the lessons

- always having some snacks in his bag


- the one who’s always quiet during lessons and pays attention

- can’t think clearly before exams

- always whining about his grades, no matter if they’re good or bad

- always the first one to sit in the classroom

- has a book with him even at lunch

- after exam he always wants to discuss about the answers and often ends up having a fight with someone about which is the correct answer

We were bored so we made this! Hopefully you liked it!

Which one of the members are you? 8)

“While I was thinking about trying to exercise more, he uploaded a post on Facebook looking for people to learn Kung Fu together. Even though I didn’t know him, I sent a message, and that’s how we met.”
“What was your first impression of him?”
“To be honest, I had a prejudice against foreign guys who came to Korea. You know, something like, ‘These foreigners are just coming here because Korean girls are pretty…’ But this guy shattered that prejudice. He tells me things like how his own country’s economy isn’t doing very well but hopes that things will get better again. He diligently works out and really is a friend who lives his life sincerely. I felt bad that I ever had such a prejudice.”

“운동을 해볼까 하던 참에 페이스북에 이 친구가 쿵푸 배울 사람을 모집한다는 글을 올렸더라고요. 모르는 사람인데, 메시지해서 만나게 됐어요.”
“첫 인상은 어땠나요?”
“아주 솔직히 말하자면, 저는 한국에 오는 외국인 남성들에 대해 안 좋은 편견을 가지고 있었어요. 왜 그런 거 있잖아요. 한국인 여자들이 예쁘니까… 근데 이 친구가 많이 깨줬어요. 자기 나라 경제 사정이 조금 안 좋은데, 우리도 다시 잘 되었으면 좋겠다면서, 운동도 열심히 하고, 성실하게 사는 친구더라고요. 편견을 가지고 있었다는게 좀 미안했어요.”

Thoughts on John's Infidelity

Or flirtation, temptation, whatever you want to call it.  It’s not important to me exactly how far it went.  He obviously felt guilty about it and that tells me all I need to know.

So why did he do it?

I don’t think John did it because he didn’t care about Mary or the baby.  There are a lot of reasons why people cheat, but in this case, in this context, I think what’s suggested is that John wants to feel appreciated.  When the girl, E, first makes eyes at him on the bus, it puffs him up – we can see him thinking “hey, I’ve still got it – I’m still attractive.”  Then he finds the flower behind his ear and he visibly deflates.  "Oh, she wasn’t attracted to me, she just thought I looked silly.“

At that moment, John feels like marriage and fatherhood and just getting older have robbed him of a big part of his identity – Three Continents Watson, the man who could easily and confidently chat up women.  No matter how much he loves Mary and Rosie and his new life, that’s depressing.

So when the girl comes after him and conveys that she IS interested, and she DOES find him attractive…  it’s exactly the boost he needs in a moment of extreme weakness.  He gives into temptation and he goes for it.

Also I think John may have done this because he felt he needed a secret of his own.  Ever since HLV, John has resented the connection that Mary and Sherlock have (”You two should have gotten married”), and that’s further emphasized by the banter at the beginning of TST ("She’s better at this than you”).

Mary is a brilliant superspy, and a better sidekick for Sherlock than John ever was.  Mary and Sherlock have both lied to John and kept secrets from him – worse yet, they hide things from him precisely because they don’t believe he can keep a secret.

Imagine the thrill John would have, then, knowing that he was keeping this secret from both of them.  Imagine him feeling that maybe he wasn’t so dumb, so transparent, so ordinary.  Why should only Sherlock and Mary get to be bad? Why shouldn’t he have a few lies and secrets of his own?  Wouldn’t that show them?

I adore Mary and Sherlock, so believe me when I say I’m not trying to blame them for John’s infidelity, nor justify his actions.  It was a shitty, shitty thing to do, no question, and that’s on John.

I’m just saying, I don’t think it’s out of character at all.  I think it’s a very natural and believable turn for his character, given his situation.  And I can’t hate him for it.    

How long do you think it takes...
  • for Cassian to calm his anger towards Jyn because he just disobeyed a direct order for her, before probably thought “Damn, this girl won’t convince the council, she needs help and I’ll find that for her” then proceeded to break another rule
  • for Chirrut to ‘feel’ Cassian’s plan and told Baze about this and that’s why when Jyn came to them Baze just told her “How many does it take?”
  • again, for Cassian to call out all the people he trusted/share their goals and presented them to Jyn
  • AGAIN FOR CASSIAN to tell K2 to “be there for Jyn”
  • for Galen to find Bodhi and decided that this young pilot, out of any other imperial pilots, have enough courage in himself to bring the message to Saw Garrera and his daughter
  • basically, for the Rebellion to figure out who Liana Hallik actually was then start searching her whereabout
  • FOR GALEN TO DIGEST WHO THE HELL, AFTER 15 YEARS, WOULD CALL HIM ‘PAPA’ and have the smallest hope that it might be his long lost daughter
  • FOR CASSIAN TO WOKE UP FROM FALLING and probably the first word/thought that came to his mind was “Jyn”, before proceed to pick himself up and come after her
Kokichi Ouma - Jealous

This was an idea that was originally going to be used for the “Boys jealous that S/o is spending a lot of time with someone else” headcanon, but we decided to use that idea for this imagine. Enjoy! - Mod Rantarou

Despite what other people think, you loved Ouma, you really did. He was still the same, mischievous idiot he was, but he also had an unbelievably sweet, kind and loving side, one that he only allowed you to see. Yet, while you, still, do in fact love him, you cannot help but feel like stabbing him each time you see him flirting with another girl.

He wasn’t flirting because he wanted to get close to the girl, you knew that much. He was flirting because he knew how annoyed you got, and he knew that for a few days after, you would be like putty in his hands, wanting his attention to reassure yourself, and that after a while, when your relationship would go back to normal and you wouldn’t be as affectionate, this would happen all over again. Worse of all, he knew that you knew, that despite hating this endless cycle, it would be the same outcome each and every time, and you were done with it.

If he wants to play this game, then you’re going to play it too.

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