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Dear Peaches at Peachfuzz Comics, I have been reading your comics and I love them to death. I have recently come out as Non Binary but fear that people will think I am a cis male jumping on a bandwagon and dont pass enough. My biggest fear is waking up one morning and feeling like a cis male again. How do I stay true to my identity? I dont want my neighborhood to re enstate cis gender roles on me. Do you face these same issues? Thank you for making this series You Rock -JB

What does it mean to “pass” as non-binary? Of what measuring stick does society hold for this identity?

My advice? Do whateva da fuck u wan. Experiment! See what works! What makes you smile! What makes you comfy! It’s time to live for you by cracking down on the little things and making corrections along the way.

May I direct you to PeachFuzz #126?

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how does it help louis if we keep going in circles about how much things suck like i think we get it at this point...

Do we, anon? Because I still see an absurd amount of excusing and dismissing what’s going on with Louis, personally and professionally.

There’s also the fact that, through a combination of time and (all too convenient at times) distractions, people forget—the details or the context, or the very facts.

Time and again I’ve seen references to how the US is better when it comes to stunts, when in fact he got asked about his fatherhood and had stunt headlines for several interviews in the US: Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, MRL, iHeart Countdown, Music Choice… and his TCA press was mixed up with an ‘interview’ about the kid from People, too. That’s just one example, but you catch my drift? 

People forget. And when they forget they stop caring, and they stop fighting. So, yes, I will remind them. On my blog. Because I also believe when there’s an unfair situation that isn’t resolved, you call attention to it. You don’t let it fade into the background; you don’t let the situation become normalized. You can’t fall silent and let injustice become the status quo. 

And I always try to reblog posts which remind people what we can do to support Louis, as well.

That’s my opinion, you’re welcome to disagree and blog however you see fit, as will I.

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What do you think is the best structure for world building? Obviously it's important to think about everything, but in what order would building a fictional universe be best and most effective?

First, I’m going to give the annoying answer people who give advice like giving: use what works best for you.

I am, admittedly, a relatively haphazard worldbuilder. My way of worldbuilding tends to be, more or less:

  • Think of a general premise
  • Start writing
  • Fill in details as needed
  • See what holes I have and how they impact the plot
  • Fix that in the second draft
  • Repeat

That’s one fairly effective way of doing worldbuilding, though you may not end up with the same level of detail and richness as if you make a concerted effort to systematically worldbuild before you start. That being said, you end up with a world that works for your plot, rather than needing to tailor your plot to your world.

There are two types of worldbuilding. There is worldbuilding for the sake of worldbuilding, and worldbuilding for the sake of writing. What I do–with somewhat of the exception of something I did for a former job–is worldbuilding for the sake of writing, and I’m a writing advice blog, so that’s what I’m going to talk about.

As I talk about in this post, a good starting point is to see what you have in the real world. It’s hugely difficult–though not necessarily impossible–to create a world that bears no resemblance to the world you know. I highly, highly recommend N. K. Jemisin’s piece on worldbuilding for a secondary world. If you haven’t read N. K. Jemisin’s work, her worldbuilding is absolutely fantastic.

One option is to start at the absolute beginning, as Jemisin describes, and start with how the world works, move on to geography, and go on from there. You can end up with a great world that way, but it will take you a really long time, and you can get really caught up in the details.

If you want to do something in between what I do and that, work on what you need and 20 percent more. Maybe you don’t need to know the geography of the entire world, but if your entire story is set in one town, you should know about the politics, culture, etc. of the region and probably the country. If one religious practice is important, you should know about the broad strokes of the entire religion and specifics of everything peripheral to the practice that you need, but you don’t need to necessarily know about religions that are never mentioned in the story.

There are basically two ways you can do it. You can work from the outside-in or from the inside-out. The first is what Jemisin describes, though you don’t necessarily need to start with the formation of the planet and work your way in from there. You can start with a country, or a religion, or whatever is most useful to you. The latter is where you start from what you need and figure out how you get there and then how you get to that point, and so on. As I said in my earlier post, if you start with a school, think about how you get that school. Then think about how you get what gives you the school. Think about how the school interacts with other organizations. Think about how it affects the economy and various occupations. And so on.

I could probably write a book about how to worldbuild, which I can’t really do here, so I hope this pared down answer helps.


If anyone is trying to train their voices I highly recommend using this app. I use it everyday when I’m doing vocal exercises and it helps sooo much to be able to see in real time where your pitch is at and how well your hitting the right notes while speaking.

My voice therapist says that MTF people should be aiming for G3-A3 which is like 200Hz-220Hz I think? Thats what I’m working at and it seems pretty good to me!

Just thought it could help some people with the training as my voice is a huge source of dysphoria for me and I dont doubt it is for others too so I hope it helps!!

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I know the season final for killing stalking has been released for quite a while however there is something I haven't seen many people talk about Seungbae has loss his job that meant almost everything to him. We know he works as a officer because of what had happen to his dad, but he's not even an officer anymore. Do people not understand that at this point he has NOTHING to lose. For a writing stand point this would allow his character to test his boundaries, perhaps even go unhinged.

Actually a lot of people talked about this, including myself xD That’s what I personally am excited about. To see how ‘devastated’ he is and to see how far he’ll go. The only problem I can think about is that they promised to keep Seungbae away from Sangwoo (there might be a restraining order?) so we’ll see.

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Akdjdjdbdb Hcs for the paladins s/o heelying down the aisle on their wedding day

adsdk this would so be me just sayin…… -Mod Red


  • he is super excited, is waiting at the altar
  • he’d be one of those guys who’d cry so he’s prepping himself for that
  • sees u, bout to cry
  • you start heelying and he bursts into laughter, crying from both happiness and your stupidity


  • stoic af, not gonna cry
  • goes over vows in head
  • sees you, doesn’t understand how people don’t cry at the altar.
  • you pull up your dress and heely to him
  • he forgets his vows and laughs while covering his eyes 


  • honestly probably would already have heelyed down
  • the family expects it, its lance
  • he sees you do the same and his heart fills with so much love and laughter and ugh why didn’t he marry you sooner
  • everyone is half surprised, half not-i mean you’re lance’s spouse now but they didn’t think you were that similar to him


  • was suspecting something was up since before the wedding day because you didn’t need to go dress shoe shopping
  • wore converse under her dress so she thought were also going to wear converse, that’s what was keeping her sane
  • you walk out, she’s so happy to finally be marrying the love of her life and
  • you have f-ing heelys. you’re heelying down the aisle.
  • laughs and makes a joke about it during her vows


  • is a stressed out boi, he wants everything to go well
  • calms himself down while walking to his place with thoughts of how stunning you’re going to look
  • nearly cries at the thought of you being his forever
  • is completely brought out of his mind when he sees you, and then you heely. 
  • stop this boy he’s laugh crying hELP

So I keep seeing this post about how “we’re definitely going to lose net neutrality because people aren’t doing enough”.

Stop. Stop right there. That kind of attitude will stop people from speaking out because they’ll assume that it doesn’t matter. Its the same attitude that stops people from voting. That “oh well, it doesnt matter anyway” bullshit hurts everyone. Look at where we are now because people thought their voices wouldn’t change anything.

Things will be so much worse if you dont speak up. Think about how quickly things can go down hill when you suddenly have to pay an extra 50 or 100 dollars to fact check something the powers that be said. The mindset of them being undefeatable is what gets them what they want. So don’t buy into that.

Please, don’t give up because some people on the internet say it doesn’t matter. Keep going.

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Raven secretly thinks Beast Boy is extraordinarily handsome, in addition to being such a sweetheart. She won't admit it of course.

I mean, have you read my fics? xD 

Most of my Ravens have a thing for Gar and find him handsome. Also, he *IS* handsome. 

Maybe not so much when he’s drawn by Pham, or in Rebirth in general, but Gar’s USUALLY depicted as handsome. People just don’t see past the “Oh but he’s green and that’s weird” stuff. Raven is not that shallow. How can she be when she isn’t even entirely human herself? 

But yeah, him being a sweetie has a LOT to do with it. :)

Also, Ryan Potter was picked to play Live Action Beast Boy.

Originally posted by ryan-potter

Speaks for itself, don’t it? Even DC thinks he’s handsome. 

The signs through the eyes of a Taurus (1-6)

Aries | some of the most lively people you’ll ever meet. I don’t see too many people talk about this, but they can be the perfect planners. Often want to do things their way since they think their way is always right. In a sense, they’re perfectionists in their craft/occupation. Likes to do things on their own hands-on, they don’t easily sit in the backseat and let someone take the steering wheel. Therefore, doesn’t like being told what to do or how to do it. Often takes on leadership roles subconsciously.

Taurus | generally reserved, quiet, and polite people. They have to make sure that you’re dependable, reliable, and self-sufficient for their needs in order to trust you with their possessions and belongings. Usually musically inclined; the few taurus I know love photography and can play an instrument. Even if they aren’t musically inclined, they usually enjoy the arts. Things like going to plays, the cinema, music, art, etc. usually have really soothing voices or can be a bit high pitched.

Gemini | some of the funniest people. They’re your class clowns and the jokesters of your friend group. Fairly witty and childish (usually in a good way). Sociable when they want to be, so they can appear detached and unbothered when they’re not in the mood.

Cancer | sensitive people. In my experience, there’s two types of cancers: the ones with the toughest shell on the outside, but once you become dear to their heart, you’ll see their sensitivity. On the other hand, there are cancers who you meet that have no problem with being vulnerable and showing their sensitive nature. Possibly a little over sensitive. The mother of their friend group and families, and can possibly be over-bearing and/or bossy.

Leo | loud loud loud. Will usually make their presence known from the moment they walk into the room. Always bubbly, friendly, and sometimes can be bold. Someone who is approachable and sociable to any and everyone, their presence is generally accepted and appreciated. Usually into the arts like Taurus, or like the arts. May also be into athletics.

Virgo | these people are very mellow, chill, passive, and observant. The type that you may think don’t know but they secretly know. A trait that goes unnoticed in my eyes personally is how sneaky and smooth they can be. They’re really agreeable and cool to talk to, and are very grounded.

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can i ask some dumb questions? ok so if gender doesn't have to be connected to ur body or the way u present yourself what does it refer to? is it just the pronouns? also like if a lesbian falls in love with a trans man before they come out are they just off limits to love because their identities are incompatible? if so then how can anyone like only one gender? i feel like this is an insensitive question and i really really dont want to be a terf but also i am super confused so idk. love ur blog

1. Gender is usually what you think of yourself or see yourself more of mind.
2. Pronouns usually go with gender but sometimes they don’t.
3. Break it off or fit under the identity bisexual. Sometimes these relationships do become abusive Mainly because the trans person partner is refusing to accept them and trying to fit them under an identity that makes sense to them.
4. it’s just how people like each other romantically and/or sexually. It just works out that.

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A lot of people consider Cat a bad mother for not returning home to Bran and Rickon. Do you think she made the right decision to stay at Robb’s camp? Additionally, how do you think the story would have changed if she returned to Winterfell after Robb was proclaimed KotN?

It’s one of those decisions where I think there’s no good option. As far as Catelyn knew, Winterfell was safe and her younger sons were in the care of people she trusted and who she knew cared for them, while if she went back to Winterfell herself she’d never see her father again and she’d deprive Robb of the benefits of her knowledge at a time when that knowledge could be very useful to him. War-winningly useful.

She had written to Bran and Rickon, that last night at Riverrun. I do not forget you, my sweet ones, you must believe that. It is only that your brother needs me more.

- Catelyn II, ACoK

I see where she’s coming from with that. That’s a hard calculation, because Catelyn knows that all her children need her, and she knows that her decision is good for them only indirectly.

It’s only in hindsight where it becomes clear that if she had stayed at Winterfell, she might well have been able to head off Theon’s fluke capture of the castle (can’t see Catelyn charging off willy-nilly and leaving Winterfell essentially undefended) and changed the entire course of the books. While good for the Starks short-term, possibly averting the worst of the Bolton and Frey betrayals, this could have catastrophic effects on endgame, since Bran doesn’t go anywhere when his mother’s still at Winterfell with him.

I don’t normally write posts but feel the need to

We live in a great time of social media where we can interact with those who portray our heroes, crushes, idols on tv.

They share insight into their lives, their art their worlds. They don’t need to but they do, we enjoy what they opt to share and it makes us feel closer to them, it’s great and interesting

The problem is it makes us entitled and sometimes ungrateful. Where we’re assume it’s their responsibility to do this. It’s not. They opt to.

It saddens me to see how some people react. David Harewood is brilliant to the Supergirl fandom, always posting pictures and sharing them with fans. Yet too often there are hateful comments on his Instagram posts about cast members in the name of ship wars.

Please remember this, no matter what you ship, what opinion you have about cast members and characters, these are his friends, he gets on very well with the cast.

How do you think he feels when he must turn off comments whenever he posts a picture of Chris? Chris is his friend they post jokey comments to each other (before chris left social media) Chris is also significant in a mental health campaign a cause important to David (given he ended up in a facility after a break down, so yes he understands)

No matter what you feel about a guy you see on the tv and hear second hand stories about, this is his friend. Someone he works with and clearly cares for (seeing how he reacted at comic con towards his cast mates)

Please think before you post to him (and anyone), and as I was always told, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all

Or more relevant for these days, if you wouldn’t say it to their face don’t send it over the internet

Here is his post, please think before posting comments

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Sometimes I think about how much money David has and I kinda get scared 😂 like he always pays people to do dumb shit, he has a 2M dollars house, a Tesla and pays other people rent. Like, I can't even buy a sandwich without feeling guilty, dude 😂

he’s being super smart with his money which is nice to see, he pays for fun and dumb stuff but he isn’t blowing his money. whenever i think about all of the people close to my age that are mega rich i feel like such a slacker lmao

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Do these people really think that Kaneki is going to leave the person he broke Usain Bolt's Olympic record just because he wanted to see if that person was really pregnant?

Mod K:

Apparently “Touken wouldn’t have happened in Hid/e was around” or some bullshit. This is how they gotta comfort themselves, I guess. Anyway, this blog isn’t about talking about HK’s problems so I won’t do that. But I will say that it’s foolish to downplay Ken’s feelings for Touka just to claim some bullshit about H/ide being his true love and that he should cheat.

If people want to make cheating aus that’s up to them. I’m not going to stop them but for people who complain about “real love” and “abuse” that’s amazingly hypocritical. I also have no idea why they are trying to bother us with the nonsense.

It is funny as hell, though! The anti discord must be boring lately so they gotta stalk our blog.

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Have you ever thought about how it doesn't matter if you think trans people are "lying" or whatever. Like if you're for people's choices being determined by their assaigned sex at birth are you different from conservatives in any significant way? Like get over yourself no one cares if you dislike transition we're not doing it for your approval lol. Your ideology is just sex absolutism rebranded.

What? People’s choices?

Dude no. I think it is totally cool and fine for men to wear makeup and dresses. I just don’t think that makes them women.

See, femininity and masculinity are socially constructed roles, not natural essences innate to men and women.

Radical feminism is about abolishing the concept of gender completely.

The only thing that makes me a woman is my body.

There isn’t a feminine bone in me. I am a woman because of my female body. There is no such thing as a womanly personality.

Anyone can have any personality. Being a man or a woman isn’t about your personality it is about your body parts.

I am not born to conform to the oppressive feminine gender role.

Conservatives think all women should be feminine.

Liberals think all feminine people are women.

Feminists want to destroy the concept of femininity completely because it’s stupid to associate personality types with body parts.

Courier comes down to make breakfast, and he’s a good enough cook for someone who never saw an egg before the age of thirty-five. You’d think he would want to make the most of his time with the other vault-dweller– but you know, too, how sharp the past can bite. The destruction of a people is best remembered in small doses. He doesn’t mention the graveyard, and neither do you. Needed to see it for yourself– that’s enough.

You watch him work. “Thought you had machines for that, Courier,” you say. You’ve looked outside, seen the securitrons. Courier has no human guards; Vegas has no human soldiers. You can’t say what else the city’s replaced with machines.

“A ‘tron cooking?” He makes a show of mimicking a robot’s pincers with three fingers, trying and failing to grasp the spatula. His laugh has no trace of the graveyard’s bleakness. “Cass could sell tickets for that. Cooking With PDQ-88B 3235-J.”

“Following in the Old World’s footsteps.” Courier shoots you a surprised look over his shoulder, so you add, “Old World used libraries for more than books. Not rare to find holotapes in them.”

“My ten-great aunt brought some cooking show tapes with her to the vault. They were good for learning the basics, but Hilda Kendal never thought someone two centuries down the line would need to know how to cook yucca. Poor planning on her part.”

He’s still grinning as he serves you, then himself. Isn’t often you see him without his dark glasses, and you don’t mind the change. You can see where his eyes are: on you, more often than not, like he’s seeing your full face for the first time.

Isn’t the first, but he’s forgotten that bit of history. You let it rest in the Divide where it belongs.

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Lol. I can't wait for Net "neutrality" to be lifted and free ISPs from burdensome regulations. Might finally see some innovation come again from these companies rather than stagnation under the thumb of big government

What innovations do you expect to see? What burdensome regulations are the experiencing right now? Do you not think that censorship will be a major issue under the elimination of net neutrality? How do you feel about people having to pay for information, per informational source? How do you feel about companies being able to throttle speeds based on content? How do you feel about companies being able to completely exclude content that they deem offensive, even when that label is applied to things solely because they conflict with their corporate interests and missions? Do you think that all people deserve access to the internet? Do you believe that all people should be allowed to express themselves through the medium of the internet, without gatekeeping via economic class?

Once again, what are the benefits of getting rid of net neutrality, and please be specific. Sources preferred, but if you can even explain the idea that you’re coming into my inbox claiming I’d be surprised.

Because You’ll Never Ask Meme

Letter: What helps you feel connected to others?

Power line: What is one of the biggest difficulties you’re had to overcome?

Goggles: What’s something that you usually try to hide from people?

Plane: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Head: What’s your biggest wish?

Eyes: How do you think people see you?

Mouth: What do you want to be in life?

Bones: When’s the last time you went to a museum?

Heart: What are you most afraid of?

Mouse: What’s the worst thing you’ve experienced?

Piercing: What kind of impression do you want to give people when they first meet you?

Color: What’s something you want to be able to share with the world?

Run: What do you do to positively cope when you’re feeling stressed?

Sign: How do you think you communicate best?

Blackberries: What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?

Sawdust: What have you created that you’re most proud of?

Lunch bag: What’s the thing you wouldn’t give up no matter what?

Science Fiction: If you could meet one person in real life, who would it be? 

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Ya know ace, i like you. I like your blog. I think you're generally a cool person. But i do not, under any circumstances agree with you being pro-life. I don't wanna hate on you, i just really don't understand, why you could be pro-life. Can you explain your point of view to me?

Thank you for being so nice about how you asked ^^

For me it’s pretty simple. A baby is a human, inside and outside of the womb. I know there is a lot of debate about if a fetus is a human, but when I think of it, I see it as if you don’t do anything to the fetus/baby then it will grow and be born and is a human (obviously there can be complications to change this, but if everything goes well, it will be a baby, alive and real and human). It’s just different life stages (I know there are tons of people that know this better than me, I will try to get a few links for those post at the end of this if your are curious about it), the baby is still a human inside or outside of the womb. So, abortion is literally killing a child, which is wrong. 

There are arguments that it’s the mother’s body so she should be able to do what she wants, but it’s also the child’s body, a life, a human that is - for the moment - reliant on it’s mother (and will still be reliant for years after they are born). Killing someone just because it is inconvenient or difficult to have them around is not okay in any way, shape, or form. 

In short, I am pro-life because no one should have the right to kill someone else. Life is precious and valuable and hurting/killing someone else shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Here are a few different posts I found that word it probably much better than me:

-A master post about Pro-life stances (this is probably the best one to look at, it has links to all sorts of scientific articles and what-not ^^)

-A little story about how about how abortions hurt the babies and they can feel it

-Explaining how most pro-life supporters (including me) care about more than just stopping abortion, we care about the children after birth and the people around them too

-Common misconceptions about the pro-life movement

-Thoughts about how a child is still a child in the womb

All the sexual harassment in the news got me thinking about sexual harassment in the gay community. It’s pretty fucked, up the weird balancing act that being in the same community as your abusers puts you in. Like, you know society hates people like you anyway, so you’re aware that they’re not going to try too hard to differentiate you from your abuser. If you come forward as a queer person who’s been abused by another queer person, and the response is just “See? It just proves they’re predators,” how much good does it do you?

Also, since you’re in the same community, you’ve got to balance stuff like “The guy who abused me is also the owner of one of the only queer owned businesses in town, and is known for employing LGBT youth who are desperate (which, in turn, gives him more access to people to abuse).” So it’s like “If I come forward and it’s taken seriously, am I also going to get the only place for queer youth to hang out at night shut down?”