how do people not like this show

Things the CW is missing out on by having made iZombie a midseason show once more:

A promo/trailer set to Thriller, to promote an October premiere alongside the likes of Arrow and Flash. I know Stranger Things did it, but c’mon, this is a show about zombies.

What would help make it distinctive? How about a promo that features the cast singing and dancing along to it? This would be amazing in its own right and also placate the people who want a musical episode…

The main argument against one is that it wouldn’t suit the type of show that iZombie is.  That’s fine.

They could do something akin to the DC Superhero Fight Club promos where the actors are in character without the promo itself being canon.

Also, Rahul Kohli, the strongest voice against a musical episode wouldn’t have to sing. He could be the British narrator ala Vincent Price. If only I were a CW executive…

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The sad part is that the blog who brought that love is all you need flag has since used it as proof of Larry and shit talked Camille and been a general nasty person about the lesbians in the photo that Harry retweeted because they aren't larries and therefore somehow aren't deserving of any fandom support. How does this always happen from Harry doing nice things? It's so fucking gross. I wish people would stop making rainbows about Larry. They're not yours. They're the LGBT communities.

yeah its like… sad. idk i have so many thoughts™ about it especially being someone who is lgbt and used to be a larrie, like the story that blog posted about making the flag and sneaking out at night to paint it bc they were scared of their families reaction and then feeling so validated by harry liking the pic of it and the ppl at the show taking pics of it was so sweet and touching and i’m sure on it was important to them as an lgbt individual and i think thats something to celebrate. but then its just so…..disheartening to hear them using this rly touching experience and twisting it into something that detracts from the actual importance of it. i think all we can do is try to separate the actions from the person, bc regardless of what motivated it or the person behind it, a giant rainbow flag with ‘love is all you need’ at harrys show, that harrys stylist took a pic of, that harry liked, is beautiful and amazing and thats what important. i also think if we really want to drive home the point that harry&rainbows arent about larry then we should bring our own yknow? like the girls who kissed in front of the flag that harry liked on twitter arent larries and thats (tragically and transparently) making a lot of larries mad. the more ppl who arent larries start bringing/supporting rainbows, the more it separates the two concepts and idk i think its important. i honestly feel really sad for young lgbt larries who are deadass brainwashed by bigger larries into thinking that all ‘antis’ are homophobic or opposed to rainbow flags when that so clearly isnt the case. idk. pls dont let larries ruin rainbow flags at harrys shows or diminish the importance and wonderfulness of harry being so welcoming and loving towards them

do the vld writers not…know how culture works? like Keith being Galra wouldn’t explain him not getting Earth culture bc he was raised with Earth culture. Your culture isn’t in your DNA. Not to mention they have given us zero evidence that the Galra are inherently socially awkward. 

not only are they erasing Keith’s autistic coding but they’re pinning that coding on the fact that he’s Galra which a) dehumanizes/alienates autistic people b) is equating being autistic with being bad (which the Galra are? the bad guys?)

your ableism is showing dreamworks

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Hello!! Just out of curiosity, why Undertaker always sits cross-legged? Is there something he wants to hold firmly there? Just curious... ._.

Um…. (heh) At first, I wanted to reply that he’s not sitting that way to protect his nuts, or something. But this odd little question actually brings up an interesting topic.

So… there’s a major psychological aspect to the way people sit. 

You might see how it’s a stereotype for men to sit with their legs apart in a wide stance. Men (or even women) who do that are sending (or trying to send) the message that they are powerful and in control. That sitting position takes up space and can look imposing, even intimidating. It looks very much like they are claiming their territory and showing off their… endowments (even if they don’t have much there). Even some women do this as a copy-cat sort of behavior to exert their authority. And that’s pretty much the effect it’s meant to have – “I’ve got the junk; I’m in charge here.” However, it’s not polite or classy… for women or men. It’s very in-your-face.

Now consider sitting with the legs together but not crossed. It’s neutral for men and women. It’s formal and polite… but not always comfortable. It’s what the ergonomic instructions say to do for sitting at desks or desk-top computers. Most of us probably can’t sit that way for too long and end up at least crossing our legs at the ankles, which is also pretty neutral, though somewhat informal.

Then we have two major forms of crossed legs. There’s the legs together version we see Undertaker, Vincent, and both twins doing most of the time. Even Sebastian (on some rare sitting occasions) can be seen sitting this way (unless he’s sitting at a desk or table). And we have the legs apart version. The legs apart version is very relaxed, very informal, and yet it still takes up extra space; it’s used to exert authority but in a relaxed way. 

The legs together version that your ask is about is a mind game on another level. It’s stereotypical for women to sit this way. It’s concealing the “bits” instead of exposing them, and it takes up the least amount of space, so it’s considered demure. Macho guys might think men shouldn’t sit this way; it can seem effeminate to them. However, it really doesn’t have to be. A man who is comfortable in his own skin and secure in his manhood can use this way of sitting as a power play. He knows he’s in control, and he doesn’t even need to use the stereotypical wide stance to exert his authority. It ends up having the effect of exerting absolute authority. The reason is because he’s in a relaxed, comfortable position and not putting his manhood on display… as if he feels no threat to his authority; no one doubts or tests his strength. It’s actually used as a feint to go from sitting with either a wide stance or a neutral position… to crossing your legs. In doing so, you are telling those around you that you are now at ease and don’t feel threatened… even if you secretly do feel insecure…. Cross your legs and then lift your head slightly to look down your nose – it’s disdainful – we’ve seen the twins pull this sort of move. Cross your legs but prop your head on your hands or tilt your head down… and you are now quite approachable….

I’m going to add some pics to this later…. Maybe in a new post. I’ll call you “legs anon” LOL!

Additional: The legs apart approach is “heated”; it suggests physical action/reaction, aggression, etc., whereas the legs crossed and *together* approach is “cool”; there is a coldness and lack of action about it, a passiveness (potentially passive-aggressive). I sort of touched on these ideas above, but not in these terms…. Does this make sense? Like… hot-tempered versus cold-tempered….

TOP 12!!!

I MADE IT TO THE FINAL ROUND??? WHAT IS LIFE??? Lol There were SO many talented people and I made it to the top 12 out of 22 people from 2 qualifying rounds. 😍😍😍

I had never felt like that on a stage before. Almost like I was numb, but in a good way. I wasn’t nervous or scared, something just came over me and I knew I could do it. It was the weirdest, greatest feeling I’ve ever had. Lol So many people came up to me to say how much they loved my original song and that literally meant the world. 😭😭😭

Thank you @jinkxmonsoon for basically being my unofficial stage mother and showing me how a pro handles a performance. Lolol I tried to be funny where it fit and sentimental when it was right. You’ve trained me well 😂

Finals are next week!! Pray for me lol 🙏🏻

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How do you feel about people making something like Rotary Dial where there's the moving background thing? If you're cool with it, how did you do that?

i’m fine with it! though just kinda, watch out for ppl accusing you of copying me, i personally don’t think having irl footage in the background of drawin images is inherently a ripoff of me but some people like to think otherwise and be assholes about it >_>

bUT i  just do it by having the overlaying illustration’s background be transparent (or rather, wherever i want the footage to show through, i make those pixels transparent), and put it as a layer over the footage i’m using 

I really do love Fuller House but their cultural appropriation is just sooooo face palm worthy like how do they get away with this???? Dressing up like Geishas? The only black kids on the show are the bad students who go to summer school? Danny Tanner dressing “gangster”??? I mean at least they make fun of white people (and Trump) too but it’s so cringy sometimes 


My fav SMT protags… at least by their designs. Just doodles yeah

Can’t say who’s design I like most thou-Flynn’s or Joker’s
Tried to draw them I saw them in their games
Flynn (SMTIV)- kind hearted person, don’t like when people see world only in black or white colors, always tries to encourage people around him to become something better and do good things.
Joker (SMT: Persona 5)- also nice person, but unlike Flynn got a… pretty sadistic side of him, wich he keeps under control in real world, but doesn’t even tries to hide in the metaverse. Also knows how to trick people around him. Also inside he is very clingy to people he thinks his friends (so he got a deep depression cause of Akechi), yet he will show it like never
Nanashi (SMTIVF(A))- all you need to know about him: he hates you, everything and everyone, with few exceptions; he doesn’t care if you a human, god, angel, demor or something else-he can (and probably will) kill you if it’s needed; will fight anyone for Asahi, Hallelujah and Flynn; feeling miserable inside 24/7

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I am not annoyed by fat people loving themselves and celebrating themselves - I am annoyed by the fashion industry and how they treat it. Like they create a dichotomy between fat "plus size" parts in stores, fashion shows etcand skinny people in like ""normal"" section oft the sotre and every other fashion show thats not specifially for fat people. Isn't that ike missing the goal? Isn't the goal to finally see fat people as just as normal as skinny people? This is against the fashion industry...

In reference to this post

I do see your point - ideally, skinny wouldn’t be “normal,” there would be no “normal” and we wouldn’t have to separate out people and clothing based on size. 

Because this is not the case in today’s world, celebrating plus sized people and plus sized fashion shows is super important! Younger people can see these things and learn to love themselves; fashion companies can get with the program and make actually fashionable clothing for plus sized people (because let’s be real, there’s not nearly as many cute clothes in the plus sized section as there are in the “normal” section). 

From the original ask: 

I am annoyed by it bc one designer makes inclusive clothes and gets praiae even so it should be normal, shouldn’t it?

As much as it bothers me that companies participate in performative inclusiveness - they’re only doing it to improve their image and make money - isn’t that better than not having any inclusive clothing at all? Because with the way things are right now, those are your options. We’re unfortunately nowhere near having inclusive clothing be the norm (life goals, right?). 

Mod Marie-Rose

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Im going to the show in brooklyn and this is my first time at a show like this. Do you have anything i need to know/tips?

I haven’t really been to small shows like this before (I’m a big concert kinda person) but you should get a pretty good idea of how it’s gonna be by watching videos from the last shows.
Generally said, though, I think it’s all gonna feel very intimate and rather chill. Ofc - as with every concert/show - you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. And always remember that Dallon and Ryan are also just people like you and me, so just be yourself and stay relaxed :)

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So in order to be a neutral in OK KO, do you have to be like... a zero? You think there are neutrals in OK KO?

There are zeroes in the world. KO was a zero. It probably means people are at a point where they could turn either way. (Though score in the show seems to also refer to thier actual powers/skills as well.) But with the video game logic of the show, I wouldn’t take it to mean literal strength. Probably means more ‘how hard they are to defeat’, with positive and negative numbers just being a method of showing alignment.

Also wanted to point out that a nuetral zone exists, so it makes sense to me that there would be characters that consider themselves not on any side in particular. Very ‘dude, i’m just trying to live my life’.

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Hmmm... For national coming out day, I want to tell my friends I'm a boy. But I can't tell if I'm demi or just very attached out of habit to lifelong customs of presenting female. I feel like the best term for me is genderfluid, but I still want to be seen as masculine most of the time. Yet I feel like some of my friends will be like "if you're a boy why do you dress/act/put makeup on like that?" and it has me worried. Decisions, decisions. Should I come out if I'm not concrete on my labels yet?

Hey there! You definitely can come out if youre not solid on labels. And how you present doesnt necessarily have to have anything to do with gender, so dont let that stop you. If people question you, show them some famous men who present in feminine ways. That one male covergirl (i know hes problematic but people recognize him, drag queens, etc. Its also okay to wait to come out. Good luck!


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how do you think omega noctis would be in heat? clingy? whiny? standoffish? aggressive? territorial? affectionate? and what kind of nest do you think he'd build?if he had pups, how do you think he would be with the newborns and their dad?

Noctis would be so whiny it would be beyond annoying. all day and night he would whine and try ot show off for attention which typically ended up with getting the wrong attention (if they were at a rest spot or something) or ended with Gladio bending him over to just make the bitching prince shut up for once.His nest would be built out of the bro’s clothing, needing everything to smell like them if they were away (it calmed him down a little). If Noct did give birth he would gush about them ALL the time, never stops, always wants to show people how cute his kids are. He would be very determined to do things himself and be very VERY protective over his children, even sometimes pushing away his mate (be it Gladio or Ignis (if he is alpha in this AU :P )) He has to remind himself that his mate is of no threat and there to help, he also has to remember he doesnt have to gush about the kids to his mate, but its hard! they are so cute!  

I 150% agree that this is fucking dumb But now that im reading stuff. And people are talking about it. I feel like thats how they are going to spin it to try nd be in robs favor. Kinda like a lawrence said i did this to him and your saying im an awful person cuz he was drunk but Rebecca did the same to me and no one saying she a bad person And if you think it almost matchs that night to a tee Besides one of them getting pregnant
1.Someone’s heart broken
2.They lean on someone they think is a friend
3.They talk
4.1 gets drunk the other just has a few drinks
5.1 says they slept together
6.The other doesnt remember
7.they are forced to spend time with each other even tho one really doesn’t want to
So fuck emmerdale for this fucked up sl. But i think this is hows it gonna play out

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Thank you for including Louis in your post about supporting the LGBTQ community. I think sometimes people forget all that he does since he does it so quietly. I'm proud of my precious rainbow sunshine even if he can't be as loud as my shining sunflower :') Writing "Home" was so big. It helped me so much, and I know a lot of other people, too.

Hi, anon. Like I said to my previous anon, I don’t think people are forgetting what Louis’s done or is doing. Right now, Harry is on tour and he’s waving rainbow flags and showing his support (I’m so moved), so we’re talking about him. We know how many things Louis has done during these years, quietly, yeah, but, like I said, he screams and we can hear him loud and clear. And one day he’ll do these things more openly.

A lot of the things he’s done are just so iconic and supportive and I know Home is important for so many people. I’m so happy he helped you and a lot of other people and I hope Louis knows that. I really, really hope he knows. 

The part about your rainbow sunshine and your shining sunflower :’)

🔫(Ø▽Ø⌿ )

there’s a rule about taking Doctor Who seriously and it’s that to take it seriously you need to not take it too seriously 

this show doesn’t take itself seriously, no matter how dark it might get at times

this isn’t some fucking gritty Edgelord show, this is a show watched by millions of children about hope and belief and trying to help people even when it seems hopeless and even when it doesn’t work, we should never hope that anyone in it stays dead, especially not anyone that represents so much for so many

above all we should never as older fans want anything for it that would take away from the enjoyment of the younger fans

you can’t treat it the same way you would a lot of other shows. its demographic is anyone who is willing to believe in it, anyone of any age. 

this is a show about an idiot in a magical box who fixes things with a screwdriver and a belief in the goodness of people

an idiot who gets into ridiculous situations that are often also dire, who saves the day always but only uses violence as a last resort, who tries to win with words and cleverness first 

over the last few years it’s been one of the only shows on television still trying to tell a hopeful story in a world obsessed with Edgy Cynical Realism, while never shying away from how harsh the universe can be

it is a show about possibility where almost any thing or person or story that can be imagined could be plausible (hello, people being killed by plastic inflatable chairs, a small box being infinitely huge on the inside, a lesbian being saved by her magical star girlfriend)

it is a show created by lifelong fans, it is a constant love letter to itself with stupid little in jokes and nostalgic trips, and above all it is a message and lesson of hope and kindness

take it or leave it but that is what it will or at least should always be

Keith: “I said I wouldn’t cry!”

So does this mean Keith cries whenever he’s faced with something personal? This implies that he cries regularly for some reason (or used to), though that reason is still speculation. But seeing how he has a temper (and realizes that), I’m betting that dealing with personal issues does, in fact, make Keith very upset, which is probably why he doesn’t do it. Some people in fandom think Keith isn’t very emotional, or has very strict control over his emotions, but I’ve always thought it was the opposite. I think Keith just removes himself from potentially emotional situations when he can so as to prevent himself showing emotion or getting upset (like how he never said a single word to Allura after she found out he was Galra. He just stayed quiet while she was angry and even after she later approached him, he didn’t say much because that, too, would likely have made him upset). Anger is harder to reel in on the spot, so him losing his temper is more expected, but I’m betting Keith knows that horrible, suffocating feeling that wells up through you when you’re upset and can’t stop the tears. And so he avoids it whenever possible, thus resulting in him avoiding talking about his personal issues. 

Unlike Lance, who is often portrayed in fanon as the emotional one, but that I think has considerable emotional control. Lance very rarely gets upset or loses his temper, despite his insecurities and how much he misses his family. He jokes around and whines, sure, but that’s a conscious kind of display that he uses, I think, as a defense mechanism. The only time in the show that I think Lance has gotten honestly angry (and I don’t mean simply annoyed like when the black lion rejected  him (although I think that did upset him to a certain extent) or desperate like when he was trying to pull Keith back in season 3) is when Shiro chose Keith over him to go into the Marmora Base. Lance gives off an aura of emotionalism as a way of hiding how he really feels, and even when he does get angry, he pulls back quite quickly and doesn’t usually end up yelling, like Keith does. 

Just some character thoughts I guess.    

so recently, there were a lot of really bad spoilers leaked about ML. i can’t imagine how this must feel as a creator, to have all your hard work just thrown out like that for everyone to see, completely out of context. it’s really awful. 

in support of thomas and his team, the discord server i am in decided to start a small project: #HeartsForAstruc –  even after everything, we still love this show and look forward to the new season. this show means a lot to many people. i am  personally really thankful it exists. i have made so many good friends through it,  it’s brought me closer to some old ones, and it’s something me and my daughter can enjoy together. honestly, it’s really hard to put into words how much each of these things mean to me. so just… thanks so much for what you guys do. esp thomas, for creating such a great universe for us to play around with. really, thank you so much.

for anyone else who would like to join in: draw a character [or two, or more; can be ML charas or ml oc’s, or yourself if you want] offering hearts. doesn’t have to be a sign, just some sort of love hearts. post it with or without a message, up to you, and then tag it #HeartsForAstruc. let’s cheer the team on. :D/