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I am alive! Hmu in my ask and talk to me if y’all want. This is a little filler before i go into all the request i haven’t done yet 

The person is in bold and MC is in italics


  • Zen hyung! she looked so pretty today I feel like other people would snatch her if I don’t make a move now
  • Who looked pretty today???
  • MC obviously, hyung we’ve been talking about her for the past days already you even gave me advice on how to ask her out
  • Oh
  • Oh? what do you mean oh?
  • Well… she’ll say yes, I don’t think you have to go through lengths to ask her
  • How do you know???!?
  • Well one, I’m not Zen
  • ……
  • ……..
  • …………
  • You little cutie, pick me up on 7 this saturday? <3
  • Um uh okay! sure! 


  • Seven you might be a little weird for my taste but help me out
  • ???
  • I don’t know what to do with MC man I like her so much my chest tightens everytime I see her
  • Oh….. wow
  • Yeah I mean did you see her with that other dude! I was ready to just grab her and leave
  • Well, you should’ve. That would have been fine
  • I can’t just do that I mean I want her to be mine but she’ll need time to accept me and all that 
  • I do accept you ^^
  • Um Seven that was kind of weird
  • wait
  • hold on
  • Oh my god I think I creeped you out I’m sorry you had to find out this way
  • Don’t worry I like you too
  • Oh uh! um then lets date
  • I mean let’s go on a date first yeah
  • Sure, I mean I’m yours right? <3


  • Assistant Kang I need some…. assistance
  • Yes Mr. Han?
  • I need you to order the most expensive bouquet from a famous flower shop
  • What is it for, Mr. Han? Is it a congratulatory bouquet?
  • No it’s for MC
  • MC?
  • I… need to give her a token of my appreciation
  • Like, as a friend?
  • Preferably as my companion
  • Your girlfriend?
  • Yes.
  • Is the order done?
  • Jumin! it was fun messing around as Jaehee for once but you don’t need to give me something as expensive as that! 
  • MC? 
  • Yes it’s me
  • No I want to give it to you, expect it this week and expect me to ask you to be my beloved
  • mc blushes really You don’t need to ask such a question, I’m already saying yes


  • Yoosung, I know you’re quite young but what do young people want these days?
  • What young people want?
  • Yes… in regards to love and couples
  • ???
  • It’s absurd of me to be asking but I want to do something about my crush towards MC but I don’t know what she wants
  • She only wants you
  • Oh that’s quite forward, I’m not so sure about that
  • Check the name, Jaehee :)
  • MC!!? Oh no forget I said that
  • Forget? No way! I like you too <3


  • Seven the defender of justice can do everything and can work my way through anything! But……………. Help me Jumin I promise you I won’t touch a single fur Elly if you do
  • I’m not sure I can do that 
  • Please just hear me out!! 
  • It’s just… I’m a secret agent, Jumin I can’t like anybody
  • Seven…
  • But MC! She just, worked her way into my heart. I can’t be closer to her and put her in danger Jumin. I can’t lose her.
  • You won’t lose her
  • It’s not that easy! All her actions, her kindness, her words it just makes my heart speed up more. I don’t think I can bear more of it without doing something but it’s too dangerous
  • Do you like her?
  • I…. love her
  • Then just be with her
  • I don’t think I can and if I will, what’ll I do?
  • Kiss me 
  • Kiss? huh 
  • FLOD
  • DLDO
  • You can’t undone what’s done, Seven
  • Calm down… I love you too
  • Then come to me, I’ll be waiting <3


  • Saeyoung you’re an idiot right? Then what should I do about my idiot emotions
  • You should probably just let your idiot emotions out why what’re you feeling?
  • Like… I wanna just lay down and have MC in my arms because her touch is more calming than I thought it would be or just pin MC to a wall and make out with her, taste her. She’s so addicting Saeyoung and shit I feel like throwing up saying all these things forget it I’ll delete this message later
  • What
  • What the hell has gotten into you
  • ….
  • I’m done, don’t talk to me
  • Stop shouting
  • No screw you
  • I bet you’d like to ;)
  • unknown has left the chatroom

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This will sound very stupid. I see a lot of people on Tumblr who has OCs and they're pretty cool. All of them are artists and draw then there's a little text that explains about how they are. Now I can't draw and I don't write. But I really wanna make an OC but I feel like it's easier to draw them first and then write the characters story. How do you write/draw your OCs? How hard is it? U think I should just go for it and write whatever? Honestly I'm not really sure what I'm even asking here.

It’s not stupid, don’t worry! I think everyone has their own way of creating characters; some like me start with a drawing and then come up with everything else, because appearances usually really inspire for a story; some has a clear story in their mind, but haven’t yet figured the appearance. I know people who only have description in their head, but search for artists and writers to help embody their character.

Whenever I draw someone random it’s always quite easy for me to find out what they do and how they are. Since it’s YOUR characters, you can go with it however you like! Even a messy not quite there doodle can help a lot, or a crappy no beta test writing.  Definitely go for it!! Don’t stress too much, creating OCs should be fun and stressless experience. They don’t even have to go with a full figured story! 

something i’m still so thankful for is the fact that skam didn’t show us people with religious beliefs having negative reactions to isak’s sexuality. sana didn’t reject isak, didn’t even think of doing so because isak being gay wasn’t a valid reason to stop being his friend, it didn’t change how she felt about him. and isak’s mom who seemed to have pretty strong religious beliefs as well also didn’t have a negative reaction, although isak thought she was going to have one. when he texts her to let her know he has a boyfriend, he expects her to be upset about it, tells her “i’m sorry if it makes you sad”. and i think at this point most of the viewers don’t expect her beautiful, loving, positive response. i know i didn’t, not because religious people all react negatively to homosexuality, but because that’s the image we’re always being fed. characters come out and their religious relatives and friends have very strong negative reactions, and they’re met with rejection 

but that’s just not right. it’s not right to lead us to believe that religious beliefs and homophobia and intolerance go hand in hand. it’s not right because there are so many lgbt people who have religious beliefs. and it’s not right because religious people who are indeed intolerant and hateful aren’t because of their religion. homophobia is hatred, and as sana so rightfully said, hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear

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Out of curiosity, has the rise of ebooks at all changed how you read? Like, if a book isn't available in braille, can you text-to-speech an ebook with some sort of reader? Or are only audiobooks tolerable?

Oh yeah! so the “rise of eBooks” has actually been super nice for a lot of blind people. I can usually read eBooks with a screen reader, and while it can occasionally be finicky or not programmed well, usually I can make pretty good due with an eBook. I actually do plenty of reading, personally, using eBooks, and while I just like audiobooks the same way many sighted people do because I like hearing the emotion in the reading, eBooks are way cheaper and are usually pretty usable and can often even be read alright using a refreshable braille display.

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Yo, question, im self publishing a short story but how the actual f do i go up to editors and be like, hey so heres my finished manuscript can u check my spelling and stuff without making me wanna chuck it in the river and never write again??? Im extremely anxious about it but i dont want to just have friends proofread my manuscript. 😢😢😢

Depends on what you want to hire them for, is it copy of proofing or both?
(Copy being they are checking for consistency and plot holes and may recommend restructures or suggested edits to improve the text, proofing being “yep your spelling and grammar are correct, here you go!”) 

Usually when people want to hire me they want both, they just don’t know how to word it. Which is why I will always ask them “what do you want from this editing experience”. Do you want me to pick apart the story to make sure it all fits back together again, or do you just want me to make sure it’s well punctuated and spelled correctly? Sometimes they’ll start out with “oh just grammar and spelling is fine, I think I’ve got everything pretty down, but y’know if you have any suggestions” which is when I have to very gently tell them they actually want a copy edit, and this will be a lengthier process than me going through it on a speed run basis. So also allowing yourself ample time to have it edited before a deadline, is a good idea. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve agreed to a project, asked them when they want it by and the email I get back says “well the deadline for open submissions ends tomorrow so if you could just” and I have to tell them no, this is not a thing that will be happening.

You may also want to ask your editor to do a read through first (offer to pay, even if they don’t want payment for it, it’s still the polite thing to do) to see if they have any suggestions as to what you can fix before they start combing through it with a fine tooth comb. This will also give you a vague idea of how they work as an editor and their approach to criticism. 

Some editors only ever leave the negative feedback, short little sentences at the side like “This doesn’t work, fix it.” which to my mind, is one of the least helpful comments you can leave at the side of something. But I’ve also worked with editors who do that and shrug when you tell them that and say “it’s not my place to spoon feed them, if they can’t figure it out they shouldn’t be writing” which I mean, that’s one way to get your coffee spiked I suppose.

Personally I like to let the author know I am enjoying their work. It helps boost their morale a little bit, and means when you do need to tell them “hey this doesn’t really work”, it can soften the blow because I know, I know it’s so easy to look at something and hear “this is shit, why did you even write this”, when what I am actually trying to tell you is “you’ve written something really good here but this part lets it down, why not try rewriting this or consider cutting it entirely”. I have actively squeed in the comments section of manuscripts when I have figured something out or when the characterization is on point, and part of this is because I am expressive, but another part is because I just love words, I love seeing the clever ways people fit them together and I really don’t see the point in not telling someone they did a good job. 

So, how do you approach an editor? Send them an email.

“Hi, my name is XYZ and I was hoping to engage your services for a final draft of my manuscript which I hope to self publish/submit to a magazine/competition/open submissions call/pitch to an agent*. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/literary/romance/contemporary piece and I’m primarily looking for copy/proofing workand was wondering about your rates. I have an open timeline/approaching deadline so a rough estimate of how long you think it would take would also be welcome. If you’d like to review the manuscript first I would be amenable to paying a reading fee for your time.
Thank you, I hope to hear from you and look forward to working with you,
Best, XYZ.”

Or as some people do on here “ @ joy I need help lmao how much money do I need to throw at you to fix this???” which has also worked :P

(*these are important distinctions to make, it helps us to tweak your work)

For anon who wanted boys as a Yanderes! Hope you like it!


-    You were the only one who treated Kiibo like everyone else and actually loved him. So he decided to make sure you would never leave him!

-   And then he realised…. you can’t leave him if he’s always with you!

-    So privacy just wasn’t an option for you. You would even be greeted outside the bathroom, and god help you if you took a long time! Because that’s really suspicious.

-    The only time you could be alone was at night. Until one night you wake up to find Kiibo in your living room!

-    He tried to explain to you that most cheaters leave to meet their secret lover at night, and he couldn’t risk that!

-    But you weren’t having anything he was saying. And hurt by the fact he even thought of you doing something like that you told him to leave.

-   And just like that something inside of him snapped, this is what he was worried about in the first place.

-   You can’t just make him leave; it was either him…. or nothing.

Korekiyo Shinguuji :

-  Since he laid eyes on you he knew you were the one. You were the only one who got his way of talking, and just his personality in general.

-   But when you let him down he was really confused…. you were meant to be together. It was destiny!

-   You apologized and told him you don’t really see yourself in that type of relationship with him and went to leave.

-   But he ran to the door and got there before you could, locking it as he stared into your eyes. His feelings quickly turning into a mix of love and anger.

-    It was fate for you to be together! If you didn’t understand that then what’s the point in you being here? In this world?

-   He slowly walked towards you, backing you into a corner.

-   You looked so peaceful now, so beautiful.

-   You can’t break his heart anymore.

Gokuhara Gonta:

-   Gonta never meant to scare you; he was just trying to be a gentleman looking out for his princess!

-   But there was a line between looking out for someone and following them.

-  Everywhere you went you felt his usually comforting eyes staring at you. And it honestly freaked you out…. did he not trust you?

-  But it wasn’t that….he finally told you one day when you confronted him about it….  he didn’t trust over gentlemen! What if you stopped loving him!

-   You insisted that would never happen and that you would always love him no matter what! But what he was doing wasn’t right.

-          He apologised and convinced you that he learnt his lesson.

-    But that wasn’t quite true…

-   All he learnt from this is how to make sure you don’t notice him as you walk down the street.

Kaito Momota:

-   At first Kaito was pretty laid back, you trusted each other and there was no need not to right?

-  But after a while Kaito noticed you were always texting your old school friends and got very jealous.

-    He would always ask you questions about what type of people they were and every detail about your relationship with them!

-    You answered the questions not thinking that much about them and told him he was the only person you thought of having romantic relationship with, they were just friends!

-    You honestly thought he was acting cute. And thinking he was satisfied with your replies, went to make a snack.

-    But when you came back in to the room Kaito was in, you found him with your phone smiling at you. He explained to you that he messaged all your friends telling them not to bother texting you anymore.

-    It was so odd… he was acting so different yet so normal, with his goofy smile and casual voice. You let anger get the best of you and demanded he texts them back and gives you the phone back.

-   He looked at you confused “What are you talking about? They were trying to part us! I should have done something far worse in all honesty”.

-   That was the last time you saw your phone. And the start of your new life with just you and Kaito.

 Amami Rantarou:

 -     You didn’t think Rantarou minded when people got close to you, because at the end of the day he was your lover and your best friend.

-   But one day you realised that as soon as you got close to someone they would just stop talking to you.

-   Almost like they vanished into thin air, no texts, no phone calls nothing!

-    And that really upset you, was there something about you that they didn’t like so much that they just disappeared?!

-    Rantarou was always there to cheer you up, telling you things like “They’re weren’t  worth it, they didn’t love you like I do “and “it’s okay, I will be with you forever!”

-    Some of things he said about them were kind of odd, why was he always talking about them in past tense?

-   You were never really sure until one day you were at his house and saw a watch that looked kind of familiar….

Shuichi Saihara

-   Shuichi has always been kind, which was no secret. So you weren’t surprised when he offered to help you do the little things like washing up and hovering.

-   But then, after a while he got more obsessed with helping you.

-   He wouldn’t let you do anything, saying you should relax and let him do your chores.

-    You tried to object but he would get a little annoyed and that made you feel awful. He was being so nice after all.

-   Then one day you woke up and smelled…. pancakes? You went downstairs to find Shuichi cooking with a few of his everyday items dotted around your house.

-  You asked him what he was doing here so early…. with all his stuff?

-  He replied without even looking back from the pan, “I’ve decided I will live with you, it will be easier for me to help you and we can stay here together forever”

-  He sounded so confident in what he was saying, as if it was an everyday topic. But it wasn’t like you had a say in the situation.

 Kokichi Ouma:

 -   Ouma joked around a lot so when he said things like ‘stay with me forever’ and ‘only look at me’ you laughed it off thinking he was trying to be tough.

-   But one day as you were about to leave his house for the day after another round of hid possessive jokes he looked you dead in the eye, no cute, childish features showing.

-  “Why do you laugh? Don’t you love me?”

-    This hit you by surprise “O-of course I do!” you said, but you felt awful. You liked him, a lot but you hadn’t been together for long; was it love yet?

-   After you left you decided that tomorrow you would confess that you need more time before you use the word love.

-    But before you could think about it properly you started to feel dizzy and slowly passed out, when you woke up you were tied to a chair.

-   The first thing you heard was Oumas voice “liar“.

-   Now every day the you wake up to Oumas smile

“Hey s/o “he would say “do you love me yet?”

 Ryoma Hoshi:

-   He acted cool around you when others were talking to you.

-   But when you weren’t around he was very detailed with what he would do to people who tried to get between you

-   And if people thought he was joking he would give them a taster session.

-   It was all for you though

-   They would just try and break you heart.

Getting the most out of tumblr

With 1DFF being down and out of business (whether that’s forever or not is still unclear), tumblr seems to be the prime place for all our favourite fanfictions to be posted. There’s nothing wrong with tumblr at all, I very much like tumblr myself, but sometimes we, as authors, want to get the very best we can out of it – and so, yes, that includes how to reach a wider audience to help boost our stories. Of course we write for ourselves and all that jazz, but there’s just something nice about having someone appreciate all the hard work you put into something, am I right?

So, with all this in mind, I’ve put together a little list of things I’ve learnt over the years when it comes to tumblr and posting my own fics on tumblr.

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We met in a kindergarten. Yousana AU.

Part I here

Part II

I’m telling you, she totally does”

“Are you sure?”

“I am, just wait and see when she comes in and…”

Jamilla and Elias stopped talking as Sana entered the room. They were all at the Bakkoush’s for dinner and Jamilla and Elias had excused themselves to get the dessert but they were taking too much time.

“What it’s taking you two so long?” Sana asked

“Oh, nothing I was just telling Elias that I may need to ask you a favor Sana”

“Uh, sure…what is it?”

“My shift at the hospital got changed and I have to work tomorrow and Abdu has this important meeting with his boss so I was wondering if maybe you could pick Nadia up from school?” Jamilla asked biting her lip

“Oh…” Sana tried not to look affected by it.

It had been almost a week since she had met Yousef at the kindergarten and she hadn’t been able to erase his face from her mind. It annoyed her so much because she didn’t even know the guy and for the time they had been talking they hadn’t even got along well but there was something in him, in his eyes, the way he smiled that she just couldn’t shake it.

“Wow, she totally does like him” Elias said laughing

Jamilla glared at him, this boy couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“Again Jamilla? You’re with that again? Is this what this is? You’re just trying to get me to go there” Sana said annoyed

“No, no…I mean I may have tell Elias that there’s a cute teacher at Nadia’s kindergarten and that you two would made a good couple but I really need you to pick her up tomorrow, that was real” Jamilla explained

“So you really have to work?”


“And Abdu really has a meeting?”

“Yes he has”

“Fine” Sana said sighing “I’ll pick her up…but Elias is coming with me”

“Me? What? Why?” Elias complained

“Because a) you have nothing else to do, b) I don’t want to go alone and c) that way you’ll see that I don’t like Mr. Rules and you two will leave me alone”

“Oh how cute you already have pet names for each other” Elias teased her making Jamilla laugh

“You want your daughter to be left at school?” Sana said squinting her eyes at Jamilla

“You wouldn’t do that to Nadia”

“Ugh, it’s true…I wouldn’t do that to her, but I’d do that to both of you” Sana said turning around to leave the kitchen

“You love us!” Jamilla yelled after her



“Okay so we go there, we enter, take Nadia and leave, understood?” Sana told Elias as they walked down the street the following day

“Relax sis, he’s just a guy”

“It’s not about him I just have so many things to do and don’t want to waste my time”

“So spending time with your niece is wasting your time?”

“You know that’s not what I meant” Sana said rolling her eyes, then she said in a low voice “You just don’t leave me alone in there”

“So you are scared of facing him. I thought I’d never see this day, my sister has a crush on a guy and is too embarrassed to face him” Elias said laughing

“I don’t have a crush on him and I just don’t want you to leave me alone because…because I love you so much big brother and I don’t want to be apart from you”

Elias raised his eyebrows at her knowing that everything she had just said was bullshit.

“Okay, we’re here” Sana said as they got to the kindergarten’s door

“You know there’s a coffee shop on the corner of the street, I’m going to go buy us some coffee”

“Uh, Elias, what part of “don’t leave me alone in there” don’t you get?” Sana asked crossing her arms of her chest

“Sana, Nadia won’t be out for another 10 minutes, you don’t have to go in if you don’t want to, you can stay here while I go to buy us some coffee, okay?”

“Fine…but I won’t get in there until you arrive”


“And please do not get my order wrong. Latte, no sugar, no cream. Understood?”

“Sana I’m your brother, I think I know how you like your coffee” Elias said shaking his head offended before turning around to leave for the coffee shop.

Sana sighed after he left. She took out her phone to see if she had any texts but she didn’t, of course, when she needed to be entertained no one would send her anything. She looked around the street trying to find something that would make the wait shorter, she always liked observing other people but the street was pretty much empty except for an old couple who was walking across her hand in hand. She smiled to herself. That was the kind of love she wanted for herself. The one that never grows old. She wanted to be 80 and still be in love with her husband, her heart still beating fast in her chest every time she’d see him, her whole body shaking every time their hands would touch. She had never been really keen on starting a relationship with anyone. She had always focused more on her studies than in boys. In part it was because she knew that when the right person would come she’d know, there was no need on trying to find him, he would just appear in her life in the most unexpected way and she would just know.

“Are you planning on coming inside any time soon?” she heard a male voice, that male voice, behind her

Sana turned around a little bit startled and saw Yousef standing in front of her, holding opened the door of the kindergarten. He was smiling at her with his head slightly tilted. As soon as she laid eyes on him she felt her heart beating fast in her chest. She swallowed and took a deep breath trying to calm down.

“Sana?” Yousef tried to get her attention

“I’m sorry I just…I’m early and I didn’t want to bother”

“Oh come on, don’t be silly, come in, you can wait inside”

“Isn’t that against the rules?” she asked raising her eyebrows

She then cursed herself. What was she doing? Was she trying to flirt with him? Why would she do that?

“I’ll make an exception for you” he said winking at her before stepping inside the place leaving the door opened for her to come

Why has he so keen on making her suffer like that? Winking at her? Seriously?

“So I suppose you’re here to take Nadia home, right?” Yousef said once they were inside

Sana looked around and saw that they were in fact alone in the hallway. All the doors of the classrooms were closed and there was no one around except Yousef and her.

“No, I’m here to abduct some other kid, but you kind of ruined my plan” she said

He chuckled at her and bit his lip.

“Yes I’m here for Nadia and before you say anything, I do have the authorization with me”

“Well, you don’t need that”

“What do you mean I don’t need that?” she asked frowning

“It’s only needed the first time someone other than the parents comes”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Sana said, her lips forming a line “So you give me a speech of how you can’t let anyone take the kids without permission and now you tell me that it’s not necessary?”

“Not after the first time” he said matter-of-factly

“What if in this week I had a huge fight with Jamilla and Abdu and I’m here to abduct their daughter as revenge?”

“Are you?” he said squinting his eyes at her playfully

“Maybe” she joked

They both stared at each other’s eyes and suddenly they burst into laughs.

“There you are! I thought you were waiting for me outside”

Sana stopped laughing and turned around in time to see Elias approaching her.

“Well I was but you were taking too long, Elias” Sana said rolling her eyes at him as he stood next to her.

Elias…so this was uncle Elias, the guy Nadia talked about last time he saw Sana. Yousef’s smile faded from his face. Again the feeling of disappointment and frustration he had felt last week invaded him. Disappointment because he didn’t like the idea of Sana having someone in her life, frustration because why did he even care? He had just met the girl and she hadn’t been the nicest person to him the first time they met. He knew that she was a good person though, he could feel it. And she was funny and sarcastic and she looked like an angel. Stop, Yousef, the girl is just not interested.

“I was buying you coffee, dear” Elias said handing her the paper cup with her drink

“Well thank you” Sana said taking a sip from it. “Oh my god Elias, what is this?”

She shook her head trying to cope with the taste on her mouth.

“It’s what you ordered, latte with extra sugar and extra cream”

“That’s not what I ordered, I always take a latte with no sugar and no cream. How can you not know this?” Sana gave him back the cup exasperated.

Was Yousef a bad person for enjoying the fact that this Elias guy had made a mistake with Sana’s coffee? He knew he shouldn’t even care but he couldn’t help the smirk that formed in his lips.

“I’m sorry Miss Perfect” Elias said rolling his eyes

“I thought I was Mr. Perfect” Yousef said before he could stop himself

“No, you’re Mr. Rules” Sana corrected him shaking her head

Yousef nodded and smiled, a smile that disappear when he saw Elias looking at him interested.

“Oh, this is Elias, he’s here with me to take Nadia” Sana explained when he saw the two boys staring at each other “Will you need that authorization now, since it’s his first time, you know”

She smiled at him playfully but his expression kept serious.

“No, it’s not necessary. Since your boyfriend is here with you he doesn’t need an authorization” Yousef said

Elias, who was taking a sip from his cup, choked as soon as he heard the “b word” coming out of Yousef’s mouth.

“Oh, no, Elias is not my boyfriend” Sana explained trying to contain the laugh

“Husband, then?” Yousef asked

“I can’t believe this” Elias said laughing out loud not caring about the death glare his sister was giving him

“No…uhm…Elias is…my brother” Sana said biting her lip so she wouldn’t laugh at Yousef’s expression

If there was a prize for most embarrassing moment of your life, Yousef would totally win it. He cursed himself for not even thinking about that possibility. Uncle Elias, of course that meant he was her brother. He looked between Elias who was laughing at him and Sana who was clearly amused by the situation but trying to be polite about it.

“I…uh…I’m sorry…my bad…I just…I’m going to go look for Nadia…yeah, the class is about to end…so…yeah…be right back…” Yousef stuttered before turning around and leaving without even looking back

“I can’t believe that guy, he thought you and I were a couple and he was clearly not happy about it” Elias said as soon as they were alone

“Shut up, Elias”

“Come on Sana, you two were totally flirting when I arrived. By the way weren’t you supposed to wait outside for me? What happened? You couldn’t stay away from him?”

“I said shut up Elias” Sana warned him again

“Oh, wait until I tell Jamilla and Abdu” he whispered between laughs

Sana was about to tell him to shut up once again but then the door of the classroom opened and Nadia ran to them with a smile

“Uncle Elias!!”

“My favorite girl!” Elias said taking her in his arms

“Hello to you too, Nadia” Sana said acting offended

“Don’t be sad aunt Sana, I love you too” she said blowing off a kiss to her

Sana scrunched her nose and smiled.

“So, shall we go?” She asked her brother

“Sure” he said as he left Nadia on the floor and took her hand

“Wait, Sana!”

They turned around and saw Yousef walking towards her.

“Since you didn’t have the chance to drink it” he said handing her a paper cup of coffee “Latte with no sugar and no cream, right?”

Sana just stared at him blinking, with her mouth slightly opened.

“We have a machine in the teacher’s room, it won’t be as good as one from a coffee shop but no one should ever be left without coffee” he said smiling at her fondly

“Now is when you take the cup from him, Einstein” Elias whispered to his sister

“Yeah, yeah, thank you, this is very nice of you” Sana stuttered

She stretched out her hand to take the cup from him and for a second their hands brushed making her whole body shake at the touch. She looked at him in awe for a moment before shaking her head trying to focus, grabbing the cup with both hands so he wouldn’t notice that she was shaking.

“No worries” he said nodding “I guess I’ll see you around”

“Yeah, see you”

They smiled at each other one last time before Sana turned around and left with Elias and Nadia behind her.

As soon as they were in the street Elias opened his mouth to say something.

“Shut up Elias, just  shut up” she said glaring at him.

Elias nodded reluctantly and walked past by Sana with Nadia by his side

Sana looked down at the cup and smiled to herself, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to pick Nadia up from school more often.



I hope you like this part!

Thank you so so much for reading!♥

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if you could give any message to someone starting to stan ariana now what would it be

Dear New Stan,

I have so much to say but absolutely no way to put anything into words; it’s been a rough few weeks. One thing I can tell you is that Ari isn’t like normal celebrities. She is a homebody and she likes to sit in her house with her dogs and her friends and compose musicals about rat infestations. She would rather be at Whole Foods than at a club, a sentiment not shared by most celebrities (or even a lot of 20-somethings living in LA). But despite her quirks (or perhaps because of them) the depth with which she loves her fans is incomparable. Even if things have been a bit quiet over the past few months, Ari’s fans know her for her impassioned speeches on stage, her twitter sprees, and her 200 second snapchat stories of her dogs or whatever movie she is watching that night. To understand her relationship with her fans, all you have to do is watch any one of the dozens of livestreams she has done over the years (my personal favorites are those where she goes against her management’s wishes and leaks her songs before they come out because she is just itching for her fans to hear her new music). Ariana’s strength is incredible, which I’m sure you noticed, as you are considering stanning her in the aftermath of the Manchester attacks, but it has been brewing within her for a long time.

In terms of us, the fanbase you are entering, I’d like to think we are some of the most supportive people around. It may have to do with how small our fanbase is, but I never go a day without seeing loving tags on my posts and others’ where people admire and celebrate others’ talents. Even though my parents always told me not to talk to strangers, reaching out to others in the community has made me some of the best friends I could ever ask for, people I can just send all my shit posts and terrible memes and screenshots of tweets too without facing judgment for stanning so hard like I would in real life. Our tag is filled with love and cute pictures and the most hilarious text posts and memes and I could not be luckier to be a part of it. So… welcome. I don’t know how many of you there are about to be, but I sure as hell will do everything I can to make you feel at home here, just as I’m sure everyone else will as well. 

Love, Dana


Happy Birthday, my dear friend - @sim-bubble ❤️

“Jesus fucking hell, Ale. Where do I even begin? You are well aware of what you mean to me, putting it in words is going to be hard, especially because you know how I hate expressing feelings.

 Ale, you are, without a doubt, one of the best people I have ever had the luck to meet. I am pretty sure that ever since I texted you for the very first time we have never stopped talking. In you, I found one of the most amazing friends ever, you were there for me throughout one of the hardest moments of my entire life, and you always managed to make things better or to make me laugh.

 Also, you have probably the biggest collection of selfies I took while on the toilet, so I think that explains how much you mean to me, I mean, you can make a photo album with those, and who wouldn’t want that? For real though, Ale, you are my chicken nugget, the person I spam almost every day, one of my closest friends and just overall amazing. 

Happy birthday, Ale, hope you spend the most amazing day ever because you really deserve it. And, I promise, one day I will let you put makeup on me, you can consider this a voucher for when you’re here. 

Hope we can keep having our portuguese wars for a long long time, even though it’s a war pt-portuguese definitely wins. I love you, Ale. Thank you. For being you, for always being there, for existing. Just… obrigada por tudo aquilo que alguma vez fizeste por mim. So, once again, happy birthday, my dear friend. Have a good one.”

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ok sorry if you got asked this before but.... how do you style your headings? i tried some tutorials and they never seemed to work out so i decided on asking the lord and savior of code tutorials aka u <3

I don’t think I have ever seen a tutorial for this, but everyone uses these small headers these days. I’m sure everyone has a different way of making these, but it’s pretty easy, and this is how I do it: I just start writing the code as if I’m only making a code for a fancy text. Then I put a border around it and voila. I realise this is too broad, so I will explain it as well as I can.

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hey guys!! so I’ve been in the studyblr community for a couple months and I got a question on how I survived AP World History on my personal account from: @x0kristin101. I figured instead of answering this question in private, I could share it with you all! I got a Some of these tips can probably used for some other class(es) but I specifically used these for AP World History! 

*disclaimer #1: most of these strategies/methods/tips were demanded by my teacher, but it does take personal motivation*

*disclaimer #2: I got a 3 on the AP Exam which qualifies for college credit at MOST colleges, HOWEVER check with whichever colleges you plan on attending/applying so you know what you need to strive for*

1. Read the text!!

    • AP World History is a very hefty and work intensive course, that spans from 3000BC all the way to the present! Reading the text once or twice a week will really help the information sink in. If you can, mark up the text and circle words you find important or underline sentences that state main ideas. DO NOT SKIP ANYTHING WHEN YOU READ. Read the chapter for its entirety

2. Take Notes. pls. 

    • Taking notes is crucial because when you write something, it becomes ingrained in your brain and afterwards, review your notes in whichever way works best for you, whether its reading or rewriting them. The way I took notes was I would read through the chapter once, then I would go back and read the first paragraph of each section. 
    • After that I would write the MAIN IDEA of what I just read in my own words. Underneath it, I would put bullet points of details from that section. At the end of my notes, I would do a compare & contrast chart of any 2(or more) things from the chapter. Next, I would talk about any DIFFUSION that happened like anything that went from one civilization to another and changed with that other culture.
    • Then 10-20 words from the text that you did not know that are related to the chapter like Teotihuacan or Montezuma or Olmecs, then define them.
    • Lastly, write a summary using SPICE categories. SPICE = Social, Political, Intellectual, Cultural and Economics. My summaries always came out long, but if they don’t that’s okay :) 
  • 3. Flashcards.
    • Flashcards for us were due EVERY FRIDAY. On the blank side, you would write the term. In the upper left corner, you would write the chapter and the page number you found the term. On the back you would write the basic definition of what it was. Skip a line then write a little bit more of an in depth explanation. On the last line, you write the significance of that person, place, thing, idea, religion, etc.
    • How to Study these flashcards: go through them once. Make 3 piles: the ones you definitely know, the ones you sort of know, and the ones you didn’t know AT ALL. After you complete the first run, move the pile of the Do Knows out of the way. No need to study them if you know it already!! 
    • Put the Sort Of Knows and Don’t Knows in a pile and study those. As you study those, go through them and make a pile of the ones you Do Know and the Don’t Knows.  
    • Repeat aforementioned steps until you are out of flashcards. 
    • NOW TAKE A 15 MINUTE BREAK! run, sleep, eat, talk with a friend, watch TV. THEN COME BACK TO THEM and study them again. The human brain learns better in short bursts, not long hours. That’s why the Pomodoro Technique kicks ass :)

4. Focus on the Main Ideas & Be Able to Connect Topics/Ideas

    • The only way the CollegeBoard is going to fit over 3000 years of history on the 70 question multiple choice part is by giving you questions on Main Ideas. They want to see if you can make connections with any random things. Like on the year I took the test, they asked what Gandhi and Mao Zedong had in common. 
    • At the end of each chapter, write down what you think the main ideas are. Your teacher should cover or express what the main ideas are. Sometimes they are mentioned right in the text. If you aren’t sure, talk to your teacher!
    • To connect ideas, make mindmaps or practice taking 2 random things and seeing how they are connected. You can create Links like we have for APUSH, where you pick 4 random topics/people/events/etc and you have to find a way they are connected. 

5. Practice DBQs/Do Practice Tests

    • The Document Based Question or better known as the DBQ is pretty self explanatory: they give you a question and then you have to read documents tied to that question. This is THE HARDEST essay merely because there are SO many components that you need to have in order to get the grade. I can’t give much advice on this (lo siento) but all I can say is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE
    • DO PRACTICE TESTS. You need to practice doing 70MC questions in 55 Minutes and you need to practice writing ALL THREE ESSAYS within the given time period. If you buy a prep book, it should have a practice test. Or try talking to your teacher about accessing some if they do not provide you with any practice tests in class. 

6. Try Your Best! 

    • It’s going to be okay. AP World History is a lot of work but its SO much fun. You learn about why people are the way they are and you become educated about different cultures and …its amazing. Do it. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped! If you guys want, I can do another masterpost on taking notes from a textbook so the taking notes part is a little more clear? Same with flashcards? Please let me know if you liked this!! 

Much love, xo

Lab Partners W/ Warren Worthington

• It all started with Hank
• The person Warren was already sitting next to almost got into a third fight with him
• It was because he nagging about Warren’s feathers all over the place
• Anyways, Hank switched his seat next to you because you were more cooperative student
• As soon as he sat next to you he just checked you out (in a nonsexual manner) to make sure you weren’t worse than the other guy
• Before class ended Hank assigned a project for the class
• Something about the effects of using natural resources and which you’d prefer the world to use
• Warren was starting to walk out the door before you stopped him
• “Wait don’t you want to discuss any plans for the project?”
• “Damnit I was hoping you didn’t care about grades”
• So you exchange numbers and used to text about info for the project
• Now you guys could text about anything
• W: “Hey did u see Pete run into the front door! I lmao!
• Y: "Warren make sure to not forget to bring my jacket to class
• He’d go to your dorm after class pretty much everyday
• ” Warren, how much tutoring and studying do you need now?“
• "I actually wanted to ask if you wanted to maybe go get a milkshake for this times study shesh?”
• Eventually you guys now hang out in you room listening to music or listen to Warren complain about people
• “Ughhh!! Its just can the kid in front of me chew any louder?! I swear I’m failing that class because I can’t hear the bloody teacher!!”
•You let him rest his head in your lap and play with his hair to calm him down
•He honestly couldn’t ask for a better partner to help him just let his anger out and listen to his issues
• It took about month for Warren to start calling your guys “study sheshs” into dates
• And a little bit longer for him to finally ask you to be his girlfriend instead of lab partner
•All thanks to Scott tho because he placed a bet that Warren wouldn’t ask you out
•Now Scott owes him $15
• He swore that day Hank sat him next to you it saved his grade and his heart

I really like Roman and i’m the last person to point out a player and to say ‘hey! we only lost bc of you’ i’d never do that and also neither did we lose tonight only bc of Roman. We win as a team and we lose a team, always! but what people have to understand is that we conceded the goal bc of him. It was a mistake and it happens like we all do mistakes but I don’t like how the media is keep bashing him and making such a fuss about him I feel like that he kinda lost his confidence bc this season he did very well but since this whole drama from the media started he was both in the RB game and today against Apoel not at his best sadly and that’s pretty sad like look what the media can cost

It’s been a horrifying week/month/year/long time. I’m guessing a lot of us are feeling more hated and more visible right now than usual. Now I’m not great at self care but I’m pretty good at shouting out the great things other people in my life do that make me happy and feel taken care of.

What’s one thing someone in your life does for you that you appreciate?

I’ll go first. I appreciate how my wife supports my interests, especially the ones she doesn’t share. Tonight I’m at a women’s basketball game. She could not give less of a shit about basketball, but she stills texted me to ask how it’s going and, when I (jokingly) asked if she would still love me when I was a wrinkly old lady yelling at the referees, she texted “I will watch you do that and then take you home and ravish you.” Makes me feel really cared about.

Reblog with yours

Okay so, I have no idea how we reached and passed 200 followers already. But oh my god, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! When I first started using Tumblr, like month ago, I did not think that I would reach 50 followers, let alone 200. So, thanks for enjoying the content and all the shitty text posts I make about these two idiots who give me joy and make me question why I stan them. It honestly means a lot. This is a follow forever, because I didn’t do anything for 100 and yeah.

The following blogs are one’s that I really like and enjoy and that I want to become internet friends with, but I’m hella awkward bc I don’t know how to start a conversation, but go check them out.
(Favorite mutuals are bolded and italicized, bolded are mutuals that are pretty cool, and italicized are people that I want to talk to, but like yeah my social skills RIP)

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Thoughts on Crepegate

Right when I saw the original crepegate post, I had a laugh and ignored it because it felt extremely fake. A lie or no lie, didn’t care. I moved on with my day unlike the thousands of anti’s on that post. Look, what OP did wasn’t cool, but life goes on, just take a chucke and move out.

If ANYTHING, this is extremely taken out of hand when it’s legitimately nothing important. Just another dumb post on the internet.

I’m kind of more nervous now because of the fact people are probably going to hate on Reylo shippers even MORE. It feels like an overall mockery to the Reylo fandom, and that’s super unsettling to me.

BUT, Reylo fam we’ve gotten and beaten through so many struggles and stupid gates, we’ll be fine in this one too.

Also, keep in mind that while Tumblr is a place on the internet, there are MANY other places on the internet too, with different thoughts, opinions, ideologies, pretty much overall people.

This gate WILL die down eventually. We’ll still be going strong as we always have. And not everyone on the planet makes fun of Reylo shippers, as much as people do on Tumblr. General audience members couldn’t care less.

Even moreso, a stupid post with stupid comments attatched will not change how the story goes.

Anyways, just thought I’d add in my two cents.

Reylo fam can beat this.

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Friends to Lovers Lee Euiwoong
  • aight, les do this
  • so, rather than friends, euiwoong is actually more of an acquaintance
  • the reason you two even talk to each other is because he’s super smart and sociable, when you were struggling in biology, so your friends had recommended you ask euiwoong for help
  • he had offered to tutor you
  • for free
  • hell yes to free help
  • euiwoong is like a super good tutor too
  • he doesn’t get annoyed or impatient, even when you ask him to repeat the steps of meiosis for the third time, and he’s always praising you when you answer his questions correctly
  • a part of you kinda figures that euiwoong is tutoring you cause he has a lot of free time and genuinely likes the subject
  • but one day, his friend hyungseob came up to you and commented on how special you must be because, even though euiwoong had to work at his parents three stores, he spends the little free time he got tutoring you
  • you were like ‘wut’ because, euiwoong works at THREE STORES?, and also, he’s making time just to help you?? for nothing in return??
  • you go up to him and you’re like ‘euiwoong, wyd’ and he’s like ‘what are you even talking about’
  • his face when you tell him hyungseob told you about him being super busy is something you will remember even in your next life
  • he keeps insisting that it’s not a big deal, though, and continues to tutor you
  • but you start to notice just how tired he looks somedays, so you suggest trying to get his parents to give him some time off
  • you’re the one that suggested he go on hello counselor
  • and when he told you that they accepted his concern, you were like ‘i hope it goes well for you’ when he tells you that he wanted you to go on the show too, as someone who’s seen how tired he is
  • obviously, you agree, cause supporting euiwoong is the least you can do after everything he’s done for you
  • so you, euiwoong, hyungseob, and his parents go on hello counselor
  • being highkey proud and lowkey jelly when everyone is going crazy over how good looking he is
  • when the camera shows you and hyungseob, the mcs are like ‘omg, is that your girlfriend, she’s so pretty’ and both of you go blushy
  • hyungseob does not help
  • at all
  • encourages and initiates the teasing the most
  • after that day, though, all three of you get casting calls from various agencies because of your guys’ looks visual gods, y’all
  • the boys chose yuehua, but you choose cre.ker
  • that’s where you meet ju haknyeon and the rest of the boyz trainees, and get super close
  • you still keep in touch with euiwoong, but it’s not as often because you both are busy with school and training
  • you guys lose contact for a while, and you haven’t seen him or hyungseob
  • you watched it to support haknyeon, but when euiwoong and hyungseob come on the screen with three other trainees, you lose your mind
  • hwall: ‘three of them are older than y-’
  • you: ‘MY CHILDREN’
  • when you’re only allowed to vote for two trainees, you get all pouty because
  • a) you want all the trainees to make it top 11, wtf
  • and b) there are three people in particular that you wanna vote for, but haknyeon would actually disown you if you voted for euiwoong and hyungseob over him
  • in the end, your pick is haknyeon and euiwoong
  • you were able to go to one of the performances, which was the one where he was in oh little girl
  • and you screamed because in the episode just before that, he was this badass rapper that owned the stage, and now… he’s so soft… and cute
  • he didn’t notice you, but you’re sure hyungseob did, because the two of you had some awkward eye contact when he was on stage
  • when the recording was done for the day, he told euiwoong that he saw you in the crowd and euiwoong freaked the fuck out
  • hyungseob: ‘smh, you’re already an overly concerned boyfriend’
  • euiwoong not even paying enough attention to hyungseob to deny it
  • you were on his mind now, and he couldn’t stop thinking about you, so he went to go find haknyeon back at the dorms and ask about how you were doing and if you remembered him
  • haknyeon basically spilling the fact that you had a HUGE crush on euiwoong the last time he checked, and that he was pretty sure that if people were only allowed to vote for one trainee, you would pick him over euiwoong
  • so he makes sure that your number is still the same, then texts you asking if you two could meet up
  • obviously you say yes, this is lee euiwoong we’re talking about
  • you head over to the yuehua building, and justin is the one that greets you at the door and lets you in, telling you that euiwoong is waiting in the first practice room on the third floor
  • when you walk in, euiwoong like tackles you in a hug, telling you how much he’s missed you
  • and you’re like, omg, i miss you too, i thought you forgot about me
  • euiwoong, pulling back to look you in the eyes with the most offended look on his face: how DARE you think i could forget about my favorite person in the world
  • hyungseob, back in the pd101 dorms: i feel a disturbance in the force
  • sorry hyungseob
  • anyways, euiwoong started telling you about how hyungseob saw you at the performance for oh little girl, and how haknyeon had told him how you had been voting for him
  • euiwoong: i was si excited to hear that you were still thinking about me, because i’ve liked you since the first day we met, and-
  • you: you… like me?
  • euiwoong:….. oh
  • you: i…. like you too
  • then he gets kinda quiet before shyly asking you if you wanted to go on a date some time, and you’re like, yes, pls
  • and it’s kinda simple and casual, because you both are trainees, and euiwoong is already recognized by fans and stuff
  • but it’s really cute, euiwoong sets up an indoor picnic in his practice room, and he hands up fairy lights to make it a little prettier, and he has this really cute playlist playing in the background
  • and even when you guys become an official couple, the effort he puts into planning events for you doesn’t die down
  • basically the most perfect boyfriend ever
  • like he keeps little mementos from each date you two have, and even gives you hand written letters sometimes
  • a lot of the time, they’re to say he’s thankful for everything that you do, and he hopes you don’t forget that you’re really important to him
  • your first kiss was during christmas time, and it wasn’t under the mistletoe, but rather because you were practicing for a special stage for music bank, and when you looked at euiwoong happily for his opinion, he just thought you were the prettiest person he’d ever seen
  • like, you’re always beautiful to him, but when you were practicing so diligently, no makeup, wearing one if his hoodies and a hat covering your slightly messy hair
  • he couldn’t help himself, you just looked so perfect
  • the boyz walked into the room as his lips are still on yours, and the two of you go real shy and blushy, but euiwoong still reaches out to hold your hand because it comforts him
  • the boyz and yuehua sprouts don’t let this go, ever
  • you’re now the otp of both companies, and basically joined the two groups together
  • now jungjung, younghoon, jacob, new and sangyeon nag you both at the same time, and you and euiwoong are like… guys…. pls
  • sunwoo, q, haknyeon, and seunghyuk always wanting to tag along when you go out for food, and you two always let them go along because they actually pay for their food, and even your guys’ when they feel especially nice
  • justin, hwall, and eric always ask you guys to buy them food or some kind of gift, which you guys always say no to because…. justin…. you can buy that whole building if you wanted to… do not
  • also hyunjae, kevin, and hyungseob are your number one fans, they once made signs with both your names on it and hung them up in the practice room
  • concept: euiwoong keeps all the things the sprouts and the boyz make for you guys and hang them up in the practice room on your one year anniversary, and he sets up a projector too so you guys can watch movies together and cuddle
  • and, surrounded by all the pretty decorations and memories, sitting in euiwoong’s arms, you’re really thankful that biology never seemed to make sense to you