how do people make text pretty

You know what I lose when I see reposters? I lose the motivation to post rants, I lose the motivation to share ripped links, I lose the motivation to make gifs and graphics. I just lose motivation to keep being an active part in this fandom. People see someone’s work and think ‘that’s pretty, I’m gonna use it’ BUT THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS! You firstly ask the blogger if they even allow reposting! If they don’t allow it, YOU DO NOT REPOST IT. If they do allow it, you give PROPER credits! And even if they allow it, but ask you to delete their work, YOU DELETE IT! Since it’s not yours. Gif and graphic makers, writers, video editiors, fansites, translators, artists and anyone who posts and shares their own content, they all work so hard just to share the fun and love with everyone, just to make ya’ll smile a bit. And even if you can’t see the work behind the posts, it’s still there! Taking away that hardwork by doing something with the shared content that the owner did not allow or doesn’t feel comfortable with, IS WRONG! If you keep on being like that, people will eventually stop sharing their stories, gifs, fanart, music, graphics, rants, videos, pictures and and and. That’s the logical consequences when you tremble all over our hardwork like that.

I am a complicated human being to be friends with

I’m complex, as they say, but I’m also complicated. I am like a walking paradox, and that’s not a good thing. 

I’m complex, as they say, but I’m also complicated.
I am like a walking paradox, and that’s not a good thing. That makes me a a terrible friend sometimes, because sometimes I just ignore other people when they text me, no matter how many texts they send, when doing something - or just procrastinating -, and if I’m not into talking to someone at school and stuff I’m just gonna get a book and start to read or maybe put my earphones on and leave they talking to themselves, and at the moment I just don’t realize that it’ll make they upset or sad - I’ll probably realize that later, and because I over-think pretty much everything I’ll feel anxious about that, but they will never know because I won’t tell them. Besides that, I am really talkative at times and if I am comfortable with you I’ll talk your ears off if I’m in a good mood.

It’s hard to be a friend of mine. I can be a weirdo, I can be a smartass, I can be funny or moody, I can be introvert and extrovert, all at the same time. You’ll never know me or understand me entirely. And probably I’ll ignore you for days, thinking that maybe I should text you or something but being to lazy for doing so. That’s probably why I only have 3 or 4 friends that I talk regularly to, and that’s because they didn’t give up on me.

If you didn’t give up on me, I love you so much.

It might seem that I don’t, it might seem that I don’t care about you or your feelings but I do. I just don’t know how to make that clear; and, sometimes, I just need a time for myself.

viiduus  asked:

ok sorry if you got asked this before but.... how do you style your headings? i tried some tutorials and they never seemed to work out so i decided on asking the lord and savior of code tutorials aka u <3

I don’t think I have ever seen a tutorial for this, but everyone uses these small headers these days. I’m sure everyone has a different way of making these, but it’s pretty easy, and this is how I do it: I just start writing the code as if I’m only making a code for a fancy text. Then I put a border around it and voila. I realise this is too broad, so I will explain it as well as I can.

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Last night I came up with the idea of making a text post along the lines of  “Brand New is a pretty ironic name considering they haven’t released new music since fucking 2009″ and I was like “u kno what i’m gonna post this tomorrow because more people’ll be online” and I wake up and find out Brand New just released the first new song in six fucking years. What the fuck

me every time im writing
  • me: wait why are they hugging
  • me: wait how did he do that hes sitting down
  • me: where are they again
  • me: why are they making out i thought they were eating dinner
  • me: im pretty sure hes rolled his eyes four times in the conversation
  • me: wait whos talking now
  • me: i dont remember what theyre talking about
This picture perfectly describes me - earphones in ears and all - in pretty much every situation

War in fandom

War between fandoms

directioners vs kpoppers

“Why do you listen to kpop? You can’t even understand what they’re saying”

“All asians look the same. How can you tell them apart?”

Fav being problematic or saying/doing some dumb shit

“ Kim Taehyung (bangtan)  and Ricky (Teen Top) can’t sing.”

“Alien Kim Taehyungggg”

“Jungkook (bangtan) and Niel hog all the lines.”

“Jimin (bangtan) and Niel (teen top) are ugly.” 

People making fun of others’ insecurities 

Get out of your room and go greet our guests

Anything Really

Paying in Germans

Germany: “So… how do you call my language again?”
Netherlands: “Duits.”
Germany: “Mhm. And how did you call your coin again?”
Netherlands: “A Duit.”
Germany: “Right. And how do you make your words plural?”
Netherlands: “By adding -s or -en.”
Germany: “…”
Netherlands: “…”
Germany: “…are you implying you’re paying people in Germans?


 Repost, don’t reblog. 


 NAME: NEET (Mun’s preferred referential name) / /  Youko (muse)


 SEXUALITY: Male, I think.

TAKEN OR SINGLE: Taken by @starbxrn!


ONE: I did a competitive Pokemon tournament a few times. I usually do pretty good with those.

TWO: I’m one of the few people I know who makes it a point to text with proper grammar and punctuation, even if I’m in a rush.

 THREE: In real life, I’m persistent as hell. My muses tend to reflect that tenacity of mine.


 HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Hmm…about 7 or 8.

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Steam, Tumblr, Discord.

BEST EXPERIENCE:  Too many to list.



 FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Fluff, please.



 BEST TIME TO WRITE: Afternoons and/or weekends.

 ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Yes! I find that bits of my muses’ personalities and quirks turn up in my daily behavior, and vice versa as well; I see little pieces of myself in most of my muses.

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Tick Tock: Time Saving Ideas

Or how to waste less of your study time and study more effectively. Some of these seem vague but they’re things that have helped me focus more, hence saving time.

Day 8 of the Munirastudychallenge- Tick Tock

  • Shorten your breaks. Even though this sucks.
  • But do still take breaks.
  • Plan ahead. Plan for your times, so you know what you’re doing and when. 
  • Don’t make your notes too pretty. 
  • Type up on a computer if you’re a slow writer.
  • Study when you’re most alert. Not when you’re sleepy.
  • Annotate texts and other peoples notes rather than rewriting everything.
  • Focus and block out distractions. Study alone. Block out noises. 
  • Have a plain desk to focus more. 
  • Read less study tips. Study more.
  • Study the same for each subject. Or similiar amounts.
  • Use your rest times for actual rest. Sleep, play sports or games, do what is fun for you.
  • Set up a system for organising your resources so you can easily find them
  • Find out what you like and what motivates you, think about that.
  • Don’t study the same thing for more than an hour. Switch subjects.
  • Find out what the important bits are. Ignore the rest. 
  • Locate sites with good facts for your subject so you don’t have to read loads of articles or wikipedia
  • Don’t bother with grammar in your notes. Take bullet points.
  • If you can, print out your diagrams.
  • Try studying every day, so that work doesn’t pile up on thursdays.
Ok guys

It honestly pisses me off so much when people say “where’s Frank?” on artists work.

Like if you want to make your own text post saying how you think Frank is forgotten or whatever fine go do that its your blog friend do what you like

But when you take that to an artist? That’s not very considerate of you.

That artist probably spent a good portion of their time making that art and they were probably pretty proud of it in order for them to post it, even if they do say “oh this awful” sure they might think it’s awful but there must be something they like about it.

But then some shithead comes in and says “where’s Frank!! You people always forget Frank!!!!” First off, why? What are you trying to accomplish by doing this? Frank Awareness™? Second, You don’t know if they ‘forgot’ maybe they made a conscious decision not to add him, Maybe they really didn’t see any relevance in having Frank in their art, or maybe (heaven forbid that some one has an opinion) they really just don’t like Frank? Maybe? (To be clear I love Frank he is my son)

So don’t defend a fictional character against a very real artist who has very real feelings and opinions. It’s just not very nice.

Remember everyone, be nice and supportive especially to our artist, writers, cosplayers, and voice actors!😁

Hello! So it’s been about 3 months since I’ve made this blog and i was -200% expecting 3.5k followers in that time frame (or ever).So that’s pretty cool. I’m honestly horrible at writing things so I’m going to keep this short. Thank you to all the people that follow me, it makes me very happy that you enjoy my gifs and occasional text posts. I was actually planning to do a giveaway so I would be doing something for those who follow me but that isn’t an option rn. So here’s a bunch of cool cool people I follow, thank you for keeping my dash alive and well, also your A+ content.

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Mildly annoyed at how news articles about Kylie Jenner being investigated for animal cruelty because her IG is too thin are flooding the Italian Greyhound tag. -.-

From the photos I’ve seen of the dog in question, they do look underweight but not absolutely emaciated like some people are making it out to be. Honestly, Piper looked pretty similar for about 2 weeks after her false pregnancy ended and her hormones caused her appetite to totally disappear so she was skin and bones despite us offering her a high quality canned food 5 times a day. She only lost 2 pounds total, but for a small dog of a naturally thin breed, that was all it took for most of her ribs and spine to become visible. As soon as her appetite came back, it was only a matter of days before she was back at a healthy weight. I have no doubt that if I were a celebrity, people would’ve called animal control on me too. Random strangers are already critical of my pet care when my pups are at a healthy weight!

Personally I highly doubt that a super rich person who apparently is an animal-lover (based on what others are saying, I don’t follow celebrity gossip heh) is intentionally starving their pet. But okay, armchair activists, do your thing.

Meanwhile, I could find zero relevant Google searches for “Jenna Marbles Kermit fat,” even though her dog is incredibly obese, and getting an IG that overweight is pretty poor pet ownership IMHO. Can we call animal control on her too?

TL;DR: I hate armchair activist culture and “skinny pets are abused but obese pets are adorable” culture, and it would be cool if I didn’t have to be paranoid about people making baseless accusations of animal cruelty against me because my dogs are naturally skinny. :/


sometimes i just think about how pretty people are. like just people in general. maybe pretty isn’t the right word, but i feel like every single person has something about them that is captivating. at bus stops or train stations or when I’m bored in class i sort of watch everyone walking by or sitting around and pick out all the things that make them art. like the glint of this guys nose ring when he tilts his head to the clouds so the slivers of sun fall on his face, or the way the curve of her eyeliner matches the sharp edge of her jawline, or the way that person’s suit is all clean lines and newly pressed fabric, but their hair is ruffling in the wind in a way that puts it all into a muffled contrast. i just watch people and pick these things out, and its so interesting because every single person has something about them that could draw you towards them, no matter age or gender or whatever else. I could list on for ages, the curls of her hair falling onto the smooth skin of her neck, their arms slung around each others so carelessly but with so much affection, the swirl of her dress around her thighs was she walks, almost magical in how it falls softly. its even more interesting when you do with with friends and family. you pick up on all these tiny little details that could quite easily be irrelevant but somehow they warm you up and make you love these people more. and then you have a catalogue in your brain, and if you’re like me and can never quite remember what exactly someone looks like unless you’re looking at them at the very moment, then you can go back to your list and maybe instead remember the way they push their glasses back up or the way they laugh their real laugh or the way they twist their hair as they tie it up or the way their fingers curl and eyelashes still when theyre sleeping. i’ve found that noticing the details adds a depth to everything to see. focus on the exact colours of the leaves floating the the ground, the warming weight of your coffee in your hand, the tone of the buskers voice against the coins falling into the pile. maybe you can get the whole picture without the details, but i think the details somehow just make the whole picture something more