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A thread on Twitter this morning. Guys, don’t pirate comics. Please. Comics is a very small (mostly) creator run industry, so when you scan or torrent a comic, you’re directly hurting the creators. Even if you pirate comics from major publishers, you’re really only denying the creators of their income.

Artists/writers who work on comics make next to nothing. It’s commonplace in the comics industry for the people that make them to be constantly struggling to make ends meet. Just buy a book here and there. Support a Patreon. If you like the work, support it. We work very long hours to make the content you’re enjoying. We would like to not have to worry about how we’re going to buy food while we do it.

quadrants are good: tiny brain

quadrants are bad: big brain

quadrants are a clever piece of worldbuilding that can make good analogies to already existing relationships, but trying to compartmentalize one’s feelings for someone the way the trolls try to do in the comic (and how everyone else does in fanon) is Bad and even presented as such, similar to how heteronormativity negatively affects people in real life: bigger ascending brain

quadrants are fun: biggest astrally expanding brain

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So I was wondering, I have imaginary like... Lovers and I do find myself like, self inserting sometimes as I'm having a super rough time in life atm and it helps me cope. How did you like... Start talking about it and kinda get over the stigma?

finding people who were ok with it and supported me helped a ton, and also knowing there were other selfinsert positive blogs out there helped too !!

kylee henke personally helped me a lot aswell, she was so open about posting all her selfinsert stuff on the internet, even going so far as making comics and animations of herself with fictional characters and i was like,,, damn i want that, i wanna do that too

there was also the fact that 95% of my art is just selfinsert, and i really wanted to share it all with people but i just felt like i couldnt bc of what it was. until i said Fuckit and just made the decision to actually use this URL and make it about selfinserts

i sorta just , did all of this on impulse. it took a lot of years and thinking about it but 1 day i jst sorta got up and. made a post here and went from there like. there was no turning back lmao. AND I’VE BEEN HAVING A GREAT EXPERIENCE EVER SINCE!!!!!!!!

i think the thing to keep in mind is always that as long as you’re not hurting anybody, why should it be bad ?? if it makes you happy and helps you cope you should do it; selfinserts are like that, theyre pretty harmless and fun !! ! so just go ahead and do it !!!!!! life’s too short to be worrying about this !! !!! ! smoOCH YOUR FAVS !!!!!!!!!!!! >:0

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What about how each of the boys handles having to patch up the other boys after a patrol goes wrong?

This I can do!

Dick: he’s totally a mother hen and will relentlessly check and fuss to make sure that even the smallest little scratch is taken care of, even if the injured patient is ready to sock him in the jaw. He’s very soothing and is really good at getting people to rest without arguing

Jason: he’s calm and collected and has surprisingly gentle bedside manner. He will talk softly to whoever he’s tending to so they’re distracted (especially when stitching someone up or doing more painful procedures) and makes sure to tell them what he’s doing so there aren’t any surprises

Tim: he’s a bit more chaotic but is still relatively under control; he often talks to himself while patching someone up and then gets startled when they respond to him. He sometimes distracts his patient with stories or facts that kind of lull them to sleep or just draws their focus away from the pain

Duke: at first he wasn’t too sure what to do since he didn’t have to deal with people getting routinely beat to a pulp every night, but he asked the injured person to guide him and eventually he figured it all out (with some help from Google) and he makes sure to check in with his patient to see that he’s doing everything right

Damian: he tends to scold his patient for getting injured and tells them what they could have done to avoid being injured in the first place, but he will adamantly insist that he needs to patch them up so they can rest, no if ands or buts about it so they know he does want them to be safe

Mai Literally Helped Her Father Try to Assassinate Zuko, Plain and Simple. The Proof is in the Pudding: Response to Argument Mai “Just Made a Mistake”.

No, it is 100% not that simple. What Mai did is considered aiding and abetting in an assassination attempt and the highest form of treason in the form of aiding and abetting by silence and withholding information, and lying to the head of state. In 2017 in the United States, you could be executed if you did this to the president. There is nothing to “twist” or “misinterpret”. She literally helps her dad in his assassination attempts. Let’s begin.

Here, we see that Ukanako, Mai’s father, has the full intention of murdering Zuko. The comic beats around the bush a bit with the outright phrase of murder, but “remove Zuko not only from the throne, but from the face of the earth” is a pretty damn good allusion to fucking murder. They not only want to murder Zuko, Mai’s dad wants to put Ozai back on the throne, you know, Zuko’s abuser. Kei Lo knows all this, and informs Mai. 

Mai also berates Zuko throughout the comic. She believes and spreads the lie that Zuko is turning into his father, his worst fear in the world, which… Mai should know about, but she probably told him to shut up when he tried to let her in a bit. 

Even Ty Lee defends Zuko. Ty Lee knows Zuko better than Mai. I do not understand how they got back together, and it thoroughly disgusts me. There’s also the fact that Mai is literally exploiting an innocent guy, leading him on to think she loves him when he loves her deeply, and using him entirely with no remorse, and again, no having to own up to any of her mistakes as she’s painted pretty flawless. 

Mai knows full damn well all her dad’s up to. She should have told Zuko then and there about it. If she loved him for real, it wouldn’t matter they broke up. She’d have told him instantly. If not even for Zuko, for the nation, but she thinks Zuko is Ozai too, and in the TV series, she sees nothing wrong with Ozai’s reign! She calls Zuko a traitor for going against Ozai!!!! 

Ukanako was not fucking around, either. Look at this. He was fucking killing them all. Kiyi, Ursa, Iroh, and Ikem are all in there too. Mai witnessed all of this. She KNOWS the ENTIRE TIME she CHOOSES to keep quiet and LIE that Ukanako is currently attempting to MURDER ZUKO. She knows this as a FACT. This is how she aids and abets Ukanako. She lies for him, keeps his secret, knowing that he is attempting to kill Zuko. That is direct support of him because her speaking up would save Zuko’s life, and her silence could and would have killed him and possibly his family. It’s basic cause and effect. I’m not twisting anything. Mai knows Ukanako is trying to kill Zuko the whole triglogy, Mai says nothing to Zuko, Mai helps her father, Mai thinks highly of him. What… the fuck?

There she is, admitting to her father she thinks Zuko is a bad person and lackluster leader and implying she believes that means he is worthy of being fucking killed. She lies to Kei Lo about it, who knows this shit is fucked up, and Zuko shouldn’t die. Mai however, has no morality at all, and gives no fucks thtat her dad just ran off to kill ZUKO LATER. Not only does she consequently cause Zuko’s potential death, she LET HIM GO. She had her father right there, could have arrested him, but she choose ZUKO’S DEATH, LET ME REPEAT THAT, HIS MURDER– ASSASSINATION, ALSO END OF FIRE NATION PEACE WHEN THE NOS ALSO PUTS OZAI BACK ON THE THRONE– BY FREEING HER DAD. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DEFEND THIS FUCKING SHIT??? MAI IS LITERALLY FUCKING EVIL IN THE COMICS. SHE’S NOT JUST AN ABUSIVE GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE. SHE IS  FUCKIN EVIL. 

Here is Mai, committing literal treason and contributing to Zuko’s untimely death. She lies to Zuko’s face about it when he KNOWS. It was bad enough she was lying through omission, but this is just sick. Ukanako is trying to kill Zuko like… right this second??? Kei Lo knows it’s fucked up, but he is also getting fucked over by ~perfect~ Mai. This is literally inexcusable and unforgivable… but… the writers excuse it? And, they dont even make Mai sorry…?

“Instead of me, Mom, and Auntie taking care of Tom-Tom, I’m gonna let my murderous dad do it… after he murders Zuko, and restores Ozai back on the throne, you know, that dude who tried to commit mass genocide on the world’s largest city! Get with it, Kei Lo!”

Here she goes again, calling Zuko a shit person, whilst she lets an attempted and CURRENTLY ATTEMPTING murder walk free. Okay.

Finally, and only because TOM TOM COULD BE SAVED FROM THIS, does she admit it. She DOES NOT admit it for ZUKO. Don’t get that confused. She does it for Tom Tom. She still doesn’t give a fuck her dad was trying to kill Zuko this whole time. And, does Mai offer an apology? Get on her knees and beg him not to try her for high treason and execute her? Sob? That’s what one would think… right?

Nope. Not even a single “I’m sorry”, that comes from FUCKING ZUKO. She never says sorry for LYING ABOUT HER DAD TRYING TO MURDER HIM, AND SETTING HIM FREE, CONSEQUENTLY GETTING KIDS KIDNAPPED TOO. SHE AIN’T EVEN SORRY. She comes up with excuses. She twists the blame onto Zuko for not instantly apologizing. She YELLS AT HIM SECONDS AFTER HER CONFESSION THAT SHOULD GET ANY MOTHERFUCKER ARRESTED AT THE LEAST. 

And, in the end… the guy who tried multiple times to kill the man she marries and his family is “brave”. Mai is a fucking villain and psycho in this. 

There is no excuse for this except for Mai’s flippant excuses about her assistance in assassination attempts. This maiko ship is a fucking trainwreck. I don’t GET the defense of it in the comics especially. It’s IN YOUR FACE that she TRIED TO KILL ZUKO WITH HER DAD. SHE CONSPIRED MURDER!!!! AGAINST THE OTHER HALF OF YOUR ZUMAI OTP!!!! WHAT???? 

There is no arguing this. It’s CANON that Mai tried to help her dad kill Zuko. It’s all there in black and white. REad it and weep. 

[Pretends to crack knuckles]

Welcome to a new series that I’m lamely calling “The Legend of Meta”, because boy howdy, I sure have a lot of things to say on a lot of characters and about Breath of the Wild in general.. And I’m bad with naming things. I love writing meta (aka long ramblings) and the zelda series is my heart and soul, so why not make a series right? None of this is #confirmed by Nintendo, none of it is #official, merely my own thoughts and opinions.

If sonicmega finds this I’m gonna kick my own ass tbh I love him, great dude, great VA, but listen ok I don’t need him knowing I spent more hours than I’m willing to admit thinking about every little detail about his character. That’s just weird.

Word Count: 5031
Estimated Reading Time: 24 minutes, 51 seconds
Series: 1 of ?

Anyways, this post will contain spoilers from here on! Even the link!

Here is the complete dialogue script for Revali for your convenience!

So as you can plainly tell by the title card, I’m going to be starting off with our well known local bird and arrogant friend, Revali. I’ve seen a wide spread love, and wide spread hate rather quite equally for this character, and quite honestly? I can understand it. From what we are given in game, Revali is a self-absorbed, arrogant and rather downright rude Rito, but seemingly only to you, to Link. Many find this to be annoying, and many find it to be relatable, comical even! Which is fine, do what makes you happy! But as a rhetorical question, how many have you truly thought on his character?

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Here’s a thing in Killing Stalking that you can actually get legitimately mad about

The fact that that piece of shit policeman doesn’t do his fucking job properly.

The fact that this comic is CLEARLY illustrating the fact that it’s a sad reality that rapists and murderers don’t see any time because even though they’re technically a suspect they look nice so they couldn’t possibly have done it.

The fact that people like Seungbae who are trying to do their fucking job are getting accosted and blocked by pieces of shit who think he’s an upstart, think he’s showing them up by actually DOING his damned job. Add in the Korean cultural golden rule that “you do not show up or prove your superior wrong, ever. Even if they’re a fucking idiot or obviously incompetent and corrupt” and mix it in with it being a good Ol’ Boys Club that supposedly know how things work even when they can’t be assed to follow up on leads.

The fact that lazy-ass detective work is the reason why people don’t come forward with being assaulted, attacked, raped, etc. because of the things I’ve mentioned above.

This comic makes me angry. Angry for the RIGHT reasons. Angry at fictional characters who represent people that deserve the hate and criticism we give them because their actions (and inactions) literally lead to people going on to commit more crimes and for cases to remain unsolved.

Among the things that make me angry are people who choose to be shit at their work and then feel threatened when someone does it better than them. No, it’s just you being an insecure, useless twat, sorry to break it to you.

Seungbae puts up with so much. 

\(-_-)/ Pray for the Seungbae \(-_-)/

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That post about Erika Moen made me feel sick and I gotta express it to someone cause ugh. I love Erika, she taught me so much about sexual expression, and those comics were just used out of context. Like I feel like I can't openly express this off anon cause im cis and straight and maybe my opinion doesn't really matter but Erika seems to be super sex positive and very trans inclusionary. A lot of the stuff they used was just taken out of context and warped...

anon since you’re cis and straight i don’t think you understand why she’s offensive to other people.

if this comic doesn’t scream yikes then u gotta do some rethinking. erika is fetishsizing how people transition, she doesn’t even see transgender people as people and instead she objectifies them. literally right there in the comic, she doesn’t know how to respect someone’s gender.

and the “LUG” comic she made confuses me. “lesbian until graduation” is not a thing. it’s pretty dang homophobic considering how she thinks her liking girls was just a phase, yet she talks about how something she has in come with her boyfriend is her “love for pussy”. also biphobic too, just ignoring that fact that bisexuality is a thing. 

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Do you have any good recommendations for old comics? I would love to get into them but honestly I have no idea where to start.

The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four was the towering achievement of the 1960s and my favorite comic of all time. Their current shabby treatment by their parent company is inexcusable; Marvel was built by Fantastic Four. FF is my favorite comic ever because it is “hot” and “cold” at the same time, a balancing act that is hard to do in science fiction. It has far out scifi adventures like shrinking to explore a world inside an atom or fighting Galactus the World Devourer, or a villain as melodramatic as Doctor Doom…but we believe in it because of how grounded it is in a real world, with wisecracking, warm characters we like. Every FF story ends in some far out way, but we believe it because of how it starts with something everyday, like the Thing buying hot dogs in Central Park while walking with his girlfriend. It’s like Stan discovered the formula for Coca-Cola; it’s very, very, very hard to tell a bad Fantastic Four story. Sure, FF is great, but it gets ultra-great starting around issue 43, and has an unbroken string of the greatest stories ever for 40 issues: the Coming of Galactus, the introduction of the Black Panther, the introduction of the Inhumans, Doctor Doom stealing the Silver Surfer’s powers (what a shocker that was).

Joe Kubert’s Enemy Ace comic is maybe the best war book ever written, about an honorable German flying ace in World War I. Hans von Hammer had noble and chivalrous instincts: he saluted enemies even after he killed them, and refused to shootan unarmed foe. He once befriended a wolf in the Black Forest, because the both of them were killers, and that wolf was his only real friend. He was the ultimate example of how war shapes even decent men into killers.

Russ Manning’s Magnus Robot Fighter is a crackerjack action-scifi comic that has aged better, not worse since the 1960s, because it’s all about the terror of a society that is overmechanized and under surveillance, where you hate machines but also need them and can’t get rid of them. The fully detailed, realized science fiction world of North Am is what makes it so interesting. Magnus is the Defiant Man in a screwy world; I wonder why John Carpenter never took an interest in making Magnus Robot Fighter as a movie, it would so fit his sensibilities.

If you ask guys who were around for it what they like about Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar, you get the same answer if you asked a wired little kid why they like sugar and caffeine. It was one of the first and best of the “creator owned, adult scifi comics” to come around in the early 1980s, with Vance Dreadstar leading rebels against an Empire. There’s also some bizarre Moorcock inspired mysticism at work. Best of all, Dreadstar is now widely available and reprinted; you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Speaking of adult oriented scifi comics, check out Alan Zelenetz’s Alien Legion. It’s about a futuristic French Foreign Legion made up of convicts, drifters, cutthroats, and criminals from across the known planets. The Legionnaires are expendable and are often sent on suicide missions, political objectives are often at odds with military ones, and a lot of them talk about desertion at times.

Star Brand by Jim Shooter is maybe the only comic that ever did anything interesting with the dead end idea, what would a superhero look like in the real world? It’s a comedy about how we never live up to our potential. When the hero comes back to earth from space, he finds he gets incredibly lost and can’t find his hometown. When he tries to stop a hostage crisis, he realizes that even with powers, he wonders what he could really do that wouldn’t make things worse or escalate the situation. It’s the people that make it worth it: our hero has conflicted feelings about two women, one a single mom, and the other is a girl that loves him, but so much that it doesn’t feel healthy.

Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer is a great retro comic, but the selling point is something that never entirely made it into the film adaptation: it’s all about the sex appeal of good looking girls. I once asked an art teacher of mine what it would take to make a living as an artist, and he told me, “draw good looking girls. If you can, you will never be out of work.” Well, Dave Stevens could, and he’d still be doing it today if not for his tragic passing.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to cry a lot (”sad is happy for deep people”), check out Strikeforce: Morituri, an early 80s comic with a fascinating premise. In order to fight off an alien invasion, a means of giving people superpeople is created, but it has a horrible cost: it gives you only a year to live. It’s all about mortality, nobility, and sacrifice and is really melancholic. Essentially, every single character has a terminal illness. 

It’s ‘n’ times, but I have to repeat...

This is not the first time I mention this problem. I did many times before on tumblr - about repost my artwork/comic.
I love One Piece, Zoro, Sanji, I draw artwork for them, even comic, casually share it free. What I hope in return is that people got the very simple but basic attitude - REPOST/DO TRANSLATION WITH CREDIT.

Aside tumblr, I accept people to repost my artworks, in fact I’m too tired and overwhelm by many times I was report back, heard from my friends that my works being repost here and there. So AT LEAST!! AT LEAST WHEN YOU DO REPOST, CREDIT them to me with LINK!!
It’s not 1 or 2 artworks, it’s a whole 10 or even 20 pages comic, or many artworks. If you can do the translation from English to some other language, which mean your English ability is enough to access to me. I can’t understand any reason that people not even send me a message, just a simple message to ask for repost or translation. 

Do you know how hurt it is when you see a comment under your artwork being repost at nowhere “I love this art, I saw it somewhere before but don’t know where or whose…!”

It’s re-posted to the edge that people do not know who draw it, who make it, right in front of your eyes, the one who draw the art.

I did make a post at my facebook page too, so if you guys can help me share this, please do! I want to draw more and more comic for share but everytime this problem happen to me, I nearly run out of power to draw and share it.

I honestly find it ridiculous how conditioned general audiences are to Marvels way of making movies. I mean it’s not like ensemble movies have been being made for decades, but I guess they needed stand alone films for every character so the audience could care about what happens to them. Does every X-Men character need their own movies to make them good? The Oceans franchise? Fast and furious? Movies like The Hateful Eight and The Magnificent Seven? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? What about Rogue One? Hell even Guardians of the Galaxy made a group film work without solos.

Justice League only has three of its main characters who haven’t had their own movie, half of the team will have already been in at least two movies before JL comes out. And you fucking know that if dc had done individual films first everyone would just be bitching about how they’re copying Marvel.

And honestly having the Justice League early on makes a shit ton more sense business wise because if you look at marvels box office, most of phase 1 and the latest origin films are the ones that make the least amount of money. But, if say Antman had come out after his appearance in Civil War, you can bet that it would have made a considerable amount more money. People would have already seen him in a huge movie that everyone was going to see no matter who was in it. Like it’s such an easy concept, you have a huge group movie, that people will see just because it’s an event film, give characters super cool moments and make them really likeable in the group film and then people are more likely to want to see the character in theatre when their own movie comes out.

Marvel is great at what it does, there is no denying that. But can we stop trying to make everything the same? That’s how superhero fatigue starts. If every single superhero movie that comes out is the exact same tone and format as the others people are going to get bored eventually. At the moment we have such a wide array of styles but people just can’t seem to accept any differences. Why do people constantly need to tear one universe down to prop another one up?

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Hey can you address why you made a comic that implies being mentally disabled is equal to being dead like lol come on. herzspalter[.]tumblr[.]com/post/134087895230/personality-adjustments-i-thought-it-might-be

Good evening!

Yes, I think I can address it, because this is not what I wanted to imply at all, and I think this is based on different ways of interpreting Transformers, so please bear with me as I try to explain and reflect on myself: (this got really lengthy, I’m sorry!)

Please read the whole thing!

So for those who don’t feel like reading the whole comic, it’s an old thing I made about TFA Perceptor and the fact that he erased his personality components in order to make place for science, based on a note in the TFA Almanac that states just that. It’s from the perspective of Red Alert who observes Drift reacting to it and her own thoughts about the thing, and to her and Wheeljack, it feels like they’ve lost a good friend. That’s basically the whole thing, but please feel free to have a look yourself if you’re interested.

Alright so, first of all, I think I need to make something very clear: 
to me, there is a huge difference between mechanical aliens and human beings, and that’s why I wrote this. To me, Transformers are aliens that happen to work like robots, fully mechanical, and don’t work the same as humans. So when I imagine a robot literally removing parts of the machinery that produces their personality so they can put other things in there, I think of it as making space on a computer to install something else. 
To me, this is not how humans work at all, and I would not even think about writing this story about a human character because that would be absurd and ridiculous and, honestly, a dick move. 

From your message I assume you mean to say that I wanted to imply that human beings who can’t express emotions or feel are basically dead, yes? (and if I misunderstood and you meant something else, I apologize, please let me know what you meant in that case) 
This was really, really not my intention and didn’t come up in my mind a single second while I was writing and drawing that comic, because again, this is not how humans work and I wanted to write this story about robotic beings, not humans. Something I love about Transformers is that they work so differently, and that you can write about mechanical proceedings and processes from the viewpoint of a machine that lives. 
I do get where you are coming from, there’s a lot of things in TF that pretty much directly represent something we humans experience or do. And I think this is a bit of a personal preference, but I really really like it more when Transformers do and experience things that are impossible for human beings,which is why i like to write things like this. 

And to me, removing your personality components to make room for science is just that, a robotic ability that I found interesting and alien. I don’t know if you’ve seen the G1 cartoon, but there’s an episode where Starscream builds the Combaticons from old vehicles and he steals personality components, which are these cube thingies he just stuffs into the robots and they come to life immediately with a set personality. That’s not how human beings work at all, we’re not made like that, and that’s how I personally see Transformers as a whole: sort of like humans in some aspects, but very very different when it comes to body, culture and what makes them alive. More “Optimus Prime once died but stored his personality on a floppy disc so it was cool” than “Transformers are like humans” for me personally. I just like aliens a lot.

A human being who is unable to (or having difficulties to) feel, express emotions or anything similar to that is very much alive and a person, I wouldn’t even think about saying otherwise. To me, it’s absolutely not the same as an alien robot removing something from their storage to add something else in it. 
As I said earlier, I personally prefer it when TFs do things that aren’t possible like that for humans, because you can write stories about different things, about what they mean in their context, and that’s how I went about this.

That’s all I can say about this really, I think? I just wanted to write a story about a robot alien literally removing data from his head to make space for science and his friends feeling sad about it because for this species of very hard to kill mechanical beings, there’s other types of fears and things that can happen to someone. Computer horror, so to speak.

I really, honestly did not even think for a second that this has anything to do with human beings, and I would not ever write something like this with humans. I am very sorry for upsetting you, and I apologize to anyone who felt like I was implying such an awful thing. I honestly did not mean to do that.
The comic, of course, seems like that’s clear to me personally, but that may very well be because, well, I wrote it and I obviously know what I meant in each panel. Looking through it again now, more than a year after, with what you said in mind, I think I could have handled this better. I’m still happy that I made this comic, because again, to somebody who sees TFs like I do, a human connection doesn’t happen, but this is something I could have made more clear. 
Even though I genuinely didn’t intend for this to imply that this is representative of mentally disabled people, I think I can see now how it can come across that way. I will keep this in mind and will try to think of it next time I write something, to make sure what I think is clear on paper and not just in my head, and to not upset or hurt anybody through carelessness, because yeah even if it’s an accident, it can still do damage. 

To summarize: I wrote this with the mindset of somebody who doesn’t like to compare Transformers to humans very much and who saw this as a story about a computer mind instead of a human mind, and nothing more. With that said though, if anybody saw it as a mean-spirited implication, I think I get where you are coming from, and though this was an accident that I was simply not thinking could even happen, I sincerely apologize to anybody who was upset or hurt by what they read. I promise you that it was out of carelessness and not out of ill-will, and I will try to not repeat such a thing again, because I really really don’t want to hurt anybody. 

Anon, I thank you for your message and I hope this explains where I’m coming from. I am genuinely sorry that I upset you, and I will do my best to improve my writing to the point where what I intend to do is clear on paper and to re-think what I want to write about enough times so I can pick up on possible implications like this early enough for re-writes. It’s been well over a year since I made this comic and I feel like I’ve grown since then.
The implication was not my intention, and I think I could have been more careful with how I write this thing. Transformers are not like humans to me, and that’s why I wrote it. 

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I have a con coming up and it is my goal to get out of my head. Be more confident and or something along the lines of out side my comfort zone. Any suggestions? I'm super nervous.

If you are going alone, start with some good old headphones and a badass playlist. 

No for real, listening to music while traversing a con is literally one of the best experiences, 10/10, do recommend everyone to try at least once. This is what I do when I’m alone. It makes you feel less lonely and less aware of yourself. It’s super relaxing and yet gets you super pumped. 

Once you do a round of that, start by reaching out in small ways. 

Go shopping at the Artists Alley and give out some compliments. Even if I can’t afford a print at the moment, I always like to stop by an artist who catches my eye and compliment them, ask them if they have a card so I can follow on tumblr. “YOU LINEART IS SO CLEAN! AHHH!!”

I’ve met some of the coolest people and had the best conversations in the AA alone. 

After that, take photos of cosplayers! That’s what they are there for so remind yourself that they are dressing up HOPING someone takes their pic. Stop by, ask for a picture, tell them why you like that character or why you like their costume work. “How did you even do piping like that!?” “You’re cosplaying my love interest! Did you play the game too?”

You’d be surprised how casual and natural this ends up feeling and by how many people are just as excited to talk to you. 

A convention is the easiest place to make friends and get comfortable, because remember, EVERYONE there is already guaranteed to like what you like. Comics, Anime, Games, etc. 

The shit people say to me at work. I said I’m going to write it down so I am. Today I had a boy come to my counter and ask how I felt about spaghetti as I was ringing him up. I don’t have any real opinions, it’s spaghetti, it’s dinner. After saying this he goes into a story about how him and his roommate have been trying to coordinate a spaghetti dinner for weeks. Like they work different schedules and are having a hard time figuring out a night where they’re both home at the saw time. Then on the night where they manage to make a big ol’ spaghetti dinner is the night where roommate gets an emergency call from a friend to pick them up from the airport cause their ride bailed. Either way, roommate asked spaghetti boy to wait on cooking and eating until he got back. But that didn’t happen, apparently this spaghetti was too good to wait. So roommate got back and was absolutely crushed and felt betrayed that he would do such a thing. Now I’m invested in this story so I suggested why not just cook him another meal? Surely making a meal for him will make up for this utter betrayal? But no he told me, it wouldn’t be the same. But roommate did ask spaghetti boy for something to make up it. And apparently all would be forgiven if spaghetti boy would get my number for the roommate…..

This is the point where I feel betrayed. I was fucking invested in this story! It was playing out like a work of Shakespeare! Like man, if all you wanted was my number, why not ask? Why the dramatics? Was I to fall for your roommate over a tale of spaghetti and betrayal?

About Killing Stalking

Okay so I’m making this post because we have gotten a lot of people telling us that Tonight makes them think a lot of the manga Killing Stalking - and some people even wrongly assumed that we took a lot of inspiration out of it, when… Seriously. Just ask before assuming things because that’s not true. That’s kinda insulting actually, Sounfy came up with the story by herself and I helped her build around that, so just assuming that we read something and were like “lolol how about we do exactly the same so it makes us feel good about ourselves” is pretty much like spitting in our faces.

Before we started this comic, neither of us had even heard about Killing Stalking, and after a few people told us about it, I thought it would be good for me to read it to know what they were talking about. Now. I’m happy I did it instead of Sounfy, because she needs her eyes intact in order to draw, and after reading it, I had to bleach mine. Several times.

No, we do not intend on making Mo into a psychopath who wants to rape Cat after breaking both his legs because he makes him think of his mom whom he killed. Spoiler alert btw. But yay, that’s to say, both Sounfy and me found this manga pretty traumatizing and disgusting. xD

Now, if you did tell us that it made you think of it, please don’t feel attacked, it’s not our goal, we’re not mad at you at all. :3 But it’s simply that we heard it a lot of times now, and it’s beginning to sound like people are telling us that Tonight has nothing original and is just a pale copy of it, even if that’s not true and that’s not what you meant at all. So basically, the goal of this post is to say : thanks a lot for telling us, we looked at it, so now we know, no need to tell us about it again. :3

We just felt like this was an issue that needed to be addressed. Now back to the gays ! Yuu out /o/

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can i ask what interests you so much with ks? i've followed you for a few years so i'm pretty sure you don't support abusive relationships (i think?). this isn't an anon hate or anything, i'm just wondering why you're so drawn to it? i don't read it personally, it makes me feel a lil sick ;;

For me, I didn’t have the best childhood growing up, so I’ve always been interested in dysfunctional characters or situations as a form of understanding that stuff. I don’t particularly like gore, but blood/violence/ are  things I don’t mind in fiction, so as long as KS didn’t go too heavy into the gore I’m fine.

TBH I like KS for the psychological aspect of it. I’ve always enjoyed crime shows and crime documentaries. I have a bit of an obsession with serial killers/rapists/stalkers,etc. I used to watch the ID channel all the time, dawn to dusk, just to try and understand why people do some of these horrifying things that they do. It’s also a way for me to feel better about those topics in real life. I feel like the more I can understand, the less scary it will be.

Same goes for fiction. It’s still trying to psychoanalyze why the characters do what they do, without condoning their actions. I watched a lot of Cold Case Files and CSI Special Victims unit for the same reasons, but you never see anyone going out of their way to harass people who enjoy those dramas. 

I don’t mind that people don’t like KS, and it’s super understandable to see why it makes people uncomfortable. I personally just read it to try to understand why a person would do something like this and what motivates each character, and how it dictates their actions. I don’t condone it or glorify it? I don’t even ship the two boys. If it becomes a murder boyfriend comic I’d dip out so fast because that’s not why I read it.

This is just why I partake in KS. If people have a problem with that then that’s OK. But I don’t want to hear about it. I tag it and I make sure it’s easy to blacklist. You’re always free to leave my blog if anything makes any of you guys uncomfortable. 

Thank you for asking this question. I didn’t take it as anon hate or anything. 

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Hello! So my best friend and I are starting a webcomic and I have no idea how to get it out there or have more people see it.. we always make sure to tag it in a lot of things but even then it's barely getting any views. Do you have any advice??? How were you able to get your comic out there?? ;w; thank you!

ahh that’s so great!! you’re gonna have to much fun working on it!!

tagging it thoroughly is great!! and posting little “my comic updated!” things on twitter or tumblr will help draw ppl’s attention too! but for original work sadly it will probably take a long time to get attention, even with all your advertising efforts. and that’s okay!! these things just take time. what I did was just draw my characters for like 6 years and then eventually ppl started taking notice and then it was easier to have ppl who would spread the word when I started actually making the comic lol. but yeah if it takes a long time don’t be discouraged!! it’s easy to feel like your story and characters aren’t good enough if nobody pays attention to you at first but that just means that they haven’t had the time to fall in love with your work yet. keep at it!! <3


I know I go on random tangents a lot, and my message may not seem clear, and I may sound light-hearted and not as serious as I probably meant to be.

But in all seriousness.

I just want to thank you for existing.

The (original) script (that I keep trailing off of in the recording) will be under the cut.

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Okay so this was the result of several different forces aligning to cause me to draw this comic without actively being asked.

I am not saying that I always think of Kaiba as being transgender, I’m saying that down the thousand roads you can take with fanfiction, it’s completely believable to me that Kaiba would be.  And this comic is why.

Because seriously I think of fanfic canon as a thousand roads and I am willing to entertain the feasibility of many of them.

Something that really bothers me when I talk to people about this kind of stuff is how many people do assume a character’s gender or orientation has anything to do with their outward appearance or attitude.

I can’t help but come away from conversations like that thinking “You haven’t had enough real life experience with The Closet."  (Like, I’m not even mad about this attitude, it’s just frustrates me and makes me a little sad.)

I say this as someone who has shocked and has been shocked.  (Although in the most extreme case, I admit to looking back and seeing signs– none of which had exactly to do with what the person was but did have to do with the fact that I was being unintentionally insensitive.  I feel bad about it, but I’m more mature and informed than I was in 2003.)

For me, The Closet was more than ten years of denial and emotional turmoil.  For others, The Closet is a nearly flawless mask.  For still others, it’s just the place you don’t even realize you are until somebody opens the door.  And it’s nowhere near as easy to tell that someone’s in there as people seem to think.

Gender expression has nothing to do with gender identity.  The same goes for sexuality.  And if Kaiba felt the need to stay in The Closet over something, you’d never even notice the signs because they wouldn’t even be there.

Also as far as I’m concerned this version of Seto keeps her adorable short hair.  :P


(Seto hasn’t been getting much sleep, that’s why the shadows under her eyes.)